6 thoughts on “Marissa and Duncan visit Shirl’s and Mike’s weekend retreat

    • Oh yes, Sir. Also popped in your ‘Shop that Sells Kisses’ too!
      Gadabout, Duncan was supplied with his Jamesons I see? Nice touch, especially now he has retired and has more time for a tipple.

  1. Wll, it’s simple see…Mike and I were just bartending, you know. It was actually for a charity function…providing the homeless with alcohol…god’s work really…when his pants fell off and then so did my dress…and who should come by just as we were trying to retrieve them but his wife, Shirley and that no goodnick Duncan. Anyway, all just a huge misunderstanding except Shirley walked off all in a huff…though by the look on her face, you’d think she was happy to be rid of him!!

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