Inchcock Today – Monday 16th December 2019: Precious, beautiful, Plebotomy nurse Christina called to take my blood today.

1 Dec 16

2019 ttDec 16

Monday 16th December 2019

Italian: Lunedì 16 Dicembre 2019

01Dec 16

01:05hrs: I woke up, with no signs of any Dizzy Dennis or Shaking Shaun! Just Great! Then I fell asleep again.

01:55hrs: Stirred again, and was soon in need of a wee-wee. Which was a tad disappointing, cause I was hoping to nod-off once more! Tsk! 

WD 128.0.128 The hassle of getting out of the £300 second-hand, c1968, disintegrating, none-working recliner, and the hobble-in-haste to the wet room, hardly seems worth the effort when I got there. The release was of the INHBBT (I-Needn’t-Have-Bothered-Barely-Trickling) mode. Other than finding that Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding, so I went through the painful process of cleaning, drying, and the nasty bit, of applying the Corticosteroid cream. (I believe I just may have silently uttered something along the lines of, ‘Ouch’ at the time)

WD 128.0.128a But self-righteously, smugly pleased with my bravery, I turned to go to the sink, stubbing my toe against the metal leg of the seat-raiser. (This time I did utter a naughty word!) I washed and made my way to the kitchen and got the kettle on. Moved the handwashing that I cannot recall doing last night (Dizzy Dennis & Shaking Shaun were activating then). Moved them onto the airer, took the medications, and brewed up.

It dawned on me that I had just had a sleep of over six hours! A rarity that! If it had not been for Accifauxpas causing wee-wee being needed, I might have still been sleeping.

The first thing that needed doing was updating yesterday’s post. Which didn’t take long, cause I~ couldn’t remember much at all of the late evening’s activities; if there was any? The photo of the meal on the SD card was news to me. When I mentioned this memory loses to the Physio nurse, she just said, “Yes, it happens to all of us!” Later, I divulged them to the  Doctor. “Yes, it happens when you get older, anything else?” One gets the feeling that one is a nuisance nowadays! I see and hear confirmation of it often.

WD 128.0.128 I went on the WordPress reader first. Then I got the updating finished and posted off. Next, the difficult job of setting up a few templates. This did take a long time because I found I’m made a few cock-ups yesterday in making the graphics in advance, I’d missed a couple of days worth off! So, I had to make them up on CorelDraw. This got me confused as to which they were for, and I virtually had to go through every one to find out. I was rather muddle-headed by the time I’d finished.

1Mon 01Off to the Porcelain Throne. Taking care to avoid any toe-stubbings! The session was quick but messy, and I have to tell you what came into my mind as I eventually flushed the cistern: It’s true, the noise it made did remind me of a DVD film I watched (well, fell asleep to) last week, ‘The School for Scoundrels.’ The noise the car made when first started up, sound almost the same as the flushing of the toilet did this morning! I must remember to mention this to ILC, Obersturmführer, and Catwalk Model Warden Deans later, I’ll say, if I remember to, about the leaking hot water tap as well.

I made a start on this blog, up to here, and went on thee TFZer Facebooking. Another long, fun-time spent.

1Mon02Ablution duties next. I think the pins (legs) looked no worse than yesterday morning. But give ’em time! The dropsies were a little more frequent today. Toothpaste, radio, shaving cream, razors (4), showerhead, carbolic soap (2), flannel (2), towel (3), Sock-glide, and alarm bracelet.

1Mon 01WDP 001 LaWD 128.0.128 When it came to downloading the photo of the legs, I found a bonus picture. It was a taken-by-mistake shot, with the Neurotransmitters playing up a bit. I had to cut off a bit of a certain appendage that had been captured on it and reshaped the photo to a similar size/shape as the others. (Thank heavens I noticed, else the whole internet would have been in hysterics!) I managed to avoid chronic humiliation and being shamefaced here! Phew!

It looks like being another frustrating day indoors again. I dare not even go to report the leaking tap and gurgling water closet to the wardens, for fear of missing the Phlebotomy Nurse, if she is calling or not, I don’t know. I’m getting a lit low now, depressionalistically speaking.

