Inchcock Today – Monday 20th August 2018


Monday 20th August 2018

Hebrew: יום שני 20 אוגוסט 2018

0145hrs: My expergefaction revealed my mind and body to be in fine form. (I think) Gone was the tiredness and fatigue that suddenly hit me last night. A semi-positive approach for me was adopted. I thought I’ll get the laundry done now! And, by Jiminy-criminy, I did. The things were already collated in the bag, all I had to do was pick it up and go down in the elevator to the laundry room. Got some togs on.

1Mon01aI nipped outside and took the bag of recyclables to the bin.

The maze to get there is now a bit more complicated and circuitous, with new barriers appearing and the layout altered a bit.

Still, it stops us old uns from getting bored, doesn’t it?

1Mon01bBack inside and got the clothing in the washer and put it on economy mode.

I popped outside again, cause it was very nice out there, not too cold and only a little bit of a breeze gently blowing.

I leant back, looked up and shot this photograph of the front of the Woodthorpe Court block of flats.

WDPBL02 Might not have been a good idea to lean back with my head up, I got a Dizzy Dennis attack! What a Schmo!


Back up to the flat.

As I pictured the automatic electronic signing thingamabob on the wall next to the lifts, it just started to change to the next image.

I saw the Nottingham City Homes were holding a Fun Day for the senior residents. Midday to 0400hrs, too late for me. It is in Bulwell as well, two buses to get there and same again back.

1Mon06Took the medications, and realised I had missed last nights tablets.

So, with it being early in the morning, I took them. Now I must remember to take the morning ones later after the PM ones have time to absorb into the body mass.

Did the Health checks, and made up last weeks recorded results.



Time to go back down and move the things to the dryer. When I got the old toothbrush out of the draining board drawer to clean the dirty filter, the brush was damp, it was soaking wet inside the drawer? Someone had made one of my favourite personal habits and left an odd sock in the machine.

Got the dryer going and back once more to the apartment.

1Mon07I observed a new sign on the notice board and got the camera out of my pocket to record this incredible offer. Hehe!

I nearly forgot again, that I was fasting and made a mug of tea. Well, I did make one. But didn’t drink it.

I cried as I threw it down the sink, and put the biscuits back in the cupboard. Hahaha!

1Mon05I got the weeks daily medication pots sorted and filled.

Then began on updating the Sunday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

I had the slightest of possible tiny ‘Phutt’ of air escape from the rear end. I thought I’d gassed myself, what a mephitic perdurable pong!

By then it was time to go down and collect the 1Mon07bwashing.

Folded up the few bits I’d laundered, cleaned the drum, filter and casing and was on my way back up in the lift in no time.

Made a start on this blog.

Crickey, I’d love a mug of tea! Huh!

An hour or so later, I went off to visit the Porcelain Throne. Not such a messy job this morning, but oh boy, was Harold’s Haemorrhoids in a state. Bleeding badly and now after the evacuation, painful too. Bit of medicationalisationing called for after I have my shower methinks!

Got caught up to here, and went on the WordPress Reader section. Tons of good stuff on again today.

 Went to the TFZ Facebook page.

Must get the ablutions sorted out now. Also, I must remember to get some Assam tea bags and some of those lemon biscuits, (Ahem!) while I’m out in Carrington.

1Mon09Grubbled about making sure lights were off, and taps too etc.

WDPBL02 Then went to check the kitchen, to find that I had eight black biting armoured ironclad not-so-small-today beetles in the bowl of soapy water and bleach in the sink. I swear they were swimming! I ran boiling water over them and rinsed them down the plug-hole, but one of them still ran up the side of the sink so quickly I could not catch the Click, Scarab, Oedemerinae, or Weevil, whichever breed of beetle they are.

Took the black bags to the waste chute and a sauce bottle down to recycling bin near the caretaker’s room on the way out.

Met Alice and had a chinwag, then had a few words with the caretaker. Gave the alco’s sat on the now moved to the front of Woodthorpe Courts bench, a wave. Nice chaps.

1Mon11Walked at a fair rate down Winchester Street.

Stopping to take this picture of the beautiful berries that are coming into fruit and bloom so early this year.

Onto Mansfield Road, there were too many Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist to bother thinking about photographing them all this morning.

I dropped into the Continental Food Store and bought some of the Lemon flavoured biscuits.



I got in the Sherrington Park Medical Practice and logged in with the receptionist.

“Chambers for CDH and INR blood tests.”


“Yes.” I handed her my cardiac medical card.

“You are not down for any appointments.”

“Oh, dear, have I made another faux pa?” – “You were booked in for a CDH check at 0830hrs this morning!” – “Was I?” “As luck has it, we’ve just had a cancellation so we can fit you in!”

I then waffled on about the calls I’d had on Friday from the Hospital, and them telling me I need another Warfarin INR blood test today. I asked if they had informed them, and I got a negative reply. This is going to please Nurse Ann, I thought as my whole body momentarily shook in anticipation.


