Tue 12.5.15: Inchcock Today – Hospital, clinic and a good clean up!

Tuesday 12th May 2015

 Woke in  a sweat – been dreaming of the (possible) new flat in the sheltered complex.

Force missen up – WC’d and did some rubbish collecting and out to the bins.

Emails from a couple of Facebook friends cheered me up.

So much to do – so little time… or know-how!

I got the paperwork, and nibbles ready for the Hospital and clinic nurses and then had a wash and readied myself for the walk to the Nottingham Hospice shop with their bits – then caught the bus to town to get the bus out to the Queens Medical Centre then bus to the clinic then bus back to town to the EE shop to sort me phone out, then call too inform Warden Christine at the Home of my definate interest in flat 2 – (Well that’s the plan anyway…)

Fed the pigeons on me way out to Sherwood and the Hospice shop – struggling a bit with the heavy bags.

IMG_0180Looking a tad gloomy this morning, no rain forecast but… I feel me knees telling me rain is in air – or that the after effects on me mini-marathon in the country with Pete yesterday?

It wont long til the first Pavement Cyclist nearly had me –  she was a bit wobbly before she got near me… ah well.

IMG_0181Onward, struggling with me bags on to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and gave em the stuff and some nibbles – they had time for a little chin-wag today, I liked that, made em laugh a bit too.

Felt a bit odd carrying only the one bag as I left the shop to see a Pavement Cyclist belting down the hill towards me – grabbed me camera quick as I could but he’d long gone having nearly hit the part-woman in the photograph on his mad rush passed her – Git!

IMG_0182Up to the bus stop just in time to use me Pensioners free bus-pass the bus was full and not of happy peoples – they all seemed gloomy and depressed – the diver however was cheerful enough.

Into town, assisted off the bus by the rushing possibly late for work commuters, and a few hundred yards up on Milton Street caught the bus out to the Queens Medical Centre,

Arrived as the wind was getting up a bit but it was still warm.

IMG_0183Got the Metro to read while waiting after getting me ticket. Only a ten minute wait and I was in and being seen to. Gave the nurse their nibble-bag and was getting me coat on and the blood poured down me arm… they cleaned me up and stuck some more cotton wool and tape on it. Out and onto the bus into town – reading the paper en route I noticed it was still leaking a bit – Tsk!

I wus soon it Broad Marsh bus station – and walked through up the escalator and along to the exit escalator and out into Bridlesmith Gate and down passed the back of the Council House and into Clumber Street, where I called into the EE shop to get me advice on wot I wer doin’ wrong when trying to get me email set-up for Google on me new phone.

IMG_0184The chap wus pleasant enough despite the well known “Another old fart don’t know what he’s doing’ look on his mush as he greeted me.

I explained that I came in the shop yesterday and the lady wrote down the procedure for carrying out this operation on me phone, went home where I could access me pass-words needed and tried it out. I got to section that needed me to sign in with me google ID, put it in and a screen came up asking me Windows permission to access me details – saying to click Accept or Deny button – but there was only a Deny button?

He calmly got me to the page again – and touched the screen and moved finger to the left – and wallah, the accept button came into view! I felt such a fool!

I then asked him how I couold set up the internet to start on Google UK when accessed? With seconds of flashing fingers he handed me the phone and said “All done mate!”

He even shown me how to save me favourites – but I’ve forgotten since – Oh dearie me!

IMG_0185Walked to the bus-stop noticing some Bling for the gals at the TFZ Facebook site.

Took a photo of them. The prices varied a bit, all earrings I think.

As we were going up Mansfield Road ont bus like, I remembered about calling at the Mansfield Road Baptist Church Hosuing Association Sheltered Housing unit of Sherwood Rise (Bit of a mouthful that?) I’ll refer to it as MRBHA in future posts methinks?).

IMG_0186I met the Warden Christine and confirmed my interest for certain and she said an interviewer would be calling to see me on Thursday 22nd May @ 1400hrs.

Second floor on the left No.2 (No curtains) is the one I hope to get into. Thinking about it, there are no neighbours above to make any noise and if the one to the right in the picture does, the living room is the one on the left corner of the building?

As I was setting up to take the photo many curtains twitched to have decker at me. Good that?

IMG_0187As I left the complex and crossed over the road to walk home two pavement cyclists had stopped to have a snog, he didn’t even dismount!

I waddled on down the road, crossed Hucknall Road and up Ebers Road feeding the pigeons that came down on the way.

The usual summer time gang of layabout yobs were drinking on the twitchel as I passed by. This made me more determined to do me best to get into MRBHA’s Spencer Court, even if it is expensive.

IMG_0188Then the heavens opened and the wind got very blustery with it.

This lady with the brolly was struggling in the winds.

Amazingly the rain stopped within a few minutes, but the howling winds stayed with us all night! Tsk!

Got in the dump and WC’d.

Set about sorting some things to get rid of IMG_0191and boxing and bagging them. Took hours but I wanted to get them done before Pete arrives to collect them for the Friary Charity that sister Jane volunteers at. I’m afraid I had to let the music centre that Shirley Blamey had so kindly sent me go to the Friary with some other stuff – feel guilty now after all her efforts time and costs.

I rang Pete to see what time he would be arriving – he was waiting for Jane to return from her nosh out with friends. We had a natter about yesterdays walk then he said he would ring me when she returned.

That was two hours a go. My sister Jane is a little gaddabout! Hehehe!

Did this diary while waiting for Pete to ring me.

Then remembered I’d not been to the Clinic! Argh!

Just hope he can get here in time for me to go there last thing.

Can’t do much more sorting until I get the room by moving the stacks ready to go. Still, I can sort me papers that need shredding cause Pete said he’s do them for me on his machine. (Mine broke-down – fancy that!).

I’ll make a start on it now – TTFN – aha, Pete rang, on his way…

Pete arrived and took the stuff for the Friary along with his and Jane’s nibbles and a lamb knuckle. So glad they like them.

He brought me a bag of marmite Crisps (All six in it! Hehe!) and a connector lead from his mobile that he does not use so I can download photo’s from me Lumia 635 bless him.

He couldn’t take any rubbish away on the day.

Had a cuppa and natter and I got a bollicking for not sorting the house out earlier – well he’s right!

Took two photos of Pete outside near his car – hopefully I can download them using his cable thingy to this Diary.

Not feeling too good about myself now.

Caught bus to the clinic – got seen to, came back. Continue with current cream, Betamethasone Corticosteroid’.

Mad nosh and ate it.

Then downloaded it, it tooketh ages to download? Perhaps the 8 updates from windows coming in at the same time slowed it down? I opened the picture files and nothing was their on any file? Then noticed another 14 updates being downloaded – had to restart laptop after an hour of waiting for them to install – Tsk!

IMG_0192Then downloaded me photo of me nosh from me camera.

Not bad, but I wasn’t in a good mood and felt somewhat annoyed and pitifully sorry fer missen – so, understandable.

Still waiting for the 14 updates to install and hope then after a restart I get to me photo’s on the camera? Mmmm!

20 minutes later all installed – no pictures??? Sod-it!