Mon 11.5.15: Inchcock Today

Monday 11th May 2015

 IMG_0156Decent kip – WC’d tests done:

Sys 159 Dia 159 Puls 104 Temp 33.2

Got things ready for walk into town to meet with Pete who was to give me a mystery tour?

The moon was still visible in the sky at 0845hrs.

The usual pavement cyclists were suffered en route into the City Centre.

IMG_0158IMG_0157There were actually more than photographed here, but they
were too quick for me to catch on camera.

Met Pete and he guided me to the bus stop for the Route 100 Pathfinder bus.

IMG_0159 I could see on the information read out that this bus went to Southwell, a route of about 16 or so miles.

Thank heavens for the pensioners free bus-pass! 

The weather was behaving but the bouncy bus made me waste a few shots that blurred a bit.

IMG_0161As we left Carlton we went under the Searing Hill bridge – so sad that no trains use it nowadays.

Going into Burton Joyce brought back many memories of me Co-op working days, and some of the houses Pete helped build still stood!

Gave us cause for a natter or two that did.

IMG_0162On and toward Lowdham island and through the village.

More memories evoked for both of us.

IMG_0163The sky was looking good as we left the village of Thurgarton.

I asked Pete what the mystery trip was about?

He said he was planning to do a 10 mile Nottingham Walk as advertised in the Nottingham Post and we were going to the starting point so he would know where is was next week when he went on it.

Oh good I thought.

We carried on (Well the bus did) and arrived at IMG_0167the outskirts of Southwell.

Through Brackenhurst Campus, the Dumbells, the Ropewalk then the terminus Norwood Gardens, Southwell.

IMG_0168Proof that the bus was driving within the speed limit showing near the junction of our destination.

Pete got out his Ordnance Survey map and his compass and scale rule for his map out and we were off down the main street, Lower Kirklington Road.

Pete soon identified the leafy lane we were to walk down and again got out his paraphernalia and assessed it was 1.8 miles to the car park he was IMG_0169looking for (The start point of the 10 mile Walk).

 He encouraged me to carry on and ignore me arthritis and angina.

It really was a nice day, we plodded on, finding a concealed area for a wee-wee in the trees.

Just in time as some horse-riders appeared coming in the other direction on the narrow footpath.

IMG_0170I assumed it was a lady rider as Pete got out his mobile to take a photo and I got my camera out and took one of him taking one of her if yer ee wot I mean like?

The knees were giving me some gip now.


As we passed under an old railway bridge Pete found it on his map and showed considerable interest in the fancy brickwork I pointed out to him.

IMG_0172We came across a small beck near the next bridge and this reminded Pete of his young days a-wandering around the area as like wot he did.

Eventually, weary and tired we arrived at the aforesaid car park that Pete wanted to find.

A sign indicated we had 3 miles to walk to get back to Southwell!

Oh Good I thought…

Made my day that did – Hehe.

IMG_0174I broke out the nibbles and tried to look at the old railway station that was there many years ago.

Pete took me around the back and we saw the old Station-Master’s house was still in use – modernised and that like.

Ah, memories.

IMG_0171Pete pointed out the route, and we backtracked to the bus-stop in Southwell.

The bus arrived and we departed on our way back into Nottingham.

A little further on we passed the famous Saracens Head public house.

A long history that place has. It filled its useful purpose as an Inn to 5th May, 1674.

On that day an event occurred within its walls IMG_0175which made it famous. In those days it was called “The Kings Head”, and it was here at seven 0’clock in the morning that King Charles arrived heartbroken and weary after an all-night ride in appalling circumstances, accompnied by Dr Hudson.

From Charles’ point of view the war was lost and he was trying to make the best terms he could. Negotiations between going on between Charles and the Scottish Commissioners. At last Hudson had succeeded in obtaining terms which would be acceptable to both sides.

Charles was stolen out of Oxford, he reached Southwell where he met Montreuil, the French envoy who was acting as intermediary.

.Charles surrendered and was invited to accompany them to headquarters of the Scottish army at Kelham.

That was the end of Charles as a free man.

The name of the “Kings Head” was changed to “Saracens Head”. It was wondered if the “Saracens Head” was a covert reference to Charles 11 who was IMG_0176referred to by his friends as “The Black Boy”, after his flight from Worcester and during those days when loyalty spelt danger.

On through the villages chatting away… not the villages chatting away like, me and Pete chatting away I mean like.

IMG_0177Under the bridge into Carlton and we were soon back in town.

Pete came with me to the EE shop and a very kind young lady helped show me how to sign in my email on me mobile.

She offered to sell me a cable to transfer me photo’s from the camera to me laptop – Pete said he had one at home I could have. Saved a bit there then.

Pete did his best to ensure I’d got the message about what to do to get signed in on me mobile.

