Inchy: Saturday 25th November 2023

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Well, it beat me; why was it so dark?

Emptied the . I ventured into the kitchen to get the kettle on for a brew of Glengettie tea… but I didn’t make one as I got carried away when I saw the moon was clearly visible and fetched , I tried to take some decent shots on it…
Oh, dearie, not only did catch me out, but as I tried again, burst into a lively few minutes worth of shaking!
It may not resemble the planet, but I think this turned out to be an unintended masterpiece? Haha!
I gave it one last chance, a distance shot.At least I got an identifiable one. But I was disappointed in not getting a close-up of it again.

Computer on. Within five minutes…

Went on CorelDraw graphic making.
Aha, the internet came back on its own accord!
Two minutes later.
So, I had a go at turning everything off and restarting.
Sure enough, within two minutes, it was back!

Five minutes later…
I gave up and tried to clean the oven up a bit.
It’s surprising how my bad eyes can easily miss bits of dried-on gumph when scrubbing away in the oven.

Oiled the ear-holes.

Tried the computer again. Signal back on. I was so pleased that for the next 15 minutes, there were none of the Oligarchal failures. Then, as the Carer arrived…
The wonderfully reliable, cheap, friendly people of s, did so again. Currently, failures stand at
I’ve not recorded many because I had no internet to record them on. Hello…

I sorted out the waste bags.
How bad this is!

Got some small potatoes on the crock-pot. I added a good splash of sea salt and a sprinkling of the gorgeous-tastingseasoning. Not unlike Worcestershire sauce, a little less intense, but the flavour lingers on the tongue more.

Gotten Himmel…
Mostly liquid!.

Back on the computer…
With the smoke & mirrors, number-crunching, fact-fiddling, giving me so much time to curse, spit and throw oaths and curses on them, it also gave me a chance to try to see why they are getting into, by investment or buying them out, so many, most if not all of the European internet suppliers. And yet, they are proving incapable of maintaining a service connection? And are they ruining the reputation of all suppliers? You see, I consider they are doing this on purpose. Their ulterior motive is still a puzzle to me. Not why they are doing this, that is plainly obvious; To Make Profit! Oddly, one of their other purchased companies, EE, along with BT (Liberty-Global now the biggest shareholder in them), Vodafone and ‘3’, had connections available at the top of the list this morning. (On the computer wifi-rota) after Virgin went for the fourth time? I clicked on the EE connection to see what’s available hourly, daily, or weekly for the appropriate rates. Further proof of the double-dealing, money-manipulating, by the esteemed Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Liberty Global. Who took home a $64m salary plus bonuses in FY2, is behind the cunning plot to become financially focussed through blurring facts, figures, fallaciousness, fiendishness, foxy, and furtive by any means available to him! If they may read this blog for a laugh, note I have refrained from using fabricated, falsified, fictitious, flagitious, fibbed or flectional. Better let him know my dwindling bank balance is about what he earns in two minutes! Well, that’s for their lawyers if they decide to sue me, really) 

s, as of 15:00hrs, stand at:

After has been, I’m going to tackle the biggest job of any day… Getting a wash and shave! There is no showering today, not with the bandaging on my right leg. Joanne took off the strapping and diabetic sock for me from the left leg. Bless her cotton socks! ♥ 

Here goes, ♬Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to the wet room I go♬

It should be a quicker and safer task today. No need for me to get dressed afterwards… well, slippers, a quilt, and a dressing gown are all I shall adorn.

Also, with the right leg bandaging from the foot to above the knee, there shall be no showering. 
It’s just a stand-up jobbie.
I was amazed when I found out it had taken me so long, but far less than when dressing and showering. The teeth and gums didn’t bleed… but that was likely because I forgot to clean them. Tsk! Shaving, just the one cut this time. It was only getting the PPs on that was any real bother. No falls or tumbles, mind you.

However, using the short picker-upperer, I caught the release valve on the Catheter bag, so I had to rewash the legs, carpet, and floor.

Got dressed & sorted. And got the computer on…

arrived. Issued the medications, and he was overjoyed at not having to do the task of  Hehe!

He took a photo of the red eye so I could email it to the Doctor to get out of Monday’s appointment. I just don’t like the idea of using four buses with the associated risks to get there & back. He took the laundry down for me and returned 6 minutes later with the bag. The laundry dryer was not working. Humph!

Am I lucky or what? The next occurrence will clarify that question for us all. I went to open another bottle of pink soda water to assist the bladder…
As I unscrewed the cap, a third of the contents sprayed out! Onto the computer keyboard, the leg bandaging, the recliner, the clean dressing down and my chest, face and hands, and the carpet, for many feet away!
I despair!

Now Firefox has gone down again!
I’ll try to get the pics on then to send it.

Crap Day Nowt, is unusual there!

Inchy: Tuesday 21 November 2023

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This had to have been taken, between my leaving the hovel, and getting back a day or two later from the Clinic. It felt like it to me; there were that many happenings and a few Accifauxpas to boot today.
I will have to stop telling of these Whoopsiedangleplops that plague me every day – No one believes them.
I have to live with them.
Little clandestine plea for sympathy there, Sorry.
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Kitchen views
Why the difference?

The Iceland order, that I put in for a delivery next Tuesday, arrived today. Thus the incogitable, never-ending, for this lucky young lad, (Hehe!) Cock-Ups began!

Most of the cost went on drink rather than food.
Still, the nurses and Carers will be right for treats over the year’s end.
No, I was wrong; I meant Sainsbury’s, not Iceland.
Helpers & Carers bubble box refilled. They like these treats.

Drizzling this morning. I’ll try to keep my eye out for any of the seagulls that go on the hunt today.

The rain persisted as I went to get the ablutions done.
What a change! Constipation Conrad gets the upper hand after the six-day reign of Trotsky Terence!
The Cock-Ups Continue!

The ablutionings took me well over 2 hours again. All the usual pains and hassles, which you must be sick of hearing about by now, so I’ll not list them. Just mention that the leg’s water geysers were leaking thin blood today?

I got everything needed after a ten-minute search to find the list I’d made and had to rush a bit to get down to the lobby, for the Easy Link bus due in ten minutes. Thoughtfully taking the crossword book with me in case there would be any long waits at the clinic.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

The gal was late arriving, so I got the crossword book out.
But I forgot to take a pen with me! Humph!
The Cock-Ups Continue!

Carole arrived, and we had a natter, as she took the money from my pocket to pay for the trip and got me belt-buckled. And off we started…
But only got about 200 yards, when I realised that I had not taken the hearing aids with me! So, she turned around at the mini-island and back to the flat for me to get up and retrieve the aids, back down and out to the bus again.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

On the ride to the hospital, .
I was taking a photo through the bus window, as we went over the speed bumps on Woodborough Road a little too fast…and started bleeding in response to my bum lifting off the seat for each of the eleven-speed bumps, and thudding back down on the hard seat. Obviously, this did not bother me, an ex-Boys Brigade member, and acne sufferer. Hahaha!
I did manage one more photo.

