Inchcock Today – Tuesday 14th May 2019: Mega-Busy Medical Visitations

May 14

2019 May 14

Tuesday 14th May 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 14 Mai 2019

wd 60-60-130 04:10hrs: Woke, and lay there sensing and searching to the pains, they were aplenty. Legs, feet, knees, etc. giving me discomfort. But not surprisingly so, after yesterdays long limp around Nottingham’s medical centres.

Eventually, thinking I needed the Porcelain Throne, (I was wrong). I extracted my body and limbs painfully from the second-hand, c1968 rickety recliner, and arrived at the wet room, it was apparent that things were still solid in rear extraction department, with no signs of any encouragement. The wee-weeing was yet again, of the SSPWW (Short-Sprinkly-Wee-wee). Messy!

The carer arrived, and with the aches and pains being bad, he put on my bamboo socks then, the Ankle-Support strapping on for me.

The limbs from yesterday’s two enforced on me, extra appointments and all the hobbling involved, were bad enough before the Social Services boss arrived later with his snide comments, and breaking off to talk to someone on his mobile, giving his location or what it will be later in the day. Making me feel redundant and even more of a nuisance to him, than I already am.

wd 60-60-130 He said he could not understand why I can’t fit the Ankle-Support myself. Then advised me that he was taking me off the current service level, and on to another. Which will mean Carer attendance will be from 07:00hrs to 09:00hrs each morning. Got me to sign three times on a document, that I have no idea was. This is bad for me, but I am only a patient. This means I could miss the 09:30hr bus every day, as I cannot use the shower because of the noise before 08:00hrs, and this will now possibly be put back to 09:00hrs with the new contract. Which will not leave me time to shave shower etc. in time to catch the bus, in the event of the carer coming later. Life is playing some nasty tricks on me in my old age.

The young, handsome, fit, tall and good-looking boss, then tackled the sink plug problem for me, and it is now working fine. A look around, and he departed. Bless him!

Virgin (2a)Dejected and despondent, I took the morning medications and had a wash, shave and did the teggies.

Had a go at updating this blog.

Sharon from the Stoke Team arrived. She had tried to ring earlier, that would be the call I had when I was shaving, and could not get to in time to answer. She said some of her requests were cut off? She wanted to know if she could bring a trainee with her. I said that would be no bother, and she called the girl, then went down to let her in.

I’m afraid I get carried away when someone comes to see me. I think I irritated Sharon a little, with my losing the plot, and wandering off the subjects. Silly old alter-cocker! 

A long time was spent in discussions, questions, and answers, etc. Too long I think. As I said, due to my getting sidetracked from the reason they were here. Fool that I am! I showed her the photographs of the wounds, and they ask that I take off the screen. All the blood made Sharon feel a bit sick, Oh dearie me. So I removed them and apologised.

Perfect timing, though. As the two ladies departed, Caroline and Sonia arrived for the therapy session.

The two ladies showed interest in my Whoopsiedangleplops. In me, actually. After several hours of exercises. Therapy training.

My walking outside being assessed with the three-wheeled-trolley-guide, which brought some interest from Gaynor, Mo, The NCH Housing Patch Manager and opera singer, amongst other tenants.

So much was gone through and considered for safety, but I cannot remember it all. Just enjoying it. Sonia departed and left Caroline to do some assessment exercises with me. Ah, yes, I remember a bit more now; Caroline cancelled her Friday visit and moved it to Wednesday 22nd May. Ah, we checked something about the medications, I think Sonia is to ask a nurse to look into them for me.

I was obviously annoying again, with my drifting from the topics. Ahem! Well, I love em so! Humph!

During the morning, it is now well into the afternoon, many pathetic SSPWW were taken, and are still now. I think this problem, might have something to do with the medications?

When they had both departed, I nipped up to see Jenny. Only stayed at the door a few moments. It was so gladdening to see her again.

Got some cheesy potatoes mixed, intend to take a nibble to Josie to try, with balsamic vinegar. What a farce, my getting back to my 12th floor. I ended up going down to the ground floor and back up to mine. Hehe!

Took some photographs from the balcony and kitchen windows.

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Got the cheesy potato presented and went to see if Josie was in. But she wasn’t.

2Tue23Took the medicines and got my chicken thigh and cheesy potato served up. Josie was not in. So I put her potato to cool and go in the fridge later.

I got mine served up and watched some TV. The headphones are not working. Fancy that!

I burnt the meal a bit. Ahem! Can you guess what it was, originally? Hehe!

2Tue22Took the ankle-support off painfully, and got settled down in the £300 second-hand, rickety c1968 recliner, with my feet up high on the swivel chair.

The legs were of different sizes and different colours. But they both ached. Soon to be visited by Colin Cramps, and visciously so! Tsk!

It took me ages to get to sleep. When Colin Cramps eventually left me, the mind-control was handed over to my “Frustrations, Fears and Fantasising Forum” for an hour or so. To allow panics etc. to wander free through my poor brain.

I had to get up for one of my wee-wees, and yet another false-alarm on the Throne.

Thankfully, I dropped off soon when I got down again. I must have been tired, I reckon I slept for seven hours.

Inchcock Today – Friday 21st July 2017

Friday 21st July 2017

Bulgarian: Петък 21-ви юли, 2017

0500hrs: I woke up and lay there in a ruminative mood, pondering over the missing ailments and pains this morning. Very odd this, my EQ was telling me that something was in the wind of a medical nature on the way?

On the plus side, missing from action at this moment are, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Craig Cramps, Shaking Shaun, Reflux Roger and Harry Hernia! This, I found unnaturally discerning, unsettling and oddly perturbing. At least Haemorrhoid Harold and Dizzy Dennis were both in attendance. Hehe!

This reminded me of the visit from the District Nurse today. Enoxaparin injections time again.

I passed some wind and extracted myself from the crumb covered £300 second-hand recliner, making a mess on the carpet and Ottoman as I did so. A closer inspection of the suspicious particles of food as I got them cleared up, revealed they were from Marmite Crispbread? I cannot remember eating any of these… although as I pondered on this, a faint flavour of Marmite came from the back of the throat. Hehe!

Took the stuff into the bins in the kitchen, and found a tell-tale sign of my overnight crime. Guilty, Tsk!

Eventually, I got to the Porcelain Throne, and things went moderately well with that.

A bit of bleeding and stinging from the rear.

Haemorrhoid Harold and Dizzy Dennis both put in an appearance at the same time.

Dennis was a bit persistent, but he eased off later.

Got the kettle on the boil and did the Health Checks: Sys159, Dia77, Pul91, Temp 31.2 and weight 14.7, no hassle here?

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. Still a modicum of concern as to why the other ailments have not been in attendance yet? Uncomfortable sensation this, I can tell you. Haha!

I opened the kitchen window to take this shot of the beautiful Copse and lower field.

Very windy now compared to earlier.

