Inchcock Today – Tuesday 21st August 2018: Early Whoopsidedangleplops kept me entertained. Haha!


WPA02aa Tuesday 21st August 2018

Icelandic: Þriðjudaginn 21. ágúst 2018

Pain, Agony, Faux Pa’s, Mistakes, Memory Loss & Aches and Stings!

0325hrs: I woke up to the immediate and critical need for a wee-wee.

WPA02aa I discovered I had been nocturnally nibbling, as I extracted my Falstaffian body from the £300 second-hand creaking recliner when I knocked over the food tray from last night with the cheesy curls crumbs and two empty bags.

WPA02aa It got worse then. I trod on the TV remote control as I stood up, this made me jump a little, and I stubbed my poorly toes on the Ottoman. Then knocked over the waste bin as I hastened to the wet room.

WPA02aa Where things got even worserer. The wee-wee turned out to be another short-sharp-painful affair, and the fungal lesion was bleeding badly. My spirits were not high. Tsk! Medicated the injury as best I could, considering the agony I went through in cleaning things up. Then the need for a Porcelain Throne session arrived.

WPA02aa Oh dearie me! The evacuation itself was one of the easiest I’d passed in weeks. But Harold’s Haemorrhoids had never been more agonising and burning-stinging since I first started to suffer with them! No bleeding much at all though, just what seemed to me to be extreme discomfort! I put this down to the uncomfortable and painful bus trip last Saturday. Thank heavens Jenny sorted me out and got me moved to a far less hurtful to the lower regions seat, Bless her cotton socks. And yesterdays hobbling to the surgery.

I cleaned up again and got some of the Germoloid cream generously applied.

Then another short, sharp wee-wee was taken. Hello, I don’t like the look of this repeated urinating. And I haven’t had a drink yet either? I had a quick rinse and back to the recliner to start cleaning up there. Too early to use the vacuum cleaner.

Got the Health Checks done. The results looked fine.


Made brew and took the medications. Then tool a photograph of the kitchen window and spare window of a balcony on the corner across from my flat.


The mess and disturbance continue. And all this started about a year or more ago, I think. No end in sight yet. Humph! However, we must put up with it, and those of us who manage to live long enough will get to see the results. Hahaha!

I got the computer on to update and finalise yesterdays diary and sent it off to WordPress.

Then I went on to the TFZer Facebook page and put photographs on and read/replied to some comments.

Its already gone 0630hrs already, now.

While doing the blogging, I had to have four more short-sharp wee-wees?

I put the Nikon camera on power-charging and visited the WordPress Reader section.

Then on CorelDraw to create some page headers for the diaries. Another three hours lost, but I got some graphics done. Not all that I needed, but the lousy energy drain and weariness had come on again.

I’m going to do some gammon and tomato passata with a couple of slices of the sourdough bread.

I hate it when this losing drive and tiredness come on so suddenly.

2Tue26WPA02aa I shall not be repurchasing the reformed gammon steaks.

Not that they didn’t taste okay, they did.

But what few teeth I have left, went through a right battering trying to bite into the bacon!

The meal lasted longer than any other ever has done. You try sucking on gammon steaks. It takes a long time! Hehehe!

2Tue24Put the TV on, and I let myself fall asleep. Into heavenly restful sleep!

WPA02aa Minutes later, there I was dreaming of a young lady I knew in 1959 and enjoying it; And a rude awakening took place. The workmen started banging and drilling outside the balcony windows. I had the curtains closed, but knew they were making a start on fitting together the balcony pod. 

No chance of any sleep now.

I turned the TV on and was surprised to see that an old Roger Moore film was had just started. ‘Gold’. They don’t make em like this anymore! The script was terrible, the acting not very good. And, I enjoyed it so much! Hehe!

I got to watch this film to the end. Of course, this phenomenon of my not falling to sleep was thanks to the horrendous noise just four feet from where I lay on the £300 second-hand recliner.

3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 21st August 2018: Early Whoopsidedangleplops kept me entertained. Haha!

  1. Yes, some of those old films can be highly entertaining! I enjoy them for the way they reflect the mores of the time they were made, what aspirations people had. Of course, before the special effects people got really good at what they do, films and television programs had to use actual plots to fill in the time because car chases, believable space effects, and massive explosions weren’t available to do the same. A prime example of how the story overcame a lack of acting and high quality sets is the early Doctor Who series. The stories carried the show! And, really, was the original King Kong believably realistic? LOL! The dinosaur fight reminded me of two plastic dinosaurs being banged together by some giant invisible child. Yet the film was entertaining.

  2. Seven whoopsiedangleplops. Lucky number there. That’s a rather plain looking presentation of food. Cheesy old movies can be mighty entertaining. We don’t watch movies much anymore. I hadn’t watched a movie in over two years before our flights to and from Paris last month. I managed to get through four movies from start to end. I started about a dozen movies and turned them off because they were too stupid, boring, and just plain bad. Even trapped in an airplane for 10 hours, my ADHD made it hard for me to get through a full-length movie.

    • I didn’t realise that there were seven of them, mate. Not my lucky number though. Three would have suited me betterer. Hahaha!

      Fatigue overtook me when I made this nosh.

      I have watched more movies this year than I have ever done. No, I lie! Sorry about that. I have fallen asleep attempting to watch more movies… Haha! All old movies of course. I’m still searching for a DVD of the Negotiator. For some reason, this computer does not like me watching long stuff from the web? Or I’d try to find it on something.

      You did well with the films I think. They had The Guns of Navarone one for three nights last week. But I could not get through watching again, although I enjoyed it when it first came out at the cinema in 1961. The local flea-pit called The Grove, costing me 1/3d in the better seats. Blimey, that is 6p in today’s new money. Don’t know how to convert this to US dollars, but I’ll try on Google. I got 0.08c?

      With your ADHD and my DOTS, I reckon we do well. Hahaha!


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