Inchcock Today Saturday 17th September 2016:

Saturday 17th September 2016


I stirred around 0229hrs, and in need of an urgent WRWW, operated the £300 second-hand recliner chair and was nearly shaken out of the thing as it shuddered and shook. No recollections of any dream details.

To the kitchen and took the medications with water, then got the washing things ready to go down to the laundry room.

0238hrs: Down with the bags and got the things into the washer number two. Back up to the apartment for a WRHD session, bloody and painful this time.

Went back up again and got the laptop going. Took the photograph above from the kitchen window.

0335hrs: Down and moved the things into the dryer. Did a bit of graphicationalisationing and it was soon time

Once again, back up to the flat. Must remember today by 1230hrs I have to catch the L9 bus to get to the Feet First Chiropodist. Gives me time to have an amble around before the 1400hrs appointment. Hope it doesn’t take too long, then I can catch the last L9 bus back to the flat at 1505hrs. Made sure the Pensioners Free Bus pass was in my jacket pocket.

sat02Did I did some more of the graphicationalisationing and started this update. The time went so quickly, and it was soon time to go down again to collect the clothes.

I must say the colour coded socks made life easier.

Cleaned the filter out and wiped down the machines that I’d used.

Back up in the lift yet again to number 72 and another WRHD, oh dear.

Put away the washing and made up a bag with the accoutrements needed for the next visit. Accoutrements, I wonder if that’s the right word? I’ll look it up, hang on, please. Ah, it says “gear, outfit, tackle, paraphernalia, rigging” so I think that’s right. I meant, the soap capsules and powder, fabric softener and the inwash freshener crystals?

Made another cuppa and got on with the diaries and graphic making.

Did some WordPress viewing. Got carried away with the new funny-ode page and got it finished and posted off at last. I hope it gets received well because it took me weeks to get it right. Every time I planned to get some more done, a new appointment would arrive from the hospital clinic or doctors.


There are only four of them there buses on a Saturday, and I have to catch the 1130hrs one, to ensure I get to the clinic in time for the appointment.

Still, it’s better than Sundays, there none then. Hehe!

I hope to get it all done in time to catch the last bus back to the apartment from town at 1505hrs.

Did my ablutions, lemon soap, citrus body spray were used this morning. Applied the creams lotions and potions. Hehe!

All finished, I got my myself looking half decent and set out, calling at Olive’s on the way, but she was not available. Bet she’s having a lie-in, and I don’t blame her either.

At the bus stop, I was joined by Frank and two other tenants and we enjoyed an excellent blether about everything and nothing. The bus was well late arriving, and the driver seemed a bit tense. As we pulled up at the next stop near the Winchester Court flats, Frank realised he’s left his bag a the bus stop behind. Well, when he told the driver and asked him to wait while he retrieved it, the bloke went bonkers, told Frank to stay on the bus, and he drove around back to the bus stop so Frank could get his bag – cursing and mumbling about his being 12 minutes behind schedule already! Poor old Frank, I felt so sorry for him. I got some of the other passengers laughing about it and telling them it could have been any one of us. This did not help the drivers mood! Hehe!

sat06In town, I got off on Queen Street and fought my way dangerously through the crowds down through the City Centre and onto Exchange Walk.

What I had not realised was, with the bus being so late, when I arrived at the Bank it was closed! It was a bit scary making my hobbling on my way to the bank. Crowds or what! Phew!

sat04 sat05

So I made my way stutteringly, due to having to stop very often to prevent someone walking into me, back up to Clumber Street to get to the Victoria Centre Market to get a belt and me cashew nuts. I decided to bar myself from the City Centre on Saturdays in future, far too risky for anyone dodgy on their feet!

Got a belt £6.99 and the dark chocolate covered cashew nut, 200grm for £3.38. Had a hobble around and got shoulder charged by a bloke who I thought ought to be playing American football or Rugby. Recovered and a couple asked if I was okay, which I was, cause I didn’t go over, although it was close. Packed solid with shoppers and shoplifters it was today.

I took a longer, but less populated route out and to the Chiropodists in plenty of time for my appointment. This visit was reminiscent of my going to the sat09Dentist – with Japanese trained concentration camp guards in place of the usual staff! Humph!

A woman shouted at me, calling out my name and getting all upset because I didn’t hear her her the first time.

She marched me to the treatment room and barked: “You take off your shoes and socks, put feet into the bowl, and wait for me, yes?”

I was so scared, I wasn’t going to argue with her, I meekly replied “Yes”.

I took this photograph of a new sign that had appeared on the wall, I was going to take another one of the new price lists. Thought I heard the Obergruppenfurher woman returning, being a little nervous, I put away the camera.

She did my feet in about three minutes, and told me, well, commanded me: “You put on shoes and socks, meet me in reception, yes?” More a threat than a question!

I was inwardly a jibbering wreck after I paid them, re-booked and left the place, out into the crowds again to make me way to the L9 bus stop.

sat07 sat08Wearily, I got through the crowds.

Got to bus stop and awaited the arrival of the last L9 bus. It arrived on time and I was soon on the way back to the apartment.

I called in to see Olive first, she was a bit better today and as radiant as ever. A jolly good gossip and laugh. She recommended that I stop going to the Feet First place and said she’d phone a home visit chiropodist and find out how much they charge, and if they could add me to their list. Wonderfully caring is Olive, and she is excellent on the phone. She will call them next week for me.

A kiss and  cuddle, and I was on my way back to number 72. Where an overdue call for a WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session, was performed first thing. I put some pain gel on the arm and shoulder where the bloke barged into me, cream on the slightly bloodied rear end, and took an extra painkiller with the medications.

sat10Got the meal prepared in no time. Beef slices, a tiny tin of garden peas, pickled eggs and beetroot.

A banana and lemon curd yoghourt to follow.

I enjoyed this meal and am rather pleased with how I am managing to resist eating bread with my meals so often nowadays.

It had been a good day healthwise today, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duo Denal all been kind to me. Hernia Harry, got a bit bothersome after the Man-Ape shopper had tackled me in Victoria Centre, though. Hey-ho!

I’ll ask olive tomorrow if she wouldn’t mind rubbing some Phorpain gel over my shoulder back for me.

Chose some TV to watch, Pie in the Sky, and then a film. Fell asleep several time during Pie in the Sky, got to the start of the film, first set of adverts and off I went, until 0400hrs when I stirred in desperate need of a WRWW.

TTFN folks.

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