Thurs 28.5.15: Inchcock today – Hectic!

Thursday 28th May 2015 

0401Up at 0450hrs – down to make a cuppa.

I espied after taking this photograph the seagull lurking on the roof. After reading about the Chihuahua pecked to death by seagulls in Devon – I hope they don’t move into Nottingham. Here are some headlines about Seagull attacks in England.

From the BBC News site:

“A pensioner has died after being attacked by seagulls in his garden. As the terror of overprotective gulls returns all round the UK, people are asking what can be done about them.” 

From the Mail:

Five-month-old Bella was killed after she managed to get into the back garden and was attacked by seagullsNikki wayne, 57, had previously spotted he birds diving for her five-month-old Chihuahua Bella. The seagulls swooped and pecked the dog to death before she could get back inside. Read more: 

From the Guardian:

0403Small dogs have bled to death, children’s lips been sliced open, and an elderly man died of a heart attack following a particularly vicious assault in his back garden (3). News that the Royal Mail has temporarily halted deliveries to an otherwise peaceful Cornish cul-de-sac because of the danger should come as no big surprise; it’s happened before.

A diving herring gull is a missile: special attack talon on the heel, razor-sharp two-inch beak, 1.4-metre wingspan, more than a kilo of angry bird travelling at 65kph. No wonder there’s blood. And there are more and more of them, at least in built-up areas: Britain’s urban gull population – thriving on takeaway scraps, open-topped litter bins and landfill sites to scavenge from, and wide ledges and flat rooftops to nest on – is growing by 20% a year. Seagulls can live for up to 40 years, and their survival rate in cities is 95%.

From the London Standard: Pensioner killed by seagulls

Neighbours told how former ambulance driver Wilfred Roby disturbed a nest of chicks as he tried to clean bird droppings from the roof of his garage in Anglesey, north Wales.

The parent birds, joined by other gulls, swooped on the 80-year-old, knocking him off the wall on which he was standing and on to the ground, where they continued to peck at him as he lay unconscious.

Worrying innit?

I went into the charms section on Windows and found how to find and open the clipping option – then spent a good while finding out how to exit from it (Exit from the new green windows on Windows 8, I tried so many things that when I did get back into the internet I’d forgotten how I did it! Huh!.

I noticed in the email from the Housing place a little spelling mistake or two in it – or was it with the ‘Looing’?


Was it an indication of the gentleman’s intentions to inform me that my bladder control would be examined? Hehehe! Not that I could move in there even if there was any vacancies with it not being assisted housing.

Today Steve from Age UK is coming at 1400hrs to see me to offer advice and discuss how I can advance in my clearing out and assisted living home search.

PPSBJBJ called last night just after I’d nodded off to kip, to tell me he’s coming today to take some stuff for me to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop bless him.

BJ looking distinguished in this photo of him at the Pumping Station.

Did some Facebooking and took me 0402medications, passed wind and started me piles bleeding.

The flock of pigeons came down for their breakfast as I took some stuff out to the bin. 

I managed to download and install some fonts to the new laptop/notebook – I still don’t know the difference between them or why the old machine was called a laptop and this one is called a Notebook? This is one job that is actually easier in the new windows, once you’ve worked out how to do it of course.

Opened Coreldraw x7 and made the header for today’s dairy.

Popped up to use the porcelain and me rear end was bleeding… Fancy that!

 The pain from me Whoopsiedangleplop at the Lidl check-out yesterday afternoon is less than I thought it might have, but still stinging a bit. No idea if any bruises have appeared I imagine they must have. I’ll get BJ to have a look when he arrives, because I’m supposed to log any new bruising on me Warfarin record card.

BJ rang I missed it and rang him back – he’ll be here at 1100hrs. (Somehow with his timekeeping record I doubt this – but would be pleased to be proved wrong).

Went up and got missen cleansed and polished in readiness for the day ahead.

Down at 1050hrs awaiting BJ’s arrival.