The mind was a bit unintelligible even to me. I kept veering from one thought about ailments lets say, then what time would the nurse be arriving, it is only a booster so she could call at any time, so I’m stuck indoors again until she does. Feeling guilty, because I forgot to phone Sister Jane yesterday, Little Inchy was becoming sore. Then to what fodder I was going to have?

Thoughts all over the place and coming rapidly? Am I going bonkers? No, I think I’m there already. Hehehe!

Took a peek at the three vegetarian meals I’d got on offer from Sainsbury’s yesterday, and opted for the Cottage Pie to have today. But with how my brain was at that moment, anything could change. Craig Cramps and Arthur Itis visited as I did so. Reassuring in a way this, but I do not know why for sure?

Got the computer on and finalised the Thursday diary and got it posted off.

Started this one going up to here, then checked the Emails. Then did some WordPress reading.

Heard some odd noises, so I had a look out of the kitchen window. Sadly, it was the workmen removing the soil from where they have dug up the Chestnut Trees!

Had a wee-wee.

One Email from Coopers offered a discount voucher worth £10 if I made an order over £40 by tonight. Had a decker at the page and put one in. Fool!

Went of Facebooking for a few hours.

No sign of the nurse yet, so I had a wee-wee, made a mug of tea and went on CorelDraw 2017 to work on the graphics to use later on a TFZer series.

The nurse arrived all of a flutter, injections done, paperwork done and off again, all within the space of a few minutes. Busy gal. A lovely bruise where she rushed the job, but no pain or bother.

Did the ablutions and got ready for a hobble into Sherwood to get some bread and a bit of exercise.

5Fri06On Winchester Street Hill, it looks as if the recent rain had brought on the blackberries nicely.

Down and into Sherwood, where I made a bit of a faux-pa at the bank. The sunshine was dazzling and hard to read the screen on the money machines, and I noticed what I thought was another one in the bank. I’ll use that one, I thought.

Went in, put my card in and suddenly realised that the machine was for deposits only! Der! I had to ask a chap if he could retrieve the card for me. Totally embarrassed, I burbled some rubbish about my going to put money in and realised I’d forgot to bring the cash with me. Red face developed! Luckily the man sorted it for me and got it back from the machine. I did feel a right fool!

Out and got some money from the machine and walked over and up to the Continental shop. Jar of Chinese mushrooms, sliced pork, small sliced loaf and cheese & mushroom portions purchased.

Up the hill towards the bus stop and called in the Co-op store and got some small bananas. Then further up and into the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, donated the old coins to them. Apparently, they must worth a fair bit, cause they made a fuss of me for the first time ever.

To the bus stop and Frank arrived as I was doing the crossword book. He seemed a little uptight and not like his usual self. His other-half sent him, Obergrefreiteress Jenny, to fetch a new computer and was returning it to her. He was probably, a bag of nerves in case he’d got something wrong?

As I hobbled along Chestnut Walk passing the works, after getting off the bus, I cheekily asked a workman if he would loosen the lid on the mushrooms for me. He struggled a bit but did it for me bless him.

Into the lift and up to the flat, had a wee-wee and put the fodder away.

Got the food on the cook and did the Health Checks and took the medications with the meal.

The vegetarian Shepherds pie was sprinkled with cheese on top and put in the oven with some potato letters (Waffles).

Got a few burnt finger edges taking the tray out of the oven.

Added beetroots, garden peas, Chinese mushrooms and tomatoes and soon I had devoured it with much relish and delight to the taste-buds.

Excellent flavour from the Shepherds pie.

Got the TV on and fell asleep with the empty tray still on the chair next to the recliner.

Woke after about an hour and thought it was morning at first.

Off to visit the Porcelain Throne, Haemorrhoid Harold was playing up badly, but very little bleeding.

Nibbled some Lemon Wafers… well, I ate them all. (Guilt!)

Nodded off again, plate still laying there on the other chair. Had a dream, something about my designing a necklace in gold and emeralds and a lady very pleased with efforts, I think she offered me a job, I was very happy… that’s all I recall.

TTFN each.

Inchcock – Tuesday 20th June 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop – Lost the hearing aids. Tsk!

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Belarusian: Аўторак 20 чэрвеня 2017

0400hrs: Woke up, recalling some bits of a dream and scribbled it down quickly on the notepad. From my younger days, Suzie my first love (Well, my only one really), Chrissie, a wondrously attractive gal from ‘Down our terrace’ and Dad were in this one, I could not see me though, it was like I was just watching things as they progressed? I think Sister Jane came into it at times, to tell me where and what to look for? The back yard, Chrissie’s family dog Rover, appeared, burning ashes came down from the train above on the viaduct. Memories (Happy ones mostly) raced into and out of mind at a fast rate, like fast forwarding a tape or DVD? Pondered on them for ages.

0455hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty session, but failure was in the air (Just wind, Hehe!) Had a wee-wee, though.

Did the health checks: Sys148, Dia 80, Pulse 101, Temp 35.6 and Weight 14.7 The pulse rate was exceptionally high, never had it so big before?

The computer on and sent Email to Sister Jane, with the photo of the funny shapes on the tummy. Told her I could make it tomorrow (Wednesday) all being well, to get out to visit them. Fingers crossed she can accommodate me. I’m sure she told me on the phone that she would be in on Wednesday. (Well, somewhat sure, Tsk!)

Another attempted Porcelain Throne session failed. Had a wee-wee, mind. Took a Senna tablet.

Did some WordPress reading.

Another try on the Porcelain Throne, gave up, had a wee-wee again. Took a second Senna tablet.

Did the ablutions. Another attempted heavy-duty session on the Throne… Failed again. Felt the pressure of needing to go, but too nervous to push too hard yet, as this had caused much bleeding last month when I had  Constipation Konrad visiting me. Had a wee-wee.

Could not find the hearing aids. Searched for over an hour and a half without any luck. I vaguely recall taking them out yesterday because one had lost all power and the other was picking up some squealing noises and wrapping them in a tissue – where, when and the location of where I put them remains a mystery to me? I’d been considering treating myself to a newer set of two anyway. So decided I would go into town and check on availability, prices, etc. and have a new hearing test done if they were not too expensive.

Got the bag ready, and went out to the Community Shed to see if Obergruppenfurheress Deana would be in like she said she would. Down the lift and out to the hut. Obergruppenfurher Deana and Gruppenfurher Julie were both in. Apparently, it is the day for collecting the yearly concessional TV licence monies in, so they were busy with us old folks throwing money at her. Hehe!

In between issuing the licences to various folks, she rang the insurance company for me and got it paid, bless her. Then reminded me of the need to pay for my TV licence. So I did.

