Sat 16th May 2015: Inchcock Today

Saturday 16th May 2015

Got up feeling well drained still – remembered bits of a dream involving a large house and various large ladies of an amorous nature I was pursuing around the rooms and gardens, happily they seemed to respond to my advances – now that really is a dream!


Pretty but weird sky

On me way down to make a cup of tea, I espied the sky from the top window and thought it looked a bit different with its light blue with white edging and the swirling dark clouds above.

A sign of something coming methinks, but what?

It seemed a bit warmer this morning.

I remembered to get ready for the nurse coming to dispense the Anoxaparin injections into me ticker. They are coming in twice a day over the weekend (planned to anyway) to do this for me.

Did me BP thing: Sys 141-Dia 85-Pulse 85-Temp 33.1c

Checks on me other ailment: Arthritis knees not bad at all, hands fair, Blind-boil nasty, Anne Gyna fair, Duodenal ulcer okay, hernia okay, Reflux valve sticking but not swollen? Inch Lesion no bleeding, Haemorrhoids no bleeding.


Breakfast today

Made me cuppa and had me breakfast (Medications hehe).

Started laptop and it didn’t recognise the power supply. This happened a couple of months ago and I had to get a new unit – Huh!

Started to create this diary.

The call to the porcelain intervened and things were still loose to say the least.

The Sky continued to impress

Did a bit of sorting, but of course the bins are full and I’ve already got several black backs and box’s of stuff ready to find a kind person to take the away for me.

Weary now.

The District Nurse arrived and gave me some more bruises with the syringe bless her.


Selfies of me syringe marks

She seemed intent on going in deeper than the other nurses did, tonight between 2000 > 2200hrs another nurse should be along to ‘do me’ hehehe!

Tried to do some ‘selfies’ (Is that the word?) of flabby belly bruises. More to come too. Hey-ho! 

So I’m going to try and get some sleep in between because I really feel knackered now, excessively so.

I’ll try to do some Facebooking and see how I feel first.

IMG_0242Had me nosh for the day.

Fell asleep – easily.

Woke around 1825hrs.

Had wash and shave and took me evening medications including the 2½ Warfarin.

Updated this diary to here and went down to await the arrival of the Night Nurse.

Still feeling tired with my spirits seeming to be up one minute and down the next?


Woke up around 1935hrs and titivated missen and got ready for the District Nurse took.

Made an impromptu rhyme while I was waiting for the nurse to arrive. I’ll post it later – about when I stopped drinking.

IMG_0244The nurse arrived and injected me flobadob tummy.

I’d been feeling a bit shivery and cold, but it was actually warm tonight?

Glad I managed a bit of a kip now, but guilty that I have again got no sorting out done. Tsk!

Finished this diary off and got me Rhyme post done and posted too.

Nodded off and woke with such gusto within about five minutes – panic and confusion fer a few seconds – I must have had an instant dream perhaps? Real weird feeling – and I could not get back to kip for yonks. Tsk!

Since Inchcock Stopped Drinking…

At one time I thought life was Roses and Beer rather than wine,

And thought IPA, cider and Mansfield beer was just fine,

But I didn’t know where to draw the line,

I had to stop, the decision was mine.

Four days in bed sweating the mattress soaking wet,

I thought I’d never finish shaking, soaked in sweat,

Nightmares invaded for Five days, I’d not given up yet,

No one came to see me for a tête-à-tête.

Drinking partners who I thought were a mate,

Memories of dominoes, darts, angling and pub outing date,

Even these memories begin to dilate,

I began to wander what would be my fate.

Financially I was better off, that was for sure,

But oh dear the loneliness I had to endure,

I became committed to work, but felt insecure,

Then got made redundant went on a job-seeking tour,

Now I found myself lonely unhappy and poor.

Agency work for long hours and a pittance in pay,

Got a permanent job in Security one day,

Not a good idea looking back I must say,

80 hours a week for less than the hourly minimum pay!

But it was interesting work, I got bit by a dog and shot in the leg,

Thrown in a canal and hit over the head with a beer keg,

Attacked and tied up one night, the bosses didn’t give a smeg,

Got made redundant there too, without a nest-egg!

Then the ailments came thick and fast,

Arthur Itis, sticking reflux valve but they weren’t the last,

With a Duodenal ulcer and haemorrhoids I was harassed,

Then the ticker needed a new valve and me leg a plaster-cast.

The hernia was bad, got it repaired, but it didn’t last long,

The pain from me Angina, and bleeding lesion on me dong,

Then me lady-friend emigrated to Hong Kong,

I needed to know, what had I done wrong?

I’ve tried to me sociable and nice to the Hoi Polloi,

Not to nit-pick, I’ve been rather shy and coy,

Treated folk fair whether girl or boy I’d offer joy,

Tried not to deflate others or destroy,

Although I admit I’ve not been an alter-boy,

Not been educated, can’t tell you the capital of Illinois,

Never had fashion sense, I once wore corduroy,

I have to admit to being a little hobbledehoy,

Could I do with a drink now boy?

That I would really enjoy!