Inchcock Today – Tuesday 21st August 2018: Early Whoopsidedangleplops kept me entertained. Haha!


WPA02aa Tuesday 21st August 2018

Icelandic: Þriðjudaginn 21. ágúst 2018

Pain, Agony, Faux Pa’s, Mistakes, Memory Loss & Aches and Stings!

0325hrs: I woke up to the immediate and critical need for a wee-wee.

WPA02aa I discovered I had been nocturnally nibbling, as I extracted my Falstaffian body from the £300 second-hand creaking recliner when I knocked over the food tray from last night with the cheesy curls crumbs and two empty bags.

WPA02aa It got worse then. I trod on the TV remote control as I stood up, this made me jump a little, and I stubbed my poorly toes on the Ottoman. Then knocked over the waste bin as I hastened to the wet room.

WPA02aa Where things got even worserer. The wee-wee turned out to be another short-sharp-painful affair, and the fungal lesion was bleeding badly. My spirits were not high. Tsk! Medicated the injury as best I could, considering the agony I went through in cleaning things up. Then the need for a Porcelain Throne session arrived.

WPA02aa Oh dearie me! The evacuation itself was one of the easiest I’d passed in weeks. But Harold’s Haemorrhoids had never been more agonising and burning-stinging since I first started to suffer with them! No bleeding much at all though, just what seemed to me to be extreme discomfort! I put this down to the uncomfortable and painful bus trip last Saturday. Thank heavens Jenny sorted me out and got me moved to a far less hurtful to the lower regions seat, Bless her cotton socks. And yesterdays hobbling to the surgery.

I cleaned up again and got some of the Germoloid cream generously applied.

Then another short, sharp wee-wee was taken. Hello, I don’t like the look of this repeated urinating. And I haven’t had a drink yet either? I had a quick rinse and back to the recliner to start cleaning up there. Too early to use the vacuum cleaner.

Got the Health Checks done. The results looked fine.


Made brew and took the medications. Then tool a photograph of the kitchen window and spare window of a balcony on the corner across from my flat.


The mess and disturbance continue. And all this started about a year or more ago, I think. No end in sight yet. Humph! However, we must put up with it, and those of us who manage to live long enough will get to see the results. Hahaha!

I got the computer on to update and finalise yesterdays diary and sent it off to WordPress.

Then I went on to the TFZer Facebook page and put photographs on and read/replied to some comments.

Its already gone 0630hrs already, now.

While doing the blogging, I had to have four more short-sharp wee-wees?

I put the Nikon camera on power-charging and visited the WordPress Reader section.

Then on CorelDraw to create some page headers for the diaries. Another three hours lost, but I got some graphics done. Not all that I needed, but the lousy energy drain and weariness had come on again.

I’m going to do some gammon and tomato passata with a couple of slices of the sourdough bread.

I hate it when this losing drive and tiredness come on so suddenly.

2Tue26WPA02aa I shall not be repurchasing the reformed gammon steaks.

Not that they didn’t taste okay, they did.

But what few teeth I have left, went through a right battering trying to bite into the bacon!

The meal lasted longer than any other ever has done. You try sucking on gammon steaks. It takes a long time! Hehehe!

2Tue24Put the TV on, and I let myself fall asleep. Into heavenly restful sleep!

WPA02aa Minutes later, there I was dreaming of a young lady I knew in 1959 and enjoying it; And a rude awakening took place. The workmen started banging and drilling outside the balcony windows. I had the curtains closed, but knew they were making a start on fitting together the balcony pod. 

No chance of any sleep now.

I turned the TV on and was surprised to see that an old Roger Moore film was had just started. ‘Gold’. They don’t make em like this anymore! The script was terrible, the acting not very good. And, I enjoyed it so much! Hehe!

I got to watch this film to the end. Of course, this phenomenon of my not falling to sleep was thanks to the horrendous noise just four feet from where I lay on the £300 second-hand recliner.

Inchcock Today – Monday 20th August 2018


Monday 20th August 2018

Hebrew: יום שני 20 אוגוסט 2018

0145hrs: My expergefaction revealed my mind and body to be in fine form. (I think) Gone was the tiredness and fatigue that suddenly hit me last night. A semi-positive approach for me was adopted. I thought I’ll get the laundry done now! And, by Jiminy-criminy, I did. The things were already collated in the bag, all I had to do was pick it up and go down in the elevator to the laundry room. Got some togs on.

1Mon01aI nipped outside and took the bag of recyclables to the bin.

The maze to get there is now a bit more complicated and circuitous, with new barriers appearing and the layout altered a bit.

Still, it stops us old uns from getting bored, doesn’t it?

1Mon01bBack inside and got the clothing in the washer and put it on economy mode.

I popped outside again, cause it was very nice out there, not too cold and only a little bit of a breeze gently blowing.

I leant back, looked up and shot this photograph of the front of the Woodthorpe Court block of flats.

WDPBL02 Might not have been a good idea to lean back with my head up, I got a Dizzy Dennis attack! What a Schmo!


Back up to the flat.

As I pictured the automatic electronic signing thingamabob on the wall next to the lifts, it just started to change to the next image.

I saw the Nottingham City Homes were holding a Fun Day for the senior residents. Midday to 0400hrs, too late for me. It is in Bulwell as well, two buses to get there and same again back.

1Mon06Took the medications, and realised I had missed last nights tablets.

So, with it being early in the morning, I took them. Now I must remember to take the morning ones later after the PM ones have time to absorb into the body mass.

Did the Health checks, and made up last weeks recorded results.



Time to go back down and move the things to the dryer. When I got the old toothbrush out of the draining board drawer to clean the dirty filter, the brush was damp, it was soaking wet inside the drawer? Someone had made one of my favourite personal habits and left an odd sock in the machine.

Got the dryer going and back once more to the apartment.

1Mon07I observed a new sign on the notice board and got the camera out of my pocket to record this incredible offer. Hehe!

I nearly forgot again, that I was fasting and made a mug of tea. Well, I did make one. But didn’t drink it.

I cried as I threw it down the sink, and put the biscuits back in the cupboard. Hahaha!

1Mon05I got the weeks daily medication pots sorted and filled.

Then began on updating the Sunday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

I had the slightest of possible tiny ‘Phutt’ of air escape from the rear end. I thought I’d gassed myself, what a mephitic perdurable pong!

By then it was time to go down and collect the 1Mon07bwashing.

Folded up the few bits I’d laundered, cleaned the drum, filter and casing and was on my way back up in the lift in no time.

Made a start on this blog.

Crickey, I’d love a mug of tea! Huh!

An hour or so later, I went off to visit the Porcelain Throne. Not such a messy job this morning, but oh boy, was Harold’s Haemorrhoids in a state. Bleeding badly and now after the evacuation, painful too. Bit of medicationalisationing called for after I have my shower methinks!

Got caught up to here, and went on the WordPress Reader section. Tons of good stuff on again today.

 Went to the TFZ Facebook page.

Must get the ablutions sorted out now. Also, I must remember to get some Assam tea bags and some of those lemon biscuits, (Ahem!) while I’m out in Carrington.

1Mon09Grubbled about making sure lights were off, and taps too etc.

WDPBL02 Then went to check the kitchen, to find that I had eight black biting armoured ironclad not-so-small-today beetles in the bowl of soapy water and bleach in the sink. I swear they were swimming! I ran boiling water over them and rinsed them down the plug-hole, but one of them still ran up the side of the sink so quickly I could not catch the Click, Scarab, Oedemerinae, or Weevil, whichever breed of beetle they are.

Took the black bags to the waste chute and a sauce bottle down to recycling bin near the caretaker’s room on the way out.

Met Alice and had a chinwag, then had a few words with the caretaker. Gave the alco’s sat on the now moved to the front of Woodthorpe Courts bench, a wave. Nice chaps.

1Mon11Walked at a fair rate down Winchester Street.

Stopping to take this picture of the beautiful berries that are coming into fruit and bloom so early this year.

Onto Mansfield Road, there were too many Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist to bother thinking about photographing them all this morning.

I dropped into the Continental Food Store and bought some of the Lemon flavoured biscuits.



I got in the Sherrington Park Medical Practice and logged in with the receptionist.

“Chambers for CDH and INR blood tests.”


“Yes.” I handed her my cardiac medical card.

“You are not down for any appointments.”

“Oh, dear, have I made another faux pa?” – “You were booked in for a CDH check at 0830hrs this morning!” – “Was I?” “As luck has it, we’ve just had a cancellation so we can fit you in!”

I then waffled on about the calls I’d had on Friday from the Hospital, and them telling me I need another Warfarin INR blood test today. I asked if they had informed them, and I got a negative reply. This is going to please Nurse Ann, I thought as my whole body momentarily shook in anticipation.


I was unbelievably annoyed with myself!

I sat down feeling very coy and bashful until Nurse Ann came out to collect me, then the coyness and bashfulness turned to sheer unadulterated fear and panic! Hehe!

WDPBL02 When I got into the treatment room, I realised I’d not taken the DVT record card with me either! God, please open the earth and let me fall in!  I fawned, kowtowed, cringed, crept and crawled as best I could, with me shaking in worriment. I sensed her antipathy and apologised super-grovellingly.

She was very displeased with my weight – I have to cut down on sugar content foods – I have to cut down on salt – I was reminded that I have to avoid brassica, aubergines and pork pies (Argh!) and anything with a high content of vitamin K in it.

