Fri 8.5.15: Inchcock Today – Out and about

Friday 8th May 2015

After falling asleep early last night and waking up around 0200hrs – I realised I’d missed me Warfarin along with me other medications last night – Tsk!

Vague memories of bits of me dreams but not enough to formulate any actual activity, just the feelings of frustration and depression?

Had to do yesterday’s diary and get it posted off. Took me hours as Coreldraw9 was playing up again, and things kept jumping about when typing?

IMG_0117Around 0400hrs I took a break to go down and take the bins out for collection later, make a flask of tea and pot of porridge.

Nippy this morning, too dark to take a photo of outside yet.

Took me morning medications and did me health checks list.

The haemorrhoids were not bad and no bleeding – The Inch Lesion had only bled a tiny bit – Anne Gyna was no bother – Arthur Itis and cramps were much better than yesterday – the skin cancer growth was the same, painful if touched or caught on owt – No bother from the ulcer at all. Good stuff this morning in these findings. Did me BP thingy:

Sys 143 – Dia 89 – Pulse 94 and Temp 30.2 looks alright to me too!

Set up this diary to here and checked on election results to date (early yet I know)


* Labour 126 – 19% Tories 101 – 16% SNP 48 – 7% LibDems 5 – 1% UKIP 1 

Then did some Facebooking.


* Labour 174 – 19% Tories 165 – 16% SNP 53 – 7% LibDems 6 – 1% UKIP 1


* Labour 216 – 33% Tories 268 – 41% SNP 56 – 9% LibDems 8 – 1% UKIP 1

Had a wash and brush-up and got ready fer me walk into town.

0501Set off – a fine looking day.

I set off up Mansfield Road into the City Centre on me walk.

I enjoyed it today, despite the knees being a bit tender like – no rushing, just plodded along yer know.

I’m glad to report that there was only 0502one Pavement cyclist en-route!

Mind you, this git was of more danger than the normal morons who scare pedestrians and older folk with their uncaring attitude.

He was on his mobile phone or ipod thing!

Tsk and cobblenuts to him!

As I approached the centre I stopped to take a photograph of the Victoria Flats (Apartments to our American friends I think).

0503The building in front contains students flats, hundreds of student flats.

The ground floor contains a disabled contact point and at one time several retail outlets. but they have all gone bankrupt and departed elsewhere.

I slipped some seeds and mealworms to the pigeons… clandestinely like.

When I walked walked through the Victoria Bus-station 0504and I couldn’t believe it was a Friday – hardly a sole about… no plaice either… hehehe, I am a fool! Sorry!

I poddled into the mall on the top floor and walked the length to the other end and the walk-over where I could take a photo of the traffic from above like.

0505There wasn’t much traffic or folk either, although the dustbin lorry… no sorry, the Refuse Collectors Vehicle managed to miss the traffic lights as he turned right, just.

I went down the stairs and wobbled on to the Co-op Bank.

They were not open yet, so I hobbled up Friar Lane to the Boots Opticians.

The lady tending to deciding where to put the 0512split in the bifocals informed me I had a large scratch on my head. Took a photo of it.

I had no idea?



Yesterday when I walked into the drooping wet tree leaves perhaps?

Either I’m getting pimples or it’s the skin cancer marks on top of head?

Hey-ho, I’ll find out on June 12th when I have me appointment with the knife.

0506I wondered back to the Bank and en-route saw this sign outside a cafe in town: “It will rain now I’ve put this board out!”

Liked the humour – and he/she was right, it did rain later!

To the bank and sorted me confusion out eventually.

Then a wander to get a photographicalisation of the second oldest pub in Nottingham, the ‘Salutation Inn’.

05071210 or 1216 I think it first opened.

Very much a young yuppie type clientele nowadays.

And the students from the thousands of dedicated living flats all around town seem to like it.

Plenty (far too many) pavement cyclists all over the town today.

I walked down to Wheeler Gate and took a 0508photo in a wine shop window for the TFZ fold, and some ‘Bling’ from the jewellers.

Made my way back to the Victoria Mall and called in Tesco to get some Bread thins.

Weakness overcame me – and I got some of the Polish chicken sausage, Marmite Crisps, canned peas and… er… two fresh cream French Horns.

Then to Aldi for some of their microwaveable small new potatoes in herb and oil.

Guilt ridden I made for the bus stop and caught a bus back to Carrington.

0509One of the gals on the TFZ site asked me about the spaces made available for the disabled on our buses – so I took this photo of the area for her.

The wheelchair is backed up to the pad, the grey arm on the right can be dropped down for extra safety.

I was soon back in Carrington and in the hovel and on the porcelain again.

0511aGot me nosh prepared and watched a DVD while eating it with glee.

Them chicken sausages are so sweet and tender inside.

The potatoes were as usual excellent!

Took me medications and fell asleep – fancy that!

I woke up and checked the election results:

* Tories 331 51% – Labour 232 – 36%  41% SNP 56 – 9% LibDems 8 – 1%

general election - final result

This result means the end of the free NHS.

The result was caused by Miliband’s total inability to challenge Cameron.

The resignations of Clegg Miliband and Farage are too late to save the situation, Clegg and Miliband should have gone long ago – why did they stay to destroy their own parties? Will Farage actually go?

Feeling down now…

The riots will return soon too, mark my words!

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  1. Politics is frustrating. I mean look at what we in the USA are having to put up with! And then there’s what the media is pushing on people for the next election — old hags and bushes. It’s like a creepy freak show.

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