We arrived just in time for the appointment after all that, but with the currently stinging state of , and , I was now having to put with joining in, so was a little late by the time I’d got into the clinic waiting hall.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

I went to the reception desk and was told, in a voice that threatened no mercy, and little like Clint Eastwood’s through the teeth, ‘Go ahead, make my day!’ So I took a seat. I got the crossword book from the walker… but could I find the pen? No! The Cock-Ups Continue!

I was called in and followed the man through a maze of Victorian passages to his toilet-sized room. He vacuumed out the ear wax; it took him a while. Told me to book an appointment for the hearing test to be done. Thanked him and nervously approached the reception. Then I had a bit of a session, and am not sure how, but I ended up with a letter appointment, for two days time at the clinic… but not for the hearing test, but with a Dementia Team Supervisor? What! I know I was not feeling up too much and at the same time as talking to the receptionist, . But what the hell went on to get me this appointment? Puzzled, I sat down to have a think. While it suddenly dawned on me, I have an appointment with the Doctor on the same day and time as in the appointment letter, and would surely not be able to get a lift with such short notice anyway.
The Cock-Ups Continue!
I gave up, and thought it best to ask the driver of the bus; if they could get me a lift, and then I could cancel, or rebook the doctor’s visit, I’d forgotten why I was going anyway. Then I realised it was time for her to collect me, and made my way outside, taking some photos whilst waiting. She was half an hour late arriving.
Outside the Ropewalk clinic.
As it was a little cold and damp out there, I turned to go back inside to continue the wait…
The Cock-Ups Continue!
As I went through the waiting room door; .
I felt the catheter pouch dropping down my leg, trapping itself in between the trousers and  The Cock-Ups Continue!
It was unknown to me, whether the bag had leaked or the valve come open on my or not, cause I wouldn’t have left the urine if it had… not until I saw it running out on the floor. !
I tried to look casual, as I limped with the three-wheeled walker to the back of the room, then went right, along another Victorian-style passage, and found the sign for the gents. No one was in, and I had a devil-of-job getting the trousers down to get at the  to find no damage or leaks, Phew! I distinctly recall thinking at that time, as I was getting my leg up to release the nearly full bag into the WC… precariously, that not everything I do is doomed. and I very nearly went into a … but cancelled it!
The Cock-Ups Continue!
While emptying the catheter bag, gave way, and there was no avoiding it, I fell sideways… in between two Victorian-styled hand basins, which were sturdy enough for me to use to keep my elephantine body from ending up procumbent. However, and Chloe & Carol were all rather annoyed at my landing on the knees. Showing this in their usual painful style. Then I had to clean up the WC and floor, using up the closet’s entire stock of hand towelling. I cleanedp up the bleeding as best I could, and told a lady I’d used up all the hand towels.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

Red-faced and feeling guilty and a pillock, I went out to the front of the clinic again. The lift had not yet arrived.

Took this shot of the basement from the entrance.

Then the one above & below of the signage.

Interested in seeing the yellow message: NUH Glaucoma Service? I’ll look up NUH…
Ah, Nottingham University Hospitals!

The gal arrived. I was still partly in a… what can I say? Erm, A corroboree, confusion, mayhap even a semi-panic over the visitations calamities that left me a dithering mental wreck. I asked her, stutteringly and rambling if she would please use my mobile to ring to see if they could fit me in for two days time for a lift. It was obvious by her facial reaction that I had no chance, but bless her, she rang them anyway ♥. No-Go!
The Cock-Ups Continue!
She went in with me to explain to the reception chappie about no lift being available. The man was not happy, and I was getting more agitated with things, and so angry that I could not recall what happened during my two unwanted, and prayed I’d not missed anything important, that I need to remember later.

The Cock-Ups Continue!

I shall have to stop here.
May not get back on again.
Firefox playing up AGAIN!

Kara gave me 15 minutes today, I was so confused, I can’t recall anything she said, but know she’s tried to help ♥.
I do recall these oven-cooked Cumberland sausages.
 With caramelised onion! Taste: 9/10!.


That should have been neither.

But Grammarly has fone down too!


Inchy: Saturday 18th November 2023 – Tsk!

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No time to do an ode, sorry. An old one above
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Did you notice the deliberate mistake
with the date on the last one? Just testing!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It is not a record, but it is still a pathetic oligarchical failing:  As per writing this.

03:00hrs: Worryingly deep-coloured urine today?.

The need for a good ablutionalisationing session was smelt as I passed wind, removed the nocturnal crumbs from the dressing gown, and tackled the escape. That being from the c1968, tatty, scruffy, unkempt, uncomfortable, virus, microorganism, bug, bacterium, bacillus, germ, parasite producing, and disease-fermenting second-hand, eyesorely-horrendously grungy beige-coloured, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, moth-eaten, non-working, itch-encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, catheter tube yanking, recliner. My chicken legs were not looking any worse! Deciding on taking an early morning Sh_ _, shower and shave, I removed diabetic socks from my legs… This was … but naturally, a man of my bravery, healthiness and pain tolerance didn’t flinch and had to keep stopping to catch my breath and cursing at any time. The thought of me taking a couple of minutes sitting there to recover from my efforts is ridiculous.
My chicken legs were not looking any worse!.
Hobbling into the wet room.
I realised I was leaving dirt marks on the floor from the bottom of my slippers…
So, I had to get the slippers washed and left to dry.
It was hard work doing everyday stuff lately, but it gets more complex each day. (Hidden plea for help here… Hehe!)
Cleaning the teeth, unfortunately, left me with , and, not a little pain from the bleeding gums too. The shaving left me with several tiny cuts all around the cheekily growing stubble at the top of the back of the neck.
Showering: A Challenge I did not respond to very well this morning. The first snag was working out the best way to get the feet washed with the minimum danger of falls. I got a bowl next to the shower chair and put some Dettol disinfectant and shower gel in it. Filled it from the shower, and of course, the drain pump started chuntering away because no water was going down the drain at the time…
So cleaning the feet was a rush job. Then, I had to empty the bowl slowly to not overfill the drain flue. Then, I got out of the shower without any slipping and put the bowl away in the corner; I dare not leave it in the shower for fear of forgetting all about it and having a tumble, trip, fall, or another
While doing this, I had to divert to the As much as I was getting chilly sitting there covered in cold water, I had to wait a few seconds to recover from the efforts of encouraging the evacuation.
Getting back into and under the shower as hastily as I could once I moved…
I against the shower chair leg, and as I did this, (I know, you don’t believe me… I’m even doubtful, but the pain memories help) but, with dear giving way at just the wrong moment, she crashed into the chair arm. I got in the chair and spent considerable time recovering, just letting the water ooze over me. That was nice! I had to stand up to deal with the more intimate departments that needed attention, but this was no bother… needed no medical attention, but this was no bother… I also like this statement. I’ll repeat it; intimate departments that needed no attention! I even managed to get dried off with only one mishap: when I got the towel from the airer, I knocked it over. Got dried thoroughly and commenced the medicalisationings..
. Then, I splashed the Brut
aftershave on the neck nicks that were still bleeding.
Med Hydr Tried the new medications for this. Then, Phorpain gel was used on several areas in need of it. , with an extra bit on , as she was being a bit of a nuisance to me this, as she does most mornings.