Many others points were made to me, but my despair at my failings this morning had semi-blocked out some of the conversations.

I departed after leaving some nibbles, out into the sunshine outside, my head spinning and my self-hatred growing.

1Mon12I the far distance, I saw the sky looking like a mushroom cloud was rising.

I pressed on into Carrington and called at the Lidl store to be sneered at, ignored and put down by their staff, as is usual for me when I spend some money with Lidl.

I bought a large potato to bake with the out-of-date cheese back in the fridge at the flat. Fresh tomatoes and a packet of  Assam tea. Paid at the self-serve checkout without any cock-ups, and left without a single insult or dirty look being given to me!

WDPBL02 Caught a bus into Sherwood. It was packed with passengers, and a flaming woman was sat on the old folks and disabled seat with her bag on the cushioning next to her! Uncouth woman! So, I had to sit on a side-saddle single drop down seating. This was not too much hassle for me, but getting up the ultra-low chair caused Arthur itis to kick off in my knees, to get off of the bus. Huh! As if the plates of meat weren’t giving me enough pain, already!

I had a bit of luck then, cause I arrived at the bus stop in Sherwood with about five minutes before the L9 was due in. Two lady tenants were waiting there when I came, then we had a little natter while waiting.

I sensed that Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding again like yesterday. I blame the mini-bus ride perhaps?

So, I got to the flats as quick as I could from the bus stop on Chestnut Way.

WDPBL02 I needn’t have bothered rushing. When I got to the elevators, both lifts seemed to be toying between the 9th and 15th floors for ages. A little ganglet of residents had gathered by the time one of the cages got down to the ground floor. We all squashed in – which was not a bad thing for me, cause we had a laugh between ourselves that I enjoyed, and it took my mind off of my rear end situation. Haha!

I got in the apartment and to the wet room. A bit of cleaning up then medicationalisationing, and I was soon feeling much better.

1Mon13I went through to the kitchen in search of my first mug of tea of the day.

WDPBL02 The bowl I’d left with the hot water in it earlier, again I had a couple of the black biting armoured ironclad not-so-small-today beetles residing in it, once more looking to all intent and purposes like they were swimming.

I emptied the bowl and got rid of the insects. Put the kettle on and made a mug of Assam tea. Put the biscuits and tomatoes away while the tea-bag brewed.

Blow me, another black biting armoured ironclad not-so-small-today beetle had got him or herself in the now emptied of water bowl again! Grr!

1Mon10Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I may be getting paranoid about these beetles. I thought I saw another one, but it wasn’t one. No idea what it was, mind.

They don’t shed there ironclad shells do they?

I got the oven heating up and put the giant potato in and set the timer for an hour and a half. Put the cheese out of the fridge to use later.

Started to update today’s post.

Went on Facebook to catch up with the photographs.

Did the Health Checks and medication taking done.

1Mon23Got the potato out of the oven, halved it, burnt my fingers, scooped out the flesh into a mixing bowl. Added about two-ton (Hehe!) of grated extra strong red cheddar, a sprinkling of malt vinegar, a spray of butter oil and onion salt and bashed the living daylights out of it.

Returned the mixture to the oven to brown off for two more hours or so.

I thought of the TFZers who I know like cheesy potatoes, cause they said so. Marie, Nancy, Pat, Lillie, Lona and Lyzzi.

I had to rate this one as being one of the best ever. Gave it a 9.55/10 Flavour Rating.

Tired and drained again, I stayed in the chair watching TV in between nod-offs.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th August 2018


Sunday 19th August 2018

Latin: Dominica 19 Septembris MMXVIII

0345hrs: I stirred with a little pep in my step, as to speak. Perhaps still on a bit of a high from yesterdays outing to Skeggy? I extracted my lumbering mass from the £300 second-hand recliner with hardly any hassle at all?

Ideas of what I could put in the Skeggy Trip post were swimming about in the head. (I thought that maybe I had been dreaming of the day out?) I got the notepad and jotted some details down, first thing on gaining the upright position. No interest was shown in me by Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Shaking Shaun, Eardrum Eric, Hernia Harry, Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis, or Duodenal Donald! Only Anne Gyna and Little Inchies Lesion gave me any grief, and then at an acceptable (to Me) level. Life was suddenly good! How long this will last though… Hehehe!

I took the morning medications, had a short-sharp-painful-wee-wee and got the kettle on. Did the Health Checks.


0420hrs: Then, got on with updating the Skeggy Trip diary. So many photographs to select and sort, and page headers to make for the blog. (I spent around six-and-a-half hours to complete it!). But I have to admit enjoying writing this diary, it’s so good not the write about complaints, Whoopsiedangleplops and failings for once, I think.

1045hrs: Made a start in filling in the cardiac questionnaire.

I got a phone call from Sister Jane. No telling me off today, that was another highlight. Haha! We had a decent nattering session.

I finished off the NHS form and returned it via email.

7Sun01I went into the spare room, the only window I can see through is in there, to look at how the weather was going.

The window ledge I found had has some paint applied to cover up al the bird poo and bits of dirt that had accrued. I’m afraid that the trash had already started to grow again, bits of concrete were now forming the new artistic decorations.

7Sun03On the inside edge, I found a lot of the black Ironclad min-beetles had taken up residence.

I assume they had relocated from the wet room perhaps, as I could not see any in the shower room when I had a wee-wee earlier.

I made up another Critter Kill Box and put it on the ledge.

You can see the damage on the front of the sill, where the installers had left me something else to worry about and repair later. Bless em!

7Sun05When I got back to finishing off the Saturday Diary ready for sending off to WordPress, the lightness had dimmed, I expected some heavy rain to fall.

But no, the weather had fooled me again.

I pressed on with updating this Sunday diary with determination.

7Sun07I was tempted to eat some of those wonderfully flavoursome Torku Çikolatali bisküvi Instanbul made Lemon biscuits I’d got from the continental shop on Mansfield Road. I put a photo of them on as a warning to either of the people reading this blog, about the pitfalls of eating them. I.E., They are too sweet, and the lemon ingredients is strong, tangy and tasty. Thus, you may become addicted to them! Hehe!

Almost total weariness suddenly came over me, and I was feeling so good too!

7Sun38Got the nosh prepared.

Ate it very slowly. Decent meal. 7.8/10 for Flavour Rating given.

Beyond doing anything that needed concentration from when I’d washed the pots.

Couldn’t be bothered to even make a brew of tea. I opened a can of orange juice to take when I did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Whoopsie2 7Sun35aYou wouldn’t have thought you cut your finger on a ring-pull fob, would you? Tsk!

The usual nodding off and waking when I got the TV on commenced. This time, I was staying asleep for increasingly long periods of time.

I must remember I’m fasting again for the CDH checks and blood test in the morning.

Inchcock Today: Social Day Trip out to Skegness


Saturday 18th August 2018

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 18 Lùnastal 2018

0330hrs: After laying awake for hours, I rose out of the second-hand £300 rattling vintage recliner. Got the medical stuff needed for today.

0645hrs: I started to update and finished yesterdays post.


Health Checks were done, not being able to do the midday one with being out in Skeggy, I’ll just repeat the morning one.


Went on TFZer Facebook for a while. Then got the things collated that I’ll need on the trip.

0905hrs: I was just leaving the flat with my bag, and the landline rang, it was Jenny to see if I was on my way to the bus, bless her.

On the way down, Hippy Hilda started to give me real jip, damn it. Got down and was greeted with the cram-packed minibus holding my fellow tenants and Jenny doing her organisationalisationing to her usual trusty high-standard.

I was positioned next to Jenny’s Frank and in a window seat. Much of the journey was taken up by my trying and failing to get into a position in the place that was less painful, but there was no escaping the agony of every sharp turn, braking, and pothole we went over, upsetting Hippy Hilda who let me know her displeasure. Tsk!

The observational and corrective powers of Jenny came to the fore when we stopped for a fifteen-minute-toilet break as we got close to Skegness. Jenny told me to move to her seat, a single one, where I would not keep catching Hippy Hilda and have more room to stretch my legs, and she would sit in my place next to Frank. A fantastic woman, she’d worked out what I was suffering with and arranged for it to be solved! ♥

A much less painful journey there now, and coming back. Thanks, Jenny.

The driver had brought the gal who was one of the L9 drivers along. Lovely to see her again. They dropped a couple of tenants off in Ingoldmells, and the rest of us in Skeggy on North Parade01 Arrival. Jenny organised the evacuation of the bus. 1600hrs return to the same spot to be collected. Hehe!

I followed Jenny and Frank, with the intention of using their knowledge of the best fish and chip shop to go to. But they soon lost me in the crowds. I could not keep up with them. Haha!

So, abandoned, I decided to go to the promenade and the beach instead. I saw an opportunity to try and do one of the panoramic camera shots of near the clock tower.

wHOOPS And what a mess it turned out to be. Hehehe! I suppose I should have known not to try it with all the moving traffic? Klutz! Rather a funny result though, don’t you think?

02 XPanorama

02 BeachAThinking I had just taken a masterpiece of photography (Huh!), I made my way down on towards the beach.

Hippy Hilda was much more comfortable now, although the plates-of-meat had started stinging a little earlier in the day than I would have liked them to have done.

I spent a long time wandering around the beach observing the antics and actions of the other holidaymakers. I got pleasure from seeing the kids enjoying themselves, and the donkeys, of course, I always feel sorry for them, they always seem to be so sad?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

09 PromAn hour or so later, after my beach visit was completed, I struggled through the sand back to the promenade, where pony rides were returning.

