Inchcock Today – Saturday 25th August 2018:


Saturday 25th August 2018

Norwegian: Lørdag 2 August 2018

0255hrs: Stirred into life, as an entirely different person and mood again. Nervous, fearful, anxious, timidity, insecurity, dubiousness, and scepticism reigned and ruled this cold, wet Saturday morning. So much so, I lay there in the £300 second-hand creaking recliner for half-an-hour or so, musing on life.

My acuity was noticeable by its absence, and no decisions, plans or hopes were raised.

7Sun07aWhoopsie O1AA Moments after moving my blubbery body mass, both Duodenal Donald and Harold’s Haemorrhoids kicked off. This prompted me to continue with my expergefaction, and get to the kitchen to take the medications. I imbibed an extra pain-killer and Omeprazole capsule with the usual morning selection, to help counter Donald and Harold’s interest in me.

Who needs breakfast Hehehe!


No sooner had I got the Health Checks finished, a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. In the wet room on the Throne, I observed a few of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles/weevils scattered around, mostly near a crack at the bottom of the door where there is a tiny gap?

7Sun05I decided to check the spare room window ledge.

The Killer Bug thingie had caught many more creatures overnight. I watched the insects for a while.

They seemed to be coming in, then rushing back through a tiny gap in the new window sealing when the light went on? But, who 7Sun07knows?

I went on the scales while I was in there.

I know I still had my socks and protection pants on, but crikey! 6lb increase from yesterday! Can’t be, surely? Had something gone wrong with the scales or what? I’m aware I didn’t get a hobble in on Friday, Oh dearie me!

My confidence was lowered even more, now.

Made a mug of tea and got the computer on. Created an extra graphic on CorelDraw to use 7Sun10as a page top later on.

Started this diary going.

I fear, especially with it being the weekend, that the Liberty Global-Virgin Media will go down a few times again today, the flashing centre light is a sign of this.

Of course, when I took the photo, it went back to being constant. Tsk!

Went to make a mug of tea for the one I let go cold. The wind was a-blowing, and it was cold in the flat. Made the brew and I put on the dressing gown.

Whoopsie O1AA Discovered that the Electoral Register email address, sent me to a Worcestershire Site, that naturally did not recognise my two passwords as given me by the Nottingham City Council. So I could not answer them on email, with confirmation. Grumph!

I went to yesterdays blog to update it.

Then I made a blog about Bank Holiday Weekends and my abhorrence, loathing and hatred of them, in a rhyme of sorts. A load of tosh for a bit of fun.

Went on the WordPress reader, being weekend, there was not much there.

Popped on Facebook, as I felt the innards brewing up for another visit to the Porcelain Throne.

CorelDraw utilised to create some graphics tops for later use. Did the Health Checks and medications.

Blooming heck, look at the time. Got the Health Checks done.

6Sat18aGot the nosh prepared.

Not feeling so good now. Unbelievable how early the fatigue came on today.

I was pretty useless for doing anything requiring concentration now.

But still, I cleaned the plate of every scrap of food! Hehe!

aaa01 Well, no, sorry, that’s a fib. I did throw away some of the tomatoes, due to their lousy tasteless flavour and chewability of softened shoe leather.

At least the washing up was easy this time. Haha!

I settled to watch some TV and quickly found myself off into the land of Nod.

Woke up to the sound of the door chimes on both bells.

Whoopsie O1AA I’m afraid, as I tried to get free from the £300 wobbly second-hand recliner, I knocked over the water bottle when the rachitic joints suddenly stiffened. Getting myself back up from the floor where I’d gone down to for retrieving the bottle and by the time I got to answer the door, whoever called had long gone.

6Sat24♥ Jenny had left me two boxes of Prfunda Earl Grey tea bags outside the door!

Bless her cotton-socks! ♥

I’ve never tried this tea before and will do in the morning when the taste-buds are clear, and the bladder emptied.

Thank You, Jenny! X

Took the last medications of the day, and settled to watch some Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates episodes on the DVD.

I got as far as the start of the second one on the disc, and the Strobe Fire Alarm that Nottingham City Homes had installed, had activated!

Whoopsie O1AA What an absolute burlesque-like farce ensued! I had to get out of the recliner first, which I did, knocking the remote control and nasal spray onto the floor as I got up. Trod on the nasal spray, causing the cap to shoot off and it sprayed up my leg and foot… determined to check if it was a real fire alarm or not, I continued to make my way to the door to listen for any activation outside, and trod on the remote control! Botherations! I hope it still works later; there was a cracking noise when I walked on it that I heard, and I wasn’t wearing the hearing aids… Oh dear! 

Looked through the spy-hole in the door, could see nothing untoward, so checked for heat on the door handle, none felt. So I opened the door to have a listen. No alarm sounding outside. I could not verify anything from the windows like I used to be able to, to see if any fire engines were on site. The new unwanted windows prevent it now, with the dirty-great ledge sticking out blocking my view downwards. I tried to look out through the gap in the balcony like on Thursday, but the hole had been filled in, so, no luck there either.

I tried the remote control, and it still worked, but a plasticy sound emanates when I press any button. Then cleaned the leg and foot, I was surprised at how the nasal spray stung on the flesh?

Got settled down again to watch Hetty on the DVD. I soon had to give up, the nodding-offs grew too frequent. Turned everything off, and lay there wanting to sleep, now I could not. The mind was off on ones its renown (To me) wandering session, fretting over everything, fearing a lot of things and almost searching for something else to fret over. Tsk!  What a plonka!

Evening all!

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  1. Maybe you could put a video camera on you Internet modem and livestream the activity of the lights on the model. that might keep it straightened out. Try taping over the place where the beetles look like they are coming and going. It might help. You cleaned up that plate of food even if some tomatoes went into the trash.

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