Tue 19.5.15: Inchcock Today: Progress! Too late but still, Progress!

Tuesday 19th May 2015

I felt a bit like the sky this morning IMG_0266a, bit dark and unsettled, on edge, anxious.

Must do me best to get some sorting done again: I just hope BJ gets in touch. I think he rang last night but just ‘Private number’ shown on phone.

Must remember Wednesday the Age UK gentleman is calling and Thursday the evaluator from Spencer Courts is coming to interview and assess me for application to the flat.

The mind still swirling. The littlest setback criticalistion or failure and down I go. Sad state of affairs.

Even me BP readings looked dodgy to me this morning, I’ll ask the District Nurse when she comes to give me the needle, if she can have a look.

Sys 131, Dia 76, Pulse 99, Temp 34.6c?

Started this diary – had a washski and started to sort some paperwork out.

BJ rang again, this time on another phone that showed up – rang him back. His better half answered, BJ will call later to see me.

I think missing me walks and wanders is doing me no good, but just do not have the time with all these appointments to go on ’em – Sad!

So, Wednesday Age UK advisor coming – Thursday MRBHA assessor coming, Friday clinic, District nurses twice a day  for the next six days at least.

BJ called and I explained me situation come plight to him – he took me bags of washing to give Mandy at the launderette to do a service wash for me bless him. He said he would come this afternoon to take some of the bags away for me. What a mate!

Waiting for the nurse I updated this sad Tommy-rot. Whilst doing so the warm wet sensation came in me pants – Boggleplonkdamn! – Little Inch was bleeding again. Cleaned missen up and continued to wait for the nurse.

IMG_0003Nurses arrived and done me injections. We had a nice chin-wag for a bit.

I then searched totally without any success for me multi-point Sim card attachment for the laptop, the one I’d used  three hours ago! After over an hour of searching I gave up. Oh dear…

Updated this diary to here, then waited to hear from BJ.

BJ arrived, returned me done service-laundry (£15.99) and set too helping me sort the bags out, and he not only took bags to the bins, but lifted me to the computer shop, where they didn’t have any multi-card reader (shame) and then to the Nottingham Hospice shop with the bags, heater, TV and DVDs. Unfortunately, the lady said they cannot accept or sell TVs? So BJ ran us to the Sue Ryder shop and they accepted it.

Got a call from the nurses, the Anoxaparin was to be stopped – as me last INR test had improved. So nobody will be calling who I can have natter with – Huh!

IMG_0004Then back to the flea-pit and BJ spent hours helping me sort a corner out.

During which it suddenly hailed in bucketfuls.

By now I was done in physically but still wanted to get a multi-card reader to replace the one that had magically disappeared.

So when BJ left, saying he’s try to get here tomorrow afternoon and help some more, I thanked him and set off for the bus-stop to go into town and Jessop’s camera shop.

IMG_0005Damned decent chap is BJ.

One of the best, bless him.

As I waked along the hail that had fallen for a few minutes had turned into snow.

Down Church Drive over the pelican crossing and down to the bus-stop.

I soon caught a bus into the City Centre. Got off on Milton Street and walked on to cross the lights into Clumber Street.

IMG_0006The famous Nottinghomian’s again proving there determination to ignore the Walk Don’t walk lights at all costs.

I popped into the Jessop’s shop anf got the multi-card reader – same model as the one I lost.

It was getting late now and I was getting more tired than ever – but as I passed some noshery or other – the smell of the food made me hungry again.

IMG_0008When I got on the bus I took a photo of a building housing shops, and mighty fine workmanship and design too. Erected in 1901 the plaque said.

When I got off the bus in Carrington the smell from the Greek fish &chip shop even smelt nice… well, not as repugnant as it usually does like.

The rain began starting as I got to the flea-pit.

I cooked me nosh and made a cuppa.

IMG_0010Then ate me nosh – bet yer can’t guess what all the ingredients were from this photographicalisation wot I dun?

Clues?: American… root, toms, beet, leaves, two kind of pot’s?

I’m so glad to be eating again.

Did some Facebooking and got me head down – now to see if me mind let’s me sleep Hehe!

4 thoughts on “Tue 19.5.15: Inchcock Today: Progress! Too late but still, Progress!

  1. Have you got gravy on that salad me ol’ mucker!?
    Please don’t tell me it is bloody gravy. Gravy on a fucking salad!!!!!!..????
    Jesus Juan, what’s gotten into you my son?
    I can’t look at you right now…just…I can’t look at you. You’ve made me feel sick and I was just about to eat my bloody tea.

  2. I expect your missing ‘multi-point Sim card ‘ will turn up tomorrow – [the surest way to find a lost item is to buy a replacement !]


  3. No Henry, no gravy, it’s a very mild BBQ sauce. After dicing me potatoes I mixed em in it. Sorry yer tea was spoilt mate at the thought of gravy on a salad – I feel a bit queezey missen now at the thought. Hehe! TTFN. .

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