I was impressed with how well looked-after, content and well shoed the ponies were. Their clip-clopping sounds took me back to my younger years when so many of these ponies and horses were still in use, and cobbled streets were still available.

Took the midday medications with some of the bottled water. Got some funny looks from the revellers as I put the so many tablets down my gullet. Hehehe!

I then went to go on a shopping expedition, determined to get some of the nougats I like so, but cannot seem to get in Nottingham anymore. And anything that took my fancy, too! Haha!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I plodded down the road, I searched for some nougat in shops along the way. First one offered £2 each, three for a fiver. The next retailer, straight £2 a piece. The following retailer was charging at £2.50 each. So I trudged back the first shop and got three for a pound. That done, I could concentrate on finding other gems and bargains.

At Kirks Butchers and delicatessen, I went in for a muse around. They had some shop baked large Pork Pie with cheese and pickle at £4.50, I think it was. The pastry looked dark, crisp almost shortcrust-like. I risked it and bought one, along with a small loaf of sliced farmhouse bread. Read further on about the palatableness, savouriness, and enjoyability ratings after I’d had a nibble of a bit of the pie.

I spent an inordinately long time going into and searching shops, for no other reason but to forage and explore for a bargain.

As I eventually walked back, along the other side of the road, visiting many stores and got to the end of the street, I called in the last shop.

Noughat Blow me down and fuddleplums! They were selling the same nougat bars at four for a fiver!

Naturally, this Putz here bought four of them.

So now, I’m taking enough nougat bars home with me, without the slightest chance of living long enough to get them all eaten!

To make things worse, I picked up a bar of Clotted Cream Fudge by mistake for a nougat bar. Tsk! Still, I can put it in the nibble box for when the Social Hours start going again. Plonker!

I went to look for a place to sit down and have a nibble and drink of water from my bottle. The benches along the roadway were occupied, so I went on the front toad and had a look down there. Aha! Spotted an old-fashioned divided cubicle seating box, without a single person sat in it!


Please note, that I didn’t take the photo above, I got it from the web the following morning when I came to make this blog. It did not look in the least bit like the above when I photographed it, this is what I saw, and decided not to take a seat there after all.


Skeggy has many similarities to Nottingham. The Street Art, the lack of Policemen (Didn’t see one all day) and dangerous disability scooter drivers and pavement cyclists!

So, I stood leaning on a balcony and got the water bottle and nibbled a bit of the pork pie crust. Blooming marvellous taste! This made me try a pieced of the inside. Even better! I have to admit, I have never eaten any pork Pie with a better tasting pastry. And this includes the Melton visit when I got a Melton Mowbray pie, and any Pork Farm Pies I’ve tried. By gum, I’ll have to come to the coast each week now when I fancy a pork pie and want the best! Hehehe!

I wandered down to the central amusement grounds and got some photographs of the people enjoying themselves.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

12Rides01This one looked like it was a bit scary to go on. I noted the way that the blokes tried to look nonchalant and calm to impress their partners. Haha!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Having seen enough of these young, fit people without hearing aids and with partners and family, I departed and went to the water chute, to take some photographs of the participants coming down the chutes.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was tired out now and imagined the others would be the same. I was hobbling to the pick-up point and saw Jenny, Frank, and one of the trippers from our party sat at an al-fresco alcoholic imbibing table. I joined them, and we had a good old-fashioned chinwag.

I’d had a good day, and appreciated that Hippy Hilda had given me rest after a bad start. 14WTripBut that is because of Jenny’s thoughtfulness and planning.

The bus arrived, I got settled into the single seat allocated to me by Jenny, and commenced nodding-off and waking again, then off into napping mode.

I did get woken-up by just one stab from Hippy Hilda, but this helped me to take this, what turned out to be a decent shot of the sky as the minibus took us all on our way home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m afraid, I had to say a quick cheerio to them all, as the wet warm sensation appeared in the lower regions. Boy, I was lucky the blood didn’t flow earlier on the bus, that would have been embarrassing! I felt a bit guilty rushing off after such a good outing.

When I got in the flat and wet room, oh, heck! Things must have been bleeding for hours to get the PP’s so drenched. Somehow I hadn’t noticed? I put this down to my being concentrating on Skeggy’s attractions? Had to do a bit of softening before I could remove the PP’s. Being so tired this got me irritable. But it was not as bad as I thought, and cleaning up, medicating and recovering went very well. Had a wash and then got the clothes off and jammies on.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. I had to consult with the notes I’d made about the change in dosages, and I very nearly stupidly injected a Clexane hypodermic into my tummy, it was close, but I realised in time. Phew!

16PieGot some nosh hurriedly prepared, without any cooking involved, I was so weary.

A piece or pieces of the pork pie, gherkins and tomatoes. Bootiful!

Tired as I was, I ate the lot.

Gave this one Flavour Rating of 9.55/10!

Almost a WH01ba free day too!

Got settled and no TV tonight, just sat down and drifted off to sleep! Ah, sigh!


Inchcock Today Friday 17th August 2018: Clexane injections, INR & CHD blood tests – a very testing day. Hehe!


Friday 17th August 2018

Mongolian: 2018 оны 8-р сарын 17-ны Баасан гарагт

5Fri001b0340hrs: I stirred into mock life, waited for the brain to catch me up, moved to get out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, and off into the kitchen to made a mug of tea and got the Health checks done.

As luck would have it, I remembered about the CHD test later today, and that I was fasting until then. So I had to resist drinking the tea and sadly throw it away. Sob!

I got the Enoxaparin injection done first, get it out of the way, so as to speak.


I noted that the Sys and Dia had gone up considerably. This may be due to me having started the Enoxaparin, now called Clexane inj on the box, last night. I’ve to go in to see Nurse Ann at the surgery later. She is fitting me in and told me yesterday I will have to be quick, she will not have much time available for talking and gossiping. Oh, dear! That was me warned!

Aug 17aOf to the wet room for a wee-wee.

The Ironclad black biting mini-beetles had been out, and about last night, the Critter Kill had nobbled a few again.

Realising I had far less time to get things done, as the appointment with the Nurse was early today. I set about finishing off yesterday’s blog and got it posted off to WordPress.

WDPBL02a Then, started this page going, sorted the two bags for the waste chute and took them depositing them in the letter-box size lid, and returning to the flat minus a layer or two of knuckle skin.

 Then it was time to get the ablutions done. All finished, I a grubbling session, making as sure as I could, that I had not missed anything to take with me. Urine sample, the bus pass to get home with, hearing aids in and soon off out.

On the walk up Chestnut Way, I took these three photographicalisations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri006I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, WC and residents porta-cabin. Had a talk with Warden Julie, and out to take the photograph of what I assumed, was a fruit fly on the blackberries, as limped on.

I started my walk down to the bottom of Winchester Street hill, and the now familiar hobble left, up Mansfield Road over the crest and down into Carrington and the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

5Fri006aI let myself drift from worries and fears as I wallowed in the beauty of nature this morning. The sun was out, the wind was blowing, and somehow, everything seemed to look incredible. Planes taking holidaymakers away, or maybe bringing them back?) The insects buzzing, the birds squawking and singing… it was fine and dandy.

WDPBL02a Then I slipped of off the kerb as I went to cross the road. Klutz!

5Fri006bGoing up the hill, the customary Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist threatened as he shot by me.

The plates were stinging, but Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna, even Hippy Hilda were all being kind to me.

As I approached the surgery entrance, I mused over yesterdays farcical happenings but felt sure it could not be that bad again. Ahem!

5Fri007I got in reported to the receptionist and sat down taking out the crossword book.

Shortly after Nurse Ann arrived calling out my name. This reminded me of the TV series ‘It ain’t half hot mum’ and Winsor Davis.

I meekly followed her to the treatment room and handed her the urine sample tube. “Why have you brought this today?” Silence for two seconds, then followed with, “It’s Monday when you need to bring this for the CDH checks!” She then smiled, and said, “I’ll check to see if it will keep in the fridge, hang on, keep your finger on the cotton wool!” Ann checked something on her computer and said; Yes that will alright. A certain confusion followed.

So I do have to go back again on Monday, another mile walk to cope with. She logically pointed out, that the DVT will most likely want another INR blood sample anyway on Monday when they have analysed this sample and got your reading.

WDPBL02a I thought this week I’d called at the surgery more times than I’d gone home. Hehehe! Thanked her and went off for a hobble to the Lidl store to see if they had any more of the shortcrust biscuits yet. I was almost wailful, depressed even when I was told they are not stocking them again! I got some nibbles for the trip out tomorrow.

5Fri009I left and went to the bus stop to catch a ride back to Sherwood.

My beauty-appreciation mode took over again.

The sky was gorgeous. I stood looking up at it and got the camera out. A car alarm activated and three ankle-snapper future villains ran from between some parked cars on the side street and ran away. I’ve no idea what had occurred. But it took me away from my appreciation of nature mode!

5Fri009aI got in the bus shelter and put down the bag on the floor.

WDPBL02a I realised how pale and insipid the skin was on my hands.

I suppose it has been like that all day, but I hadn’t noticed before.

