Inchcocksi – Tuesday 28th July 2020:

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Tuesday 28th July 2020

Maori: Rātū 28 Hōngongoi 2020

03:00hrs: Within minutes of waking up, I’d ignored the nagging worry of something, whatever it was, I knew I had to remember this morning (Tsk!), had clambered out of £300, second-hand, c1968, none-operational, rusty, rickety, uncomfortable recliner, caught my balance, and with the aid of the four-pronged walking stick, I found myself in the kitchen. with the window open, with camera in hand, taking photographs out of the window of the morning views!

Nowt outstanding in this, I know. But I had to guess the getting up procedure I’d just done, due to a memory-blank. I really could not recall doing anything up to this point. The ailments are starting early this morning?

I went to get the kettle on, but it already was on. (Oh dearie me! – Hey-ho!) Then I got the sphygmomanometer and took the blood pressure and pulse. All the figures looked good enough for me. I used the stick thermometer, and it showed a figure today, of 84.4°, which I also think is good. The inner body seems to be doing okay, now if I can control the mind as well, there still may be hope for me. Hehehe!

As I began to download the photos from the SDCH card, the belated demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived from the innards. No messing about, I hobbled-hastily to the wet-room. But the solidity of evacuation prevented any movement, despite my having a go at the crossword while waiting and hoping for some activity.

So, off I limped to the kitchenette and partook in a mug of Macrogol in warm water. Then back to the computer, and started to download the pictures of my trip-around-Nottingham, to the computer. There were a few of them to sort out and remember about.

And, guess what? Yes! Down went the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet site! I did a Google search for any current problems and found this. Not the sarky first graphic, I made that up myself, Humph!

If Virgin, along with British Gas, would allow me to leave them, I would! But they get away with lying and giving wrong or dead links to use for this! The Swine! 

A beautiful morning, though!

I left the computer alone, as I got another call to the throne, so I went off to the wet-room zone, alone! (The poetry comes free, folks, Hehehe!)

By Jiminy, that Macrogol works quickly!

The legs looked fine this morning!

A bigger than a normal dollop of an evacuation started, along with the agony, bleeding and a little cursing on my behalf! A few words invented as well, like… ‘Eeerogleardamn’ and ‘Ooo, oo, argh!’ An awful lot of cleaning up and medicationalisationing was needed. Glunglegnatsworth!

 I got back to updating again when the internet returned. Then went on Facebooking.

Guess what? My viewing figures on WordPress, have dwindled suddenly? From 120, down to 58, and now 7? I’m worried if I’ve done summat wrong?

I finished and posted off the Monday blog (7 views only? I’m losing heart here!) Then went on the WP Reader section.

Humph! Then. the net disappeared again! 

This time for only a few minutes, though. Thank you, Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet!

Disheartened, I went to check on the mushrooms in the crock-pot. As you can see in the blurred photograph, I had to jump back as the steam came flying out!

That’ll teach me to be more careful! Haha!

My Brother-inLaw, Pete, who had his first treatment for the Big-C, yesterday, sent me a photo of the gear he got sent home with! Cor, Blimus! I replied, making him a belated Honourary Member of the ‘Official Medicationalisticalised Pill-popping Person’s  Association’. Well, it made him larf he said! Hehe!

My beloved Nurse Hristina arrived as I was cleaning the electric fire-front. She was obviously in a bit of a rush, but found time to give me a few minutes nattering session, which I appreciated no-end! I told her of the Podiatrist farce, but not complainingly. She offered to move the crunched-up carpet for me when she noticed I got a bit entangled in it with the stick, but I thanked her and declined. And sadly had to let her go, cause I could that she needed to, a busy gal! ♥

When I got back on the computer, Tsk!

I decided to do a Google check on the other internet suppliers as well.

I was suspicious when I saw a similar pattern to each one? It seems to me, to be one of the biggest cons since decimalisation! I assume the red dotted line, indicates the average speed, or complaints, for the given time? Liberty-Global, being the lowest?

I took a shot of the end car park on Chestnut Walk, from the balcony. I wouldn’t risk injury by trying to open the lethal metal spring clip, that needs pressing and pulling at the same time to use. (A fitter actually trapped his finger on in last March! Honest!) So I hung out of one of the front windows as far as I dare. Mainly to get the photo of four read vehicles for my cyber-mate Billum Ziegler, in Ohio, I think. Hehe!

