Sat 9.5.15: Inchcock Today: Ingordigiousness abounds…

Saturday 9th May 2015

 Got a decent sleep in last night, a good 6 hours.

The dreams were something about me in a crowd like in the cup final and I was searching everywhere for someone or something – ended up with me looking down at missen and I was in a giant pan being boiled in soup? I seemed quite happy with this though.

Woke and climbed downstairs.

IMG_0134The clouds were moving at a fast pace this morning.

Sprayed some weed-killer on the garden patch – the kids have been in again throwing me rockery rocks about.

Washed me pots from last night, made a flask of tea, WC’d and did me checks: Sys 174 Dia 78 Pulse 78 Temp 45c

Laptop on and started this diary off.

Coreldraw froze – Corel Paint, everytime I try to use it a message comes up telling me important update to stability faults need to be downloaded – I turn of the programme and click OK – everytime it tells me I need to turn off the programme before it can install update patch! The window informing me of this stays open all the time!

AALonaTried Serif plus and that froze. Restart after restart – blimey, it took me ages to get me first graphicalisation dun and posted on TFZ facebook!

Oh dear!

The TFZ Gal Knitters I called it, I was looking for a ‘cute’ element in it like.

Gawd I’ve got a massive headache coming on now, Tsk!

Forced missen to get a spit and polish and ready fer me trip to town – decided to go to Sneinton Market, partly because I’ve not been there for years and I thought I might get some decent photo’s fer the TFZers on Facebook.

Set off and caught the bus into town where I had a wobble around…

0603I plodded down to the Sneinton Market first.

0608Down Milton Street, left into Upper Parliament street, Lower Parliament Street through Burton Street and left through Boston Street, right up Brook Street and left into the Market… and what a sight for sore eyes it was!

Pathetic – about six stalls with crap for sale in the wind blown vast expanse 0609of concrete.


So sad from the days when I used to go their in the 50’s and 60s when it was all hustle and bustle and watch yer wallet as you searched for and usually found a bargain or two.

Later when I got back I found a photo from 1961 to post along with todays to show how things have gone downhill with the open markets nowadays.

Nostalgic moment suffered here!

I wobbled to the end of Bath Street 0605and left into Beck Street, across and up Heathcoat Street and right down Goosegate.

On the corner the ‘Odd shop’ as it is known had some great stuff on display and I took a couple of snaps for the ‘Bling’ gals on TFZ.

I’ve no idea what these gems are, but 0606they looked good to me.

And these ladies watches were really different than any others I’ve seen anywhere else.

They had some hats in one if the windows but the reflection from that window meant they didn’t come out very good at all.

0607Down to Chinese store and had a wonder around getting some seaweed. My usual one in olive oil and a new one that is dried and actually looks like seaweed should. I’m aiming to try a bit of this tonight with me nosh.

They had some American pasta in the window I noticed as I was leaving and took a photo of it as best I could like.

I walked back up Goosegate through Hockley noticing something I missed in the ‘Odd Shop’ 0604window earlier.

Took a photo of it as it got me curious at to what it was and did like.

A German engineered Dry-herb Vaporiser?

I still don’t know what it is or does – can anyone help me please?

Whatever it is I hope it works cause at £325 it ain’t cheap! That’s CAD $605.79, USD $501.88, AUD $ 632.65.

0611A bit further up Hockley the model cow outside an eatery was attracting a lot of interest from the ankle-snappers.

This gal in the picture was overjoyed and tried to milk it! Not kidding. (Hehe, bless her, how one so young knew about such things I don’t know!).

I plodded on through Carlton Street and Pelham street, Thurland Street the Clinton Street East and over the road into the Vic Centre.

0613Walked through and into Tesco to get some fresh cream cakes – but overcame the desire with a willpower of steel (Not really, they were short dated).

I got some of their very nice Curried Beans and some Garden peas on offer, Sugardrop tomatoes and Cheesey Seaweed nibbles.

I left from the top entrance and walked down to Upper Parliament street – avoiding the argument going on between a group of Eastern European gentlemen by the sound of their language used to each other – odd how many English swear words were intermingled with their own language?

0612Feeling well tired now, I took a photo of the crowd and nipped off tp catch me bus back to Carrington.

I droppedoff the bus and called in the Co-op to get some of their thins – they only had short date ones left, but they were reduced so I got a pack.

The twitchell was occupied with lurking yobs so I took the long route back to the dump.

0614Still even so, Fatima and Fred must have seen me and followed because they came down for their nibbles.

A feeling of impending gloom came over me when I got in the house?

WC’d and put me purchases away, then got me 0615nosh sorted.

Dropped one of tins of curried beans on me foot…

I swore profusely!

Made a flask of tea up and took me nosh up to enjoy while watching a DVD.

0616The new seaweed is really strong – I liked it.

Just covered in water for three minutes and it was ready.

The Sugarsweet tomatoes weren’t very sweet though.

Fell asleep several times then gave up trying to watch the film.

I dreamed of Shirley Blamey and Mike Steeden and a classroom in me dreams – but can’t remember what happened in em. Tsk!

Got on with this diary then did some Facebooking.

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