them both next.
Did the nasal cleaning. And because of the irritation in the and the infested left eye.
Then the challenge of an everyday fear that is done with a certain degree of apprehensiveness, almost dread! Getting my nappy… diaper… Well, Protection Pants on. Which would be difficult enough without having to cope with getting them up beyond the hanging below the knee, tubed! It’s a work of art, I can tell yers! A formidable one! However, I can report for once that there were no or
of any worth mentioning. I still don’t know how I managed it without the usual pain and mishaps?

I left the bandages and straps to soak in the wet room sink. I can dry them later on. Can I use the microwave safely to do this little task? If anyone has advice for me on this, please?

I emptied the wet room waste bin and took it to the kitchenette.
Got the kettle on to make a brew but never got around to it and went brewless all day.
I didn’t even bother to try to take any early morning shots today, not with my recent abysmal record.
SudoIt’s a wonder that I’ve still got any skin left on!
I dabbed some Sudcrem on the forehead, chest and cheeks.
I’ll leave it on for a while to allow it to soak in before rubbing it in. It didn’t work well the last time I tried using it.
Should I suddenly sneeze, the dressing gown, computer keyboard and carpet are covered in lost bits of skin. Devil-of-a-job for me to get cleaned up! Tsk!

I got on with my blogging catch-up, then arrived and got a bit of a shock. HaHaHa! So did I when I noticed what she had seen; I’d forgotten to rub the Sudocrem in the face. Poor gal, what a shock for her. It’s a bad enough face to look at without the cream on the mush, making it more scary for the gal!


During one of the multitudinous failures of Oligarchal, conspiratorial, hermetical, and surreptitious, owned , I sorted the waste bins and put them near the front door.

There were still no signs of the owned internet shower’s signal returning, so I ventured into the balcony to take a shot of the end car park. The mud-slide was active this morning.
Took a view of the sky to the North.



The rain was persistent looking today.
Then, a shot of the viewhead, which is to the West.
Followed by a picture to the left, in an Easterly direction.

visited. Had a little laugh and joke before she departed.
I was getting more & more annoyed with the interruptions from Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Liberty Global, who took home a $64m salary in FY2, .
I was close to giving up. Hence, I am now even further behind with this blog. 9 hours after waking, and I’m only up to here with it. I keep saying to myself that I will have to reduce the content of this blog, but I do love it when someone says they like it or get a laugh from it. I’m addicted, I suppose? There are other more suitable words than addicted, like besotted, smitten, habituated, or mayhap dependent on it, to help keep my sanity, as much as possible, escape the ever-grasping, clutching more of my brain from Cognitive Impairment Iris.

failed yet again, I went to the kitchen to photograph the view. The first one on the right didn’t seem too bad at all to me. So, I tried to get a closer shot of the houses and bottom field greenery.
Well, that didn’t work, did it?
I failed again!
Undaunted, I tried once more in a different shooting mode selected, with .
Humph! Another failure! Time to give up, methinks.
I might try again later.

I realised that I hadn’t had a meal today.
Mind you, I wasn’t hungry at all! That’s not me?

The two last calls of the day from the carers were made by…
Well, erm…Either, or, not in any particular chronological order, and or . I think. I was so worn out, tired and in need of sleep again. I think it was Christopher first, then Benjamin who got the diabetic sock off for me, I was half asleep each call.

The Can-You-Find disclosures.

TTFNski each. All the bestest!

Inchy: Wed 15 Nov23: My Sarkiness Blossomed Today!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – This one should be easy? 1950’s – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Another day infested with problems granted to me by the
The Virgin Media Internet connection was farcical again. At least Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairperson of Liberty Global, still gets his guaranteed take-home salary of  $62m, FY2, with bonuses and an open-ended expense account. So, it’s nice that I can get the satisfaction of knowing that my being so gullible, near to bankruptcy, stupid, incapable and mentally disturbed, gives me contentment. I get a warm glow from within, knowing that my failings and incompetencies are contributing to the money-monger, blithely unconcerned about customers, with their sham, bogus false interest in offering a workable internet, financial welfare.

03:50hrs: The catheter nocturnal pouch was removed.


Much later, went to make a brew of Glengettie.
The house that’s been being done up for about three months, didn’t show signs of activity.

The tea was placed near the out-of-action landline telephone, and I let it go cold.

arrived, and did a grand job of fitting the new . Medications were handed out and then the lad set about replacing the Kevla-ended for me. Shaquille did a very good job of them as well! Thanks, Shaq!

Doctor Vindla phoned on the mobile. But it was hard to hear what she was saying… and made things worse with having just gone down for about the third time, and me losing some work I’d done, and I was getting all uptight at the time she rang me. , with me not hearing her, she could now not understand me. In the end, she did say,: “Ask Carer Kara to ring me, so she can explain. I can’t understand what you are saying!” Embarrassed, I rang off. I’ll ask Kara if she calls later. I tried to find the list of things to mention… if  I actually made one, I was possibly waiting for to come again, so she could go through it with me to check I’d not missed anything? Anyway, if I had, I’d lost it.
Ah, life can be a bummer!

I was busy farting around for an hour or so, trying to get the  back online. And chimed out from the front door. I was delighted to see that it was no other arriving than the pretty, kind Obersturmbannfuhreress, Ice skating champion, florist, ILC (Independent Living coordinator), and, not to be messed with, saviour and comforter, Warden Julie.
On a rescue mission to save me yet again from my unreliable  imposed picklement, danger, fretting and getting further confused, Bless Her ♥!
She whipped a box out of the bag, to reveal a temporary box to use for the Alert Alarm replacement while I awaited the arrival of the connect device from to be delivered, to get the phone working again.
Julie fitted it in no time for me. It had go on the floor, cause the lead was not long enough to reach any furniture. I immediately clocked that this was excellent! When I take the odd tumble, I have to go on my and , with knees, with the risk of bursting to get to the alert Box anyway, so it would be easier to use it now.
Clever stuff, Julie! I fang you!

called. I explained about the Alarm situation, as told to by ILC (Independent Living Coordinator),
Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Deana yesterday, told the Carers that when the link comes from Oligarch-ridden arrives, the Carers must advise the Wardens of its arrival, so they can arrange to have it fitted so that the landline telephone will work again. Of course, this is subject to its actual arrival, and relies on not to make any more cock-ups that they already have made! What am I saying? The total brown-outs in the last four hours are standing at nine already.