I made up some waste bags to go to the chute, and made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea… and had to shoot back off to the Porcelain Throne, in a panicky rush!

How embarrassing, I didn’t get there in time! I felt so ashamed, guilty, and angry with myself! I blamed myself as well, I shouldn’t have taken the Macrogol so hastily. Still, it proves that it works. After a lengthy cleaning up session and medicationalisationing, I was a different person when I got back to the computer. The enthusiasm had gone. Whatever I’d done wrong to get so few views, and now this Porcelain Throne stigma and disaster had got to me. 

Then I heard what sounded like a car horn being pressed angrily, it sounds like it was right in the room, to my left? Was it the alert alarm box, the light on it had gone off? Someone outside on the road, I looked outside from the balcony, but could see nothing untoward? Checked that the landline was still working, that was fine? on it. The Virgin box still had lights lit on it?… Then I heard what sounded like someone breathing out and it was loud? It came from the area where the alarm, Virgin box and telephone were situated? Gawd, I’m all confused again!

I got back to the waste-bag sorting and loaded the three-wheeler up, it couldn’t take any more bags. Hehe!

The wind was getting up as I waited patiently for a lift to arrive. Then I realised I’d left the camera in the hallway. So I nipped back into the flat to collect it from the radiator where I’d left it.

When I got back out to the lift lobby, I’d missed the elevator. So waited patiently for the tenants lift to arrive. The constructor-only lift came three times, and I had to send it back up, to get the tenants one to come to me. Ah, well, at least I got down, eventually.

I hobbled out of the lobby, to the waste bin. And as the recycling bags were smaller than normal, I coped with getting them in the small opening. I went into Smug-Mode! But not for long, when I realised I had not dropped the two black down the waste chute, so I’ll take them back up with me, on the way back and deposit them down the chute.

I waddled along Chestnut Walk, taking some photos, and popped into the new Winwood Extra Care Court.

Where the Wardens Holding Cells, Interrogation room, and office are located. To see Laptop Model, Warden Deana. There was no one in the office.

Not that it mattered.  I’d forgotten why I was calling in the first place. Thundeclumphead, that’s me!

I also suffer, with Ethonomia you know! Hahaha!

Another picture was taken on the way back. I did notice that the string wind seemed to be only around my Woodthorpe Court area?

I went in through the Caretakers door, and unfortunately, bothered Caretaker Robert, who was having his nosh! But he was alright about it. He took the black bags from, bless him. We had a mini-natter, and I told him about the NHS only treating people, well the NHS Podiatrists, with bad circulation in their feet. I said my farewells and went out to the ground floor lift lobby.

Another long wait. Several folks were in front of me in the queue. The tenant’s lift was moving twixt the 9th and thirteenth floors for ages! Then I spotted a note on the board, about a window cleaner who was calling on at Woodthorpe Court, on Thursday 6th August. We had to put out names and flat numbers on the form if we wanted him to call on us.

I nipped back and pestered Robert again, to loan, or should or borrow a pen so I could sign up? Signed, and took the pen back to the caretaker.

By the time I made it back to the elevators, two new tenants were there. The tenant and a construction worker got in the same residents lift together. Then it was my turn for the next free lift.

You wouldn’t believe how long I had to wait. The tenants lift again started going twixt the 9th and 14th floor, repeatedly. While I waited, the Constructor only cage came down to the ground floor about three times. Very confusing? Still, it was interesting!

I got inside the flat, stored the three-wheeler in the hallway, and got the kettle on (first things first!), made a brew of Glengettie. While I was in the kitchen, I eventually heard the landline ringing, I got to it as fast as I could, but missed it. Back to making the brew, and it happened again, and I was too late getting to it again!

I rang to see if it was Jenny, but no. She remembered the 1471 number, I thanked her, and tried it. The number ringing was 07786……. I tried to find who it was on Google. All I got as ‘Do not ring back: this is possible a scam or con! So I didn’t!

I had a moment or two of ponderisationing. The Morrison order is coming late today, 17:00 > 18:00hrs. And as I unslept the computer, an email came in from Morrisons, they do not have any egg mayonnaise! I let Jenny know that the flour would be here and roughly when. She asked me to phone her when it arrives, and she will nip up to collect it.

Well, no egg mayonnaise! Tsk! I’ll do an Iceland order methinks, and get some, also add eggs so when Jenny explains to me how to, I can make my own.

Done it!