On the way back to number 72 for one more quick search for the hearing aids, before catching the bus into town. I observed that the Woodthorpe Flats bus stop had a notice telling us ‘This Stop is no longer in use – use the one at the end of the road next to the Winchester Flats” – shame that, an extra walk and no bus shelter to wait under in the event of foul weather. Never mind, can’t he helped. A lot of workmen standing and lurking this morning, and they had started to do the removal of decorative ceiling coverings doing one floor at a time. Starting with the top floor on Monday. Meaning my floor will be done on Thursday when I can either go out for the day, and they will provide a free buffet meal in the Social Hut for us, or we can stay inside all day. Does this mean the Tenants Social Hour will be cancelled? I imagine not because it only affects the people on the 12th floor of each block. There is no way anyone opting to stay in their flats will be allowed into the lift area while the work takes place. Health & Safety rules.

Up to the apartment and had a search for the missing hearing aids again, no luck. Rushed back down again and to the end of the road to the new to us, bus stop. Many residents from both blocks were waiting. Had a chinwag with Bill. He was telling me how all the others were moaning about the bus stop, being moved, further to walk, no shelter from the elements, chattering about having to in or out of their homes for a day… they are not happy Bill said. I could not hear them due to the lack of hearing aids in my lug-holes. Haha!

I was the only one from the flats who got onto the City bound bus.

On Mapperley tops, the traffic inbound was at a standstill, and the L9 bus that the others back at the flats were waiting for was in the middle of the queue. Poor folks have going to have a long wait.

Dropped off at the terminus and walked down Queen Street into the slab square.

No Big Issue sellers in the area this morning?

To Boot’s and had a word with a lady there. But when we got to the prices I withdrew with as much grace as I could manage.

Over the road and down onto Wheeler Gate and the Specsavers shop. Had a word with them, their choices were far less than at Boots, and the prices for comparable models was about the same, but they had an offer on of two for the price of one. Plus, 4 years free batteries, one-year free insurance, Free aftercare, Free choice of fitting styles (Not sure what this means yet), a ninety-day satisfaction period and a Four-year guarantee. Oh, and a free hearing test.

The young man got my details onto the computer and asked when I wanted the test done from his available dates. He offered Thursday, made him look at me oddly when I told him I was to be stuck in the flats all day Thursday, I declined. Friday at 1700hrs – I got another odd look when I said this was too late for me to get a bus there or back to the flats.

Saturday at 1330hrs (He was getting a look of desperation on his face now, Hehe!) That will do, I told him, much to his relief I’m sure. He gave me a booklet and an appointment card.

I was going to tell him about there only being three buses to town on a Saturday, but I think had come to the decision that I was mad enough as it was. Hehehe!

Left and had a hobble up Friar Lane to see if the hearing place was open that used to sell alarms and timers for the hard of hearing. Terribly high prices last time I looked.

A big sign on the window, Shop To Let! So the business had apparently gone under since my previously visiting it. Not surprised really at the prices they were charging.

I meandered back down and onto the Slab Square, then up to the Primark Store and had a look around. Got some socks that claimed to be wider than average, thought they looked comfortable.

Some shoplifters were being taken out as I left the store. I don’t know how they make it pay here. So many times I’ve passed by and seen a police car with Officers removing offenders from this place.

Spotted some Nottingham Street Art outside.

I assume the staff of the nearby shops and officers have to nip out for a quick fag at their breaks and lunchtime? Whatever happened to the Smoke Rooms we used to have?

Got a TV magazine for next week and a newspaper to read on the bus, as I had failed to put my crossword book in the bag. I thought whatever it was that had caused the traffic snarl-up earlier, might be roadwork related and still be there.

As the bus passed the end of Clinton Street, I took a photographicalisation of it.

It didn’t come out too bad, considering how fast the bus was travelling, I thought.

Back at the apartments, I got off at the new stop and had a fair walk back to my block. Although it wasn’t a long walk, it was longer than usual. I must remember this when setting out in future to catch a bus and give myself a little more time.

At the apartment door, I rang the ladies next door bell. Gave her the newspaper to read. In the flat and tried again on the Porcelain Throne, no luck, but had a wee-wee.

Got the calendar updated with the appointment for the hearing test.

Realised when I did so, I’d missed getting to the Woodthorpe Park open day. Tsk, Cobblediplonk & Humph!

Did the Health Checks.

The pulse rate had gone down well, only 75 now, gone the opposite way? Huh!

The computer on again and updated this diary.

Back to the Porcelain Throne… ah, movement at last! Not easy, and Duodenal Donald bled a lot, but at least Constipation Konrad had eased a little. I shall still take another Senna with tonight’s medications, though. Took them while I thought of it.

Did some more WordPressing, then Facebooking. Lots of comments to reply to, that was fun.

The intercom burst into life, it was District Nurse came to collect their bag of tricks. I pressed the admit buttons and put some nibbles into the bag and said nowt when she got here to collect them.

Back to Facebooking.

1845hrs: Dawg-gone Virgin Internet went down! Reset button and restart made no difference. Rang 150 for help, got a recorded message Sorry your Virgin Internet is having problems, engineer despatched, we anticipate to have it working again by 0225hrs!

Had a wee-wee. Wash, the toothache started when cleaning the teggies. Humph!

To extra Codeine Got the meal ready.

Rang Sister Jane to make sure she will be in and I would be welcome to visit in the morning.

Got some nibbles and things in the bag, so I don’t forget them tomorrow.

Found the hearing aids in the pocket of a shirt I was putting into in the laundry bag. Humph – Tsk and fancy that!

Fell asleep, dreamt of being chased along office corridors again.


Inchcock – Monday 19th June 2017

Monday 19th June 2017

Tajik: Душанбе 19 июни соли 2017

0530hrs: Woke recalling bits of a dream, it was not a good one, and I felt a dishearted and in the doldrums for a few seconds about the theme of it. (Then remembered the Nurses hoping they would arrive early enough for me to catch the 0930hrs bus after the Enoxaparin booster injections. This prompted me into action, arousing an oh-so-rare sense of urgency, and noticed how tidy the room looked, then off to the Porcelain Throne.

The session was all right mostly this morning. The passing was painless and bloodless. Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger were both taking a holiday along with Dizzy Dennis. Duodenal Donald being the only one of regular ailments giving me any bother… but I was aware that this could change so quickly. So prevented me from getting too hopeful or happy.

Noticed some new bruising and under the skin bleeding on the left leg. Which incidentally has gone down in size a bit this morning. The scratches had dried up now.

Good stuff that after-shave I used on it yesterday. Hurts a bit, but it does halt the bleeding.

I realised that the timing between the District Nurses visit and catching the bus would be tight. So I got on with making a mug of tea, did the Health Checks. Took the medications and sorted the weekly tablet box’s out.

Finished the weekend dairy off and got it posted, then started this one off.

Ablutions tended to, two nurses arrived, a plump bonny lass and a young youth who looked about 13-years-old to me? He never spoke, just spent his time pretending to listen to the District Nurse and spent his time perusing all over the flat with his beady eyes.