Come to think of it, if my blood INR is as low as the 1.1 which it is, means it is thicker, then it will not flow properly, I think. The extra Warfarins I had to take and the Clexane injections to thin the blood to avoid a stroke or heart attack might have had an effect on the colour, maybe, perhaps? I confused myself trying to work it out, now. Hehe!

Caught a bus, it was packed with passengers, and I had to sit next to a bloke, how could I describe him for best… Do you remember Giant Haystacks, the wrestler? Haha!

I got off of the bus a stop earlier so I could investigate if the Continental food store might have some of the shortcrust biscuits or similar on sale. They didn’t, but I got some vanilla wafer biscuits to share on the bus in the morning with the other residents going to Skegness with me. And, for myself, I found some expensive, but hopefully really-tasty lemon shortcake biscuits! I am not sure how many folks are going on the outing, I understand many of them have withdrawn from it?

I hobbled up to the bus stop and waited for the L9 bus, I would have been unable to walk back up Winchester Hill with how I was feeling, the feet mainly the problem.

WDPBL02a About eight other Winwood residents were on the bus when I got on. As we got off, I pretended to be a bus conductor and shouted out “Winwood Flats, all alight here for 5Fri010Winwood flats!” Only two of them laughed. I did feel a plonker, no idea what made me do it. Thank heavens some of those on the bus not from the flats laughed along with me.

The Willmott-Dixon lads were hard at work, along with the melee of delivery drivers, plant machinery etc. as I made my way along Chestnut Way.

5Fri011At the end of the road, a pantechnicon lorry had been forced to park in front of the garages. It must be a nightmare for drivers here.

I pressed limpingly onward, and got in the flats and to the elevator foyer, pressed the call button.

The lifts, according to the what floor the cage is on signage, were not moving anywhere?

5Fri011aWhile patiently waiting I saw a notice on the board, that nearly had me laughing out loud.

Considering the number of drugs I’m on at this time, indeed never been on so many at the same time before, it tickled me.

Eventually, the lifts came into action, and I was up in the flat having a much-needed wee-wee in no time.

I got the mushrooms in the saucepan on a low light. Kristadellens, mushrooms and seasoned potatoes with tomatoes and gherkins sound a good idea for nosh later.

I put away the bits I’d bought and got on with updating this post.

Stopped to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

5Fri012WDPBL02a Then I got doing the Clexane injection. And boy, did I get it wrong. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I hurt myself putting it in, and this left lingering sting for hours.

Also, a sensation of, I don’t know the word I’m looking for. Like a stinging pain that felt metallic – that’s not possible, is it? Ah, well!

5Fri35Just about to get the meal prepared and served up, and the door chime rang out. Nottingham City Homes engineer to check the smoke detector.

Finally, I got the nosh. 8.8/10 Flavour Rating given.

I fell asleep in the chair with the food tray at my side.

The landline flashing light woke me up.

WDPBL02a Got a call from the cardiac clinic. Stop using the hypodermic, until further notice. He said something else, but I could not hear what it was, after asking him twice to repeat himself, I think he said that DVT will contact me soon.

Fell asleep.

The landline flashing light woke me up.

WDPBL02a DVT, with new Warfarin doses. 2 tonight and Saturday, 1½ Monday and Sunday – another INR blood Test on Tuesday. Arrgh! I informed the lady that it involves an hour walk for me to get to the surgery and I have made four trips in five days. Also, I have to go to see the nurse on Monday for my CHD checks, and asked if it would be possible for me to have the INR blood test at the same time? No problem. I pray she remembers to tell the surgery of this fact.

I fell asleep.

The landline flashing light woke me up.

WDPBL02a A bloke with a foreign accent speaking. No idea what he was saying. I put the phone down.

5Fri013What does a bald-headed short, plump, deaf, short-sighted, overmedicated, losing his marbles, but harmless old chap have to do to get some rest?

Got to get up early enough in the morning to get things ready for the Skeggy trip. Tsk!

But all the hassle and medications proved to be too much for me to get back to sleep. I lay for a few hours, annoyed and frustrated, then decided at 0300hrs to just get up, update this blog, start Saturdays then check the things needed are in the bag.

Did the Health checks and nearly forgot and injected myself with the Clexane needle. So to avoid any Whoopsiedangleplops again, I moved the new and used hypos into another drawer. At least when the INR plays up next time, I’ll have some syringes ready to use.

5Fri014I found out where the odd fluttering noise was coming from, by cunningly putting in the hearing aids. Clever you know! Hehe! It was the wind blowing the plastic sheeting outside the window, really loud, so I assume I may have this to contend with the winds on my hobble around Skegness later. It was almost cold in the flat as well. Not in reality, but perhaps with it being a little less warm after being hot for so long? Combined with the effects from the Clexane injections, might be a reason for this.

I got the computer on and updated this diary. 

Ablutions all done and readied myself to get off to the minibus and a day out at the coast.

Hope it goes well. TTFN each.

Inchcock Today Thursday 16th August 2018: Medical problems – Ironclad biting mini-beetles problem and –


Thursday 16th August 2018

Maori: Rāpare 16 o Akuhata 2018

0420hrs: Woke up with the head filled with fears, frustrations, and confusion. Confused over the two DVT telephone calls and what I have to do next after the two calls from the hospital, Will Duodenal Donald ease off. How do I reduce the content of the Enoxaparin needle before injecting it? Will I make it on the Skegness trip, and can I get someone to help in ringing the surgery for me?

I rose out of the recliner and got the computer on, to check the emails in case any had come from the anticoagulation DVT people. None had, but I got an email from the doctor’s surgery.


This means today. So again I’ve got to go out when I feel so tired and weary in the afternoon, to fetch the medications, I assume to be an Enoxaparin syringe – hopefully, filled with the right amount of dosage for me to prod into my stomach. Hehe!

I made a brew and carried out the Health Checks. The machine worked the first time.


Pleased to see the weight had, at last, stopped going up. Even if it is only short-lived and temporarily.

I got on with finalising the Wednesday post. Took me two hours, but I got it done and posted off to WordPress.

I was about to start on this blog, and the much anticipated and overdue summoning to 4Thu01the Porcelain Throne arrived abruptly.

WDP001c This brought about an entertaining few minutes for me. Twenty seconds to complete the messy evacuation, two minutes to clean up afterwards, and fifteen minutes or so, strategic planning and battling the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles!

I got eight of the Ironclads caught on the stick thingy on the Critter Kill card. But there were two dozen or so on the shower area floor. I nabbed one, but having got down to get him or her, by the time I got back up, the others had scattere4Thu02d. To where I don’t know. Humph!

I decided to try and make up another of the traps and was well pleased with this one. I got it about right, I think.

I left it in the corner of the shower.

Washed my hands and returned to the computer.

4Thu06Just about to begin this blog for the second time, and the intercom rang.

Edward from Morrisons with the order.

He said it was raining heavily outside. Nice chap Edward.

Got the things into the kitchen and unloaded them into the cupboards and fridge, which was 4Thu08now a little unkempt and certainly full up again. Shame Mode Adopted!

Trust the rain to fall when I have to go out to fetch the Enoxaparin and book an appointment with the nurse for the extra blood test.

I sent an email asking for an appointment.

After clearing the fodder away, I noticed how the rain was still falling and the kitchen windows had gained some new light brown coloured blotches on the outer cellophane coverings.

4Thu05The wind sounded as if it was up as well, the plastic sheets were flapping about.

I was surprised to hear the hoists coming up with the workers in this weather.

Maybe, the rain will clear off some of the blotches so I can see out of the windows a bit for a change?

4Thu03Once again, I made a start on today’s post.

The rain looked to be set in for a while yet.

Then I went on the WordPress reader pages.

Moved onto the TFZer Facebook to catch up on events, post piccies etc.

Went for a wee-wee, rinsed and then got yesterday’s diary updating started. Took me a long time again, the old concentration was 4Thu07not at its best yet. Many errors needed correcting. Got it completed and sent off.

Cleaned and put the small potatoes in the crock-pot with some sea salt, malt vinegar and mint in the water.

The rain had eased off by the time I went off to do the ablutions.

4Thu09WDP001c A much larger Ironclad black biting beetle was found swimming in few drops of water that were left in a basin I use to clean the sponges in.

The little scallywag was probably having her morning shower? Hahaha!

WDP001c After I’d have my shave, I picked up the flannel to find another Ironclad 4Thu22black biting beetle, Knocked at it while holding the facecloth over the WC bowl. It fell in the water, and just climbed out, up over the edging and down to the ground. 

I didn’t have the heart to kill the brave little fella.

4Thu10WDP001c Getting in the shower, I spotted several Ironclad black biting beetles high up on the curtaining. I knocked them off and swilled them down the shower drain. It took me a while, there were a fair number of them.

They will probably climb back up when I’ve gone.

Sorted the black bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

WDP001c I was all ready now, I went out of the front door with my bag. Then back in the flat to change into my long distance glassed from my reading ones. Shlimazel!

Down and out into the now sunshiny morning. Avoiding getting knocked over by the traffic somehow, I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, hut.

Had a natter with Obersturmführeress Warden Julie and Warden Deana. Always cheers me up, having an unserious chinwag and laugh. And I had some more at the bus stop with Cindy, Jenny, Shirley, Josie, Frank and some others, for a few minutes or so before the bus arrived.

4Thu12I dropped off at the bottom of Winchester Street, and took the same route as yesterday, along Mansfield Road, up and down the hill into Carrington. (which, as I found out later, I will be taking again in the morning, Tsk!) The plates-of-meat weren’t half stinging, but Duodenal Donald was a lot easier, and Anne Gyna only bothered me the steep parts of the journey.

