Inchcock Today: Monday 1st December 2014

Monday 1st December 2014

I gorrup late fer me… about 0555hrs.


01M01I tended little ‘Inchy’, only a few spots of blood this time. Having to spare the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream, because it’s running out like.

Made a cuppa, WC’d and took me medications, a little late but still.

Spent a little while reading me book.

No laptop this morning as time was getting late and I had to go get me things ready for me trip to the GP for me prescription extras, then the chemists to get it filled, then the to the QMC haematology for Warfin INR level tests. If I’m still able and not too weary after them, I’ll go to the G.U.M. clinic to try and get some more cream for little ‘Inchy’.

Made up the nibble for the GP receptionists, Chemists staff and QMC nurses.

01M02Titivated meself and set off on me walk to the GP. Picked up prescriptions’gave em their nibbles and poddled off to the chemists. They sorted me and took the nibbles, now the walk into town.

Plenty of traffic about this morning – mucho sounding of horns I noted.

As I got to the same spot as usual, I took a photo of a block of four abandoned shops on 01M03the main Mansfield Road again.

I feel sad when I pass these premises and wonder what the plans are for the area? The locale is packed with thousands of student flats so do not offer much incentive for retailers locally to start trading?

I plodded on into town and caught a bus out to the hospital.

01M04I took me ticket and waited me turn – didn’t wait long soon and sorted.

The only problem was trying to stop the bleeding afterwards. It took yonks to stop it.

Came out and caught bus to town, where I poddled around the slab square taking some piccies of the stalls and rides.

01M05The ice rink had a machine being driven around on the ice.

Caught a bus back to Carrington and crossed-fingerly started the laptop.


Made a cuppa and returned to the laptop.

All working! Internet, Coreldraw and Word.

01M07Good stuff laptop-wise today.

Around 1700hrs took medications.

Finished me posts to the League of Mental Men.

Then made some nosh.

Remembered I should have gone to the 01M06G.U.M. clinic for me cream!


I’ll have to go tomorrow after I’ve done my launderette visit then.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Monday 1st December 2014

  1. First of all, stop picking that thing so it will stop bleeding! Second, what is that cute little Swiss Miss house? That’s so cool! Better luck tomorrow, my friend! 🙂

    • Thank Rachel – I like the thought of picking at it! Washing creaming and weeing is all he gets nowadays. Hehehe… what am I laughing at?
      The Swiss style buildings are all retail outlets, part of the Winter Fayre in Nottingham city centre.
      My brother-in-law Pete, a good looking handsome fit 67 year old chappie (He maked me feel so inferior and I hate him… I hate him… not really) is going skating on the Ice-Rink there and I hope to go (not to skate, I’d look a right dip with me walking stick and arthritis) to take some photo’s of him. TTFN

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