I rang the Phlebotomy Service to find out. My queue position was One – canned music, classical, I was enjoying it. Lady came on, but it was a little dodgy hearing her. I think Christina is calling some time today was the answer. Which is good; if she arrives early enough, the nI can get out for a walk. Taking my shower, the radio (before I dropped it) warned us to expect it to be freezing, well-below zero tonight! Brrr!

10:30hrs: Christina arrived, and soon had my blood taken, she was in a rush, but I managed to give her a nibble to take with her.

I got ready to go out, but the vacillating was rampant. Should I go to the City or Arnold? After more wavering, I opted to go to Arnold. Then I can have a look for a new picker-upperer from the Seacroft Mobility shop. Not that they are very helpful, but needs must. I called in last year, and the woman was all smiles and pleasantries; until she realised I only wanted a picker-upperer and not a £400 mobility Scooter. Then I got the toss of her head towards a wall, and “Over there!”

 I got ready and set out on my mission to find another picker-upper. I took some ashed jars with lids to leave for Warden Julie on the way out.

1Mon03WD 128.0.128 The two lifts were one again. Down and along the link-corridor into Winwood Court and left the jars on a table outside the ILC’s Holding Cell office, as no one was about.

I met with a few fellow Winwoodonians at the bus stop and listened to them chinwagging away. The bus arrived. I got ensconced on the corner side-saddle seat, and got the crossword book out and went through the many unfinished back puzzles. I even got a few more answers done, and was still at it when I looked up and had to move sharpishly not to miss my stop!

1Mon05I went to the mobility shop first, and there was a different lady serving today. A pleasant and helpful gal. She came to me and asked if she could help, I told her what I was after, and she led me to the two types of pickers they had. One of them was the same as the crap I bought last time. I pointed out the failings in them and opted for the other brand. She pointed out that it is collapsable (something else to break, I thought), and it had a retainer clip on it, so it can be attached to my walker. £15 paid, thanked her, stuck the picker-upperer on the trolley, and off I went.

WD 128.0.128 To the Asda store, and what a spending spree I had, happy as a robin with a maggot, I wandered around getting walked into, trod on, shoulder-charged and Tut-tutted at, as I shopped to my little-metal-hearted content. The getting bashed about, insulted, and trolleys attacked, somehow didn’t bother me? I went to the bread section; it was mayhem there. They had no Milk Rolls, well they had two damaged loaves that were stale on offer, split open on the shelf. So, I went to see if they had any of the ready-sliced wholemeal cobs, they did, I got a packet, but had to pay £1.30 for it, no pound shops in Arnold. Hehe!

WD 128.0.128 I found a semi-sheltered corner to keep out of the way in and just stood watching people shopping and shop-lifting, I think. What I saw, reminded me of the old jumble sales we had at the Bridgeway Hall. Folks almost fighting to get to the bargains. Bad language flowed. Kids screamed as their parents woke the child up, as they put a bottle of rum underneath the baby in the pram. Many people were on their mobiles, shouting to their partners how much so-and-so was, and how many they wanted them to buy! A couple drove their cart into a large stack, display of mince pies, knocking them all over the floor. Eventually, I tired of what I was seeing and moved on. As I did so, I spotted some sourdough baguettes on sale and put a couple in the basket.

I cautiously moved to the fresh food departments. I bought some Red Leicester shredded cheese, vine tomatoes, Cox’s apples, a yoghourt, and pack of miniature four-real orange juice bottles. Got to the self-serve counter, and put through the goods and paid up.

1Mon04Then out and off to the Fulton Food store to see if any bargains were on offer. I met with, the names escape me, a sociable couple from the flats, and checked on the bis times with them, to get back home later. Then into the shop, and got some bargains, too many really, how I managed to get everything in the shopper bag and carrier was nothing short of brilliant! Unfortunately, the weight of the carrier bag hanging onto the handle of the trolley meant somewhat risky walking from then on. Keeping my balance was a work of art! I’d bought two large jars of Baxters Baby Beetroots for £1 each. At Asda (Walmart) the small one, was £1.20! At only £1 each, I got black bin liners, Beef pasties, and a large Pork Farms pork pie. Cocktail sausages 60p, three orange biscuits for £1. At the checkout, I saw they were selling Galaxy darker chocolate bars with hazelnuts at 3 for £1. I tried them later, and wish I had bought more of them now, Hehe!)