They soon got me done in plenty of time, thanked them and off they shot. Got the things ready and went out to visit the community shed. A chinwag with Roy at the bus stop en route. Gruppenfureress Julie and Obergruppenfureress Deana both in. Gave them their nibbles. Asked if Dean could help with phoning the insurance company for me. Told to see her tomorrow morning as she is away again after that. So busy, these gals you know.

To the bus stop and another gossip with Bill, Roy and Pete.

Bus into town and a 35 bus out to the QMC Hospital. Only two of the four lifts (elevators) were working, so I walked up the stairs again to the D-floor.

A lot easier doing this today than the other days recently.

Along the corridor and into the reception area – the look from the receptionist accompanied by a well-practised sneer welcomed me. Washed my hands and took a seat, got the crossword book out.

Later, they reminded us about the one minute’s silence about to take place in memory of the Grenfell flat victims and survivors. I was most annoyed with two ladies at the front who kept on chatting throughout the minute. I dare not say anything for fear of losing me temper.

The doctor called me in and took the blood reading. It was up to 2.1 now, which is still lower than the 3.0 target figure, but much less so than the recent ones, that have been creeping up slowly this week. 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 then 1.8. He decided to cancel the Enoxaparin injections and increased the Warfarin doses instead. Told me to make an appointment with my doctor’s nurse… (Ah, I’ve remembered her name now, Nichole!) for another INR blood test with her. Nichole, a beautiful creature and a fantastic temperament she has. Told me of his concern for internal bleeding after looking at my flobby-tummy. He made a phone call. Said to me to go to the DVT clinic afterwards, gave me a card to take with me. I thanked him and handed some nibbles to the nurses. Off down the corridor to the DVT, where a bloke was waiting for my arrival. Put me on a trolly, down a long barren hallway and into a room with what looked like X-ray machinery, but he called it some other name. Tied a big metal and cloth belt tightly around the midriff and photographed under the skin via the belt. He got the results immediately from the print-out. Nothing to worry about now I am off the Enoxaparin, he told me. We joked about Nottingham Forest’s decline and mourned Brian Clough. I’m not sure how we started on about this? Hehe!  Informed me no need to return to the other doctor and wished me well. Advised me that I’m to be taken off of the Red Watch scheme tomorrow. (Or something like that anyway.) Thanked him and I was off down the stairs and out into the glorious sunshine to the bus stop.

I’d actually enjoyed having Red Markers on my record – I’ve never been looked at so quickly ever before. Ah well, back to the remembering to take the crossword book and a reading book with me again every visit.

Waiting for the bus to arrive, I became aware of the amount of scantily attired young females all over the place. Just thought I’d mention it like.

En-route to Arnold, I took a couple of pictures from the bus window. All reflections and blurs. Tsk!

Dropped off in Arnold High Street and went into the Wilko store to get a spare toothbrush and washing up bowl. Got the brush, but could I find a bowl? No! Mind you, it is a huge shop. Asked a lady assistant stood near the customer desk with a big sign declaring “Here to help, Can I?” Asked her for the location of the bowls as mentioned earlier. “Over the back in the Kitchen Section,” she said stabbing her finger roughly in that direction. I thanked her kindly and set off on a search. Found the sign for Kitchen on the ceiling. Had I wanted, saucepans, cookers, cutlery, microwave ovens, toasters, frying pans, woks, kitchen scales a kettle, chopping board, mop and bucket, waste-bin, containers, clock, grater, food mixer, sink drainer, water filter or tablets, jugs, mixing bowl, coffee maker, slow cooker, timer, wall clock, blender, processor, fryer, steamer, wine chiller, paper plates, Hostess trolley, waste bin, kitchen furniture or black bags… I’d have been fine. But a bowl to use in the sink? Humph!

Gave up and put the disinfectant, toothbrushes and dusters back where I got them from and departed, making my way to the Boyles Store further up the road. Where I got some spare toothbrushes at only 39p each! Disinfectant same as the one in Wilko for 15p less, and Neutradol Air Freshener at 30% extra and the same price as Wilko. Felt a bit smug here I did.

Two doors up and into the Savers shop. Got some Neutradol fabric spray at £1 each, some Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2.49.

Attempted to take a photograph of some bears in a window, but made a right mess of it. Humph!

Limped along to the Asda (Walmart) superstore. Boy, is it right what they put on the web about what Asda shoppers wear… or rather what they don’t wear!

I spent a good while examining the attire of the young and older ladies in Walmart. Bought only a pack of fresh garden peas. (Nibbled some on the bus later)

Back to the apartment and tended to a much-needed wee-weeing session.

Sorted the paperwork from the medical activities. Added things to the calendar.

Did some WordPressing, checked the Emails, and sent one to the surgery for an appointment for Friday with Nurse Nichole for the INR test.

Carried out the Health checks and made up last week’s record.

Today’s seemed a bit variable?

Received an email back from the surgery very quickly, an appointment for 0925hrs on Friday, but this on the Google calendar.

Made a drink and had a look into the options of what to have for fodder tonight.

The mobile rang, and it was the District Nurse Controller, asking if they were needed tonight or not. I explained everything and she said no need to keep the Hypodermics in the fridge, just a dark, cool area.

I rang Sister Jane, and she rang back. I’m hoping to go see them on Wednesday, all being well like. Told of one of the blood spots on the tummy from an Enoxaparin shot and how it looked to me like a chicken.
Pete had overdone his electric bke riding session, and I pulled his leg about it, because I kne just how he felt, aving done similar myself so many times. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Got the fodder prepared, and ingested.

Potato Cakes, strong cheddar cheese, raw pod peas. tomatoes, beetroot, german meat and a lemon curd yoghourt.

Settled to watch some TV – fell-asleep.

Inchcock Today – Weekend 17-18th June 2017: Another messy, Confused Two days.

Saturday 17th June 2017

Uzbek: Shanba 17 Lyun 2017 Juma

Woke around 0600hrs, very tired and feeling in desperate need of a good rest from the Enoxaparin injections and all the related hassle. No memory of any dreams. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Did the ablutions as I was as usual, not sure of when the District Nurse would arrive.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks, they were all over the place this morning. Sys: 174 (Up from 154) Dia 81 (Up from 74), Pulse 74 (Down from 86), Temp 35.0 (Samish), Weight 14.82 (Up a bit more) – Can’t wait for the midday checks to see them then.

Dizzy Dennis called on me a few times. A headache is developing above the eyes, I assume this is because of the lack of rest and sleep?

Had a wee-wee.

All cleaned and smelling fresh now, I got the computer on and finished the Friday post.

Started this one off to here, and then did some WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee.

Started Facebooking, and Grenfell disaster came to light. I searched for the latest news in response to a post about it. Something caught my attention in a report from the residents who were woken by the Taxi Driver: Neighbour Maryann Adam, 41, said no smoke or fire alarm was sounding in the building when Behailu was forced to evacuate his flat. ‘He knocked on the door, and he said there was a fire in his flat. It was exactly 12.50am because I was sleeping and it woke me up,’ she says. ‘The fire was small in the kitchen. I could see it because the flat door was open. There was no alarm.’