4Thu13The young Nottinghamian gentleman Pavement Cyclist who was freewheeling down the hill I was climbing up, really is a naughty boy, passing by me so close, too! ‘If you are too scared to go on the road, you shouldn’t be cycling in the first place, Mush!’

OVer the hill and down right to the Carrington Pharmacy.

WDP001c I went in and explained what I had come for, the Enoxaparin that an email from my doctor’s surgery informed me they had sent to you. A bit of a kerfuffle ensued between the three assistant and the pharmacologist. Another lady came to me to check my birthday, while the pharmacist stayed as usual at the back, offering me an occasional glare and sneer, that indicated his indifference and annoyance at this old twit bothering him again. The lady returned several more time to ask me questions, nicely though, bless her. No signs of irritation emanated from her whatsoever.

WDP001c After a good ten minutes, the same lady returned to me again. “We have not had any communication or information about any prescription for you!” That really cheered me up! Haha! But my EQ told that on this incident, the staff were not in tarradiddle mode, and were being honest with me. So I said I would walk back to Sherrington Park and find out what’s what. At the back of my mind, I thought it might have been my error somewhere along the line).

4Thu13aaWDP001c Went into the practice and explained everything to the receptionist. All about the email that someone sent from the surgery, the phone calls I’d had from the DVT and Cardiac units at the QMC and City hospital, the changes in the Warfarin doses, etc. A locum doctor joined in trying to investigate what had gone on that caused the failure.

WDP001c The other receptionist joined in the what I perceived as phonus-bolonus that was going on in an attempted cover-up or blame passing tactics? Then Nurse Ann joined it. My EQ knew that something had gone wrong with the prescription procedure in some way. The dark stares and quiet voices shared between the staff, said a lot to me.

Eventually, Nurse Ann spoke to me, asking if I can get to the surgery for 0900hrs in the morning, Just what I need, another mile and third hobble for the third day on the trot! But hey-ho, she was trying to help) she would do the extra INR blood test and the CDH blood test and urine, etc. at the same time, thus saving me going in yet again for the Monday test.

She took me into her treatment room and spoke with me, saying nothing about what had gone wrong, but she did say she knew what had caused the problem. I thanked her and gave her some nibbles.

4Thu14I departed and walked back to the Carrington Chemist, once again with a prescription that Nurse Ann had given me.

WDP001c Mr Sneerer, the pharmacist, withdrew out of sight into the back out of view when he saw me enter the shop. Grumph! I handed the pleasant lady the prescription, and she was giving me the Enoxaparin (Later found to be Clexane injection syringes, but I suspect it is just a different trade name for the same medication?) within I minute – 40 seconds? A dubiousness came over me!

Late now and I was getting into the falling asleep mode, but I had to pull myself out of it, for I had a lot to get done still before the day had gone

WDP001c I went into the Lidl store to see if they had any more of the delicious shortcrust biscuits, but they had not. Sob! I just got some wafers to top up the nibble box and a packet of Assam Tea, for only £1.56. Paid at the self-serve till.

4Thu15Out and on the bus back up to Sherwood. I arrived there with about half an hour to go before the L9 was due in. So I called in three charity shops and had a look to see if any had a DVD copy of ‘The Negotiator’ on sale. None had. So, up to the bus stop. Caught the L9 and back to the flats.

The place was busy again. The Willmott-Dixon lads were busy everywhere. Especially on the 4Thu16Winchester Court, doing the cladding.

In the centre, the new extra-care block was coming on leaps and bounds.

At the end of the Walk, I could see Woodthorpe Court, a welcoming sight for my tired, burning, aching feet. The thought of my having to limp along this journey again for the third time in a row tomorrow, which means me having to get up earlier than 4Thu17usual as well, did not inspire any confidence in me. Hehe!

WDP001c As I hobbled along Chestnut Walk home, there were new signs on the road and pavement, even on the grass verges all the way along. These were location signs for electric and water pipes and lines that need the ground digging up to lay them for the new unit.

4Thu18New trenches were being dug in readiness for the water and electricity companies to make a start on the task.

I painfully tried to increase my rates of knots of hobbling, to get into the flat before there might be a risk of leakage from the lower regions. 4Thu11Hehe!

I got around the lorry without too much difficulty.

Into the flats and had a much-needed short-sharp-wee-wee. Made it in time.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks and took the midday medications.

4Thu19Then got out the prescription and read the paperwork that came with the Enoxaparin.

There were two double-sided dirty-great sheets to read. Not that I understood much of it, mind you.

Nothing like the ones I used last time the INR was too low.

4Thu21The needles seemed more prolonged, but thinner to me.

I skilfully (I thought anyway), injected the flabby tummy while pinching the wobbly flesh as instructed. Then took a photograph my pretending to be sticking in the hypodermic in the same area with the now empty of contents needle. Clever eh? Cause I couldn’t take an actual picture of the process, with only having two hands you see. Hahaha!


They require to have two shots a day now. I’ll have to take one along with me along with the usual medications on the trip to Skegness on Saturday. So looking forward to this day out. Just hoping the ailments don’t bother me too much, and that the plates-of-meat cope alright with wandering around. Oh, I must remember to put some PP’s in the bag. At this rate, I’ll need to take a shopping trolley with me. Hahaha!

I got with updating this blog for… wait for it… six hours! What a klutz!

Got the lamb and potatoes into the oven.

4Thu22Checked the area where I’d injected myself. I was most surprised to see no bruising like when the nurses did the job? With it being called Clexane and not enoxaparin as the main title, might be the reason for the lack of bruising? Not that I’m complaining, mind, it’s just that I get the feeling I might have injected in the wrong area of my wobbly tummy? Hehehe!

I hope I did it right. I  can ask Nurse Ann in the morning if she’s got the time with already kindly fitting me in extra.

So tired, and the plates are still burning and stinging. And another walk to do in the morning. I’ll be too crippled to walk around Skeggy perhaps? I hope it is a comfortable bus we are going in, might get the head down then. Haha!

4Thu23Got the nosh served up.

A successful cooking session that took all day, actually. All the ingredients came together, you know, were ready at the same time for once. The baby potatoes were cooked in the crock-pot first, then removed dried and sprayed with butter oil and added to the minced lamb roasting in the oven.

The mushrooms were boiled slow and long with soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. The swede parsnips and onions were cooked separately with lamb seasoning, then added to the pan. The sliced potatoes were done in the oven at the same.

I can smugly claim a Flavour Rating of 9.45/10 for this effort. Hehe!

I got the pots in the washing up bowl soaking and settled down to watch some selected TV programmes.

Fell asleep!

Inchcock Today Wed 15th Aug 2018: Warfarin Blood Test. Shopped Again! DVT Clinic Rang, I’m not doing well! Ironclad Beetle punch-up. Hospital rang me back again new instructions. Enjoyable Chinwags today, though!


Wednesday 15th August 2018

Norwegian: Onsdag 15. August 2018

Whoopsie O1A 03:30hrs: After dreaming I had woken up a few times during a bit of a nightmare, I did arouse myself for real. I knew this cause I was half on – half off of the antiquated rickety £300 second-hand recliner, and banged my toe on the Ottoman as I retrieved the hanging off of the recliner, leg, and foot. Tsk!

I found myself in an amazingly calm submissive frame of mind. I decided to raise my torso from the recliner and get the Health Checks done. Then the brain started its usual wandering off on its own incongruous fretting, worrying and panicking style, considering and investigating, almost inventing problems, and nervously failing to come up with any explanations, suggestions or solutions.

Finding myself in the kitchen, before I did the Health checks, I had a hunt around in search of any Ironclad black biting mini-beetles. Finding not a single one!

Whoopsie O1A Aug18iI shook myself a bit when I saw the working first time Boot’s made in China sphygmomanometer’s results.

Sys 168 and the pulse at 101!

Seems my insides are cooking with gas this morning? Hehehe!


3Wed02I took myself off to the wet room for a short-sharp wee-wee.

No call to the Porcelain Throne yet?

I did spot a few of Ironclad black biting mini-beetles when I returned to the kitchen, though. Did they seem to be loitering with intent? Soon it looked like a scrap had broken between them? Haha!

Got the Tuesday post finalised and sent off to WordPress, then more Windows updates arrived. Oy Gevalt!

Went on to the WP reader, and yet again, there was some excellent blogs work on it.

0530hrs: At this point, some weird, outré sounding noises emanated from somewhere. Inside or outside above or below, I could not tell. They only lasted a minute or two. Reminded me of distant ghostly, howling, wailing, voices a bit?

I made a start on this diary. Then got the ablutions tended to. Not a single Ironclad beetle in sight. What’s going on here? Haha!

Made up and took two rubbish bags to the waste chute. Then got ready to go out, carrying a bag of recyclables down with me, leaving it near the caretaker’s door.

3Wed04aThe Willmott-Dixon lads were busy working away again.

A bit nerving having to walk on the road, with all the plant, lorries vans, and cars using the narrow Chestnut Walk, along with the old pedestrian tenants. Willmott-Dixon had supplied monitors to supervise, though. So, I managed to get to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, telling Inchcock off Zone, things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed, safely. This time, Hahaha!

Arrived at the hut, and greeted the extra strong lager drinkers on the bench with a good morning, and got a similar reply. A good start that, having a mini-natter, cheered me up somewhat.

