Thu 7.5.15: Inchcock Today – Incorporating Election fun!

Thursday 7th May 2015


What a night, no sleep at all again!

Stirred and took me medications and did me BP thingies:

Sys 148 – ?Dia 79 – Pulse 70 – Temp 30.8c

Got missen washed and ready to go and do me voting.

Funny how the relationship between the word voting and vomiting have more meaning nowadays innit?

No dreams to remember cause I got no sleep, none, zilch. – Huh!

0401As I left the pad to do me voting, the sky looked ominous – rain to come for sure I thought.

I plodded on up towards the St John’s Church.

As I entered through the end gates into the graveyard to walk to the entrance – I saw two lovely old dogs near the doorway, tied up and so wanted to fuss them.

A chap walking passed with his dog Not on a lead, a Scottish terrier and the thing had a go at the old dogs making them both very nervous. The lady who owned them and was taking voting numbers had a go at him for letting a nasty dog run free in an area where people and other dogs were. The chap gave the women a bit of lip and I joined in with my penneth, in support of the ladies. Gave the old dogs a bit of fuss afterwards. Why this annoyed me so I don’t know, but it did.

0402I went in St John’s and – did me bit for Queen and Country like and voted.

As I joined the mini queue of Nottinghamians waiting to register their vote, I had an unplanned and unexpected escapage of wind – just a little hardly registering ‘Plumph’ – I’m getting better now at whistling innocently and looking up at the ceiling! It was bad to me, so what the other poor devils felt I don’t know – but the twitching noses and bent lips went into action all around me. I think me face must have reddened a tad cause all the looks were concentrated on me – but no one said owt bless em.

As I came out of the building I fussed the old dogs and was glad they seemed alright now.

I walked into Sherwood dropped me stuff off at the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and had a natter with two of the volunteers.

0403I crossed over the road and got to the bus-stop to wait for the arrival of the Pronto bus to Mansfield to arrive – the time-table told me it was expected in 6 minutes.

 I was the only person at the bus-stop, but within a minute another seven had arrived.

When the bus came – guess who got on last as they charged at the doors? Yes, me again!

I’d hoped to take some photo’s from the bus windows but it was so crowded and I had to sit in the only seat available and that had no window I could use near it, Tsk!

We arrived in Mansfield and made me way into the Market place.

0404I plodded around the stalls for a while, and espied some fresh garden peas on sale, so I bought a pound of em. Then walked aimlessly up one of the side streets taking some photographs for the TFZ gals as I wandered along.

I took one of some nighties (If that’s what they are called?) and then one in 0405a jewellery shop window of some fancy rings. The prices of them shook me a bit mind. The cheapest I think cost £2300 (that’s $USD 3545, $AUD 4489, $CAD 4292)!

Mind you they looked classy. (Not I really know about anything classy mind)

0406I continued me hobbling about.

Then I took a photo of one of the many outside stalls, this one selling gardening stuff and plants – it drew a large amount of interests from the local gardening fraternity.

As I sidestepped the Stirling Moss of disabled scooter drivers it dawned on me that I was lost!

Being a man (Term used loosely) I didn’t ask anyone for directions.

It took me ages to find me way back to the bus station.

0407When I’d got me bearings I called in the B&M store but found nothing to interest me. Then I called in the Pound-Stretcher store, where I did get some bits from. Cheapo tea bags at £1, tinned potatoes at 29p, blackcurrants in jelly at 35p, bread thins at £1 and a can of green & yellow sliced beans at 25p – the beans should go nicely with a salad later? Only got one can to try em first like.

0409Made me way back to the bus-station as the dark skies began to spit rain – so I missed a good soaking there then, just in time.

The usual performance at the bus loading point – I was there, third in the queue – when the bus arrived, by the time I’d got me knees that had stiffened up nicely while I was sat waiting needed a bit of encouragement to let me get up and to the bus – by then I was about 20th in the queue as the locals rampaged towards the bus doors.

 No end of the passengers 0410got off a couple of bus-stops later and the bus emptied nicely, leaving me free to use me camera to take a photo of the inside of it, showing the disabled section for wheelchairs.

Photographing became a little difficult en-route due to the aggressive nature of the driver’s handling of the vehicle.

0411The rain was now in full flow – not that that slowed the bus-driver down at all.

I reckon this was one of, if not the quickest times I’ve ever travelled on a public vehicle from Mansfield to Nottingham!

I did try to take a photo of some horses in a field but they came out like… well you couldn’t even see if it was a field let alone the horses – just a blur of green smudges.

Thinking about it, they could have found their way into a display at the contemporary0412 art gallery?

Bad as that they were!

As I dropped off the bus back in Carrington, the rain continued with a venom.

Off course I’d took me umbrella out of me bag last time I used it to open it and let it dry in the kitchen – which obviously is where the umbrella is now.

Shame that!

0413AsI plodded along Church Drive on me way back to the flea-pit I nearly… well I did, walk into the trees leaves and branches that the rain had made more heavy and had drooped down lower than usual like.

I stopped and took a photo which I was well pleased with – one of me more ‘moody photographs?

This one I thought ought to be entitled:

“The Rain, Nature & Waiting to be mugged” No? Alright.

Got in the house and WC’d, no bleeding from either end I’m very glad to report!

0414Made a flask of tea and prepared me nosh for the night.

Franks, microwave chips bacon and some Krakowska with bread thins and fresh raw garden peas. By gum it wer good, especially the peas!

Watched a DVD film while eating it – fell asleep (Much needed though mind!).

Must have slept for 7 hours.

Woke up and started to complete this diary and get it posted.

Then did some Facebooking and graphicalisationing on Coreldraw9 before Coreldraw9 crashed again.


2 thoughts on “Thu 7.5.15: Inchcock Today – Incorporating Election fun!

  1. I remember a skit where Benny Hill is a Japanese man being interviewed by a Brit. Hill keeps making “L’s” “R’s” and “R’s” “L’s”, and at one point he asks the Brit “So tell me about your erections?” The reaction to the question is priceless. I’ve only been following Britain’s “erections” by what’s been in the headlines, and it seems to me the popular press seems to think British politics is a bit limp.

    Frankly speaking, it looks like you had a good, healthy microwave dish to finish up election day.

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