Thur 21.5.15: Inchcock Today – A feeling of failure

Thursday 21st May 2015

Woke after three hours dream filled kip remembering a bit of one and wrote it down straight away and drew a picture of a part of it. Decided to get it down quick before any of the memories faded like wot they do: I reproduced the written drawing on Coreldraw9 in between it and the laptop freezing:

Started with me going.. being forced to go with Sister Jane and Pete to a posh restaurant in a big mansion type place – we met another 5 unknown to me people and I got served last with stale chips and and some meat of some sort all that was left for me… tried to wrap it up in a carrier bag but it kept falling out – then everyone else had left I got lost getting out of the place and ended up on the roof, lost my shoes…

In a house on a bed babysitting two girls and a Chicken?

aa03GcOne the streets at night looking for somewhere… ended up in a gigantic wooden building with a giant water tank in the middle, walkway with a door and window, on the walls and wanted to get from the walkway onto a wooden escalator water running down it? Couldn’t find a route through, frustrated got back to the walkway and the door – someone who appeared then demanded payment by bankers draft of me microwave sausages for me to be let out… I was not parting with my microwave sausages and had to climb through the window to escape…

I was in dark streets, running through narrow passages and nooks, kept losing parts of my clothing as I searched for a way home… Came to an open space with houses that had giant concrete steps you had to climb to get into them, they ran for miles, I was at the bottom of the steps wondering why I was carrying a little doll, when a black dog and seal attacked me… had to climb the steps up to get away from them  and when I reached the top I wondered how I managed to get up them without any pain from the arthritis? The dog and seal caught up with me and somehow I made friends with them?

Still dark streets, and by now I was in just me underpants and torn vest with a bag of some sort over me shoulder, maybe the meal from earlier?

Back to running down alleyways for ages it seemed trying to find me way… A policeman stood at the end of one of passages and just smiled as I passed, then he hit me with his truncheon and laughed, like the Laughing Policeman of old at the seaside used to laugh…

I was back on the bed with the chicken, feeding it Marmite crisps as it clucked away to me as if talking? Hey-ho!

Did me BP thingies: Sys 158 Dia 74 Pulse 68 Temp 31.4c

WC’d, more bleeding from the Inch, none from the haemorrhoids.

Pondered on how thing might go today – remembered I have to go to the GP nurse for me INR tests at 0915hrs. Clinic 1110hrs and Age UK’s Steve and MRBHA assessor coming at 1300hrs.

Started this diary.

IMG_0025WC and another cuppa and I was ready fer me little walk to the GP surgery for me INR Warfarin level tests.

IMG_0028Fed the pigeons on the way.

It was a bit windy but the sky was nice as I approached the pelican lights to cross over Mansfield Road and turn left up the incline to the keep my appointment at the Sherringham Medical Centre Practise Nurse for me INR tests. I wondered if I’d be done IMG_0026by the Obergruppenführer one or the nice one that’s new to the practice and not yet adopted a bolshy attitude?

Luckily I got the nice one, and she done me proud, even though I’d forgot to take me Anticoagulation record card with me, and she asked how I was?

I handed the receptionist a bag of nibbles as I thanked then and left.

IMG_0027I was only a couple of hundreds yards down the road on me way to Lidl and one of the far too numerous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists passed rather closely by me.

I turned around and got his photo to add to the 89 photo’s of these unthinking vermin I have at present.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they had a honker or loud bell  and used them to let the pedestrians know they were coming – and were aware of people with bad eyesight, poor hearing and lack of manoeuvrability and slowed down a bit would it? But I refuse to allow these ilegal nasty pieces of work to get to me!  LIE MODE DETECTED!

gum1Caught the bus to the GUM Clinic and was tended to with great embarrassment.

In and out within 30 minutes and hastened and caught bus back into Carrington and called at the Lidl store.

Feeling well drained now – think I might have done too much yesterday?

Got a pork pie, small bag of Jersey new potatoes two cheese rolls and four flat-bottomed carrier bags. And… the bags were cheaper than the Co-op and Pound shop Tsk if only I’d known earlier!

Got back to the bomb-site feeling really not very good at all – tired, weary and me feet legs and back were bad! But I must put on an “I’m fine” smile when the lady comes from the MRBHA to interview me… Good heavens, two pretend policemen have just walked passed me window down the street – they’ll not catch the antisocial element at this time of day… well they might!

Sod-it, another dizzy now.

Steve from Age UK arrived and then the ladies from MRBHA.

I felt that it didn’t go too well. They are having a meeting to pick which of the applicants will get the flat at Spencer Court and let me know next week.

IMG_0029I made a flask and me meal and got some much needed sleep in.

BJ rang I woke but not in time to answer the phone before it stopped.

I rang back but no answer.

No chance of nodding off again. Realised I’d left me flask downstairs.

IMG_0030Feeling low again.

The photo I took of the sky as I returned to start me laptop said it all to me – The End of the Day…



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