1Mon08Then I hobbled carefully along to the Butchers shop. They had some delicious looking cooked roast pork. I got three slices, shuddered at the price, and decided that today’s nosh would be wholemeal cobs, lavishly buttered, and loaded with roast pork and tomatoes, with beetroot and a Cox’s apple on the side! Not like me to be so positive? We’ll see.

I made my way along the road, and over and up the side of Asda (Walmart) through the car park to the bus stop.

Where a challenge presented itself. There were dozens of squawking ever moving seagulls flying over the area, and I wanted to snap them with my camera. I was determined to try to impress Cindy and Tim Price, my favourite photographers, with my efforts.

WD 128.0.128 What a farce! I just don’t know how I managed, but I missed the camera-shy birds in every shot, bar two. The bottom ones, then I only got one bird terribly pictured in each one. Every time I looked up, the sky was littered with them, lifted the camera up, and hey-presto, they were gone! I think it would be better for my mental health if I stopped trying to take photographicalisations on any wildlife in future. I just can’t get them anywhere near right nowadays. Humph!

1Mon09Gave up, annoyed at myself and the blooming seagulls! Haha! And took this shot of a more camera-friendly pigeon near the bus shelter. That’s, more my barrow! Hehe!

WD 128.0.128 Caught the bus, and the two neighbours got on. I entertained them with my tales of woe, which made them laugh a little. Shirley (I think that’s her name) told me that Mo was in hospital very poorly. I will call at the ILC Wardens room and ask if any details of where she is are available and visiting allowed when I get back. This lowered my spirits and my flow of wit came to an end.

1Mon09aBack at the flats, I got off the bus last, and a quick hello with those waiting to get on the bus, and to the ILC’s office. But no one in. So I plodded back through the link-corridor to Woodthorpe Court, and got the lift up to the twelfth floor, out, into the flat and dived into the wet room for a sudden and urgent wee-wee.

WDP 02lbWD 128.0.128 A CMOUSTSTBOWV (Catching-Me-Out-Unwilling-Slow-To-Start-Then-Blasting-Out-With-Venom) one! Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding, so I cleaned things up and very gently applied a schmear of the Corticosteroid cream. Argh! 

Changed PPs, washed and got into the nightwear.

1Mon10I got the food put away, and set about making the cols meal. I got the wholemeal rolls well Anchor-buttered, the folded slices of the delicious, out-of-this-world tasting roast pork on each one. Sliced the tomatoes, and added them with a little salt, and put them on the plate.

1Mon12I heard some very-odd noises from outside, that were not unlike concrete crumbling and falling. Naturally, I had a look outside, but could nothing untoward? I took this snap of the view while the window was open. Then, back to the nosh prepping. With a certain amount of enthusiasm.

1Mon11I sliced some of the Baxters beetroots onto the plate, and used the apple de corer on the Cox’s apple, and got it presented on the tray with a mini-bottle of fresh orange juice, and the last pot of Ski lemon mousse.

It might have been due to the day not having too many cock-ups or the actual taste, but this meal went down a right treat! The flavour rating given was a massive 9.24/10! The roast pork, although needing a mortgage to buy, was so palatable, tasty and ambrosial!

I got the pots washed, and thought about doing the handwashing, but didn’t. Guilt Mode Engaged! I got settled into the death-trap recliner.

While wondering what to watch on the TV. My state of Hypnagogia did not last long for long.

Blissful sleep was swiftly drifted into! ♥

An Ode to My Ailments


Barry Bladder & Hernia Harry


I went in the QMC for a Hernia operation,

Summat else came to the surgeons attention,

He said he’s found cancer in the bladder,

But not to worry, he said as we had a natter,

He’d lasered both problems with antimatter!

But I suffered later, Harry returned, it’s mind over matter!



Duodenal Donald

The problem was soon outright,

Although it was a bit of a fight,

The surgeons said it’d be risky and tight,

But things should come out alright,

But couldn’t stop the bleeding, that was a fright!