I noticed the sky was so beautiful, I risked life and limb by taking a shot of it from outside the balcony window. But realised when it came to putting it on here, it was not so good as I thought it would be. Red-eye and I caught the window edge on it! Oh, well!

The egg-Mayonnaiseless Morrison order could be arriving anytime now.

I’m getting tired and have a feeling, I’ve forgotten something? Mmm!

When the food order comes, I’ve got to call Jenny, hello, she’s just sent me an email! I’ll investigate it. Haha!

Must stay awake, not nod-off, but the eyelids are getting heavy.

To tired to concentrate now, I might turn off Computer Cameron for a bit, or longer.

Oh, I’ve got some diabetic socks coming tomorrow, the longer ones. Of course, it’s been that long since I’ve worn any, it might be amusing using and injuring myself with the sock-glide again. Oh, yes!

Aha, the latest Coronavirus updates just come through. A little concerning,

Today: Additional cases on Tuesday 28 July 2020: 581.
The total number of COVID-19 associated UK deaths 45,878.
Deaths of people who have had a positive test result: 119 Additional deaths on Tuesday 28 July 2020.
Fighting off the fatigue, and I’ve got the nosh to do yet. Poor old thing! Hahaha! Can’t be long now, it’s ten minutes to the end of the hour for the delivery?
Then it dawned on me, as the hour of the delivery passed with nothing arrived yet. The call might have been from the driver to say he’d be late for some reason? But the magic red-letter warning from the Google inquiry, prevented me being brave enough to try ringing it. Oh, dearie me! 
Then I thought, oh, dearie me, (I do that a lot, you’ve noticed, I bet?) and wondered if he’s left the stuff outside the door? I went to check. Nope!
Gone 18:30hrs now! I phoned Jenny to let her know and explained the possible cock-up!
After I’d taken these shots across the sky, from left to right, from the kitchen window, and the glom got me down even more. I sat down to put then on here, and the late sun burst through?
I was battling against falling asleep still, and it was a right struggle-and-a-half, I feel the need to tell you!
The sun, shone through the balcony windows, and when I picked up the Nikon to put the SDH card back in it, it was so hot, I nearly dropped the camera! I had to close the blinds.
An hour and a half later, the Morrison delivery arrived. It was the driver who was ringing me earlier. Jenny and Frank, bless ”em came to help me sort the stuff out, I handed the flour over while they were up in the flat. ♥♥♥
I am now going to get meal cooked and will take the tale up again on the Wednesday post, cause I’m shattered
Food and sleep, seem my greatest needs, at the moment! Hehehe!.

18 thoughts on “Inchcocksi – Tuesday 28th July 2020:

  1. That first image with the alligators sums up life pretty well. Nice on the toenails. It didn’t sink in on the previous blog. A bit of a wild day.

  2. A tour de force, kind Sir! You have covered every ‘inch’ of the goings-on and backed everything up with photographicalisations from every angle and perspective. Honored to find my appellation Billum at the site so very much favored by red-car enthusiasts. We’re actually in Kentucky, but a mere 6 miles from Ohio — close enough for me then. Now I am just waiting for the internet frequented by the Red-Car League, to bring a little Holmesian flavor to my comment. Glad that the Mystery of the Morrison’s Driver concluded with full satisfaction. Curiously enough, I was a red-headed personage before my hair fell out on top, before the hair that remained turned silverish. I’ve heard it’s a function of aging. Hehehe 🙂
    Sorry for the late comment, I was otherwise engaged.

    • Thankum yer, Billumski.
      I wonder where I got Ohio from, luckily as you say, not very far away.

      I like finding time to see any red cars that have sneaked into the compound, for you, Sir. I shall try to keep you advised of any skullduggery I spot! Hehe!

      I recall many years ago, when the young handsome oncologist who oversaw everything, joked afterwards, something like ‘Well, I’ve saved you thousands of pounds on haircuts now, so I’d appreciate a few hundered quid as a back-hander!” (Big Grin on his face!) Hahahaha! Aparently, according to the last nurse to visit me, he’s still alive and giving occasional lectures at the QMC training centre! Blimey, he must be 90 by now!

      I understand perfectly about being ‘Other-wise engaged’ Sir. Despite my Porcelain Throne problesm reversing, from no-go, to Diahorrea Duncan overnight, it stills a chunk out oif me day eachj visit! Hehehe!

      Lisa, you and the keyboard Walking Queen, taketh care.

