Mon 18.5.15: Inchcock Today – Not good, but I’m sure it’ll get worse…

Monday 18th May 2015

Woke up with a jump and racing mind: Got nurse coming in for last ( I hope) Anoxaparin injection – then must go to GP ask about is it safe to take St Peters Wort with other medications? (Which I forgot to do) – Look at BP readings on me record list (Which I forgot to do) – find out last INR reading from Friday, get new dosage, have new INR test – try to get some packing done – Contact BJ re asking for help with moving stuff… the mind spins.

Bleeding from little Inch lesion not so bad this morning. Feeling nervous about everything I think of – what’s a matter with me I asked myself – again, no answer came the reply. Tsk!

Did me tests: Sys 149, Dia 85, Pulse 72, Temp 32.1

WC’d, no blood from the rear end. Stomach churning a tad.

IMG_0253Went to start laptop and found I’d left it on. Huh!

Took photo from window – raining heavily.

Checked emails for anything from hospital, doctors, housing or authorities – nowt there.

The tummy calmed down a bit now.

Put water heater on and Facebooked a while waiting for it to heat up. Then titivated myself and went down to make a cuppa and wait the arrival of the District Nurse.

Bent down to pick up some stuff from one of the many piles of ‘notyetsorted’ rubbish and started the back off again… I’m getting frustrated now, and querulous with life.

District nurses twice a day, INR tests, Clinic visits, sorting out not getting done, bleeding from front and rear end, Anne Gyna not happy… me mind racing confusedly on its own accord… not a confident or happy chappie at the moment. Hey-ho!

Sorted a few things out into bags.

Made a cuppa and pot of porridge, and continued waiting for the arrival of the nurse – daring not to move in case I miss her, again nowt much got done in the packing and sorting department of the hovel, but I managed a couple of black bags.

IMG_0261The District Nurse arrived and soon had me injected.

I collected me notes of what to ask the medical person about when I arrived at the Sherringham Medical Practise Surgery, and set off on my poddle to the surgery.

Feeding a few pigeons that came IMG_0254down to have their breakfast on the road outside.

It was a bit gloomy and drizzly this morning, and I still felt so unnaturally tired it bothered me a bit.

Down and into the surgery the receptionist gave me the INR results and new dosages – the level had improved from 1.3 to 1.9 but they said I still have to continue with the Enoxaparin injections.

And gave me a prescription to have filled in at the Pharmacy for 10 filled syringes, which means five more days worth at least, and there is still two left in the box from the last sessions.

Also I had to make an appointment with the surgery nurse to have INR level test done on the 18th May – I pointed out that it is the 18th today – she made me an appointment with the nurse for 1315hrs today. Busy again!

IMG_0262Out into the rain and had a walk down to the Chemist to have me prescription filled.

As usual they did not have sufficient stock to hand and gave me seven syringes telling me to return tomorrow afternoon for the other three. (No rest fer the wicked eh?)

I called into the launderette next door and spoke with Mandy asking her how much it would cost to have a service wash done tomorrow, if I could get in touch with BJ to ask him if he could get the wash there and collect it afterwards?

IMG_0263She took a photo of me flabby-belly for me.

It’s amazing how quickly the marks (on the right in the photo but actually on me left) from yesterday had died-down so quickly.

I plodded back to the flea-pit and was still amazed at how tired I felt. Must be a side effect of the drug mixing with me regular ones surely?

I had another dizzy-spell when I got up off the stool to see what nosh I had in the freezer to have tonight for me nosh and crashed down back on it starting me blind-boil hurting again! Tsk, Huh and Gobbledinnash!

Still, I have an American pulled-pork and potatoes ready-meal in there I might have tonight. If I ever feel hungry.

I tried to do some clearing up, no sooner had I bent down a couple of times the angina started again, bad.

So there I was just beginning to feel a tad sorry for missen and I had a call to the porcelain – Crickey the blood! The lesion on me little Inch was pouring, took me ages to get it down to a leak and not flow – so I’m sat here now covered in paper towels with crossed fingers – if it don’t stop soon I’ll have to ring for help.

It seems to have stopped I hope, but it took ages to do so.

I do feel sorry for missen now! Huh!

Set the alarm in the event that I can nod-off for a bit and make sure I’m up for when the District Nurse calls between 1900 and 2200 hrs.

A chap from Age UK rang to say he’s call on Wednesday to see me about assistance with moving. (IF I get the flat).

Can’t eat or sleep it seems now – might as well try reading me book.

Got me laundry things half ready for tomorrow. Hoping that BJ will call.

I went down and made a cup of tea and waited for the nurse to arrive.

IMG_0265Three hours later she came – a Scottish gal, very patient and kind and did me medicationalisationing on me left side tonight for me.

We had a char and she said she’d send in a report telling them I needed help bless her cotton socks.

Late now, still not hungry, tired mind, but can I drop off? No! Double Tsk!

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