Sunday 27th November 2016: Inchcock Today: Poor old fool is in lonely-low spirits again, Tsk!


Sunday 27th November 2016

Latin: Sunday 27 December MMXVI

Woke late for me, 0355hrs, annoyed at not remembering any of the dreams yet again. When I tackled the job of getting out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner, I was well pleased with Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, even the legs and feet were being nice to me. It was the other sides of my problems that got to me. The unwarranted depression. Not for me the strikhedonia I crave so much, just fretting about everything and even feeling lonely? I couldn’t even carry out my wish for tarantism in case it set Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna off. Hehe! Adding further to the well of self-pity surrounding me this morning.

The dizzies that affected me last night had all cleared up and no signs of the pains behind the eyes either – Gawd, I should be happy and pleased this morning – but am I?

I did the ditty and graphic at the top of this dairy, determined to pull myself out of this well of almost overwhelming urges to fret and worry, even wallowing in self-pity. Pathetically, sad!

Only one little dizzy affected me when I responded to the WRHD session demand. None since and that one was only a few seconds long and not a bad one at all.

Computer, on and updated the diaries.

Got the veg going in the Crock-Pot: Mushrooms, carrots and leeks, to use in making the Risotto later.

Facebooking then watched some YouTube.

Many hours later, I forced myself off of the computer with the newly acquired headache, and then did the ablutions. A lavender soap session today.

7sun01aSet off on a little hobble to Aldi on Mapperley tops. Went the same way out and back this morning.

The shortest route, but the steepest.

I took the empty jars with me to drop into the bottle bank as I passed it on the way out. Unfortunately, I forgot to drop them off and carried them all the way to the store and back to the flat so I could try to remember to take them another day. Humph!

7sun02At the end of Chestnut Walk, I took this photograph on the wild bit of land half way up Winchester Street Hill.

I can’t recall why I took it.

Pressed on up the hill and onto Woodborough Road to the Aldi store.

Got a large Yorkshire pudding, some nibbles… but forgot to get the milk.

7sun03Back and down Winchester Street Hill again.

The cloud formations looked beautiful from here.

The street on the left is where many years ago, the bakery was that supplied my shop with products, this brought back some happy and sad memories to mind.


Further down the hill, I crossed the road junction, where I had my Whoopsiedangleplop tumble last Sunday.

I had a look, but could not see any holes or lumps where I could have tripped over in the tarmac?

But I seemed to have managed to. Hehe!

Back to the flats, WRHD session, medications were taken and got the dinner cooking. I spent a lot longer preparing this one, which involved a lot more cleaning up afterwards.

7sun05But the result was worth it all for once. Not done too good recently with the fodderisationing.

Enjoyed this effort a lot. Cubed potatoes, chicken legs, delicious gravy, Crock- Pot carrots, leeks and mushrooms, swede all served in the Giant Yorkshire Pudding.

Mandarins in Orange jelly to follow.

Got the TV on and proceeded to nod-off, dream, wake, nod-off, dream wake… on and on for hours like this. Vaguely recall the dreams all being of something different, but what about?

Another call for a WRHD session. Made a drink and returned in my jammies to the £300 second-hand recliner and settled once again. I was off within seconds, this time for hours.

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