They did stop it finally, to my delight!



Haemorrhoid Harry

I have to say, this left me feeling sore,

But surely it will mean, Haemorrhoid cream no more?

No suppositories, prodding, probing, Cor!

But they returned, worse than before!



Aorta Albert

A bit of a shock, when I saw the Doc,

She said you’re a chip off the old block,

Your Dad had such an op, a bit of a shock,

Makes a change from operating on your buttock,

But you’ll pull through me old cock!



Sandie Seer

Twitching eyes, jump and jerk,

But when steady, they still work,

Though not a regular querk,

It can drive you berserk!



Nerveless Nigel

Diagnosed two weeks before the stroke,

By Dr Rahannmuta, a wonderful bloke,

Not averse to a laugh and joke,

Although I don’t, he said you must not smoke!

And gave me a year, before the nerve-ends die, get broke.




Worra shock, I was in a terrible mess,

Couldn’t wash, shave or even dress,

Two months hospitalisation, no less,

Why I ask, but it remains answerless,

The After-Stroke Physio leaves me breathless,

But certainly not painless!

There are periods when I feel brainless,

But some helpers have been invaluable, God Bless!





Caught this in the Stroke hospital ward, one can’t forget,

Blood-papsules, weals, scars, lumps, bulges, a guaranteed bet,

Welts, contusions, blemishes, dapples, maculations, invariably on the legs set,

Thrombophlebitis and assorted Clopidogrel grooves and ridges show,

The legs appearance change every day, a new vein or burrow,

A reaction to a changed medication, they say to me,

Vasculitis and venous thromboembolism or VTE,

What next, can I charge folks to look, Hehehe!

Right-hand side sensory nerves are almost kaput,

The neurotransmitters, nearly as dead as a mutt,

I’m even getting boils and growths on my butt!



Myasthenia Gravis (MG) – The latest ailment.

 This was written, to cheer missen up, and it did!

I thank you!


Thur 21.5.15: Inchcock Today – A feeling of failure

Thursday 21st May 2015

Woke after three hours dream filled kip remembering a bit of one and wrote it down straight away and drew a picture of a part of it. Decided to get it down quick before any of the memories faded like wot they do: I reproduced the written drawing on Coreldraw9 in between it and the laptop freezing:

Started with me going.. being forced to go with Sister Jane and Pete to a posh restaurant in a big mansion type place – we met another 5 unknown to me people and I got served last with stale chips and and some meat of some sort all that was left for me… tried to wrap it up in a carrier bag but it kept falling out – then everyone else had left I got lost getting out of the place and ended up on the roof, lost my shoes…

In a house on a bed babysitting two girls and a Chicken?

aa03GcOne the streets at night looking for somewhere… ended up in a gigantic wooden building with a giant water tank in the middle, walkway with a door and window, on the walls and wanted to get from the walkway onto a wooden escalator water running down it? Couldn’t find a route through, frustrated got back to the walkway and the door – someone who appeared then demanded payment by bankers draft of me microwave sausages for me to be let out… I was not parting with my microwave sausages and had to climb through the window to escape…

I was in dark streets, running through narrow passages and nooks, kept losing parts of my clothing as I searched for a way home… Came to an open space with houses that had giant concrete steps you had to climb to get into them, they ran for miles, I was at the bottom of the steps wondering why I was carrying a little doll, when a black dog and seal attacked me… had to climb the steps up to get away from them  and when I reached the top I wondered how I managed to get up them without any pain from the arthritis? The dog and seal caught up with me and somehow I made friends with them?

Still dark streets, and by now I was in just me underpants and torn vest with a bag of some sort over me shoulder, maybe the meal from earlier?

Back to running down alleyways for ages it seemed trying to find me way… A policeman stood at the end of one of passages and just smiled as I passed, then he hit me with his truncheon and laughed, like the Laughing Policeman of old at the seaside used to laugh…

I was back on the bed with the chicken, feeding it Marmite crisps as it clucked away to me as if talking? Hey-ho!