If the flat fire-door had not been closed, would this have made the situation worse? Surely it would? I do not try to blame or accuse anyone with this observation, just would like to find all of the causes.

Had a wee-wee.

Went to make another mug of tea and I could hear a dog barking so clearly, even without my hearing aids in.

He was 12 floors down and a few hundred yards off, half way up the gravel path to the park. Managed to get a half decent shot of him by hanging out of the window. Boy, could he yap! Hehe!

The District Nurse arrived at 0925hrs. Cor, what a cracker! Got me all hot and bothered, of course, she was too young for me, but a sudden delightful yearning arose for the first time in years. It soon faded, though. Huh! Hehe!

Got on with doing a graphic for the TFZers.

Just got an Email telling me my Morrison Delivery is due in a while.Did I remember?

Did I remember? Ahem!

Carried on creating graphics after a wee-wee and making a mug of tea.

The next one took ages to get something like I wanted it to look, but I got there in the end.

Got another completed, but not the one I wanted to do for TFZer Shirley.

Lillie is in this one on the left. Reasonably happy with it.

I’ve love to try and get it in sepia but having problems with the background.

I’ll try it again mind you, although I anticipate I may have to give up on it and do another sort for her.

Done my best, this is it on the right. Got TFZers Shirley, Linda and Thomas in it as well.

I just had to turn everything off and get a nibble and a sleeping session it, hoping I don’t oversleep and miss the evening Nurse.

Drifted off into a deep slumber for a few hours, to be woken by the mobile ringing, but I was too slow to answer it. Got a voice message, it was the Nurse Controller saying they would be late tonight. Just as well really.

The poor nurse was hassled when she arrived and under pressure. She told me she’d done three shifts worth of jobs already tonight. She wanted to know why I could not do the injections myself. Fair question, as she has not seen me during a Dizzy Dennis visit. I must ask at the DVT on Monday if I can do them myself. Poor gal left in a rush to get to her next patient, leaving me feeling a bit guilty.

Made a mug of tea and took the evening medications rather late. Got the computer on to update this hilariously messy two-days-in-one diary, because I was still so tired, that if I did let myself sleep again, I was nervous of not waking in time for the morning nurse’s visit, and get in trouble again.

Did the Health Checks.

Feeling a bit disconsolate, de-meritorious and inconsolable for some reason.

Sunday 18th June 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 18 Junie 2017

Heavy eye-lidded and feeling blameworthy, at fault, in the wrong, responsible, answerable, accountable, liable, censurable and condemnable, reprehensible and almost sinful. Suddenly at a new low spiritually.

I suddenly remembered I have not visited the Porcelain Throne for ages now? Finding it hard to concentrate now, to keep on to thoughts. If you know what I mean? Wondering why I Googled Side-Affects of Enoxaparin.

I reckon with Confusion and Irritability in the list explains why I am constantly battling with myself to make decisions, and always thinking I make or have made or am going to make the wrong ones? Which is usually right this weekend!

I’ve only had to have these injections twice before, but they were for only two days, about four doses. With the INR level so low this time and not coming up so soon, it has been about 16 injections this time. Maybe this accounts for the depressions, confusion and irritability with myself?

Hello, I’m coughing like a good one now! No demands for the Porcelain Throne since yesterday morning? Had another wee-wee, though.

I’ll take a photographicalisation from the kitchen window to cheer myself up. (Desperate measure now)

Terrible efforts,  took three, in different modes on the camera, but none of them was any good.

The lone star in the sky reminded me of me? Hehehe! (No charge for the chronic poetry here folks)

Well, that failed to cheer me up. Humph!

Had another wee-wee.

Took the medications (Extra Senna) carried out the Health Checks: Looking alright.

Checked the Emails and responded to some WordPress ones.

Onto Facebooking.

AndyBack onto graphicalisationing on CorelDraw.

Had a heck of a time getting all these done.

So glad I did though, hoping they like them on the TFZer site.

Canada’s finest in the first one. Pattie. My desire you know?

Janet next, with Meritt and yours-truly J Ponysneaking into it with my camera

Hope Janet likes her pony.


Bleeding from the left leg now. Humph! And both limbs have swollen with water retention, which confuses me considering the number of wee-wees I’m doing.

Had another wee-wee. Hey-ho

01Fitted an old graphicalisation up and reposted it.

A selection of fantastic TFZers in this one.

Lynda, Patricia, Lona, Thomas and Andy, along with a few of their pets as well.

Then I moved on to do one for Andy’s Birthday, AndyDrinkwhich is today.

Great chap is Andy, he’s from Canada too.

Off for a wee-wee.

Made a cuppa.

Found I’d left the fridge door open, so closed it. (I’m quick ain’t I? Hehe)

Checked the leg, still leaking just a tad.

7Sun4bThe oddly sized legs tickled me. Well, that’s not the right word, but it’ll have to do.

Must remember the Morrison delivery coming today, coming because I have a feeling that I may be kept in the hospital on Monday when I go for the INR blood test.

The bleeding while the INR level is so low, that cannot be a good thing.

7Sun04aMade another mug of tea.

I used the tripod for the first time when taking a photographicalisation out of the kitchen window.

However, it was not tall enough for me get a shop properly, so, I may have to invest in the longer one.

Noticed that the injection holes in my tummy, the right and left, did not match up count-wise?

And… why being as the weight has gone down a decent amount, have I still got the flabby tummy? Hehe!

Into the wetroom for the ablutions. Just getting out of the shower, when the intercom rang, the morning nurse had arrived. Got myself decent by the time she got up to me. All done in short time and off she went.

Had another wee-wee.

Might have a meal later today, I’m feeling better, apart from the bleeding chin and Dizzy Dennis’s attentions. Bacon I thinks?

Watched some stuff on the U-tube thingy.

The Morrison man called.

Put the food away and got an early noshing session in. Bacon sarnies with trimmings.

Put the headphones on to listen to the radio and nodded off. During which I dreamed about my suffering vivisepulture. But I was calm and fascinated by the experience. I thought:

I wonder if I can count all the knots in the wood inside the coffin before I die for real.

Why the box I was laying in is built from Fyffe’s banana crates from the fifties?

How can I see the knots and grains in the wood when there is no light in here?

How did I snuff it?

Did I leave the hot tap running?

Why am I wearing an Oliver Cromwell outfit?

On and on questions came into my mind… I’m sure at one stage a thought/question was ( I think possibly the best and most intriguing one of those I could remember):

“I’m fed-up with all these issues now, I hope I wake up soon?” Hehehe!

When I did stir, the need for making use of the Porcelain Throne appeared, at last. Can’t remember the last visit! Haha! I can laugh now, because there was no extreme pain and no bleeding from the experience, as I anticipated there would be. Almost a pleasure!

Had a wee-wee and set to doing some cleaning, mopping hoovering and dusting.