Last week they failed to get a connection to me or browned out at least 85 times. They sent the wrong date for the fibre change that lost me and so many others the use of their Alarm Alert boxes and landlines… so expecting the number-crunching, dodgy-dealing number-crunchers at , to get anything right, is something one doesn’t get too hopeful about. Pessimistic, morelike. Hello, another update on the quality and service of here.. From who pay their cliquey, elite, select CEO $62 million a year.
Jealous? Me! Yes!

I treated myself to one of the Iceland vanilla ice cream tree suckers. I liked these; they were not sickly sweet. A nice flavour and, with my rotting teeth, is very easy to eat!

, who fitted the ankle and leg straps back this morning, did an excellent job on the. He’s got the knack, no doubt about that! Cheers, mate! As the darkness began to fall, I took this shot through the balcony doors and window from the computer chair. Well, I had plenty of time, what with more browning-outs from the figure-shuffling, illusion, deception, hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo, and number-crunching, .

It wasn’t letting me get the signal back, no matter what I tried this time. I cursed out loud, wishing the cacodemons would get my own back for me, and ease my hatred by painfully killing off as the Oligarchal financial entity that it has become, and the bosses at the same time. A man can dream!

I shan’t tell you about a little daydream I had whilst suffering with the painful, smelling, stinking, second evacuation session. But there’s a link in there about my thoughts, dedicated to….

I bet all the English folks got this one right. As you see, the driver’s half cab on his 1959 double-decker bus, was on the wrong side in the top photo. Did you notice the metal discs on the back of the seats? I think they were ashtrays and cigarette stubber-outerers? I thought this might be another Fault. As cigarettes and smoking, were not allowed in the lower saloon, upstairs only. Or, I may be wrong. It has been known. Hehe!

The potatoes had boiled sufficiently for me to get on with making a feast for myself. It took me a long time to get the flesh from the skins of the halved potatoes. Then, it took me a good hour to chop & mix them with the Cheddar and Leicester cheese, then scoop the mixture, seasoned with sea salt, Worcester sauce and black pepper, back into the husks. Next, I put them into the preheated oven and Germolened my burnt fingers, where I’d cut where I caught some fingers on the oven racking and dropped the knife, and it fell on my ankle left bone and cut the same finger as I rescued it from the floor. Then clean up the fallen and trodden on bits of flesh from the kitchen floor. By the time I’m done all this, the potatoes were checked, and found to be ready for noshing! Good job I’d put the Germolene on, cause that’s where I might have burnt myself again, taking the tray out of the kiln..
4: I nibbled a bit of the crispy potato top plating them, and it tasted so nice, that I hastened to get settled down and start eating them. I was just finishing the last one off, and the smell of burning that was coming from the kitchen

5: This told me I must have left the oven on! I grabbed the , and went to the kitchenette to investigate… As I was going in the doorway, not wearing my spectacles 6: I suffered a short . As I automatically reached to steady myself and help Metal Micky keep me upright, 7: as my hand connected with the surface and edge of the counter corner… 8: (The light was not on yet), I remembered I’d put the sausages I’d cooked on there, and forgot all about eating them, in my haste to consume the cheesy potatoes! I think it was then two of the bangers burst open and sprayed me, my dressing gown, running down the side of the cupboards and onto the floor with their contents, that I wanted to cry! The blasted was enough to break anyone’s spirits. But now, at my getting tired and weary status, I faced all the cleaning up to do! 

NOTE: Writing this, tomorrow night; yes, the acted up even more tomorrow! Do you know, I nearly deleted it? No one is going to believe that anybody can have such persistent, on-stop, unending, Voodoo or hoodoo-plagued bad luck when they read this!
I was a little puzzled myself!

I’m already 24 hours behind with the blogging.
So, until… well, if ever there is a vague chance of Working properly again, as it did when it was owned by Richard Branson… I’ll never forgive him for selling his to the plutocratic, pathetic, figure amending and altering, analysations, deconstruction, dissection and manipulativeness of their evaluations, interpretations of the real facts that exist! Yet they continue to buy into so many more internet suppliers companies or buy them out, so as to get their Oligarchal advantage; thus, they can get away with being such crap providers, cause as I see it, anyone leaving Virgin, can only move to another supplier that will own or part-own anyway!

Quote from Mike Fires, CO: Mike Fries Liberty Global delivers next-generation products through advanced fibre and 5G networks, providing over 86 million connections (That doesn’t work, but he fails to mention this in his comments!), across Europe and the UK.
Quote from Wallmine: The estimated net worth of Michael T Fries is at least $175 Million dollars as of 1 May 2023. Mr Fries owns over 215,802 units of Liberty Global plc stock worth over $28,917,283 and over the last 10 years, he sold LBTYK stock worth over $22,634,655. In addition, he makes $123,254,000 as Vice Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO at Liberty Global plc. Oh, I am pleased for the Oligarch!
Well, that’s a new record for him. Well done, Mike! (Spit)
He’s left hundreds of people in care without any alarm lines and telephones, too. Tomorrow, today’s count of failures was dwarfed by shame; he more than doubled it!

I am Fed Up! Tsk!

Inchy: Mon 13th Nov 23: Progress! Not a Lot!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
High & Lowlights…
The Ablutioning sessions, of which there were many, were all unpleasant affairs, with being in full control throughout.
The telephone and Panic-Alarm were still not working.  could not find my mobile phone anywhere. I did eventually find him, hidden within the depths of the itch-creating, bruise-giving, catheter-tube-tugging, crumb-decorated from my nocturnal nibblings, God-awfully uncomfortable, anti-sleep designed, c1966, second-hand, bought for £300 ten years ago from the charity shop, cringingly-grotty, no longer working, dirty beige recliner. Amazingly, I seemed to have wrapped it up in a blue plastic bag & tied it up in the way I would for the waste bin bags? Don’t ask; I cannot remember doing this at all, apparently, I did it in my nocturnal slumber?

ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana, had finally been told that the phone and alarm were not working, and she responded by coming to see me, to explain. She had not been informed until told her this morning. Bless him, of my problem. It turns out, that many other tenants have the same problem and are telephone and Panic-Alarmless, just like what I am. She had rung Virgin about the situation, and got a reply, from .
Apparently, the letters sent out, told us that we had until December whatever to sort out the fibre change; in fact, it was November, not December, in error. Not bad for , those who pay their CO, $62m million-plus salary with guaranteed bonus in shares, and an open-ended expense account. Worryingly, they own or have money invested in every single internet supplier in the UK. Virgin, BT, Vodaphone, EE, Three, Talk-Talk, and dozens of others in Europe! They are all going ‘fibre’. I wonder if they all left people at risk without the safety of their landlines and emergency alarms?
I’ve written before about the failing of . Mainly due to my jealousy of how much Mr Fries gets for letting such things happen, and still gets his million in slaty and bonuses. I did read that during the Covid period, he got a $1m monthly bonus! $62m a year! Jealous? Me? Spit! Especially as he left me in the shit!  Truly Oligarchal!
Anyway, thanks to Deana’s intervention and help, each abandoned and let down by , will receive an adaptor, which will be posted to us. I have got to ask the carer on the day to inform Deana, and she will arrange for it to be fitted for each client. Well, that’s saved s from sending people out to fit them, hasn’t it? Further proof of my suspicion of the smoke and mirrors, thaumaturgy, number-crunching, figure-shuffling, illusion, deception, and hocus-pocusing, that is a daily part of their activities. I’m glad I got that off of my chest… just waiting for the incoming Lawyers (Bet that they have shares in them, too) letter, summons for slander, or whatever it is called
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Got up at 04:00hrs. I took a photo of the nocturnal catheter pouch and busied away  cleaning and sorting

Great balls of fire! I nearly took a decent shot of the early morning view from the kitchen window… Wow!

During the ‘Couldn’t get a connection with for two hours”, my spirits sank to a new depth.
Surely they had not cut off the internet as well! Argh!
Turned off the computer, and I tried again, but no luck.
Reset the router. But no luck!
Took the router plug out of the socket. Waited half a minute, and back in and turned on the power. Surely this time, I thought. But no luck!
While I was pondering on what else I could try…
Norton came on, telling me I was connected to an unsafe connection? I did a Norton Virus Check. Then goon with the blogging at long last…
Within a minute, the connection was lost again!
I tried resetting the router again.
Minutes later, it was back on.
Had to go through another Norton Check.
But this time, the stayed on. Well, for an hour or so.
It went down several times again later, but I didn’t have to resort to all that bother these times. But of course, I am developing a hatred of Norton now; it comes up each time I reconnect… Ah, I wonder if they have investments in Norton too?

A couple of photographs here that confused me.
Why did I take this one?
And what was this one of?

Got the waste bags sorted.

Then the Asda order arrived.
The man put them in the provided Iceland bags.
Bad news on the tomatoes. They were Spanish and bitter foul tasting. I wish they’d say where they were from on the internet listings!
Wonder how many will have black spots on the this time?
Bottom freezer draw.
Middle freezer draw.
I didn’t photo the top draw, cause I
couldn’t open it. Too full! Hehe!
Top food cupboard.
Bottom food cupboard.
I’ll not starve then! Mind you, I might bleed to death, die from another stroke to heart attack; thanks very much to cocking things up again and leaving me without a lifeline. Humph!

Teatime views.
An odd bit of blue on the clouds? Pretty though!

Curried beans, tomato passata, with
I got a mite carried away with the seasoning?
However, Taste-Rating: 8.6/10.


Inchy: Saturday 11th November 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Here is a quick rundown on things amiss…
No one has appeared about the telephone and alarm not working. I’m not sure if anyone has been informed yet.
& are both unhappy and complaining the only way they know how.
was in complete and total control of every one of the . (Three up to now)
I burnt a finger on the oven getting the potatoes out… having left them on all night. Luckily, on the low oven heat setting. I dropped several off the tray, lost my balance, bent down to pick them up and trod on a few. They almost blew up into tiny bits like soot, and the floor had to be cleaned. But the bruise on my head, when I hit it on the cupboard corner is clearing up nicely now.
Pathetically, I was too nervous to get a shower and shave. Due to fear of a tumble, trip or whatever, and having no way of summoning help now the telephone & the alarm systems are down. Most of the s I have, happen in the wet room. Showering or shaving. Tsk! Whimp!
who put the on for me; I thought he had done an excellent job. But the left one came undone, and I all but took a tumble, treading onto the flapping bit with the Teflon. Bloody good job, I didn’t cause I’d be stuck on the floor waiting until the next carer’s call! Phew! Bit of luck there!
made the second call. What a treasure. After mentioning the telephone and alarm problem to the gal, she took the machines to pieces and then rang a number she found for the supplier. Next, she looked at the batteries in each device and put new ones in the telephone, but it still didn’t work, as didn’t the alarm box. Lovely of her to care. I’d be lost without Kara & Joe-Anne. The people she rang said they would investigate the problem. So went the day up until 16:30hrs, and I’m just starting this blog. I fank You!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

04:00hrs: I reluctantly semi-woke-up up and forced myself out of the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working, recliner, bent down to take off the . I should have read the signs of foreboding, really, with all my experience of cock-ups and . As I raised my gargantuan bellied mass up onto my poorly damaged legs, the Nocturnal Nibbling signs, gave way, and the broken pieces of the cheese curls bounced from the recliner onto the carpet as my bum and overweighted body involuntarily dropped back onto the chair cushioning, along with the TV remote control  – I have yet to discover where precisely that it landed.
I’d not done yet… oh no!
As I was taking off the pouch, guess what happened? Go on… Alright, I’ll tell yers.
A short but painful began. Enough to cause a against the metal chair wheel. I merely laughed it all off, of course. Removed the pouch and had an unsuccessful search for the TV remote control.

I hobbled into the kitchen, now intent on taking some good photographs through the kitchenette window of the early morning view on offer. As you can see, they were not particularly good.
While putting the kettle on, I realised I had not taken my mobile phone or even.
One of the sticks with me. So I returned to the front room to collect them both. It was a very sensible move to keep the mobile with me at all times while the Help Alarm was not working. I got my, but could I find the mobile phone? No!
How can all this lousy luck happen to me? That was a mammoth, obviously silly question!.
I placed the waste bags into two larger ones near the front door.
Then I started a Sherlock Holmesian investigation into where the TV remote and Nokia phone were hiding from me. Starting with the front room, naturally. An hour or so later, I’d already found the Nokia. It was in plain sight on the ottoman tray, next to the soda and toNokianic bottles, of which I have to drink four litres minimum a day. Theoretically, so as to assist the flow of urine from the infected bladder out into the day or nocturnal pouches. It’s not working. And, nor was my super-modern Nokia 9 Pureview Mobile, with its Android (Pie) updatability, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Octa-Core Gold CPU, 4K@30fps, 1080p@30fps, HDR video, USB Type-C 3.1, %x12 MP. 28mm Camera, Bluetooth, Fingerprint (under display optical), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, Li-Po 3320 mAh, non-removable, fast charging 18W, Quick Charge 3.0, USB Power Fast wireless charging 10W – Qi Battery mobile phone when I found it where I first looked for it, in the first place.
The photo gives it away, dunnit? Hehehe!

