Inchcock Today Sunday 30th October 2016: Sir Duncan to the Rescue!


Sunday 30th October 2016

In Swahili: Jumapili Oktoba 30, 2016

Woken at 0330hrs, wrote a scribbled note on my pad about the dreams I’d been having. Unfortunately, when I rose at 0400hrs and disentangled myself from the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and made for the porcelain and a WRHD session, not a pleasant one, and returned, I could not make out much of my writing! And the memories had evaporated into the ether. Canal, boat sinking, Marie, Lyzzi, Sausages, sleeping bag and coffin were the only words I was sure of? I do hate it when this happens, Tsk!

Took the medications, made a strong mug of tea, dropping the milk as I put it back into the fridge. Made a right mess! As I cleared it all up, I realised that the ailments that attacked me so badly yesterday morning, well, all bar Duodenal Daniel, were friendly and calm. Naturally, an hour or so after thinking this, Anne Gyna kicked off! Humph!

Started this diary off and later I went for a WRWW and to make another 7sun02brew. While doing so, I thought I’d take a shot from the kitchen window. I put the selector on a different option for scenery and took this photograph.

No idea what else I must have done to the settings, but this one must go in my ‘Favourite Photo’s I’ve Taken’ album on Facebook.

How I got the arthritic fingers and camera in the shot beats me! Can’t wait to show it to Duncan later. In fact, I’ll try to get a photo of Duncan put on it now, using CorelDraw (If it lets me that is). Back in a bit.

Blimus, I had a hell of a job finding a photo of Duncan to use. This reminded me that PC World, have they got the things they saved from the old computer and charged me £100 to do it yet? Been a week now, but I must be patient, better I get any files back, and they are not infected with the Hackers virus.

Must take some more photographicalisations of Duncan today.

7sun047sun03Eventually, I got it done, though.

I vignetted the original file on Duncan’s photo, then applied an orange drop-shadow.

Mildly pleased with the outcome. (Smug mode adopted at this stage). But of course, no point in saving it, because CorelDraw will not let me view it to reload it.

I tried another doctorisation of the photograph then.

Hope he likes them, he might be able to use one or the other on his website do you think?

Is he a handsome brute; he is? Been retired a while now, and I bet he is not regretting it in the least.

Did some Facebooking, cause I won’t have time later when we start trying to sort out the computer. Plenty of lovely messages, it took me hours, but I enjoyed it.


Another message up on the screen.

Persevered with the CorelDraw graphicalisationing on a TFZer known as  Betty from Houston.

She is on a touring holiday at the moment and in Santa Fe.

It is her Birthday today, so I set about 7sun05creating a message for her.

Hope she has a fabulous day.

Got the ablutions done and went down to the lobby to meet Duncan when he arrives.

No sooner had I arrived there, and Duncan pulled up.

7sun06aDuncan was wearing his Robertson Tartan kilt, and I was so happy to see him approaching the foyer door, I nearly burst out with loud ‘Yahoo!’ 

Greetings and we went up to the flat, some of the female residents showing interest in Dunc’s kilt, or that area, as we passed them. Hehe!

A cup of tea was made between the chatting and my finding out how he was going and what he was getting up to, in general.

Dunc soon sorted out what needed attention and started with the printer, he soon had it working, and we did a test page. Smashing!

After many hours investigating ways to try to get CorelDraw to let me view the files on loading or viewing. Dunc got into Windows and changed some settings, but that didn’t work.

He then got on the web and searched methodically for advice tips etc. on various sites. He tried a couple, but they did not work either.

After hours of searching and frustration, Dunc got into the Control Panel and tried in there to get it solved.

A welcome break and another cuppa and I gave Dunc his pressies, and we talked about (Well, I interviewed him) things other than computer related. Glad to find he is still in an arrangement shall we say, with Diana, his recently adopted lady friend.

I’m glad to report that he has taken to retirement like a duck to water and is so happy! Great!

Back to the grindstone, trying to get Coreldraw to view graphics – what a mammoth and frustrating job this is turning out to be. I told him I’d tried the 7sun07advice I found on the Helpline page of CorelDraw, and this did not solve the problem (Obviously). We tried it again, lengthy procedure, we had to find the CorelDraw suite in Control Panel, click to Remove or Adjust, then after a few selections to choose from, including options for ‘Repair or Modify’ I chose Repair, we ran it. But it made no changes.

Duncan tried a few more things that I didn’t understand, a bit technical these were.

Still, no success and Duncan was getting frustrated and tired too now. Bless him and his efforts for me.

We tried the Control Panel thingy again, this time I chose the Modify option. I think I cried with joy… Success!

I could have kissed Duncan but thought better of it. He’s a big lad yer know, Hehe!

Over the moon, thanked Dunc’ the lad and then I had to ask him to watch over me again while I try once more to get the new Cash card to be accepted by Morrisons so I could order some fodder. He also read the small print on the bank’s letters out to me.

Then he patiently watched resisting laughing each time I made an error, and we soon had the card accepted by Morrisons.

What a mate I have!

Walked a weary Duncan back to his car, had a natter, thanked him again and off home, he went. A long drive ahead of him, and all to help me out. I felt humbled.

Back to the flat, and sorted out an order from Morrisons, to be delivered Wednesday 2nd November twixt 0730>0830hrs. Put this on the Google Diary straight away.

I was mentally shattered now, I bet Duncan is too. After all, that hassle and bother sorting me out. Got the meal going, nothing too complicated, I was too 7sun08drained to bother with anything fancy that needed proper cooking.

I did meat dumplings, and potato farls in the oven, with seasoned baked beans, and a packet of sweet potato crisps – the crisps were uneatable, though, Urgh!

Had the evening medications with it and a glass of tomato juice.

The plan from here on was to settle in the £300 second-hand recliner chair and watch some TV – this didn’t happen. I fell asleep within minutes of turning on the goggle-box…

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