Then Dizzy Dennis assaulted me rather nastily, so a sit-down and a cup of tea with the medications was called for.

After a while, I felt a lot better and got on with sorting out the paperwork that had built up on the mini-desk that Duncan gave me when I moved into the flat, (Thanks again Dunc!) into their respective folders.

Suddenly felt tired again now, so I visited the wetroom and did the ablutions. All went well, apart from spraying myself all over with the Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant spray in error for the citrus antiperspirant. Tsk! Had another wee-wee.

Made a brew and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

Back to the Porcelain Throne, but it was a false alarm.Had another wee-wee.

Had another wee-wee.

Got the computer on and updated this twollop.

Checked on Facebook. While doing this, two District Nurses arrived to see to me.

Both worthy of a 9.2/10 rating for their sizeable perfect forms. Again they were in a rush. They did tell me though, that the Winchester Court Flats had four fire engines outside! Oh dear!

Back on Facebooking.

WordPressing next.

Had another wee-wee.

Went to make a mug of tea, and just had to take this photo of the view.

Emails next.

Had another wee-wee.

Head down and nodded off feeling exhausted.

Inchcock Today – Wed 14th June 2017: Grenfell Flats Disaster haunts me

Grenfell disaster. So sad making

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Nepali: बुधवार 14 जुन 2017

0400hrs: Stirred from a dream filled night (Of which I can remember nowt!) throughout which I was ever waking up and trotting off for a wee-wee. I think I suffered this the last time I had to have the Enoxaparin injections?

Gave up trying to get back to sleep, and decided to get the washing done in the laundry room before the District Nurse arrived. No idea when she will come. Had a wee-wee.

Took the washing down and got it in the machine and came back up to the apartment.

Took the medications and made a brew and it was time to go down to move the clothes into the dryer. Got a phone call from Sister Jane. She told me to put the TV on to see the horrible fire in the flats in London and asked how I was feeling this morning. Nice of her. Had a wee-wee.

Down to the laundry room and got the dryer working, then back up again and got the TV on. Terrible news, and from what I listened to from the tenants who had escaped the conflagration, they had been told the same as us here about what to do in the event of a fire, those that did follow the advice must surely have perished. No fire alarms sounded they say?

3Wed02The computer on and did some Facebooking and WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee and down to collect the washing.

Cleaned the filters, washer and dryer and back up again to the flat.

Worked on updating the diaries while watching the news of the disaster on the gogglebox. Couldn’t use the headphones or I would not hear if the nurse arrived and buzzed the intercom line.

Very depressed with the news. It had filtered through of how brave the emergency services were.

The nurse arrived, a cuddly little thing, asked many questions and injected the tummy. She was here about an hour or so. Said someone would call again tonight around 1700hrs, Bless her.

Had a go at doing some graphics to take my mind off of the poor souls that were living in the flats fire.




3Wed06The Morrison delivery arrived, and when I moved to go to the door, some severe pains from the innards appeared.

At least I know I have someone to tell the tale too, or will have when the District Nurse comes tonight.

Put the fodder away and cleared the waste bags out to the chute.

Not so good at all, now, even Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. Humph!

Signed off on Facebook, no way I can concentrate on that or graphicationalising how I feel now. Befuddled, Hehe!

Got the pod peas simmering in the pan. Not having anything else heated today, I might leave the meal when the peas are done until after the medicationalistical (Hehe) visitation later.

Updated this to here, and got the ablutioning tended to.

3Wed04Got the early meal sorted. Not that is was difficult with no hot fodder involved.

Took the medications and gobbled the food down.

Off for a wee-wee.

Settled to watch the TV with subtitles on, so as not to block the hearing with the headphones in case I don’t hear the District Nurse arrive. I could not read the subtitles though, they were too small, so I put the news channel on about the fire in London.

Fell asleep, woke to need a wee-wee, tended to this, made a mug of tea and as I was doing so, felt sure I could hear noises, but where from? It took me a while to realise it was coming in through the open window, I went out on the balcony and found it was some 3Wed03residents from a flat a floor above mine. Got the hearing aids in and realised they were slightly intoxicated, bless them.

They were out in the warmish sun, legs over the balcony railings, a selection of drinks to hand and shouting in ‘Gibberish’, I think it was.


Got down in the second-hand £300 recliner, and despite the twinges, stabs and unrelenting pains now suffering, I fell asleep again. It was well past my bedtime now, and still, the nurse had not arrived. The nurse earlier said they would be here at 1700hrs, but it is now 1900hrs. Had I missed her when I fell asleep?


Up for another wee-wee and noticed how beautiful the evening clouds looked with the addition of the aircraft exhausts. The almost ghost-like bit, centre left confused me? Haha!

Popped out on the balcony to take this shot, so the unique mystery addition was not reflections from any glass?

Fell asleep again, and just after 2100hrs the intercom burst into life, the nurse had arrived. Cuddly little thing she was. Soon had me sorted with the injections and I bid her farewell and got my head down. But the brain and new pains from the stomach ensured I did not nod-off for hours.

4Thur03Hey-ho, so much better off than the poor souls affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster!

This is the latest photograph of the complex. 12 dead, still unable to search for bodies 24 hours after the fire started. Dozens  injured, many critical.

So, I do not have the right, intention or inclination to moan about things.

My heart goes out to them.


Tue 19.5.15: Inchcock Today: Progress! Too late but still, Progress!

Tuesday 19th May 2015

I felt a bit like the sky this morning IMG_0266a, bit dark and unsettled, on edge, anxious.

Must do me best to get some sorting done again: I just hope BJ gets in touch. I think he rang last night but just ‘Private number’ shown on phone.

Must remember Wednesday the Age UK gentleman is calling and Thursday the evaluator from Spencer Courts is coming to interview and assess me for application to the flat.

The mind still swirling. The littlest setback criticalistion or failure and down I go. Sad state of affairs.

Even me BP readings looked dodgy to me this morning, I’ll ask the District Nurse when she comes to give me the needle, if she can have a look.

Sys 131, Dia 76, Pulse 99, Temp 34.6c?

Started this diary – had a washski and started to sort some paperwork out.

BJ rang again, this time on another phone that showed up – rang him back. His better half answered, BJ will call later to see me.

I think missing me walks and wanders is doing me no good, but just do not have the time with all these appointments to go on ’em – Sad!

So, Wednesday Age UK advisor coming – Thursday MRBHA assessor coming, Friday clinic, District nurses twice a day  for the next six days at least.

BJ called and I explained me situation come plight to him – he took me bags of washing to give Mandy at the launderette to do a service wash for me bless him. He said he would come this afternoon to take some of the bags away for me. What a mate!

Waiting for the nurse I updated this sad Tommy-rot. Whilst doing so the warm wet sensation came in me pants – Boggleplonkdamn! – Little Inch was bleeding again. Cleaned missen up and continued to wait for the nurse.

IMG_0003Nurses arrived and done me injections. We had a nice chin-wag for a bit.