Nipped in to see the Unterscharführeress Warden Julie and Oberstgruppenführeress Deana, reminded then about the Ironclad Beetle infestation and had a talk and giggle. I asked if they knew how Roy was going on. He is okay. Cheerios shared, and off I limped on my hobble to the surgery.

3Wed05Halfway down Winchester Street hill, the traffic had built up.

The queue had all but cleared within a minute, and by the time I’d got around the bend, it was clear of any blockage.

Doesn’t it irk you when you don’t know what the cause of the jam was? Tsk!.

3Wed05aWhoopsie O1A As I walked through Marshall Street. A naughty monkey of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist almost caught me as he sped by me on my left-hand side. Humph! The scallywag!

On to Mansfield Road and up over the crest and down into Carrington I plodded.

I was genuinely pleased with the progress I made today. I didn’t have time as I’d typically do, but it seemed no time at all to me, and there I was at the doctor’s surgery.

I reported to the patient, kind new receptionist, and took a seat. Got the crossword book out and as I opened it to have a bash at some clues, my adorable, sweet nurse Nichole arrived and called my name out. Put the book back in the bag, and I followed the Angel into her treatment room. It was such a pleasure to see her again! ♥

Whoopsie O1A As we walked, I reached into my inside pocket for the DVT record, and realised I had not got it! Shmendrik! Then I recalled getting up yesterday, thinking it was Wednesday, not Tuesday, picking up the log, then put it somewhere while I went for a wee-wee, remembered it was Tuesday, and I will not need it, then forgetting about it today. Bit of a mouthful that. Sorry!

The pulchritude ridden Nichol did my blood, and we had a catch-up chinwag. I showed the picture of the Ironclad beetles, amazing! She has the same problem at her home! We did larf! Hehehe!

Aug18N3Whoopsie O1A She did the blood taking, then said to me; “We (The GP surgery) have been contacted by the Nottingham City Hospital Management, and been informed about your (Me) going to the haematology department for the blood tests. This is not allowed, you must come to this surgery for it!” “Can I ask you why you went there?” (All spoken in a none-threatening tone!)

I explained about my not being able to get an early appointment with the surgery, and my falling asleep and getting tired so much earlier in the day now, means I can’t get things that take me a lot longer to do nowadays, done.

Nichole said the same as on the last two occasions I’d been admonished for doing this. She would put a note on my computer file asking for an early appointment. As if it had worked before? Ah-well! I thanked her, gave her a nibble bag and dropped some biscuits off for the reception staff as I left.

Went over to the chemist to confirm the date for the next prescriptions, and wrote it down in my crossword book cover. The pharmacist gave me the eyes up in the sky glance and tutted. Huh!

Off to Lidl, where I came out considerably less well off. Ha!

3Wed06Caught a bus into Sherwood. Met Shirley and Cyndy there and we had a gossip. Cyndy told me the Social Hours have been cancelled until September. Shame. We all got on the 40 bus, Shirley and me getting off on Winchester Street top, and walked back to the flats. Having a talk en route as we both struggled up the hill.

I called in the hut and dropped off a packet of shortcrust cakes I’d bought. They were half-3Wed07price, so I shared one. Gorgeous flavoured! Yet another natter enjoyed.

Back to the flats and caught up Shirley, one more chinwag enjoyed. Must be a record this, I love em!

Took the photos on the right.

Got in the flat and put the fodder away. Had a wee-wee, Still no signs of any Porcelain Throne activity needed?!?!

Did the Health Checks and took the medication doses.

Set about updating this blog for three hours straight! Concentration was not good for some reason.

Whoopsie O1A The landline chirped. It was a chap from the Nottingham City Hospital DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis unit. Apparently, over the last six months, my INR Warfarin blood test results, have only been within range for 36% of the time. Something must be done about this he said. Then commenced to ask me many questions, which he listened patiently to the answers to. In the end, he said to take my evening medications at 1600hrs, and do not get stressed. He will consult with someone or other, and get back to me. I thanked him.

Not getting stressed is not really an option at the moment. The death-defying walk along the footpathless Chestnut Walk every day going out and returning home. The beetle infestation, The dirt, noise and hassle from the upgrading. Which can’t be helped. Along with Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna getting frisky with me, are a few reasons for this. The chap who rang is aware. Cause I told him, also that it will be a good few months yet until it is all done and dusted. The upcoming balcony pod being fitted, the dreaded electricians and plumbers to install the sprinkler system… Sod it, I’m getting myself all uptight now. Tsk!

I got back to updating this blog, and a single voice emanated from the Health Alarm, it just said ‘Hello’, then nothing else.

I got the mushrooms on in the saucepan and the oven heating up, then checked the potatoes.  I’m getting tired again, and it’s getting late now.

3Wed10I did the last Health Checks.

I got a tin of stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce from Lidl earlier. With minced pork inside. I’m looking forward to trying it later on in the month. I have a lot of dated fodder to eat first.

I opened the packet of the Shortcrust biscuits and put them in an airtight container, after nibbling one of them. By gum, they are good!

Still no indications of any need for the Porcelain Throne today. Worrying that, Hehe!

Got the potatoes in the oven.

Carried on with doing this post again.

Then got the meal served up.

4Thu21Apart from the tomatoes, everything else was most stomach warming and taste-bud tickling.

I settled down and tucked into the mini Lincolnshire sausage feast with relish.

Duodenal Donald seemed to ease off at last after I’d eaten my heart’s content.

Washed the pots, leaving the saucepan to soak for a while.

Into the recliner chair and nodded off.

Whoopsie O1A The blinking light from the landline phone woke me up, and I struggled out of the £300 rickety second-hand recliner and got to it before it stopped ringing. A second call from the DVT clinic, someone else about the low INR level.

I scribbled down notes, that I’m afraid are confusing me now, reading them afterwards. I think; I have to take 4.5 Warfarin now – 2.5 Thursday and have another INT test on Friday. Also, (according to my scribbled notes) I have to inject 05.9 of Enoxaparin now.

I’m grappling with my confusion, to understand it all. Being half-awake when the second call came, did not help.

I’ll have to ask someone to call the surgery for me in the morning… oh, and the Morrison delivery will be here too. I’m struggling now.

Got the head down. Laid fretting for hours. Humph!

Inchcock Today Tuesday 14th August 2018: Ironclad black biting beetles on the rampage! Tsk!


Tuesday 14th August 2018

Polish: Wtorek 14 Sierpnia 2018

1Mon2303:30hrs: When I woke up, I lay there still tasting the seasoned baked beans and American Style sausages I had for nosh last night. Might the seasonings have been a little over the top after all? Hehe!

Despite Duodenal Donald still lingering in the innards after 15 hours of hassling me, I felt a glow from within, of fullness. I don’t know what this means, but it is how I feel.

I remained in the crumpled up position precariously on top of the £300 second-hand recliner, and the thoughts, fears, and intentions started to come into the brain. Luckily as fast as they came, and the next one followed, I’d forgotten the previous one. Bonkers innit?

WDP001c A wee-wee was called for, so I disentangled my ever increasingly heavier-each-day body mass from the recliner, and off to the wet room. Picking up the camera on the way, sure that the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles would be waiting for me. The few that were showing themselves scattered so quickly, I could not get any photographs of them. Tsk!

I got the Health Checks done first. Results looked fair-enough to me, apart from the weight of course.


2Tue05I want to get to see Sister Jane, take her some things she wants. But things are busy at the moment again.

Got to wait in today for the Iceland delivery, if it comes. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the Critter Kill thingies, to hopefully temper the Ironclad beetle infestation. I bet it arrives when I’m at the blood test on Wednesday!

Oh, and Friday, I’ve got the CHD test at the surgery as well. Must remember not to eat or drink after 2200hrs on Thursday.

Saturday, the trip to Skegness. Reminds of Pete treating me to a day there when I got out of the hospital after the heart op.

I think I have a Morrison order coming on Thursday as well, I’ll check now.


Ah, the CHD test is a CDH test, and it is on Monday next.

Things seem to be coming together at the same time.

Back on the computer. Got yesterdays post finished and posted off. Then started on this one.

2Tue02fWDP001c A tummy rumble, out of the computer chair and into the wet room, speedily on the Porcelain Throne – yet again, just in time! All over in seconds, apart from the cleaning up that was needed. Talk about loose!

There were a few of the fearless Ironclad black biting mini-beetles over the floor this time. Too small to photograph clearly. It must be the kid beetles play time. Hehe! Not a single large one in sight?

Duodenal Donald seemed to be relenting a little, but now a cracking headache behind the right ear hole came on. I’m getting fed up with all these ailments. But come to think of it, I’m still alive to have them… yes, I feel better about them now. Hahaha!

2Tue07WDP001c Wiping out a bin I’d just removed the bag from, and a larger sized  Ironclad black biting mini-beetle was inside under the bag. Huh!

Put some photos on my Pinterest site.

Then went onto the WordPress Reader site. Once more, there was a lot of good readable post on it.


I got the next week’s dosage pots made up. And, without dropping a single tablet or packet of medications! Smugness Mode Adopted!

Time to get the ablutions tended to and had another hunt for the Ironclad beetles.

A few baby Ironclad beetles that appeared had to be flushed down the shower drain, and while I was showering and prettifying my 2Tue07bmagnificently sculpted torso. Or right, forget that bit, I fibbed!

