Inchcock – Saturday 20th October 2018: Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet connection failings ruined the day for me! Humph!


Saturday 20th October 2018

Croatian: Subota, 20 Listopada 2018

0025hrs: I came to semi-life, the first thing I noticed was the empty plate on the meal tray on the next chair. So empty, it looked like I’d licked it clean. Hehe!

The mind wandered, Gaynor, what day was it, why am I half-in, half-out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Are Jenny and Frank having a good time on their holiday. Harold’s Haemorrhoids felt so much better.  Did I take last night’s medications?

I’d been having some nocturnal phantasms, but I could remember nothing about them.

There were no signs of my having been nocturnally nibbling! Smug-Mode Adopted!

I lurched slowly, and while spending a fair amount of time extracting myself from the recliner, I decided to do an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles reconnaissance patrol.


WD 29.29.255 I found some live and active bigger weevils that had got into the bag where I keep the mallard and pigeon food in the spare room. Dang things! I cleaned out the carrier and washed it. Plenty of Raid spray applied. Also found some dead ones in the wet room and kitchen.

Got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Dia 165 – Sys 88 – Puls 89 – Temperature 32.1 and Weight 15.33.

Off to the wet room for evacuational procedures to be carried out on the Throne. This was a good session again. The tiniest bit of bleeding, that was all.

WD 29.29.255 Got the computer on, and after a few minutes, the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet went down.


While it was down, I thought I’d do up the INR and Health Check record on Excel. But, the file had disappeared again!

The internet came back on an hour or so later, so I got on with updating yesterday’s diary. With all the events of very hectic but enjoyable happenings and photographs from Friday, this took me over seven hours! Good job I’ve got nowt on today!

WD 29.29.255 Just as I managed to get it sent off – The Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet went down once again! Grrr!


I started to use MS Word to start this blog going. Of course, being a Microsoft programme, it might also disappear into the ether never to be seen again!

Another hour or so later, after turning everything off and restarting, I tried the $111.9 million salaried Mr Fries Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet, again. Ah, it’s back on! Perhaps I should make a collection amongst the other poor fools in the block, who have Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet… by way of thanking him, like? Hehehe!

I went on to Facebook to get updated with the photographs in case of Mr Fries internet goes down again. Which it did three hours later.


Got some Facebooking done before it went off, though.

Moved onto CorelDraw to do some fun graphics.

Damned internet packed up again!


6Sat24Got the nosh sorted.

Not too bad, but certainly not one of the bestest. The ham was bland tasting, the potatoes were the same.

Everything else was fine.

Flavour Rating of only 602/10!

Fell asleep so early again! Tsk!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock – Saturday 20th October 2018: Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet connection failings ruined the day for me! Humph!

  1. Blasted internet. Just adds to all the frustrations. EBEICBBBs getting big and fat on pigeon food? Figures. At least you had a decent meal.

    • Dang Internet, Dang Weevils, Dang ‘orrible day… I’d bet stop, I’m doing me ticker any good all this ranting. Hehe!
      The nosh was okay as you say.
      I’m worried about today now, Tim. Things seem to be going right… most concerning! Hehehe!
      Cheers, Sir.

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