I then searched totally without any success for me multi-point Sim card attachment for the laptop, the one I’d used  three hours ago! After over an hour of searching I gave up. Oh dear…

Updated this diary to here, then waited to hear from BJ.

BJ arrived, returned me done service-laundry (£15.99) and set too helping me sort the bags out, and he not only took bags to the bins, but lifted me to the computer shop, where they didn’t have any multi-card reader (shame) and then to the Nottingham Hospice shop with the bags, heater, TV and DVDs. Unfortunately, the lady said they cannot accept or sell TVs? So BJ ran us to the Sue Ryder shop and they accepted it.

Got a call from the nurses, the Anoxaparin was to be stopped – as me last INR test had improved. So nobody will be calling who I can have natter with – Huh!

IMG_0004Then back to the flea-pit and BJ spent hours helping me sort a corner out.

During which it suddenly hailed in bucketfuls.

By now I was done in physically but still wanted to get a multi-card reader to replace the one that had magically disappeared.

So when BJ left, saying he’s try to get here tomorrow afternoon and help some more, I thanked him and set off for the bus-stop to go into town and Jessop’s camera shop.

IMG_0005Damned decent chap is BJ.

One of the best, bless him.

As I waked along the hail that had fallen for a few minutes had turned into snow.

Down Church Drive over the pelican crossing and down to the bus-stop.

I soon caught a bus into the City Centre. Got off on Milton Street and walked on to cross the lights into Clumber Street.

IMG_0006The famous Nottinghomian’s again proving there determination to ignore the Walk Don’t walk lights at all costs.

I popped into the Jessop’s shop anf got the multi-card reader – same model as the one I lost.

It was getting late now and I was getting more tired than ever – but as I passed some noshery or other – the smell of the food made me hungry again.

IMG_0008When I got on the bus I took a photo of a building housing shops, and mighty fine workmanship and design too. Erected in 1901 the plaque said.

When I got off the bus in Carrington the smell from the Greek fish &chip shop even smelt nice… well, not as repugnant as it usually does like.

The rain began starting as I got to the flea-pit.

I cooked me nosh and made a cuppa.

IMG_0010Then ate me nosh – bet yer can’t guess what all the ingredients were from this photographicalisation wot I dun?

Clues?: American… root, toms, beet, leaves, two kind of pot’s?

I’m so glad to be eating again.

Did some Facebooking and got me head down – now to see if me mind let’s me sleep Hehe!

Mon 18.5.15: Inchcock Today – Not good, but I’m sure it’ll get worse…

Monday 18th May 2015

Woke up with a jump and racing mind: Got nurse coming in for last ( I hope) Anoxaparin injection – then must go to GP ask about is it safe to take St Peters Wort with other medications? (Which I forgot to do) – Look at BP readings on me record list (Which I forgot to do) – find out last INR reading from Friday, get new dosage, have new INR test – try to get some packing done – Contact BJ re asking for help with moving stuff… the mind spins.

Bleeding from little Inch lesion not so bad this morning. Feeling nervous about everything I think of – what’s a matter with me I asked myself – again, no answer came the reply. Tsk!

Did me tests: Sys 149, Dia 85, Pulse 72, Temp 32.1

WC’d, no blood from the rear end. Stomach churning a tad.

IMG_0253Went to start laptop and found I’d left it on. Huh!

Took photo from window – raining heavily.

Checked emails for anything from hospital, doctors, housing or authorities – nowt there.

The tummy calmed down a bit now.

Put water heater on and Facebooked a while waiting for it to heat up. Then titivated myself and went down to make a cuppa and wait the arrival of the District Nurse.

Bent down to pick up some stuff from one of the many piles of ‘notyetsorted’ rubbish and started the back off again… I’m getting frustrated now, and querulous with life.

District nurses twice a day, INR tests, Clinic visits, sorting out not getting done, bleeding from front and rear end, Anne Gyna not happy… me mind racing confusedly on its own accord… not a confident or happy chappie at the moment. Hey-ho!

Sorted a few things out into bags.

Made a cuppa and pot of porridge, and continued waiting for the arrival of the nurse – daring not to move in case I miss her, again nowt much got done in the packing and sorting department of the hovel, but I managed a couple of black bags.

IMG_0261The District Nurse arrived and soon had me injected.

I collected me notes of what to ask the medical person about when I arrived at the Sherringham Medical Practise Surgery, and set off on my poddle to the surgery.

Feeding a few pigeons that came IMG_0254down to have their breakfast on the road outside.

It was a bit gloomy and drizzly this morning, and I still felt so unnaturally tired it bothered me a bit.

Down and into the surgery the receptionist gave me the INR results and new dosages – the level had improved from 1.3 to 1.9 but they said I still have to continue with the Enoxaparin injections.

And gave me a prescription to have filled in at the Pharmacy for 10 filled syringes, which means five more days worth at least, and there is still two left in the box from the last sessions.

Also I had to make an appointment with the surgery nurse to have INR level test done on the 18th May – I pointed out that it is the 18th today – she made me an appointment with the nurse for 1315hrs today. Busy again!

IMG_0262Out into the rain and had a walk down to the Chemist to have me prescription filled.

As usual they did not have sufficient stock to hand and gave me seven syringes telling me to return tomorrow afternoon for the other three. (No rest fer the wicked eh?)

I called into the launderette next door and spoke with Mandy asking her how much it would cost to have a service wash done tomorrow, if I could get in touch with BJ to ask him if he could get the wash there and collect it afterwards?

IMG_0263She took a photo of me flabby-belly for me.

It’s amazing how quickly the marks (on the right in the photo but actually on me left) from yesterday had died-down so quickly.

I plodded back to the flea-pit and was still amazed at how tired I felt. Must be a side effect of the drug mixing with me regular ones surely?

I had another dizzy-spell when I got up off the stool to see what nosh I had in the freezer to have tonight for me nosh and crashed down back on it starting me blind-boil hurting again! Tsk, Huh and Gobbledinnash!

Still, I have an American pulled-pork and potatoes ready-meal in there I might have tonight. If I ever feel hungry.

I tried to do some clearing up, no sooner had I bent down a couple of times the angina started again, bad.

So there I was just beginning to feel a tad sorry for missen and I had a call to the porcelain – Crickey the blood! The lesion on me little Inch was pouring, took me ages to get it down to a leak and not flow – so I’m sat here now covered in paper towels with crossed fingers – if it don’t stop soon I’ll have to ring for help.

It seems to have stopped I hope, but it took ages to do so.

I do feel sorry for missen now! Huh!

Set the alarm in the event that I can nod-off for a bit and make sure I’m up for when the District Nurse calls between 1900 and 2200 hrs.

A chap from Age UK rang to say he’s call on Wednesday to see me about assistance with moving. (IF I get the flat).

Can’t eat or sleep it seems now – might as well try reading me book.

Got me laundry things half ready for tomorrow. Hoping that BJ will call.

