Inchcock Today – Sunday 26th August 2018: Odd day, odd ailments and odd thoughts. So, nothing odd there then, Hehe!


Sunday 26th August 2018

Greek: Κυριακή 26 Αυγούστου 2018

0320hrs: Woke up, and pondered over a dream I’d been having, in which I was young and amorous. (Oh, yes!) But the memories faded faster than I could muse over them. By, gum it was an entertaining nightmare, even if I cannot recall specific details, a feeling of joy contentment and satisfaction lingered. And I savoured it for a short time. Hehe!

Getting out of the £300 rickety second-hand recliner proved a little more troublesome than it has of late.

WCplasterA I felt the dried blood crack and leak out from Little Inchies Fungal Lesion as I moved. Straight to the wet room to check things out, cleaning and medicating was needed. Not a good start to the day. However, I could not see a single Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevil in the room. Wash and new PP’s adorned. As I bent down to clean up a spot of blood I’d missed, Anne Gyna kicked off with a venom and has stayed with me ever since. (as of writing, 0545hrs) Then into the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

I noticed the Darjeeling tea bags that Jenny had treated me to, bless her, but made a brew 6Sat24of Assam, this and English Breakfast teabags are suitable for the morning. I shall indulge myself to another Darjeeling this afternoon.

WCplasterA Again, that should not have been Darjeeling, but Pfunda Earl Grey tea. Schlemiel!

No sooner had I filled the small China mug, I had to hasten to the Porcelain Throne.

WCplasterA Oh, heck! What a messy evacuation again. From sitting down to completion took about five-seconds, most unsatisfying. Splattering and mess making. I initiated a cleaning-up operation. I only spotted a few of the Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils, but they have this magic ability to run in different directions at speed and disappearing. I wish they would gay shlafen for good!

WCplasterA Once more, Anne Gyna stabbed away as I struggled to get back upright after chasing but not catching any of the pesky beetles/weevils. Tsk!


7Sun02Finally, I got the Health Checks done. The Sys, Dia, Pulse, and temperature were all up a little on yesterday morning’s results.

Not that this is a bad thing (I think anyway).

The amazing thing was the weight had gone down, and I didn’t get out of the flat yesterday for any hobbling either? All tsoris now! Tsk!

7Sun03When I went into the spare room to weigh myself, there was plenty of the damned hyper-active (Not those dead on the Killer Pad, though) Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils on the window ledge.

I bagged a few extra in a kitchen towel, squeezed them and wrapped them in a plastic bag and deposited them in the waste bin.

7Sun07aThe hands and Arthur Itis were in agreement to allow me to perform functions with my digits this morning.

So I then made up another Critter Kill box and left in on the ledge.

Already, more of the Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils were out and about. One of them mounted the cardboard for a sniff around within seconds of my depositing the box on the shelf/ledge. Hehe!

I still can’t understand why so many more of these creepy-crawlies live in the spare room and wet room, where there is no food, and there are so many fewer of them in the kitchen?

WCplasterA Gerrin’ a bit frequent ain’t they? Oy Vey!

7Sun11I stripped off for a quick rinse to rid myself of any of the sticky-stuff and freshen-up a bit.

See the picture on the left? I think this happened before once, just before the blotches came on.

Alien Crop Circles, chest-hair is gone? How, when, why, who…? Nocturnal visitors? Poltergeist? Was it the Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils? Self-inflicted during the dream? Had I made a mug of tea or bleach and rested it on my chest in my sleep or while somnambulating, burning off the skin pigment and hairs? Just asking like. Hehehe!

7Sun10Some precipitation this morning. The temperature in the flat was 22°c – 71 °f. But it felt a lot colder.

The plastic sheeting on the unwanted, new, blocking out the light and view windows, was being blown about a bit harshly by the wind.

The humidity is very high at 59. Does this mean heavy rain will follow? I’ll look it up.


Looks like we are in for a fair bit of rain today. Must take the brolly with me if I do get to go out for a hobble.

On the computer to begin this diary up to here, then went to finish yesterday’s and got it posted off to the WordPress.

Went on the WordPress Reader. Then on Facebooking on the TFZ site.

Brother in Law Pete rang. He and Jane were going to visit on Tuesday. But I have two medical appointments this day. After refitting me into their affluent, almost Royal-Like schedule, Gala Shows, Theatre, Football Matches, Dinner parties, etc. I was changed to the Wednesday. Hehehe!

7Sun38Got the nosh served up.

Minced beef, carrots, leeks, potatoes, cheese, onion and lightly seasoned with tomato puree, oregano and onion salt. Instant gravy, Bisto.

It didn’t look very appetising but was alright flavour-wise. Gave it a Taste-Rating of 7/10.

WCplasterA Mate BJ rang just as I’d settled into the £300 second-hand recliner and took my first bite. Ah, well.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, messy and Anne Gyna giving me some stick now.

On to CorelDraw to finish a TFZer graphic to post.


Fatigue came earlier than ever.

I cannot say for sure what happened for the next few hours. Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun and Blank Periods Peter seemed to take over. This was a bit worrying…. not at the time, but afterwards. Anne Gyna seemed to have settled in permanently too.

Once I seemed to sort of come-round so as to speak, the brain started off with its meanderings, and it took me ages to get to nod off. Tsk!


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 26th August 2018: Odd day, odd ailments and odd thoughts. So, nothing odd there then, Hehe!

  1. You really need to get your kitchen window in the Tate. It’s especially nice with all city lights. You could name it “City Lights Through Pixie Poop”. Your leeky minced beef, taters with carrots, onions and cheese only mustard a C? Nice medieval graphic.

    • I’ll spread the word in todays Inchcock, City ‘Lights Through Pixe Poop’, I like it!

      Made a mess of cooking the potatoes, Tim. I’m not sure why they came out so soft, almost runny when touched?

      No doubt the Aliens played a part in it. Hehe!

      Cheers, mate.

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