I set out with a shopping list in the bag with the nibbles, umbrella and odds and ends of detritus.

Chestnut Walk was a right traffic jam once again, now that the Willmott-Dixon lads are working once more.

2Tue08The Nottingham City Home van had to reverse a few hundred yards to allow the incoming white car to get to find a parking space. That being the only one available after the NCH van had just vacated it.

Good job that the Willmott-Dixon builders had supplied a yard marshall to keep things flowing, in a fashion.

2Tue08aI took a picture of the centre new build extra-care block being built, and the Winchester Court block, with a lovely sky background.

When I arrived in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin, I spoke with OBergefrieteress Warden Julie. Ah, I nearly forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself on my blog. Suffice to say, we spoke.

Only about six tenants were in the place, but we had a good natter and the odd laugh anyway. Others joined us, and we amalgamated with the smoker tenants who were already at the bus stop.

WDP001c We shared greetings as I got on the L9 bus with, Josie, Pete, and John. I was so deep in chinwagging, I had to be reminded to press the bell, or I would have missed the stop! What a Yutz!

I enjoyed the talk and laughs.

2Tue09I set off along Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop, only a short walk to get there.

You can see the Aldi sign in this photographicalisation.

I noticed a Chinese Takeaway in the first row of shops. I pondered on treating myself one night. But do they deliver? I could see no sign mentioning this.

2Tue12aI was soon in the Aldi store in my element, looking at and buying fodder! Hehehe!

I came out with two bags of shopping and £15.51 lighter in my pocket. Klutz!

The sun was out, and a nice breeze was blowing as I left and walked further along Woodborough Road, to Sherwood Rise.

2Tue10As I turned to go down the road, I stopped to put the bags down for a moment or two. The plates-of-meat were giving me agony!

I noticed the beautiful sky, which did not collate with the abandoned, rubbish-strewn, rat-infested tatty old car showrooms below. While I was standing there, a giant brown rat actually came to the fencing to have a sniff around. Ha!

2Tue11With a degree of guilt, I looked down at the bags of shopping on the floor between my legs. But they’re not a single thing bought that I would consider an impulse or luxury buy!

Apart from the belly pork, the luxury pork pie and the cooked Polish and German cooked meats.

Did I make a mess of explaining that? I did, didn’t I? Hehe!

Limping along down the hill, the feet now causing me even more hassle, I once again put down the bags to take a photo of the skyline. When I got home, I trimmed this failed panoramic shot to look like this. Slightly a decent shot methinks.


Down to Chestnut Walk.

2Tue12Not exactly a welcoming site is it?

No pavements are available on the right-hand side. Risk life and limb to cross over to the left side, where there is a pavement, for a couple of hundred yards. Then no sidewalk or footpath any further.

I met tenant gal from Winchester court, enjoying a strong cider with the also lads on the bench near the cabin. I stopped and greeted them. Gave the girl a choice of nibbles from the bag, and a most delightful entertaining nattering session ensued. Walked with Doreen back to the flats and had another chinwag. She is not very well, chesty coughing, and wanting to stop smoking. It’s not easy, I know. Tried to cheer her up.

When we got into the foyer of the flats, May and two other tenants were sat there. I was well-spoilt today, one more nattering session. Handed the nibbles out. We were all concerned about how Roy was going on, I’ll nip up and call to see him later on, hope he is coping alright. I can ask them if they need anything from the shops at least.

2Tue12bGot in the flat and put the food away.

I decided on belly pork, mushrooms and potatoes for nosh tonight. I split the muffins and wholemeal bread thins in half (2) into two bags and got them in the freezer.

So, with the potatoes in the crock pot still from earlier, I got the mushrooms in the saucepan on low and warmed up the oven for the belly pork later.

Aug 14bI set about getting the photographs ready to use updating this post.

Hours later, the doorbell chimed up. Yahoo! 

It was the postman with the Critter Kill Cards. Now I prayed they will work.

WDP001c I tore off a strip as instructed on the paper. After manipulating, Aug 14dbending and sticking as advised, I’m afraid it did not look like the picture on the graph?

Excitedly I took the box and camera into the wet room. 

Where I found a group of about six young looking Ironclad black biting mini-beetles on the shower floor and took a picture.

Aug 14eI noticed a beetle on the sink. I got a tissue and crushed it, then I dropped it back on the sink, and it was still alive!

Had a sort-sharp-painful wee-wee and flushed this beetle down the toilet. My attention returned to the Critter Kill box.

Guess what?

Aug 14ddThe dang Ironclad black biting mini-beetles had vanished. I was hoping perhaps to find some stuck in the Critter-Kill box, but no, it was bare of beetles inside!

So I left the one box in position, washed my hands and went to check on the mushrooms and potatoes.

I went up to see how Roy was doing. I’ll take him a bottle of Lucozade like we used to with neighbours who were poorly many years ago.

WDP001c No one in or answering and the door was locked. Shame, I hope Roy is okay.

Back on the computer now. I made a start on putting pictures on Facebook.

2Tue12dGot the pork in the oven. Laid out the plate with tomatoes, gherkins, beetroot, sugar-snap peas and red onions. Mushrooms potatoes and belly pork to add yet, I’m making myself hungry. Haha!

Got the fodder served up.

A mega taste-rating of 9.55/10 granted to this culinary effort.

Aug 14gPut the dishes in the washing-up bowl in the sink, and did the Health Checks.

Went for a wee-wee, not the usual short-sharp painful type this time, it was a long-sharp painful one. Tsk!

Just the one ironclad beetle in the wet room on the floor. The trap had not attracted any of the beetles to suicide yet!

I returned to the kitchen to find Ironclads all over the place. I cleaned around the edges of the base units, getting down and back up was another pain-producing job, and Duodenal Donald kicked off. When I cleaned the cloth, the bowl of bleach and washing-up liquid water was inundated with swimming and a few dead Ironclad black biting mini-beetles! A photographic record of the mess I had to contend with:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone tells you retirement into a part-time aided complex is going to be relaxed, restful and peaceful, your showing dubiety, dubiousness, incertitude, scepticism, and suspicion would be a wise reaction.

For anyone telling you that if you dwell in Winwood Heights Village, that peace of mind and restfulness will follow; will be fibbing to you. Humph! Hehe!

Last Health Checks and medication taking completed. 

Tired, drained, aching and with Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and now Arthur Itis all giving me grief, I got into the £300 second-hand rickety and on its last legs recliner, and turned on the TV.

2Tue15aThere was an old 1958 film on channel 81. The Trollenberg Terror. I had not seen it before. But it must have been the height of skillful filmmaking at the time. I watched it with great nostalgia, and despite the ailments, I was enjoying it.

Then Arthur Itis and Crampy Craig both had a go at the fingers on the left hand. Nothing unusual in this, it occurs every night lately; but this time it stayed for ages, and I almost cried out in response to the pain! Hope this doesn’t happen again, I’ve got enough ailments to cope with already, thank you very much!

At this rate, I’m going to be shattered by the time the Saturday day out in Skegness gets here. Tsk!

Tomorrow it’s the surgery for the blood test, 1000hrs appointment.

I tried to watch another film later, but I had to give up, just could not stay awake.

Then began a night of dreams I could have done without.

TTFN each. Have a good and enjoyment filled day.

Inchcock Today Monday 13th August 2018: Under-Cover Photographicalisationing in the City Centre, today. Hehe!


Monday 13th August 2018

Punjabi: ਸੋਮਵਾਰ 13 ਅਗਸਤ 2018

03:35hrs: Once again a different person wakes up in the rickety shuddering £300 second-hand recliner. Gone, were Anne Gyna and Reflux Rogers incursions, but Duodenal Donald was still having a go at me. Shame. Because apart from the plates-of-meat, no other ailments were of concern at all. After I had the above thoughts – the innards suddenly started to rumbled and grumbled and I had to escape the recliner and get to the Porcelain Throne as soon as was humanly possible.

During this visit to the Throne, I did not see any of the Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles anywhere. I was discombobulated and engaged my How-why-is-this-real Mode. My EQ told me not to get too excited about this, though!

Another messy affair. Requiring plenty of cleaning and aeration after the event. Hehe!

I got the Health Checks done. Took my medications and


1Mon001The sphygmomanometer took a few tries before it worked.

Might be like me, ageing and getting tired? Haha!

Notwithstanding Duodenal Donald’s harassment, I felt in the mood for satisfying my obsession with the written word. Which even surprises me, considering my lack of education. I spent my schooldays avoiding being beaten up! Leaving school at fourteen years of age, but I used to write poetry from an early age, just a shame I didn’t know more words then. I’m waffling again, sorry.

I had an idea for a funny post about this week’s thoughts and problems. So, I got straight on with the ‘Inchcock’s Thoughts’ post and got it done relatively quickly for me, Smug Mode Adopted!, sent it off.

I turned my temporary new found enthusiasm to good use and got on to finalising the double-post of the weekend completed.

 A little satisfied with my efforts, off I turned everything off and went to do the ablutions.

WCplaster No longer confused, but somewhat gobsmacked when I got in the wet room! Argh! Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles were everywhere I looked on the floor, in the sink, on the WC lid, around the floor cupboards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d have run out of battery on the camera if I photographed them all.

WCplaster Had a bit of bad luck when trying to get me back upright after collecting a few that would let me, up in some tissue. Now the flipping left knee has started to play up as much as the right patella. And, as well as, and besides, the beetle killing pads have not arrived yet! Grr!