We parted and I caught the bus back home with me aching feet (I’d have  job without em eh?).

On the bus, me mobile rang, it was the warden from the MRBA housing informing me they had a flat coming free and would I like to have a look – I said yes and thanked her – if I got off at the next stop the place would only be a five minute walk away – how fortunate.

I dropped off and called to see the lady and the flat – I registered my interest, she asked me to ring her tomorrow and let her know yea or nae.

I’ve got to go to the hospital tomorrow for me INR tests, I’ll call in on me way home and let her know yea!

Then I was all in a right state in me mind – so much to get done, the first thing is to start cleaning up and clearing out – hard on yer own and without transport.

IMG_0178Pete said he would help with the selling of the house, I rang him and he said to get things moving and then let him know.

The brain is racing now – worrying, fretting…

Walked home, nearly being clobbered by a pavement cyclist en-route!

Got in the dump and WC’d.

Wasn’t hungry at all. too tensed and nervous now with the thought of managing everything IMG_0179with the prospective move into sheltered housing. Then I thought of the costs – I forgot to ask the warden what the rent is? Must do that tomorrow***

Mad a nosh of sort but couldn’t eat it all.

My diary’s will not be so light hearted or detailed for while, due to being needed to work on me new problems. Sorry.

.Oh, Pete took some photo’s of me on his phone – if he sends them before I nod off I’ll add them, otherwise add the to tomorrow’s news.

He’s sent em now:


Sun 10.5.15 Inchcock Today – Housebound Again – Poor old chap!

IMG_0153Sunday 10th May 2015

 Hastened to the porcelain.

I feel like I must been dreaming all the way through me four hours kip last night… well, this morning. Remembered some bits and found some notes I’d scribbled too – how do I do that and not remember writing them?

Hatred, fear, mockery, calamity, frustration even Cameron was in there somewhere I think – got his name on me pad anyway.

The sky still had fast moving clouds belting past – and the winds were also high and I didn’t like that for me walk today.

IMG_0154Made  flask of tea and pot of porridge.

As I moved to go back up the stairs the angina hit me badly at the same time as the arthritis in me knees started playing up. Tsk!

I was hoping to meet with Pete Monday (Tomorrow) to go on a walk. Best if I stay indoors today and dose missen up with extra med’s?

Started laptop and took me medications and porridge.

Did me tests:

Sys 149, Dia 88, Pulse 85, Temp 31.2c.

At least the haemorrhoids are not bleeding or too bad. The ticker feels okay too.

The Dreams: Seems I was in a massive bombed out or burnt office block and again searching for something, everytime I tried to move from the office I was in each door was slammed shut until I came to the last one, that had the door removed and Bonio dog biscuits scattered along the corridor outside… I folded a voting form into a plane and floated it down the corridor – David Cameron came out from a door with a flamethrower and burnt it, then ran back into the room laughing?

I crept along and saw on the door a notice with two fingers on it and the writing ‘The Laughing Cavalier’?

Then I was on a bridge over a dirty canal, that was filled with drowning people all calling for help but no sounds came from them, just Bernard Cribbins ‘Gossip Calypso’ in the background – I tried to throw ropes in to the people in the water each time I did the rope turned into lightning or static electricity of some sort – then I was in a shop and having carnal relations with a big buxom hairy lass who I felt I knew – later we got on me motorbike and sidecar and went searching for someone called Petunia in Scotland?

Some notes I’d written meant nothing as I’d written them alone – Pursed, Suicide, Buses, arithmetic and mining?

JillywinI did some experimenting with graphics in the hope that Corel and Serif would let me and not crash too often – Tsk!

Managed to get some effects done on a Graphic of Jilly from Australia who is on the TFZ Facebook page.

Then I tried doing some of the same original in CorelPaint Pro 6.

There are some newer options on this programme and it took me ages try each one to see if I could come up with one that seemed a bit different but got there in the end.

Jill dressR3I was reasonably satisfied with the last one.

It looked like it could be a postage stamp.

So I developed the theme in Coreldraw9 and tried to make it look like one for a bit of fun.

Jillywin2I liked it, hope Jilly and the others do?


Nosh of the Month up to now – Mmm!

Made and then devoured me nosh;

Lamb-shank in Rosemary and Mint gravy, peas, potatoes along with an ice-cream and citrus cake bar.

Twas wonderful and tasty.

I can still taste the lamb with its herb gravy now – but feel a tad guilty about the poor sheep.

Fell  asleep for hours – waking up confused again as to what day and time it was again!

Took me medications very late, but I dare not miss another Warfarin dose.

Brother-in-law Pete emailed to meet me at 0930hrs in the morning at his bus-stop in town and he’ll take me on a mystery tour?

I emailed confirmation back then rang him. He was on the bed with the cats.

Had a good shave to save time in the morning.

Anne Gyna calming down nicely now.

Did this update.