As with all the visits today, no doubt about it, was ruling the proceedings 100%.
The evacuation performance, I would estimate, took about a minute all in.
The cleaning up afterwards cost me nearly a whole roll of toilet paper and at least fifteen minutes of grafting to clean up each time!

This early morning shot of the balcony windows shows how cold it was today to start with, anyway.

At 09:30hrs, Carer Chris arrived and got me the leg and ankle straps. Issued the medications, had a drinkie, which I insisted upon, and shot off on his rounds.

Odeing then blogging tackled, but it was the usual error-ridden affair for several hours. Think I spent an equal amount of time correcting things.

The sun made it through suddenly, and I hastened to get my and take this shot of the end car park for your perusal. No rain today, as is shown by the lack of the mudslide.

, although I now think it should be spelt Joe-Anne, arrived in good spirits. This is when she kindly did some investigative work on the telephone problem and rang the suppliers to ask for help, for me. ♥

PM Clouds are beautiful!
An hour later, darker.
Half an hour later, with the sun having a last bash at getting through… Still lovely, though.

I bet you spotted this one?
Easy-peazy! Haha!

Took these as I got the potatoes in the oven.
I did spot something of interest. There seemed
to be a cloud, either rising from the ground or going down to the ground. I took a zoomed shot
Yep. it might be a chimney? I’d love to know. I’ll try to remember to have a look tomorrow.

Better get the nosh prepared now.
Taste-~Rating: 7.3/10.

Washing the pots, I took this late-night shot from the kitchenette window… leaving the hot water tap running to go cold as I did so. I cursed myself a few times and almost spat in disgust at my regular occurring tap-leaving on!

I added this one in the morning. I think I used it before but didn’t get any responses then.
I can recall them all.
Not that I could afford them often, but the Cadbury’s Neopolitan Flat Twenty were my favourites.
Followed by the Punch Bar.

Have a Great Day!

Inchy: Fri 10 Nov 23 No Help-Alarm Now!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – IN THREE MINUTES – – – –

Well, well, well! Another series of cock-ups, disappointments, failures, frustrations and a fair share of self-misanthropicalness thrown in today, Again!
The landline telephone that went down yesterday brought more worry again today. After trying to press the Alarm Alert button while Carer Sam was here, the Panic Alarm was not connecting either! Carer Sam said she’d tell someone about it.
A fine time to take a tumble or go arse-over-tit, innit?
This, along with , bringing tablets back up. Bring up vicious winds. Ever present & the mind-killing carping on at me, it was another frustrating, barely tolerable day at moments. With misappropriate, miscomprehending mental mind meanderings, making anything simple seemed to be a mountain to tackle! Messy!
I felt pitiful, self-critical one moment, then snivelling psychologically damaged erk the next. Later, despite the concerns and worries, I’d find myself singing 1962 songs, and it seemed, genuinely unbothered about things? But somehow, I knew at that time, in the back of my so-called mind, that this would crumble again soon, and the loathed, nay, feared, opens the barn door for , and the cycle of freeing myself from his grip begins again. I seem to do this in auto mode; the short-term memory can have greatly opposite benefits, as in this case. Conversely, mega-frustration and self-criticism can develop when you genuinely cannot recall what you were doing or going to do. When the turn into a , then the tormenting bafflements sink in.
I can never forget what I was doing before the blank period. Sort of coming around or back into focus, often hours later, the interim time’s activities are lost forever.
When the Doctor calls me next Wednesday, I hope to have made a list of my ailments and problems, possibly with the help of , if possible. So I don’t miss anything off the notes that may need mentioning. Later on today, I got a call from the Doctor’s surgery. I couldn’t hear who it was, but some medico would call on me in the morning on the 4th of December. (Mobile or in person?)
Another took over when I realised that, yet again, I got the order from Asda all wrong. I’d have bet money on double-checking and finding it right, but no! I intended and thought I’d ordered it for next Thursday. It came this morning! Can I get any help with this problem? Of course not. One becomes aware of The mind’s fallibilities whenever Doreen Dementia… No, I forgot, nowadays it is, of course, it’s who’s the culprit, the brain-slayer. Yet, here I am writing away, with problems from failing, typing and sensing with the finger ends, which causes some complicated issues with the computer at times. However, at this moment, my brain seems concentrated on what I’m doing? These odd moments of semi-clarity never last for long; they never do. Sadly.
Another thing that amazes me even more is how I can still do the silly Odes. They seem to flow from my distorted brain quickly enough.
Typing them can be frustrating, but not the creating? Ah, there is one problem I do often have is: when I get an idea for a funny line and have to check nowadays to see if the word is suitable, spelt right, and rhymes, I’ve forgotten what I was going to write on that line using the aforementioned words or words. Yet the ideas still come without much prompting? I mentioned this once to the lady at the bonkers hospital meeting. I do not think I got any acknowledgement or response.
is constantly with me. Day and sometimes wakes me up at night to have a go at me for my failings, past guilts, wrong decisions, etc.
A new worry to add to the list: The telephone has stopped working. Today, I tried to test the Emergency Wrist Alarm. That is not working either! Now, this does worry me. He was with me at the time this failure occurred. She told me she’d mention it to someone. But being a Friday afternoon, and the Wardens leaving soon for the weekend, my hopes of getting any help are minimal… or slightly less, of getting anything done about the problem before next week! 
Now that I’ve mentioned this on the blog, my worry mode has kicked in. What if I do have a tumble, a bad cut, another stroke or get a panic attack? How can I summon help other than with the mobile phone, which is not easy to use nowadays anyway? I will always try to remember to keep the Nokia with me while there is no Alarm to raise for help. But naturally, for me, remembering is not going to be easy. So, if the blog suddenly stops, the reason may well be that I’ve collapsed and died slowly, an overweight, crumpled heap on the carpet, over the weekend in agony. Oh, no, the Carers will call. They know or should have been told of my high-risk factor with no way of summoning help and may make extra checks on me; bless them. So, if they forgot to tell the Wardens or the Wardens had gone home before they got there, it would be Monday before they could be informed of my plight. Then, wait for the Nottingham City Homes to be informed and respond. I don’t intend to have another stroke, heart attack, panic attack or bleed to death, but just in case, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank them all now for the care and attention they have showered me with. My Money is in the wet room, under the stack of Depend Protection Pants on the floor cabinet… first comes first, Gerrit! Hahaha!