      • Doctor humor is in a category of its own, innit? Back in the 1950s, doctors still made home visits: familiar doctors’ bags, stethoscope around the neck, and so on. I shall call him Doctor Duncan 🙂
        Otherwise engaged seems to be something that even COVID doesn’t prevent. We keep the masks on and avoid the unmasked, particularly those folks who never ever don one and get angry at donners.

      • Memory prompting there, Billumski. When I stareted work ar fourteen, I was under a Dr Cooper, waistcoated, smoked his pip in the surgery, never rushed, and not very often right in his diagnoses. Haha!

        I’m glad your Maskateerier!

        I thought of Don Juan when I read don one!

        Cheers, Sir.
        Oh, I’m all behind and have not replied to Lisa’s email yet, apologise for me.

        Upwards and onwards!

  3. I belong to the black car league myself. Seems like many somber, dour persons join me there because black cars are muck magnets, proclaim “Wash Me!” like bratty toddlers. Of course, when bright and shiny, they proclaim “Move out of my way. I must be a high ranking governmental twit because I’m in a shiny bright black car!”

    I’ve been there, my friend. Barely reaching the bathroom but missing the throne by seconds! Ugh! Worse than cat messes, even! Much worse! Such are the vicissitudes of time, eh?!

    Hope you are doing well, or as well as you can these days. Alligators and crocks indeed!

    • Hahaha! Well worded, Doug! I lked that desciption.

      You weighed up the Throne problems betterer than I could, again, well put!

      I don’t think I’ve ever driven a black car, Doug. Many sickly colours, Pea Green Allegro estate, a silver four door allegro and Diahatsu Fourtrack, a pink Vauxhall Cresta, a Maroon Fiat Panda 4×4, an orange Renauklt Fuego, to name but a few, but no actual red or black, I think. Ah, I’m fibbing, I did have a Ford Fiesta in red, I tried not to remember that subconciously, I got made redundant just after buying it! Tsk!

      ♫See ya later Alligator, in a while Crocodile…♫ Blimey,. I’m going to have that song in my head for ages now. Hahaha!

      • I had a VW Rabbit (Golf) they called Phoenix Red, but I called Screaming Orange. An Audi was Agate Brown, but it looked suspiciously like the Bundeswehr staff car color.

      • Do you mean the Kübelwagen, Doug? Agate, Pheonix? Not that it will do me much good looking them up, mate, I’m colour blind on reds. I learnt that in 1959, when I went for a job, and the y found out at the medical. The job was as a guard on British Railways, I didn’t get it!

        Hahaha! I’ve remembered two brown cars as well, a Robin Reliant and a Ford Consul Classic, well, that was cream and brown, and got extra brown over time with the rust! Haha!
        And a sick-lime/green coloured Skoda Estelle. That was actually my first four wheeled car. After motorbikes and the several three0wheelers, that I could drive on the bike-licence. When I bought the Skoda, after many weeks, I realised I had not passed the test on the four wheeler, so did ASAP. You got my memory going Doug! Thanks cocker.

      • Actually, I was thinking that a non-rhyme would stop the tune from running in your mind. Earworms like rhymes. Advertisers like rhymes a whole heck of a lot. So, no worries!

      • Hehe! Clever stuff.
        It’s been a crazy busy day again, Billum. PLease tell Lisa I not ignoring her, and will around to replying as soon as I can to her nice email, for me, Sir. That much on, and not up to catching up… I think that’s what I mean, Hahaha! Ive b een up for seventeen hours now, and am still behind with everything.

        Not had anything to eat yet, Amazon slippers came late, SSShirley and Nicodemus have both been at me, Accifauxpas, Whoopsies, took a tumble… rest, a bit of rest would go down nicely, but maybe not, though.
        I think I like being as busy as trhis, it goves me a false impression that I’m… Gawd, I’m weary now, I’ve honestly forgotten what I was going to write!

        Sad, really. Hey-ho!

        All the best to the good lady and yourself, Sir Billumski.
        I’ll reply to Lisa a sson as I can, tonight I hope, bless her, I feel guilty.

        ‘Bad day at at High Ridge!’ Hehehe! Cheers.

    • I feel an affinity with Lisa over her issues. I hope she can get some catch up soon, Bill.

      Sunshine all the way today, here Billumski. Shame the day was such a rotten one.

      Talking about bowels.. oh, night owls, my mistake. Hehehe!

      Best wishes for you both, and a little peace.


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