I resolved to go out today, to buy a spray bottle to use, so I can make up a mixture of the Zoflora Citrus with some caustic soda in it, and give them a blast with that later. Got my paddy-up now, they have! I’ll throw a tantrum anytime soon! Hehehe!

Aug 13Got the washing and brushing up over with. And after the shower, I had to get rid of some more of the damned Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles down the drain. I suppose with their resilience, they’ll just climb back up when I’m gone. Tsk!

WCplaster Got changed and ready to go out. Went into the kitchen to check things, and shiver-me-timbers, another beetle in between the cellophane and outside glass was spotted!

1Mon06I took the black bags to the waste chute and returned to the flat to get the bag and brolly, taking the recycling bag down with me.

In the few moments it took me to drop off the bag, and walk a few yards to take this photograph of Woodthorpe Court and part of the new Extra Care Build, the sun had been in and out several times.

1Mon07I noticed Roy in front of me with his four-wheeled ankle and chin destroying trolley.

He did not look very good from a distance, bless him. A bit wobbly on his pins.

The traffic was in a bit of a jam near the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus porta-cabin.

As the black car went through and when the van in the background got through – he hit the wing mirror of the transit in the foreground and knocked his own off!

It must be a nightmare trying to drive on Chestnut Walk, with the manoeuvring room being so limited.

A bit of a gangle of residents going into the shed, I see. I passed by the alcoholics on the bench with there extra strong lager and offered them a good morning, and they replied with one for me, bless ’em!

I got in and chatted with wardens Obegruppenfürheress Deana and Standartenführeress Julie. Then had a wander around the fellow tenants, trying to cheer them up and offered them some nibbles I had in my bag. Roy needed gentle handling, poor chap did not look very well at all. His better-half was a bit concerned about him. I pray he can soon get feeling better. I told him I knew he was poorly, cause he had not insulted me and I’d been in the room for ten minutes. It raised a bit of a smile with him. I hope things go well.

Welsh Bill made up with the insults, though. We did have a laugh between us.

Out to catch the bus, and a few jokes were shared. Got on the bus and took the crossword book out. Did a few clues en route. (Smug Mode Adopted again).

1Mon07bGot off, like most of the others did, on Upper Parliament Street.

The nippier than me passengers who got off (all of them, hehe!) shot off ahead if me.

You can see in this picture, the L9 bus that we all had just alighted from, off on his way to town.

I noted the new road marking lines that had been done, while the new tarmacking took place on Saturday.

I called into the Wilko Store. Came out with sealing bag clips and two Citrus body-sprays. I could not find any sprayer bottles, though.

So, I called in the nearby Poundland shop. I came out of there with a fair amount of stuff: Mini-pork Pies, American Hot Dogs, Chocolate brazils, Sunflower hearts, and some spray bottles, and a pressure sprayer bottle. All bought for £11.

As I hobbled on towards Clumber Street West, I followed an NCT street cleaner vehicle. Pedestrians scattered as the driver kept a steady slow speed. But, he got the job done, bless him.


1Mon07cAS I passed the end of Clumber Street, I took this picture.

A police car coming my way seemed to almost shock the Nottinghamian pedestrians.

Well, let’s face it, there are not many about nowadays!

1Mon09As is usual, this street was well used.

On the corner of King Streer, which I went down to get the Slab Square for a photographicalisationing session, the new white lines were more prominently showing up.

The sky kept changing from bright sunshine to 1Mon10clouding over regularly.

Still earlyish, so not many people were on the beach or amusements.

I smiled at this giant deck-chair with Mum sat in it, on her mobile phone of course. Obedient looking Dad nearby, and the ankle snapper enjoying himself.

1Mon11The second picture of the beach was surprising to me. So many folks and only two on their mobile phones. Far left and far right)

Like to see the nipperoonies having a good time.

I had a hobble around the square, noticing a few smiling Nottinghamian faces on the way around the perimeter.

1Mon13Not many, mind!

Walked down to the church and back up towards the Council House up Exchange Walk.

WCplaster Limping up the walk, I suddenly felt a little apprehensive for some reason, and could not understand why. But it was a genuinely sad moment or two for me, it felt like I had been isolated from everyone else. Peculiar sensation, I can tell you. But it had vanished into the ether by the time I got to the top of the hill.

1Mon14As I crossed over South Parade, I spotted some Nottingham Street Art on the steps up to the Council House entrance.

I realised that all those £75 on-the-spot fines that could have been handed out, if only they had not cut back so on the Community Officers numbers?

Ah, well!

1Mon17As I cross over the front of the Council House steps, I could hardly believe what I saw!

WCplaster This van and trailer just drove through the pedestrians without slowing down although he was not going fast at all) and once again the Nottinghamians had to move out of the way. If any of them had been hard of hearing, I doubt they would have heard 1Mon07dhim coming from behind them! Grrr!

I poddled up Queen Street to the bus stop.

Getting a tad dark now, but still, no precipitation falling yet.

Met a lady at the bus stop and we had a chinwag. Bus on time, and we were soon back at the Winwood Heights mayhem. 

I fell asleep on the bus, but miraculously I woke up as it was stopping on Chestnut Walk. Phew! Hehe! Lucky me!

Had a wee-wee. Then got the sprayer filled with Zoflora Citrus, Lavender antiseptic, and Caustic Soda. And set about Ironclad black biting Mini-beetle hunting in the wet room!

1Mon18WCplaster What a mistaker-to-maker!

I bent down close to a few of the many beetles, and fired the spray gun at them, full of determination!

The bottle leaked and the contents spilt all over my fingers and hand. Instantly turning the pale skin to a deep blue, and it stung a bit.

Worst of all, the damned beetles weren’t bothered in the slightest!

I caught a couple of the scallywags in a kitchen towel. Struggled to get back up and clouted my elbow on the edge of the door in doing so. Dipped the hand in the sink of water, where luckily I’d left the face cloths soaking earlier. Put some cream on the digits, swore, cursed and had another wee-wee. What an old Eizel I am!

Cleaned up, and got on with updating this diary.

1Mon16 Took a break from computing, and got the Health Checks done.

The simple nosh was then prepared, seasoned baked beans, American Hot Dog sausages in the saucepan.

Took the evening medications.

While I thought of it, I did the monthly battery check with the Nottingham City Homes control room, via the panic-alarm panel. All okay.

Went for a wee-wee, and the flaming Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles were out again in the wet room. Only about ten or so, but they still annoyed me.

Back on the computer, I looked for and found a message from Amazon about the delivery of the insect traps.


The workmen’s hoists are busy up and down at the moment, and the sunshine has come out and stayed out currently.

1Mon15I checked on the seasoned baked beans and sausages. I hope I get it right this time.

Back to updating this blog again.

Got this far, then went on the WordPress reader section.

Some brilliant post on there today.

Popped on the TFZ Facebook page.

Got carried away with there. It is now beyond my head-down time, and I have to sort out and eat the meal yet.

1Mon23Well, the flavourings in the sausages and beans came out alright. Here’s what I put in the haricots, just in case you fancy trying it… better not though, I might have forgotten some of what went in or got a seasoning wrong. I think it was:

BBQ cooking sauce – mustard, demerara sugar, distilled vinegar and tomato passata. Very slowly simmered for three hours. I did it for three hours because I forgot it was on the stove while I was getting into the computerisationing, Tsk!

I slowly savoured the bowl of beans and American style hot dog sausages. It took me an age to get through it, and I left a lot of it. So my plan to eat really slowly (I read it somewhere or other) did make me eat less! Getting the saucepan, cutlery and bowl washed afterwards took me even longer. Boy does this stuff stick to the pan and plates. Hehe!

2Tue04 Did the Health Checks, had a short-sharp wee-wee and gobbled the medications. Had a rinse and settled down, fully aware that it is so late, to watch the first episode of the newly arrived from Amazon, Hetty Wainthropp DVD.

The starting page was in Dutch. But, the same format and layout as other DVDs, it was easy enough to follow.

I was over the moon to see that it had as advertised, sub-titles (The reason I bought the thing!) and pressed to look at the options… Which were; Dutch or no subtitles!

My enthusiasm and short-lived seconds-long contentment were shattered! Destroyed, crushed and replaced with a self-pitying, loathing and frustration.

I viewed the first episode, which I have watched many times, and a lot of little bits had been cut out of the original. Most aggravating!

Nodded of as it moved onto the second episode.

I wonder if I should sell my later year’s life story: ‘A Nottingham Pensioners life story of exhilaration, excitement, pleasure, delight and joy?

Maybe not. Hahaha!

Inchcock’s Thoughts of the Week in Rhyme




The ironclad-min-biting beetles, I’ve had to avoid,

They’re quick, and refuse to be destroyed,

Nowhere left that I’d not disinfected and scoured,

They move faster than flipping Concord!


Failed efforts to conker them, left me losing my sanfroid,

Fly spray, bleach and boiling water utilised and deployed,

The result? Next day, an even bigger-beetle hoard!

I ordered from Amazon, beetle-killing pads, effective I was assured,

When the van arrived it had none on board!


Soon I was hindered, and very annoyed,

Liberty Virgin Global, left my life in a void,

The internet connection was again destroyed.


Curses and oaths emanated from my thyroid,

So often, I was frustratingly forced to be internet underemployed!

I wished I had in my prescriptions, something made from Opioid!