I went down and made a cup of tea and waited for the nurse to arrive.

IMG_0265Three hours later she came – a Scottish gal, very patient and kind and did me medicationalisationing on me left side tonight for me.

We had a char and she said she’d send in a report telling them I needed help bless her cotton socks.

Late now, still not hungry, tired mind, but can I drop off? No! Double Tsk!

Sun 17.5.15: Inchcock Today

Sunday 17th May 2015


Managed to get off to kip about 0415hrs.

Up at 0700hrs to get ready for the district nurse’s visitation for me injection.


The morning sky

My dreams seemed to have been all about people in a long line queuing up to bollock me, tell me off or lambast me on a great range of topics and faults and failures? Hundreds of them, some I recognised others strangers. The last dream I was starting work at a small busy railway station in military uniform of some sort – always queues all day and night, off procedures to do that seemed normal but nothing like the actual duties that would be carried out at such a place, think I enjoyed it.

Haemorrhoids and the Inch lesion bleeding this morning. However the blind-boil was less painful.

Fatima, Fred and Ferdinand having breakfast this morning

Fed Fatima Fred and Ferdinand who popped down for breakfast when I was taking the rubbish out to the bin.

The District Nurse came and done me. Young gal this time.

I had a look at me previous few INR results out of no particular interest like. 3.5 is me target level: 1.5 – 3.4 – 2.9 – 2.9 – 2.4 – 3.3 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 1.3 the nurses are coming again tonight and then in the morning to do the last Anoxaparin injections – no notification yet from the hospital or doctors about when me next INR test is to be, or what me last one was?

I keep up going from perky to down so quickly, the slightest thing, put-down or failure and the gloom descends. I must mention this to the GP when I go for me next INR level test. It’s never been like this, so up and down to the depths so changeable so quickly before. Perhaps it’s a side-effect of the Anoxaparin?

Made a cuppa and took medications.

Started to do some sorting of the rubbish at last – but the dizzies came on again and I went over luckily falling on a pile of bagged clothes waiting to go to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

Did me BP tests: Sys 178 Dia 90 Puls 82 Temp 34.2

Jillywin2A high reading today, this might be why the dizzies came on when I started bending up and down? Going to do some computing to relax and calm down and hope I don’t fall asleep.

Did some graphics for the TFZer gals, despite Coreldraw9 repeatedly PMCpccrashing and having to restart the laptop, I didn’t let it get me going this time, thought about me blood-pressure see.

Made a flask of tea and started on with this here diary.

COM Andy1Visited the porcelain and found the little Inch bleeding again, very dark red this time.

Due I imagine to the low level of me INR or maybe the Anoxaparin medications.

COM GladysOr would the high blood pressure make it coloured so deeply?

Hey-ho, I hope I can nod off and get some kip before the night nurse calls.

Wonder what to have for nosh today?

PCsusanI’ll surprise missen. Hehe!

Did a search for me glasses that I er… misplaced last week.

No luck at all.


IMG_0249Got the nosh ready… Roast potatoes, garden peas and braised beef in onion gravy.

Mucho goodo too!

I rate this nosh at 8/10!

Followed it with two blackcurrant and ice-cream frozen lollies.

IMG_0248When I had a wash and brush-up I checked out me latest bruises from the injections.

I thought the photograph came out looking like a piece of contemporary art?

Did some more updating on this diary.

I managed to make a few bags of ‘Getridof’ stuff – but how I’m going them to the Hospice shop I don’t know yet.

0701It was pitch black-dark when the District Nurse arrived – she did me second syringe of Anoxaparin on the other side of flabbadob belly and shot off, I was her last client… her very tired last client!

She said I had to have one more in the morning and then go see the GP to find out what the INR level was last Friday and then have another test done.

Somehow I stayed awake to finish this dairy off here.

Oh dear, I feel a warm wet glow from me nether regions… I’ll check, hang on please…

Huh! – bleeding Inch again.

Cleaned missen up and applied some of me Betamethasone cream.

Nightie night folks.

Sat 16th May 2015: Inchcock Today

Saturday 16th May 2015

Got up feeling well drained still – remembered bits of a dream involving a large house and various large ladies of an amorous nature I was pursuing around the rooms and gardens, happily they seemed to respond to my advances – now that really is a dream!


Pretty but weird sky

On me way down to make a cup of tea, I espied the sky from the top window and thought it looked a bit different with its light blue with white edging and the swirling dark clouds above.

A sign of something coming methinks, but what?

It seemed a bit warmer this morning.

I remembered to get ready for the nurse coming to dispense the Anoxaparin injections into me ticker. They are coming in twice a day over the weekend (planned to anyway) to do this for me.

Did me BP thing: Sys 141-Dia 85-Pulse 85-Temp 33.1c

Checks on me other ailment: Arthritis knees not bad at all, hands fair, Blind-boil nasty, Anne Gyna fair, Duodenal ulcer okay, hernia okay, Reflux valve sticking but not swollen? Inch Lesion no bleeding, Haemorrhoids no bleeding.


Breakfast today

Made me cuppa and had me breakfast (Medications hehe).

Started laptop and it didn’t recognise the power supply. This happened a couple of months ago and I had to get a new unit – Huh!

Started to create this diary.

The call to the porcelain intervened and things were still loose to say the least.

The Sky continued to impress

Did a bit of sorting, but of course the bins are full and I’ve already got several black backs and box’s of stuff ready to find a kind person to take the away for me.

Weary now.

The District Nurse arrived and gave me some more bruises with the syringe bless her.


Selfies of me syringe marks

She seemed intent on going in deeper than the other nurses did, tonight between 2000 > 2200hrs another nurse should be along to ‘do me’ hehehe!

Tried to do some ‘selfies’ (Is that the word?) of flabby belly bruises. More to come too. Hey-ho! 

So I’m going to try and get some sleep in between because I really feel knackered now, excessively so.

I’ll try to do some Facebooking and see how I feel first.

IMG_0242Had me nosh for the day.

Fell asleep – easily.

Woke around 1825hrs.

Had wash and shave and took me evening medications including the 2½ Warfarin.

Updated this diary to here and went down to await the arrival of the Night Nurse.

Still feeling tired with my spirits seeming to be up one minute and down the next?


Woke up around 1935hrs and titivated missen and got ready for the District Nurse took.

Made an impromptu rhyme while I was waiting for the nurse to arrive. I’ll post it later – about when I stopped drinking.

IMG_0244The nurse arrived and injected me flobadob tummy.

I’d been feeling a bit shivery and cold, but it was actually warm tonight?

Glad I managed a bit of a kip now, but guilty that I have again got no sorting out done. Tsk!

Finished this diary off and got me Rhyme post done and posted too.

Nodded off and woke with such gusto within about five minutes – panic and confusion fer a few seconds – I must have had an instant dream perhaps? Real weird feeling – and I could not get back to kip for yonks. Tsk!