I was unbelievably annoyed with myself!

I sat down feeling very coy and bashful until Nurse Ann came out to collect me, then the coyness and bashfulness turned to sheer unadulterated fear and panic! Hehe!

WDPBL02 When I got into the treatment room, I realised I’d not taken the DVT record card with me either! God, please open the earth and let me fall in!  I fawned, kowtowed, cringed, crept and crawled as best I could, with me shaking in worriment. I sensed her antipathy and apologised super-grovellingly.

She was very displeased with my weight – I have to cut down on sugar content foods – I have to cut down on salt – I was reminded that I have to avoid brassica, aubergines and pork pies (Argh!) and anything with a high content of vitamin K in it.

Many others points were made to me, but my despair at my failings this morning had semi-blocked out some of the conversations.

I departed after leaving some nibbles, out into the sunshine outside, my head spinning and my self-hatred growing.

1Mon12I the far distance, I saw the sky looking like a mushroom cloud was rising.

I pressed on into Carrington and called at the Lidl store to be sneered at, ignored and put down by their staff, as is usual for me when I spend some money with Lidl.

I bought a large potato to bake with the out-of-date cheese back in the fridge at the flat. Fresh tomatoes and a packet of  Assam tea. Paid at the self-serve checkout without any cock-ups, and left without a single insult or dirty look being given to me!

WDPBL02 Caught a bus into Sherwood. It was packed with passengers, and a flaming woman was sat on the old folks and disabled seat with her bag on the cushioning next to her! Uncouth woman! So, I had to sit on a side-saddle single drop down seating. This was not too much hassle for me, but getting up the ultra-low chair caused Arthur itis to kick off in my knees, to get off of the bus. Huh! As if the plates of meat weren’t giving me enough pain, already!

I had a bit of luck then, cause I arrived at the bus stop in Sherwood with about five minutes before the L9 was due in. Two lady tenants were waiting there when I came, then we had a little natter while waiting.

I sensed that Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding again like yesterday. I blame the mini-bus ride perhaps?

So, I got to the flats as quick as I could from the bus stop on Chestnut Way.

WDPBL02 I needn’t have bothered rushing. When I got to the elevators, both lifts seemed to be toying between the 9th and 15th floors for ages. A little ganglet of residents had gathered by the time one of the cages got down to the ground floor. We all squashed in – which was not a bad thing for me, cause we had a laugh between ourselves that I enjoyed, and it took my mind off of my rear end situation. Haha!

I got in the apartment and to the wet room. A bit of cleaning up then medicationalisationing, and I was soon feeling much better.

1Mon13I went through to the kitchen in search of my first mug of tea of the day.

WDPBL02 The bowl I’d left with the hot water in it earlier, again I had a couple of the black biting armoured ironclad not-so-small-today beetles residing in it, once more looking to all intent and purposes like they were swimming.

I emptied the bowl and got rid of the insects. Put the kettle on and made a mug of Assam tea. Put the biscuits and tomatoes away while the tea-bag brewed.

Blow me, another black biting armoured ironclad not-so-small-today beetle had got him or herself in the now emptied of water bowl again! Grr!

1Mon10Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I may be getting paranoid about these beetles. I thought I saw another one, but it wasn’t one. No idea what it was, mind.

They don’t shed there ironclad shells do they?

I got the oven heating up and put the giant potato in and set the timer for an hour and a half. Put the cheese out of the fridge to use later.

Started to update today’s post.

Went on Facebook to catch up with the photographs.

Did the Health Checks and medication taking done.

1Mon23Got the potato out of the oven, halved it, burnt my fingers, scooped out the flesh into a mixing bowl. Added about two-ton (Hehe!) of grated extra strong red cheddar, a sprinkling of malt vinegar, a spray of butter oil and onion salt and bashed the living daylights out of it.

Returned the mixture to the oven to brown off for two more hours or so.

I thought of the TFZers who I know like cheesy potatoes, cause they said so. Marie, Nancy, Pat, Lillie, Lona and Lyzzi.

I had to rate this one as being one of the best ever. Gave it a 9.55/10 Flavour Rating.

Tired and drained again, I stayed in the chair watching TV in between nod-offs.

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  1. I envision Nurse Ann coming out to collect you looking like Dr. Frank N. Furter in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, giving you a despicable look and saying “I see you Ssshiver with AnnnticiPAYtion!” You are a bit of a naughty boy for getting Nurse Ann riled up — “NOoo sugar Sugar! NOoo K Okay! And cut down on the salt!” Sounds like she gave you a bit of a tongue lashing. Do you know the song “Whip It” by DEVO? Lovely looking low K meal. Happy to hear it was most enjoyable after your devilish day. Do you know the song “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin? You may want to look that one up if you don’t know it.

    • If only I had the courage, I’d repeat you witty quotes about the nurse. Hehe! Mustn’t complain, she was far more pleasant than she usually is.
      “Whip It” by DEVO? and ““Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin” I’ll have to look up later, Sir.

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