Mon 4.5.15 Inchcock Today

Monday 4th April 2015

What a good sleep – got up when I sprang awake at… 1010hrs!


Early Morning Sky (Well late morning really – Tsk!)

I reckon I got six hours in. Vague memories of me dreams but nowt in detail. Tsk!

WC’d – then went to make a flask of tea – but found the flask leaking – oh dear!

Made a mug and a pot of porridge.

Did me BP: Sys 157 Dia 95 Pulse 100 – but couldn’t IMG_0058find me thermometer to take me temperature?

Laptop on and set about doing me LOMM entries for last week like.

I’ll have to get out and buy another flask – and call at the shop in Victoria Centre to get a prod-pen thingy to use with me new phone soon.

Feeling nervous again for some reason today.

Washed, titivated, medicated missen and set off to the bus-stop with me free-pensioners bus-pass. Being Bank Holiday there were few people about and the buses were running less often.

0103As I walked to Mansfield Road (with no pigeons coming down – probably because I was later than I usual?), down Church Drive, the beauty of the scenery caught me eye, and I put down me bag to take as best a shot of it as I could.

On to the end of the road and then went back to collect me bag what I’d left on the pavement. Tsk!

0102At the bus-stop I was about to take a photo of the beautiful skyline and realised here I was on a main arterial Mansfield Road and there was no traffic to be seen – not even a pavement cyclist! I turned the camera onto the road to catch this phenomenon in the warm sunshine. 

Moments later I took another photo as the obviously held up traffic came over the hill.

There was quite a wait for the bus – not that it mattered to me – I got up so late today – and with finding so many things I’d lost or misplaced I knew things were not 0104boding well and resigned myself to waiting while whistling away to myself.

A lady came to the bus-stop and I greeted her with “Good morning, nice weather for the Bank Holiday” – She gave me a look that made me wither, tuned up her nose and tutted?

I thought “Oh dear”.

It was fun cramming together on the over-full bus, but at least the driver left no-one behind.

0114As I was spewed out of the bus by the overzealous passengers in a hurry I caught my composure, avoided being hit by a burk of a Pavement Cyclist and went into Victoria Centre to go to the MansWorld shop to see if they had one of those pen-swipe multitool gizmos in stock.

I got one and a USB Charge & Sync cable – why I got the USB Charge & Sync Cable I have yet to find out – it seemed a good idea at the time. But why?

0105I took a photograph of the Boost stall as I was passing above it.

Not only was I amazed to see so many customers fraternising the stall, but the fact that they had 5… yes 5 members of staff on duty surprised me muchly?

I really must try one of their fruit drinks one day.

0106As I walked on I noticed a group of youngsters on the ground floor.

They looked well ensconced of the floor with their i-pods?, food and drinks.

Well laid back they reminded me of the Hippies of old, bless em.

0113 I plodded along the top floor of the mall, taking a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals en-route to Boots.

Down through the store to the bottom level of the store and started searching for the thermometers.

Perhaps a good 15 minutes later I found a member of staff to ask the locations of them and she kindly led me to where they were situated.

0108As I departed from Boots (£10 lighter) it dawned on me how busy it was everywhere today.

In the old days Bank Holidays were for relaxing and recuperating.

Nowadays it’s the shoppers delight – me included.

Mind you, if I hadn’t lost me thermometer and storage drive and broke me flask I wouldn’t be here.

0115I hobbled into Jessops store and had a look at the drink flasks they had to offer.

The second cheapest (the one I bought) was Thermos brand made in China – but then they were all made in China.

I’m hoping this £20 one will last longer than the £8.99 one made in Italy did – which was about 3 months before it broke inside – I can’t remember dropping it?

0107As I went to leave the mall – I took a photo of the newly refurbished area.

I thought how clinical and characterless they had made it look.

Drab, lifeless despite the many Nottingham shoplifters… I mean

Nottingham Shoppers there were about.

0110I walked over the road to the Trinity Square and found the citizenry in a more relaxed mood as they actually used the new food court.

The skateboarder were out in number here.

Then I plodded down Trinity Walk and took another ‘Bling’ photo for the gals 0109on the TFZ site.

These are actually mobile phones in a store window.

Loved the owl one with the buttons on the outside they were second hand but I could not see any prices on them?

Down to the bus-stop and joined the marathon queue and waited patiently for the bus to arrive, while listening to  he others in the queue gossip away.

I hope the girl in the leather jeans who was speaking to a lanky youth with acne and a girl with her ear rings in her lips managed to persuade her parent to get her the ISO 8 she desired. Whatever ISO 8 is like?

0112While waiting for the bus to arrive I took a photo of some wonderful office buildings on Queen Street.

These have real character and great design features – I wondered when the council would be getting around to pulling them down too?

The bus came and somehow we all crammed into it and I was soon back in Carrington – and the yobs were lurking and drinking on the seats in the twitchell again.

So I walked the long way around back to the flea-pit.

0116WC’s – a bit of blood but nowt to worry about from the rear end exhaust.

Set about preparing me nosh fer the night.

A Beef pastie slice, tomatoes, garden peas, cooked beetroots and the best of the lot – seasoned herb small potatoes in olive oil. Followed with a vanilla mousse, Strawberry & vanilla ice-cream pot, a blackcurrant ice-cream lolly and a Cox’s apple!

By gum, I enjoyed this.

Fell into ‘A grumpy old man’ sleep afterwards for a couple of hours.

Tried the new thermometer – 34.2c

Laptop on, and took me medications later than planned – the new flask seemed to keep me tea warm enough.

Finished this Diary off – despite of me shaking then cramp ridden hands.

At 2230hrs I was determined to get some sleep in.

0215hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…

0255hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…