Wed 20.5.15: Inchcock Today: Age UK councillor arrives

Wednesday 20th May 2015


Woke up with a jump and boggled racing mind again: No district nurses to call again any more (Sigh). Mused over the dreams I had but lost all memories as I did – odd that?

WC’d, damned little Inch bleeding again, and the blind boil and skin cancer growth were both very tender.

Took me medications and did me BP test thingy:

Sys 162 Dia 82 Pulse 84 Temp 35.2c.

Started this diary. The laptop was going  very slowly. Coreldraw9 crashed when making the header (Fancy that!).

Had a wash and shave and started to sort out the mass of wiring in the front room. What a tangle! Hey-ho!

Worked away sorting and cleaning and bagging – hours of it – clouted me forehead when bending and got a dizzy.

Well shattered by the time the Age UK persons arrived at 1129hrs.

Steve and Cerium, both nice people.

We talked and decided Steve would come tomorrow to be here when the Assessor comes from the MRBHA. He had to phone them first to see if they could change their appointment time so he could attend the meeting.

I had to take back the syringes to the chemists as I no longer needed them. So I thought I’d get six of the Co-op strong bags to use for me transferring stuff in the event I get the flat like. The chances are looking a bit brighter now I’ve spoke with Steve.

Yesterday BC suggested that I get some of those flat bottomed bags to use in the transfer of stuff. So as I had to go to the chemist to return the syringes no longer required I called in the Co-op and paid for six bags. The idea being to get so many of different stores bags so as to identify stuff for different room s in the new flat like. The Co-op, after I’d paid, found out they only had two in stock – Tsk! So I  said not to bother and got a refund.

IMG_0017Int life a bother?

As I was coming back on Mansfield Road two bobby-cars crossed over to the wrong side of the road to pass the cars stopped at the pelican crossing.

You should have seen the dirty look I got from the woman police-person driver when she passed and saw me taking the photo! If looks could kill I’d been a gonna!

Got back to the dump feeding the pigeons en route to find a letter from Boots Opticians telling me the glasses were ready to be collected. Gawd knows when I’ll get time for that.

And me INR Anticoagulation results – informing me I have to have another test tomorrow – so I’ll have to go to the GP surgery to book it. There’s no way I can fit in or cope with INR test, getting to the opticians, clinic visit and the MRBHA Assessor visitation all tomorrow… but then again…

Not sure what time or if BJ will be calling today. BJ rang and he is not due to come – I got confused again. Huh!

So I set-off to go to surgery then get the bus to town to get glasses and bags.

Be back soon, I hope like…

Well folks, I caught the bus into town, went into Tesco and bought 6 of the flat bottomed bags. The pack of two fresh cream horns seemed to jump into me shopping basket as I passed by them again. Tsk!

IMG_0019I walked through and out of Victoria shopping Centre and across the traffic lights – noticing the suicidal nature of the Nottingham shoplifters… no I mean citizenry, to cross the road against the lights at this junction yet again! Although after loading the photograph I see I’ve missed the red and green lights off of it, I can assure you they were on red for pedestrians. Best of all they don’t even look to see if any traffic is coming, just waddle on with their mobile phones attached to their ear-holes. Huh!

IMG_0021I walked down and into the City Centre.

Took a ‘Moody photo’ of the side of the Council house showing the shadows sky and futility of life… eh? Did I say that?

Straight on from here, across the pedestrian crossing and up to the top of Friar Lane and into Boots opticians to collect me glasses. Had the two gals in tucks with laughter as I found me form and revealed me disasters of the week to them. While doing this the commented on me scar on me head and I had em laughing again – I was enjoying this – until it dawned on me I’d forgotten to call at the GP to try and get an appointment with the nurse to have me INR test done. One of the ladies let me use the phone and got me the number – and I got booked in for the morning at 0930hrs – heaven help me if I forget!

Then I walked down and right into Wheeler Gate and called in the pound shop and got 6 of their flat-bottomed bags with a Donald Duck picture on them.

IMG_0022Out and back through the Nottingham Slab-Square taking a photograph that is here on the right.

Not sure if I had changed any settings on it by mistake, but it came out nothing like I recall the sky being – or is it me new glasses? Hehe!

Over the square and up King Street to the bus-stop and joined the queue for the bus to Carrington.

Slipping the pigeons a few clandestine seeds on the way.

The bus was quiet full and I wish I had brave enough to turn and take a photograph of me fellow passengers as only three of them were not on their mobiles. One lady somewhere near the back was so loud I think the others were shouting to get their message through to whoever they were calling over her voice. Still, I hope she enjoys her Carbonara whatever that is, with Marvin tonight.

IMG_0023Got back to the dump WC visit and set about making me 7 microwave sausages and chopped tomatoes dish.

Had some bread thins to wrap each sausage in and soak up the juice.


I tried to get me head down for a bit, but cramps in me right leg ensured I didn’t get me head down for a bit. Gobbleknots!

Gave up trying to kip and finished this diary.

The reflux valve gave me some scary bother for a while, thought at one stage “Hello, now I kick the bucket just when I’ve got a chance of moving to a warden-aided flat!” TssssK!”

But it stopped again, and the the cramps spread to left leg? Is it because I’m not gerrin’ me walks in? If I remember I’ll ask the Obergruppenführer Nurse in the morning – as I say, if I remember to go…

Let’s see if I’ve got this right… 0939 GP nurse INR test… 1120 Clinic with me bleeding Inch, 1300hrs Steve and the MRBHA assessor coming to see me, 1600hrs pick up prescriptions and phone QMC to confirm appointment… yes that’s all I reckon… ah, got to try and get some sorting done as well… oh dear…

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