1120hrs, Still awaiting BJ’s arrival.

1140hrs BJ arrived. Quick natter and we were off to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop with the many bags of gear for them.

When we left I called into the dentists just up the road to confirm my next appointment.

When I came out of there I couldn’t find BJ, he was not in the car?

He appeared a few minutes later, he’s been to the greengrocers and scrounged two empty potato bags for me to use for me shredded paper bless him.

IMG_0087He ran me home and I picked up me Warfarin Record & dosage sheet and had a walk to the GP surgery and booked my next INR level tests for next Tuesday @ 1045hrs.

Then back to the flea-pit to await the arrival of Stephen from the Age UK group.

0403He arrived at the stated time and we had a chin-wag about the assisted flat hunting, and looked at some on the internet.

Favourites at the moment seems to to be Colville Court near the cemetery – handy that, it’ll save on expenses when I croak-out.

Steve is going to have a word with City Homes to see if he can get them to raise my standing from the the bottom one of Group 4 in the waiting list for Independent Living accommodation.

And he also said he will also contact Metropolitan Housing who own Colville Court to see if we can go take a look at them first before applying to go on the waiting list.

The area is all prostitutes and students BJ tells me… Mmmm?

Wonder how he knows? Hehehe!

Steve was very understanding of me problems with me health I must say, grand chap.

I thanked him and Steve departed.

I then set off for me bus-ride into the City Centre to try and get some curried beans.

At the end of the street, I turned, and went back to the dump, and  collected me bus-pass.

The bus was full of mobile-phoners and kids in prams.

IMG_0089Got off and went into Tesco and spent too much again, Sopocka, Marmite Crisps, Tesco brand curried beans (Not good, but fair like), err… cream cake, radishes and other bits.

Within minutes of leaving Tesco I nearly had a collision with two daft Pavement Cyclists who crossed, against the lights like the pedestrians, they nearly clobbered into me and some other folk… Tsk!

IMG_0090At the next crossing lights, the Nottingham Pedestrians confirmed their intention not to reform their habit of crossing the road against the Red Lights!

In fact this mother was actually dragging her daughter by the arm while pushing a baby in a push-chair with the other arm! Amazing or what?

IMG_0091I noted they were getting on with the new Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) main entrance as I walked to the bus-stop to catch a bus home.

Feeling tired now, another hectic day for the Young Nottingham Lad eh?

I called in the Co-op when I dropped off the bus. The reason being that when I was doing me paper shredding I came across a Dividend Card statement and thought I could supply them with the number of the card and see if I could get any ‘Divi’ back?

At first the woman just said “You’ll have to phone our customer services people and ask them”. I explained about me frequent problems using the phone, pointing to me hearing aids as I said this. She kindly offered to ring them for me with me confirming who I was like. It turned out the statement I’d found was from 1989 – Oooer!

She said I’ve to fill in a form and send it off – then kindly said if she could have the statement she’d do it for me – I went all coy and thanked her.

IMG_0092Back to the dump, no WC visit yet.

Laptop on and loaded me photographs from the day to use on here later, then got me nosh ready.

It was nice, but it was far too much for me to eat, got carried away a bit methinks?

Baked potatoes with olive oil spread and caramelised red onion relish, beetroots (Ruddy hard beetroots), Danish blue cheese, radishes, tomatoes, Silesian sausages, mixed leaves and bread thins.

I’ve bringing wind up now!

I had me Fresh Cream French Horn later on.

I got the diary dine up to this point and fell a-kip!

I just nodded off and brother-in-law Pete rang to see how I was – and tell me that the skin cancer growth they taken from his shoulder was found to be malignant. They are going to take some more tests and remove a greater area. I said I’d go with him if I was not in hospital myself. He’s had bad luck there the lad has.

The chap only had one patch of skin cancer growth and it turns out to be malignant. Hope all goes well for him.

Made me wonder about the eight patches of growth I am going to have removed on June 12th.