Friday 18th November 2016 – Inchcock Today: Indoors day, Little Inchy problems.


Friday 18th November 2016

In Basque: 18an, Ostirala, 2016ko Azaroak

Woke first at 1240hrs, glanced down at the dirty dish from last night’s 5fri03meal. By gum, I enjoyed that!

No memories of any dreams at all, I lay there wondering why I had not had any demand for a WRHD session, moved a bit and boy did ‘Little Inchy’ throb painfully away… Ooh! Thought about getting up to clean the dish and things, but somehow managed to fall asleep again, a rarity this!

0240hrs: Shot awake in desperate need of the WRHD session, the struggle out of the £300 second-hand recliner caused irritation to ‘Little Inchy’. I once again stubbed my toe on the way to the wet-room, and after cleaning my lower appendage, I nearly put Colgate Gel toothpaste on Little Inchy instead of the Betamethasone cream! Then I did something that I wished could have been recorded for posterity; – it would have been a cert to get on You’ve Been Framed! The downside is that Harry Haemaroid bled a bit more than he has been doing of late. Tsk!

As I washed with the Dettol soap tablet, it shot out of my hands, knocked the mirror off of the sink, bounced back, and bounced off my left shoulder and dropped right into the WC without touching the sides, causing the water to splash over my lower region. I instinctively grabbed at the area where the cold water hit me, and catching Little Inchy and started him bleeding all over again, thus having to re-medicate and clean things up again! A flipping good job I’m well stocked up with kitchen towels.

I got the feeling this was going to be a rather malagrugrous day!

dsc00240Out and got the washing ready to take down to the laundry room. Felt a right nullifidian with all the Whoopsidangleplops up to now.

0305hrs: Got the washing machine going and returned up to the flat.

Computer turned on and started to catch up with the diaries.

0405hrs: Down again and transferred the clobber from the washer to the dryer. Back to the apartment and began sorting the photographs out to use, and posted one of the diaries off.

0510hrs: Down to find that the dryer had left the clothes a bit wet, had to put them back in again, using a quick mode. Huh! Up again!

Carried on doing the diaries. 0540hrs: Down a final time, getting fed-up with this now! The clobber had dried alright this time. But the mystery was, there was no fluff in the filter to clean out?  Felt right jargogled. Returned up to 72 and got the kettle on, checked on Little Inchy and got some mushrooms in the Crock-Pot to add to the mushroom risotto later when I cook that.

Took the morning medications and started this dairy off.

5fri04Getting bright and light now. Made another mug of tea and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

The Copse, it is thinning more every day, told me that the winds had dropped a lot.

Checked the thermometer on the window frame, 58°f (13°c), so it must be frigid outside?

tomschChecked on the emails. Oh, 77 more than yesterday? Investigated. Mostly unwanted ones.

Finished the latest TFZ gals graphic off and got it posted off to the site.

Did some more Facebooking, and put some diaries and pictures on. 

Started the new TFZ graphicalisationing off.

novshirleyDid a new one of Shirley and me in the desert!

1103hrs: Started to do some cleaning up, some overdo, cleaning up and polishing.

Got the kitchen windows and floor cleaned.

Tidied up a bit in the living room and vacuumed around. I stopped when I had a dizzy. Made a mug of tea.

Facebooked for too long and then I went to visit Olive. We only spoke at her door. She seemed to be struggling a bit. Small chinwag, a peck on the lips and I departed.

5fri04Got the dinner cooking.

Mushroom Risotto. Baby tomatoes and some cheesy crispy seaweed snacks.

A strawberry sundae to follow.

Took the medications.

Put on the TV.

Fell asleep.

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