Sun 10.5.15 Inchcock Today – Housebound Again – Poor old chap!

IMG_0153Sunday 10th May 2015

 Hastened to the porcelain.

I feel like I must been dreaming all the way through me four hours kip last night… well, this morning. Remembered some bits and found some notes I’d scribbled too – how do I do that and not remember writing them?

Hatred, fear, mockery, calamity, frustration even Cameron was in there somewhere I think – got his name on me pad anyway.

The sky still had fast moving clouds belting past – and the winds were also high and I didn’t like that for me walk today.

IMG_0154Made  flask of tea and pot of porridge.

As I moved to go back up the stairs the angina hit me badly at the same time as the arthritis in me knees started playing up. Tsk!

I was hoping to meet with Pete Monday (Tomorrow) to go on a walk. Best if I stay indoors today and dose missen up with extra med’s?

Started laptop and took me medications and porridge.

Did me tests:

Sys 149, Dia 88, Pulse 85, Temp 31.2c.

At least the haemorrhoids are not bleeding or too bad. The ticker feels okay too.

The Dreams: Seems I was in a massive bombed out or burnt office block and again searching for something, everytime I tried to move from the office I was in each door was slammed shut until I came to the last one, that had the door removed and Bonio dog biscuits scattered along the corridor outside… I folded a voting form into a plane and floated it down the corridor – David Cameron came out from a door with a flamethrower and burnt it, then ran back into the room laughing?

I crept along and saw on the door a notice with two fingers on it and the writing ‘The Laughing Cavalier’?

Then I was on a bridge over a dirty canal, that was filled with drowning people all calling for help but no sounds came from them, just Bernard Cribbins ‘Gossip Calypso’ in the background – I tried to throw ropes in to the people in the water each time I did the rope turned into lightning or static electricity of some sort – then I was in a shop and having carnal relations with a big buxom hairy lass who I felt I knew – later we got on me motorbike and sidecar and went searching for someone called Petunia in Scotland?

Some notes I’d written meant nothing as I’d written them alone – Pursed, Suicide, Buses, arithmetic and mining?

JillywinI did some experimenting with graphics in the hope that Corel and Serif would let me and not crash too often – Tsk!

Managed to get some effects done on a Graphic of Jilly from Australia who is on the TFZ Facebook page.

Then I tried doing some of the same original in CorelPaint Pro 6.

There are some newer options on this programme and it took me ages try each one to see if I could come up with one that seemed a bit different but got there in the end.

Jill dressR3I was reasonably satisfied with the last one.

It looked like it could be a postage stamp.

So I developed the theme in Coreldraw9 and tried to make it look like one for a bit of fun.

Jillywin2I liked it, hope Jilly and the others do?


Nosh of the Month up to now – Mmm!

Made and then devoured me nosh;

Lamb-shank in Rosemary and Mint gravy, peas, potatoes along with an ice-cream and citrus cake bar.

Twas wonderful and tasty.

I can still taste the lamb with its herb gravy now – but feel a tad guilty about the poor sheep.

Fell  asleep for hours – waking up confused again as to what day and time it was again!

Took me medications very late, but I dare not miss another Warfarin dose.

Brother-in-law Pete emailed to meet me at 0930hrs in the morning at his bus-stop in town and he’ll take me on a mystery tour?

I emailed confirmation back then rang him. He was on the bed with the cats.

Had a good shave to save time in the morning.

Anne Gyna calming down nicely now.

Did this update.

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