Inchie Prompt: How I express My Gratitude

How I express My Gratitude

Generally, for the Carers, EENT, DVT, Warfarin, Dementia, Peripheral Neuropathy Nurses, Delivery people, Wardens, and Paramedics, I like to show something they will remember.

So, I keep some nibbles and drinkies on the bookshelf and ask them to make their choice – threatening to ‘Severely-Sulk’ if they don’t. Hehehe!

I always keep some cookies and marshmallows at hand for any nibbling while changing the catheter, taking the blood, draining the vein, dishing out the medications, padding up the leg ulcers, delivering medications or food… or anything else.

The drinkies and nibbles selection in the front room. Non-alcoholic to the left, plonk in the middle, and nibbles are available on the right of the shelf.

Just restocked the shelf this morning.

I put a few options in the fridge in summer when the chocolate gets runny in the heat.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my helpers, ‘I wouldn’t be here without you’.

Bless You, All!

Sorry, I’m behind with my payments – If Gay Boy comes in at the 14:15. race, Restricted Maiden Stakes, 2yo only, 6 Runners, I’ll settle up with you straight away. Hehehe!

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