Did me BP thingies: Sys 158 Dia 74 Pulse 68 Temp 31.4c

WC’d, more bleeding from the Inch, none from the haemorrhoids.

Pondered on how thing might go today – remembered I have to go to the GP nurse for me INR tests at 0915hrs. Clinic 1110hrs and Age UK’s Steve and MRBHA assessor coming at 1300hrs.

Started this diary.

IMG_0025WC and another cuppa and I was ready fer me little walk to the GP surgery for me INR Warfarin level tests.

IMG_0028Fed the pigeons on the way.

It was a bit windy but the sky was nice as I approached the pelican lights to cross over Mansfield Road and turn left up the incline to the keep my appointment at the Sherringham Medical Centre Practise Nurse for me INR tests. I wondered if I’d be done IMG_0026by the Obergruppenführer one or the nice one that’s new to the practice and not yet adopted a bolshy attitude?

Luckily I got the nice one, and she done me proud, even though I’d forgot to take me Anticoagulation record card with me, and she asked how I was?

I handed the receptionist a bag of nibbles as I thanked then and left.

IMG_0027I was only a couple of hundreds yards down the road on me way to Lidl and one of the far too numerous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists passed rather closely by me.

I turned around and got his photo to add to the 89 photo’s of these unthinking vermin I have at present.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they had a honker or loud bell  and used them to let the pedestrians know they were coming – and were aware of people with bad eyesight, poor hearing and lack of manoeuvrability and slowed down a bit would it? But I refuse to allow these ilegal nasty pieces of work to get to me!  LIE MODE DETECTED!

gum1Caught the bus to the GUM Clinic and was tended to with great embarrassment.

In and out within 30 minutes and hastened and caught bus back into Carrington and called at the Lidl store.

Feeling well drained now – think I might have done too much yesterday?

Got a pork pie, small bag of Jersey new potatoes two cheese rolls and four flat-bottomed carrier bags. And… the bags were cheaper than the Co-op and Pound shop Tsk if only I’d known earlier!

Got back to the bomb-site feeling really not very good at all – tired, weary and me feet legs and back were bad! But I must put on an “I’m fine” smile when the lady comes from the MRBHA to interview me… Good heavens, two pretend policemen have just walked passed me window down the street – they’ll not catch the antisocial element at this time of day… well they might!

Sod-it, another dizzy now.

Steve from Age UK arrived and then the ladies from MRBHA.

I felt that it didn’t go too well. They are having a meeting to pick which of the applicants will get the flat at Spencer Court and let me know next week.

IMG_0029I made a flask and me meal and got some much needed sleep in.

BJ rang I woke but not in time to answer the phone before it stopped.

I rang back but no answer.

No chance of nodding off again. Realised I’d left me flask downstairs.

IMG_0030Feeling low again.

The photo I took of the sky as I returned to start me laptop said it all to me – The End of the Day…



Wed 12.5.15: Inchcock Today – Out begging for help – TSK!

Wednesday 13th May 2015

Woke in  a state of panic and nervousness, with a bit of shame in there somewhere too. I’ve been dreaming of the (possible) new flat in the sheltered complex again and animals chasing me, all sorts hyenas, giant rats and snakes I remember being amongst them.

Took me readings, but without any enthusiasm. Feeling pitifully ashamed of myself for some reason. Sys153 Dia75 Pulse79 Temp36.2c.

IMG_0193Noticed the sky was brighter this morning and took a photo of it – purely from habit, I have no interest in what the sky looks like today.

Too intent on worrying about my having to go begging for help this morning, help with the sorting the Flea-pit out in time for the visit from the housing inspector checks on me to see if I am accepted for the flat.

Sat for ages musing and planning what to say when I get their with no decisions made.

Lynton gave me some tips and encouragement over the phone, but I am a different person now – the bubbly have a laugh side of me has gone for a bit. Tsk! All worry and fretting. Dreading to go and plead for help from strangers and ashamed for having to. I don’t feel up to it, but needs must.

The guts are aching and grinding now as well. The angina and arthritis not too bad though – but my concerns are having to go and… oh, I’ve said this already, sorry.

Getting het-up with myself now a bit.

