Inchcock Today: Sunday 28th December 2014

Sunday 28th December

Awoke 0300hrs. Found writing on note pad, presumably about dreams… a lot of writing – unfortunately most of it was illegible although some odd bits I could relate to bits of memories of the dreams. Wrote these connections down to record later on this diary.


Started laptop ten went down and made a hot cuppa – colder this morning -2c. Peeped out of the window and the pavements and road looked awfully dangerous to me… have to decide if I go out today or not soon.

My knees and hands were letting me know they do not want using too much today. The bum was still sore from me ‘Whoopsidangleplomp’ yesterday, the piles and little Inch were bothersome. Bit disappointed with the Little Inch starting to flare up again though. On the plus side, the angina seemed okay, and the stomach turmoil was far less than of recent days.

The laptop was telling me there’s no internet connection – but it was working?

I started to assemble the memories of the dreams with the help of the notes I could read – I couldn’t remember making the notes?

I was in the police. Tending wounded (unrecognised by me) persons laying on the road/street. – then in heaven I think, still a policeman… a great queue of people of all sorts including as I recall Native American, Russians, Scotsmen, Welsh, Irish, Arabs, Traffic wardens, American Policemen, and Indians were in the queue and they all seemed very patient as they waited to talk to me? The line went on for miles and a lady was going up and down the line in a mini van giving them cakes, a pencil, a suicide pill and a can of drink to each one?

Then I was back at the scene on the road tending the injured… then in a courtroom being prosecuted for failing to save the life of one of the injured.

Then I was in a brick cell picking at the mortar with a toothbrush?

Suddenly I was in a bed with a weird beast over it spitting lightning or flames at me face? Or that might have been in another dream? I found a graphic later on Google that suited this to perfection and used it as the header.

I’m sure there was much more in the nightmare but this is all I can recall a the moment.

Sun01Took my medications then did a bit of Facebooking.

WC’d. Unfortunately found out the ‘Woopsidangleplump’ I had yesterday started my pile a-bleeding. Cleaned up the mess.

Went down to make another cuppa and a pot of porridge for brekkers.

Sun02I bravely popped out of the front door to take a photo of the weather, there had been no more snow falling but the ice looked like it was set in and not going to defrost for a good while to me.

Trod gently on it and it was very solid and slippery!

Oh dear!

Sun03Took me brekkers up with me to the laptop and tucked into me porridge. then back on the internet.

Severe weather warning for today on the BBC site.

I copied the photo then added me on it and put it on here for a laugh. (Well laugh then!)

Now the rumbling stomach has joined in with the aching legs and back to keep me company. 

Got me things ready for the morning – took a peep outside and the pavements are still well iced up… oh dear.

The only thing I did for rest of the day apart from praying a thaw might come in time for me morning outings was read me book and internetting… in between falling asleep.

Took me evening medications. (Missed me midday ones reading… Tsk!)