On with the day’s photographicalisationings

Don’t recall why I took two of these?
But I took them, so I put them on.

Morning view.

Rotten photo of the rotten-tasting mug of tea.

Selected small Anya potatoes in the crock pot.

I forgot to ask the Carer to put the back on for me. Plonker!

Self-medicationings attended to.
Some painfully, so. Haha!

I did it again. Ordered Asda for the wrong day!
I was sure I’d ordered it for next Friday, too!
The fridge and freezer were well stocked. Tsk!
I put the pressies in a box and placed the pyjama bottom that I could no longer get into on top to disguise what was inside and stop anyone from spoiling the surprise.

Lightening up now.

Blogging away…
arrived. Bringing some prescription medications and a bag from the District Nurse’s clinic.

More ankle straps and leg strappings.

And a pair of ‘All-Purpose Boots’ for me.

These could be to replace the ankle straps?
But I couldn’t manage to get them on myself.
Too many Kelva and complicated fitting are needed.
Maybe this is about the Medico coming to see me?

Eerie early evening sky.
(Say that when you’ve had a few) Hehe!

Hog pork pie in the meal.

Just after sunset.

I forgot to ask him to put the on.


Inchy: Thursday 9th Nov 23. Dark, Dank, Depressions

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – Sorry, a quickie forced on me again – – – –
Morning shot with Venus in it. (Just)

The one of tea today!

Waste bags collated.


Getting properly miffed at this!Green gunge cleaner & freshener

J Sainsbury’s order arrived.
First two bags were emptied.
Next bag.
Another bag.

I realised that many items had been delivered, not charged for, that I didn’t order!
Here they are…
Posh biscuits, Amaretti and Biscotti.
Orange juice and Mayo.
Custard Creams.
Garlic Paste.
Box of 12 cans of cat food.

I tried to phone them to let them know, but the phone is not working now! Grrr! So I Emailed them.

The Sourdough Soda Bread was irresistible. I heavily buttered two slices and had some tomatoes with them.

It’s a late afternoon shot.

Early evening shot.

During the day, mind blanks took place, and I’m not in good shape. Mentally.

I got a call from the Doctor’s surgery about the INR confusion over appointments. I’ll explain the situation at that moment: I’d just decided to phone JS about the items delivered that were not mine… The landline had stopped working! I was struggling not to lose things already. Pain and bleeding from Little Inchy and the catheter tube. Worried about the bed not being sorted. Both started giving me angst. burst into life, and I was struggling to keep it together; how, who do I ask for help with sorting the phone, the appointments, the letter from the bank, the stomach aches, the odd messy visits, not being able to walk without risk of tumbling, , the JS problem. Then, just as a dawned… my mobile rang.
This was the receptionist at the surgery. This came at a time when etiquette was not at the top of my mind. Self-pity and frustrations were. My lowest point of the day. The brain was not coping well.
I fear that I let out what can only be classed as a desperate rant about my current problems and state of mind. The Catheter being in for so long, the leaking legs, my walking problems and other stuff, no doubt. Full credit to the kind lady. She did not interrupt me while I was in full flow of pathetically releasing my frustrations and problems to her.
She offered to make an appointment with the Doctor for me. I’d explained during my stuttering verbal rampage about my problems getting to the surgery or anywhere else for that matter. She said she could arrange and book me in for a phone-call-visit with the Doctor. But not until Wednesday next. I agreed without any hassle.
By now, I had lost my panic mode status – replaced with tremendous guilt at my little sad outburst.
Thanked her and returned to a harassed, frustrated mode again. Full of shame! But realised that nothing had improved, and my panic stations returned.

Nosh – Lost photo?

Medications removed all of the . Then she attached the for me.


Inchy: Tue 7 Nov 23: Memory Blank Again!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I wearily stirred from the broken spells of slumber. Edged my elephantine-bellied body to the edge of the £300 Oxfam charity shop bought second-hand, uncomfortable, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, crumb-covered from my nocturnal nibblings, itch-making,  positively unhealthy & dangerous, no longer operational, virus-breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, Catheter-tube-trapping, recliner, and took this photo of the

Carried out the balance routine, rose gingerly, and into the kitchen with in tow.
Got the waste bags collated and taken to the front door, ready for collection by the kind Carers.

The stomach rumbled and squelched inside.
Off to the wet room I hastened. I was very nervous, thinking that I would not make it in time. However, things did not go to plan. Nothing unusual there, then! Getting the motion started was a long and painful exercise. To mask the pain of forcing things along, I had a go at the crossword book. Then, I counted the cracks in the ceiling and spots of dirt on the floor and mat. Eventually, a grindingly hurtfully slow evacuation began. It took ages and stopped part-way for a moment. I thought something would give inside my rear end, to maybe even split open! The exiting torpedo eventually freed itself with a clunk and splash! Immediately followed by perhaps a gallon or two of stinking, almost liquid follow-up! It was such a pleasure when it finally cleared! I’ll not waffle on too much about these events, just to tell you that three more evacuations during the day and night were all similar. (And the innards are still rumbling) Oh, dearie me!

I thought a mug of Glengettie might settle the tummy, and I made a strong brew and drank it… That did me no good!
Back to the for visit number two.
I’m getting all behind with things already, having to spend so much time cleaning up the Porcelain and myself regularly. Getting miffed off with these strange evacuations.

The tea went cold again.
I went into the kitchen to wash the mug and took pictures of the morning view. Not too bad an effort for me.
In the second photo, at last, I captured a shot of Venus in which you can actually almost see the planet!

I’d apparently done the updating of the Monday blog. It took a good four hours to achieve this. I say apparently because I cannot recall anything for that period, even who the Carer was called. I had to look at the singing-in register to find out.

Arrived later. I was not entirely with it, and I will have to ask her if anything was decided that I need to do next time she calls. I’m sure she rang someone for me… I think.

I vaguely remember taking these two photographs of the view from the kitchenette.
And thinking about how unique nature is, producing such views of beauty. While tellurians continue eating, bullying, murdering, killing and hating each other.
Just a thought.

I used to take the picture on the right. My being I got the idea to make this photo with the sun out, a little more interesting, and CorelDrawed in an additional graphic on an arm and finger. At the time, I think I had an amusing quip in mind to add to it… but with the attention of , the idea escaped the clutches of my inattentive memory. Most annoying. So, if anyone can think of a funny or suitable quote, please let me know… it might be the one I had and lost? Hahaha!