Started the laptop to begin this diary, and it froze when I tried to do owt? Lost me sidebar, well it froze with nowt but outline showing – and that had me notes from Lynton on the notepad – Shit!

Restarted and the same again. Turned off and back on got message from AVG about virus – it keeps coming on regular now and I have to select ‘Remove’ regularly.

That’s all I want innit!

Eventually forced myself to spruce-up and get ready to go to town and the Age Concern place to beg for help.

The plan is to (according to what happens at Age Concern) then try the Salvation Army.

Not looking forward to this at all.

I hope I don’t forget me Skin Cancer removal appointment next Thursday – oh Christ, that’s the day when the housing assessor is coming. Tsk! Bolloc… I’ll have to call at the Complex and explain on me way out – oh am I getting uptight and bothered or what.

CatCafeA good job I temporarily regained me senses later – it is in June me surgery not May – nearly another Whoopsiedangleplop there!

Somehow I remembered the jewel thingy I found weeks ago and handed in to the police station and I actually found the form, so I took it with me.

Left and caught the bus into town.

IMG_0195Called at the Central police station as it is facing the Age UK place I was dreading going into to plead me case for help assistance or being given a lethal injection. Hehe!

The stairs up into the station are getting larger I think. I joined the queue and waited… then read a free paper kindly supplied for inquiring Nottingham citizens to keep them occupied while waiting… I read the whole Metro newspaper… I fiddled about in me IMG_0194bag… I scratched various parts of my anatomy… then the one receptionist called next and a bloke jumped in front of me and got served… I reread the sports pages… then got in and handed her me Found property form.

She started searching the files and drawers. I read the newspaper again… she disappeared into the back and every one who joined the queue asked ‘Are you being served?’ Eventually she returned with another form for me to fill in and sign. I got the jewel thingy back in a bag.

I’ve no idea if it’s worth owt yet, but it looks pretty.

IMG_0196Then down the deadly steps and out and across the road to the Age UK place…

Much of what took place over the next 2½ hours is a blur. The poor gal on the desk was the only contact I had, and she had to keep serving others as they came in.

Kept getting tongue tied, missed half of what was said and the angina played up.

I think they are offering a use of an advocate person to assist with the house moving but they cannot help with sorting out me mess. Confused and bewildered I left feeling a tad disappointed too.


 I wandered a little light headedly across to the other side of town to call at the Citizens Advice Centre.

IMG_0202 IMG_0201It was closed

Hey Hoe!

IMG_0200So back the other way into town, avoiding a couple of the many Nottingham PAvement Cyclists en-route.

I went into the Central Library to confirm the location of the Salvation Army, then had a hobble to the Sneinton area and called and spoke with a chappie and told him my sorry tale and he listened intently to me woes – then said ‘No, we don’t help with rubbish, but we can collect owt of use for out charity shops if they are ready for collection at a specified time like!’ Similar words as wot I got from the Age UK folk.

Dejected I limped back to the bus-stop and caught one back to Carrington.

IMG_0203Called into the Co-op for some bread thins and on through the yobbo free twitchell back to the bomb-site. Fred and Fatima brought some of the family down with them for their nosh time treat.

I actually felt very drained – revealing all my failings to strangers, walking in the heat and the failure to get help had worn me out.

IMG_0204Made me nosh of cheesey mash potatoes, garden peas, and beetroot with bread thins with pork loin. If the days failures had not put me on such a low, I would have really enjoyed it… but it wont bad.

Laptop on and found an email from the GP surgery.

We have been contacted by Amanda Shaw at the warfarin Clinic at the Queens Medical Centre, they have been trying to contact you on your phone but have been unsuccessful.

Your INR result is 1.3 so they have advised that you will need to use your Enoxaparin medication and take 3 tablets for the next two days (today and tomorrow) and you will need a re-test this Friday 15th May.

Contact our surgery as soon as possible for us to arrange the appointment and acknowledge the receipt of this email.

Kind regards: Reception Team.

Well well, fancy that, summat else to worry about! Gerblowitandglunk!

I sent an email back pointing out that the Doc took me Enoxaparin medication off me prescriptions a couple of years ago? Asked for advice – but I’ll call in tomorrow to book me tests. Hey-ho sort of day – total failure – Gerblowitandglunk with bar!

