Wed 6.5.15: Inchcock Today: Incorporating Election Fun!

Wednesday 6th May 2015

A good five hours kip in last night.

Can’t recall them, although I know I had many dreams.

IMG_0080The left hand in particular was in a bit of a state – not good when one is left-handed – Tsk!


Managed to make a flask of tea and take me morning medications.

Checked me conditions: Angina fine, Haemmorhoids no bleeding, Hernia okay, Skin cancer growths painful when touched,  Inch lesion tender not bleeding now, ulcer no bother, Arthur Itis hands bad, knees fine, feet fair, I can feel the mechanical ticker valve clicking away, so I know the heart is still going. Haha!

But feeling extremely nervous for some reason?

Did me BP etc: Sys 178 – Dia 91 – Pulse 78 – Temp 36.2 Sys a bit high methinks, but then again I did the test a little later than usual?


The Sky was back to looking pretty – but by Jimminee the wind was a-howling with it!

Typing difficult with the distorted fingers – but hey-ho, many worse off than me.

Did the header for this diary with great difficulty – Coreldraw and Serif both crashed and I had to save what I could then restart the laptop twice to continue… both annoying and bothersome!

Grrr! Gnash and Tut!

Back again after another restart. Getting a bit fed-up with this!

The sun keeps going in then out this morning.

Just looked at the weather forecast for today in Nottingham – Heavy Rain!

That’s me in for the day then.

I thought about the elections and pondered on which set of nihilists to vote for…

I feel sorry for the Lib-Dems after Clegg has embarrassed the rank and file with joining the Tories in power.

The Tories (although the bigger of the liars) do want to have a good economy and to make the rich richer and poor poorer?

Labour with invisible Ed at the helm seem harmless.

Nigel’s UKIP have a decent plan for the NHS.

That’s it then, I either vote for em all or none of em?

Do I risk a little walk about today in the imminent rain or not? (Oh, it’s coming down now!) Decisions decisions!

I’ll get a wash and scrub up and decide then methinks… alright I’m off to Bulwell to feed me mallards then…

Set off to the bus-stop0303.

The sky was now murkier than twas and foreboding in nature, the rampant wind persisting.

Bus-pass at the ready – I set off to the bus-stop as the rain trickled down – Got as far as white van in the picture on the left – then returned to change me reading glasses fer me bifocals like yer know? Tsk!

The Inch began tingling, so I called in the WC to check it out – no bleeding all okay – Phew!

0312Caught the busy bus into town and had a walk around and through Trinity Square taking a photo of some ‘Bling’ precious ear-rings from on e of the jewellers window displays.

Amazing fancy designs and not too expensive compared to many I’ve seen on me ‘Bling Photographicalisationing sessions.

0304 - CopyI took a shot of the old Elite Building roof with its beautifully designed and created artistic shapes.

I later cut and over contrasted it in Corledraw9 and managed to remove the dark sky background so we could see the ornateness (Big word that!) of the stonework.

0304aDown King Street and into the centre and caught a tram into Bulwell.

As it pulled away I took a photograph through one of the doors trying to capture the trees being blown about in the nasty winds.

It was dry in the City Centre, no signs of any rain there yet. Just the high winds that ere everywhere.

As the tram approached Bulwell Station I remembered the bashing I got as I got off here the other day from the crowd rushing for the doors – so I cunningly held back to avoid injury.

0305As I walked over the bridge there were no mallards to be seen, and someone had already fed the pigeons.

The shallow rubbish filled river Leen was looking more like the Atlantic ocean with the wind!

I hobbled over to the Market Place, where the windy weather had beaten away 0306all but a couple of brave traders – struggling in the wind.

I called into Fulton Foods shop and was pleased to find they had both some Blackcurrrant Ice-cream lollies in their freezers, and the microwave Lamb Shank packs in the cooler.

So I got one of each as bit of a treat.

Wanting to get back ASAP so as to get the lollies in me freezer, I caught the bus back to Carrington.

There was not the usual crush of passengers so I risked climbing (Not easy with my knees – but then again, I suppose it would have been harder without them?) the stairs up to the top deck with the aim of getting some photographs from the higher angle. A much regretted move later, when it came to climbing down the stairs with the bus in motion to get off – Tsk!

0307Took a photo of part of the Housing Estate on Edwards Lane first. It didn’t come out well.

As we moved on and over the traffic island and up Hucknall Road, I tried to take a photo of the roadworks – but with the movement of the bus and reflection from the windows it ended up looking more like a Mystery Object competition photo.

0308The traffic as we climbed the hill up Hucknall Road was building up on the out of town lanes as they struggled to get through the road-works at the traffic island.

The wind was blowing these trees so much I feared one might topple over – I do so hate these flipping gale winds so much, and fear them too.

We got over the brow of the hill through the traffic lights and down to the next set of lights.

The rain started again and the sky changed within seconds to an ominous mixture of black grey and white very fast moving and ever changing in the winds.

Up to the top of the next hill and I dropped off the bus – just in time – it took me a while to get painfully down the stairs in time to catch me bus-stop like. It might not be such a good idea for me to go upstairs on the buses in the future – Hehe.

0310Took a photo of the ever changing sky as I went up stairs to respond to an urgent call to the porcelain.

Dark cloud, high winds and sunshine sneaking through?

I set about getting me nosh ready then.

IMG_0097Potatoes, garden peas peppers and chicken in an American Sauce.

Looked good, smelt good too – but it was too hot for me I’m afraid.

Don’t remember what the sauce was called like, but maybe I put in too many peppers?

I started to watch a ‘Touch of Frost DVD’ – and the inevitable happened – off I drifted into a deep slumber.

Woke four hours later and found the laptop on, I’s spilt a cup of spring water – luckily it only went over me and not the laptop and I’d been laying obliviously in it while kipping away – oh dear…

Cleaned missen up, WC’s and got on with doing this diary post.

Took me medications belatedly, and applied me creams.

0311On me way down to make a cuppa I espied a rainbow through the window. Got me camera and took some shots of it.

A rare happening in Nottingham this – not as fascinating as those rainbows that appear elsewhere I know.

Struggling to do this diary now as the hands and fingers are starting to freeze-up again now.

Been an odd sort of day, full of nothing.

Must remember to vote tomorrow – not that I have any faith in any of the candidates or their parties either. A matter for me of choosing the nihilists who might cause us proletariats least damage.

No point in voting for those who do not cheat and lie – because they all do!


0104 0105