Challenge No. 2
I took this snap of the TV screen in the evening. A sad, blurry effort. But I thought it might be an idea to see if anyone in the know of British TV shows can identify the character… with the following clues, please.
1) A show recorded in Yorkshire.
2) Character names include Oscar, Greengrass, and Nick (the one in the photo).
3). The photoed character usually wears a uniform
4) A Buddy Holly song, the name of which is the series name, played at the start and finish of the programme.

The Nosh!
Shortcrust pie, tomatoes, a bread roll, Followed by a pot of children’s jelly. Hehe!
The innards burst into like within half an hour! Back with great haste to the again. It was the same performance, be it took even longer to escape this time!

Did the last two calls.
and attaching sorted out.

Lousy night’s sleep again!

Go Forth & Be Happy!

Inchy: Sun 5 Nov 23 Life is a Pseudonym!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What happens on the 5th of November in England?

On 5th November this year, people across the UK will light bonfires, let off fireworks, and burn effigies of a man named Guy Fawkes. The reason we do this is because it’s the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot (1605). Also, drunken fights will take place. Cannabis (Marijuana, Pot, and weed will widely be taken. The drug gangs will ensure that the ‘More Virulent’ and costly uppers etc., will be available on the streets. From Glues, gases, and inhalants for the down & outs. Synthetic opioids, pain relievers and anaesthetic-style drugs for the less well-off users. For the average employed yobbo, there will be LSD, Ketamine, Magic Mushrooms, and Methadone stolen from surgeries, addicts and pharmacies. Cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy, along with lethal homemade hooch, to satisfy the better-off students and politicians. The fireworks party will be enjoyed by the scumballs; then,
the competing gangs will be battling each other throughout the morning. Last year there were eight knifings and two shootings, one fatal. They will abandon any pool cars, and steal or hijack a fresh one, that will be unknown to the police. A few muggings might round off the evening for them. I went to make a brew. I could see that a bonfire in one garden had spread and set fire to the shed. I took a terribly bad photo of it. I’ll put it on later for you to see.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

05:00hrs: Decent colour to the urine.

I’d been wakened so often overnight with the discomforts. Photo taken as I lay here in the c1966, £300 Oxfam charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, crumb-covered from my nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, positively unhealthy & dangerous, no longer operational, virus-breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, Catheter-tube-trapping, recliner… coping with the pains as I had done all night from a vicious, obviously upset by something , which covered an even larger part of the back this morning? And as I got up to take the photo, I decided to take an extra Codeine straight away. I’ll ask the carer to rub some Phorpain Gel on my back when she/he arrives.
Here I go again, fighting the pain!

I tried to take a decent shot on the balcony.
I failed again. Fed up with this! Hehe!

Got the waste bin content into a bag.
Did you notice the empty, Cheesy Curl packets?
Only four last night…

Made a brew of Glengettie.

Back to the wet room…

Came as I started on the Saturday post updating. He kindly gave me a good dosing with the
It’s never hurt before to have the gel rubbed in, but did this time. He got the medications sorted, and we had a mini-natter – which consisted mainly of me moaning. Tsk!

Back to the blog duties, and of course…
By the time I got around to putting this on, it was…

The second Carer arrived, I didn’t get her name, but am sure it was Marie, but I’ll not put money on it.

Then a period of determined work on making up some graphics and storing them. CorelDraw was behaving.  Much progress was made over the next four hours or so.
If only the pains would stop, I’d have actually been on the verge of being practically almost, nearly content!

Took this shot from the kitchen window.
It was so Pareidolianiable!

Got the extremity medicationings done.
Plus, the eye drops, and painful application of the
Med Hydrto .

Made the second mug of tea, permitted.
Four… I say, just four bikkies dunked & eaten!

Putting the above answer on, got me thinking about Nottingham’s old trolleybus service. I dug out this photo below, which I took in 1963.
The row of Standard Vanguard, and Austin Cambridge black & white taxis against Slab Square. The Council House was in the background. The Vauxhall Victor car, on South Parade, and the West Bridgford number 21 bus, in glorious colours, an AEC Regent Five. The 40 Trolleybus, a Karrier, went from Well Road to Wilford Bride the end of Wilford Road, in the Meadows. Behind the Karrier, is a BUT (British United Transport)  trolleybus. BUT was established in 1946 as a joint venture between AEC and Leyland. I actually drove one of these at Sandtoft Trolley Museum years later. This, I think, was the first photo I ever took. Using a camera loaned me by Mr Wright, a neighbour at the time. Who lived with Mrs Wright, his daughter Christine, and Rover, the dog. He worked at the Post Office on King Street. I can remember all these facts without thinking about it… but can I tell you the time and date of the Audio Clinic Appointment, Ropewalk arranged three days ago by my Carer Kara for me? No!

I’m getting absolutely, thoroughly fed up to my two back teeth left, with these visits! Maybe this problem could be part of the reason for the back and stomach pains?

Late afternoon shots from the kitchen.
The one below is of the bottom field in front of the flats.

Arrived and did his thing.
A cheeky lad, but I like him.

Got the blog finished and posted, and made a start on this one. Then prepping the meal, seasoned the soup again, with the traditional extra-boiled potatoes, and added some liquid smoke and sea salt to warm it up for later.
I took these shots of the sky as I washed the cooking pots all bar the saucepan.
This one through the kitchen window, it was raining a bit.
Then the end car park.
The rain stopped for a while and I took this one.

Well, I smell the allure of the aroma from the soup.
Off to get the nosh sorted out.

Well, I was in the kitchen checking the superb-smelling soup and sampling some of the spuds from within and noticed what I believed was a fire in a garden. It looked like a bonfire had spread and a shed was on fire!
I’m not so sure after loading the photo, though.
It came out to be of very poor quality.
I still think I might be right? The smoke from the fire can be seen, and I thought some flames were showing?
What do you think?

He was not a happy laddie. But I tried to cheer him up a smidgeon. I asked him if could ensure that I do not run out of the Phorpain gel while I’m using so much extra now with
& both playing up so much. He said Phorpain Gel is not on the NHS prescription list, so he can’t order any. All a mystery to me!  Likely it’s all a part of the Mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, spirits, or the Fata Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind? I’ll have to ask someone to ring the Surgery for me…
and see if they can out the gel on the regular prescription.

called and whipped of the in no time. Then he fitted the . He gave the
Phorpain gelled a good rubbing into my back for me.
He’s getting clever now, and he has learnt to ignore my rambling grumblings and medical complaints altogether. Knowing full well I’d forget that I said them anyway within minutes of mouthing them. Hehehe!

Eventually, I got the meal prepared the saucepan washed, meal was served up.
Taste-Rating: 9.2/10. Nice, very nice!

Mystery Photo. I can’t recall taking this at all, or why?

TTFNski, & all the bestest!