Inchcock Today Wednesday 16th November 2016: A bleeding awful day, and I’m not using bad language! Hehe!


Wednesday 16th November 2016

In Maori Wenerei 16 Whiringa 2016

0145hrs: Wide awake with a jump: I had a dream, one of my regular ones about being chased, up mountains, over rope bridges and in ditches?

3wed02Out and to the wetroom to have a WRHD session and check on Little Inchy, who I could tell had been bleeding without looking first. The spirits lowered as I cleaned up my bleeding areas, and there were three of them this morning. Cracked lips, Haem Aroids and Little Inchy. I was baffled as to why he’d started off leaking again after so long?

However, moments later it all became clear… I think?

I went in the hallway to get a wooly hat and noticed the INR Blood level return had been delivered, picked it up and then made a brew and took the medications.

3wed03I opened and perused the Anticoagulant Therapy Record log, to find the INR was well over the recommended level at 4.8. The new dosages had been reduced.

This may indicate why Little Inchy is bleeding again so badly?

Fair enough, I might bleed to death today, but on the bright side, the chances of me snuffing it from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) a blood clot, are minimal? Hehehe! I want to go out smiling, please.

I think the human body (Even mine, haha) is amazing really. Apart from Anne Gyna, all my other ailments are being kind to me today. It’s as if they know what needs the most attention on the day?

Got the computer on and updated the diaries.

Checked the emails, many had arrived, including two from the surgery, one advising me of my next INR Blood Test for Monday 21st @ 1120hrs. And one cancelling the haematology appointment for next week. To be rebooked later.

Did a Morrison order to be delivered tomorrow between eight and nine AM.

I could feel Little Inchy getting sorer and sorer as the day went on. Must email for an appointment later at the GP, to get me checked and back on the GUM clinic routine. Humph!

Rubbish being thrown down the waste chute at 0555hrs – Tsk! Doesn’t bother my mind, with me getting up so soon. But I do feel for the others being woken up by the inconsiderate urchin who is doing this.


To be further titivated with little extras before I post this on the TFZers page of Facebook

Facebooking and graphicalisationing got a few more of the TFZer funny ones done.

Well, nearly 0800hrs now, so I’ll shut down and get the ablutions done.

Not looking forward to sorting Little Inchy out, though, but still, got to be done.

I’ll call at the surgery again later on my way out, or in. See if I can get booked in with the GUM clinic again.

Went to see Olive, and she was in good form happiness-wise, but her health was a concern, she was obviously in pain with the hip this time. We had a good chinwag and a cuddle, the hygiene ladies were there, and they joined in the nattering and with Olive in telling me off for various happenings. Hehe!

Back to the flat, things ready and out for a walk to the surgery. The weather was not too cold, other than in the gusts of heavy winds that resided with us all day and night. A few odd spots of rain.

3wed04The GP made a gap to examine Little Inchy (an embarrassing and disconcerting few minutes), she sent off a request for an appointment for me at the GUM clinic, and said I would get a letter or email informing me of the date and time. Thanked her and out to catch a bus into Arnold. Why I caught a bus into Arnold remains a mystery, as I intended to get one to Bulwell?

Did some crossword efforts en route, and dropped off on Front Street, opposite the Fulton Food Store, where I went in and had a wander around looking for bargains, and, I found some too! I got the last four packs of the same brand of PeaRice snacks as Tesco sell ay £1.75 or 2 for £2, selling at 75p each! Then the real gem of a find, Mushroom Risotto in a pot, Uncle Ben’s at £1 each, they only had three left on the shelves, so I got them all. Apparently, to tip the lot into a saucepan of water, boil it then simmer for three-minute. Looking forward to trying these, but I’ll have to be patient cause I have some ready meals coming in the morning with the Morrison delivery and they will have much shorter use-by-dates and need consuming first.

Over the road to have a look in Asda-Walmart to get a TV paper and have a look around, and oh dear… a warm wet sensation from the rear quarters. So I left and went to the toilets in the store to have a look. It was Haem Aroid leaking blood. Cleaned me up best as I could and decided to make for home ASAP. Got to the bus stop and realised I had a 20-minute wait in the bus 3wed05shelter, so I had a walk around the car park, pondering on why all this leaking of blood was occurring.

I noticed the recycling bins had got some plants flowering at the bottom of the blue one. How, this time of year and what they were amazed me? And they were green-leaved?

I presumed the bleeding was so bad due to the high level of INR?

Feeling a little uncomfortable, I made my way back to the bus stop behind the bins in this picture above. The L9 was late, and I was lucky so many other folks wanted it as this caught my attention from foolishly doing a crossword. Tsk!

3wed06I did the crossword again en route.

The fast-moving clouds, now that the wind had got up even stronger suddenly turned white then back to the greyish blue repeatedly.

I was feeling uncomfortable still and was glad when I got back to the flats and into the apartment, where a WRHD session and a good clean up took and change of clothes took place.

An odd feeling of apanthropinization overcame me as I tended to Little Inchy and got the cream applied. I was turning into an obsequious mood, and interest in life dwindled? Horrible feeling!

3wed07Got the meal cooking, not interested in what it was somehow, just got the easiest to prepare, a beef pie, added some mushrooms and sausages and as nice as it looked, it didn’t appeal to me. But I ate most of it.

Settled, TV on and dropped-off.

I woke in what turned out to be about ten minutes and felt a different person? Gone were the self-pity and the recently rampant nullifidian like mood had gone!

An inexplicable, unintelligible mild contentment blessed me.

Life can be very confusing, can’t it?

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