Fell asleep after emailing Lynton for a bit.

Woke up feeling right odd, acidy in me mouth and chest?

Finished this Diary.

Did some graphics but Coreldraw9 kept crashing again.

Wide awake now? Feeling of foreboding again… Huh!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Monday 1st December 2014

Monday 1st December 2014

I gorrup late fer me… about 0555hrs.


01M01I tended little ‘Inchy’, only a few spots of blood this time. Having to spare the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream, because it’s running out like.

Made a cuppa, WC’d and took me medications, a little late but still.

Spent a little while reading me book.

No laptop this morning as time was getting late and I had to go get me things ready for me trip to the GP for me prescription extras, then the chemists to get it filled, then the to the QMC haematology for Warfin INR level tests. If I’m still able and not too weary after them, I’ll go to the G.U.M. clinic to try and get some more cream for little ‘Inchy’.

Made up the nibble for the GP receptionists, Chemists staff and QMC nurses.

01M02Titivated meself and set off on me walk to the GP. Picked up prescriptions’gave em their nibbles and poddled off to the chemists. They sorted me and took the nibbles, now the walk into town.

Plenty of traffic about this morning – mucho sounding of horns I noted.

As I got to the same spot as usual, I took a photo of a block of four abandoned shops on 01M03the main Mansfield Road again.

I feel sad when I pass these premises and wonder what the plans are for the area? The locale is packed with thousands of student flats so do not offer much incentive for retailers locally to start trading?

I plodded on into town and caught a bus out to the hospital.

01M04I took me ticket and waited me turn – didn’t wait long soon and sorted.

The only problem was trying to stop the bleeding afterwards. It took yonks to stop it.

Came out and caught bus to town, where I poddled around the slab square taking some piccies of the stalls and rides.

01M05The ice rink had a machine being driven around on the ice.

Caught a bus back to Carrington and crossed-fingerly started the laptop.


Made a cuppa and returned to the laptop.

All working! Internet, Coreldraw and Word.

01M07Good stuff laptop-wise today.

Around 1700hrs took medications.

Finished me posts to the League of Mental Men.

Then made some nosh.

Remembered I should have gone to the 01M06G.U.M. clinic for me cream!


I’ll have to go tomorrow after I’ve done my launderette visit then.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 5th 2014


Up at 0330hrs, WC. Checked the bleeding ‘Inch’ and Clotromozole creamed him. But I have to say, the bleeding was not bad compared to what it has been (Fingers crossed… mind you that often happens involuntarily with the arthritis). He was still very tender but I was pleased with bleeding being lighter.

Rather chirpily I came down and put the kettle on, started the laptop and nipped back up to the bathroom for a heavy-duty visit to the WC.

Huh! Now the haemorrhoids’ are bleeding like mad. I can’t win yer know! I have to be careful now, because I’m using the Cetraben cream on me skin, the Clotromozole cream on me Inch, the Phorpain gel on me knees and hands and now I’m using the Corticosteroid cream for the piles. I must not get them mixed up… oh dear…

07Su02Back down and I took a photo of the same aaaa3area as I did yesterday of that colourful sky – but it didn’t come out too well cause it were so dark, still I tried and failed. (Kind of encapsulates my life that phrase Hehehe)

Back down and made a cuppa and some porridge and took me oral medications. Discovering as I finished eating it, the porridge had a sell-by-date of July 14.

Updated this diary, and went on Facebook for a while.

After a few hours and trips to the WC, I went up to get a wash shave and other thingies done. As I stripped off, there it was again’ blood from me ‘Inch’! Good job I’m seeing the GP in the morning, must remember to go early and ask them what time my appointment is for. Tsk!

More sorting out done, still tempted to put the bandage back on – that way I can feel it when it bleeds and help stop me clothes getting bloodied. Never mind and hey-ho.

Yobs lurking up and down the street again.

I think I might go up early to save me hobbling up and down the stairs to tend to ‘Inch’ leak, and get away form the yobboes.

I can catch up on me next entry if owt ‘appens worth mentioning.