Inchcock Today – Wednesday 11th July 2018: Stubbed Toe, My left arm goes blue, England Lose and the mind wanders off on it own course… Tsk!


Wednesday 11th July 2018

Catalan: Dimecres 11 de Juliol de 2018

0445hrs: I jumped awake, without knowing the reason. I had a feeling it was far later that it was, and a bit of the panic frenzied into my mind – Was I too late to get the DVT clinic for the blood tests.

Whoopsie O1AA Saw the scrawled note I’d left for myself on the computer screen. Disentangled my torso and limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner, got up knocking the TV remote, mobile phone and an empty cheese curl packet onto the carpet, stood up and crushed a cheese curl, scratched at the itching blotches on the arm – drawing blood, stubbed my toe on the Ottoman, and retrieved the note from the computer.

I placed the note along with the Anticoagulation Sheet in the jacket pocket so as not to forget them later. Then got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.


3Wed02Got the blotches ointmentated, and what a mess it was again.

Lethal that ointment is, I wonder if it is even biodegradable!

It just seems to stay there on the surface of the blemishes and skin and not absorb into the flesh at all?

3Wed01One or two of the really dark red spots had returned on the chest.

The arms seemed to be the same as yesterday.

The only lousy itching was coming from the arms and throat area at this time. Having just written this down. The shoulders are now prickling away and in need of a good scratching too! Tsk!

I got on the computer and began to finish off yesterday’s post. With the time being limited, and the need for ablutionalisationing ready for the hobble to the hospital needed soon, I rushed it a bit. I hope I haven’t made any errors in it.

Got it done and made a small mug of tea3Wed03.

Crickey, to say that there is no sunshine at all, it was really close and warm in the kitchen now.

32°c – 91°f.

I had a look in the gap between the outside cellophane sheeting and the windows, to see if I could spot any of the alien ironclad mini 3Wed04beetles lurking about. I couldn’t see any there, but a few dead ones were on the ledge.

I then made a start on this diary up to here.

Then had to go to get the ablutions tended to. I did not want to arrive too late for the blood test at the City Hospital.

With the weight suddenly increasing I should really have a strenuous hard hobble today. I’ll have a stiff walk to the hospital.

Got the ablutions tended to and medicated the areas in need. (Harold’s Haemorrhoids, Belinda’s Blotches,, and Little Inchies Lesion).

3Wed05I took out what would have been before they reduced the size of the waste-intake tray, two black bags of rubbish, but now needed five smaller sack bags, and three recycle bags, that would have taken one before.

Into the elevator to find half of the lights were out of order. Not that this bothered me at all, the cage shuddering did though. Tsk!

3Wed06Across the road and looked back to take this sunless photo of all three of the buildings from the bottom of the gravel hill path.

Got up it the incline with no bother, even Anne Gyna hardly let me know she was there at all.

Got a good pace going (For me) and kept it up all the way up and through Woodthorpe Grange Park pathway.

The mind wandered off with its usual fretting about varied things and problems. So much so, that 45 minutes later as I got to the turn for the hospital, I realised I had not taken the camera out once.

Got into the waiting area and collected my numbered turn-ticket and sat down. One heck of a long wait this morning. My fault for leaving later than I’d planned, through my spending so long on the computerisationing. But, I got a good session in on the crossword book.

Eventually, 149 rang out, and in I went. Got a trainee today. He dug in a bit deeper than usual, but no problems or Whoopsiedangleplops ensued.

Thanked him and handed the bag of nibbles over. Another nurse said in reply to my saying “Some nibbles for your tea-break”; “They’ll last about 20 seconds” and laughed.

I departed and went to catch a bus into the City Centre.

When we dropped off the bus on Milton Street, a single decker bus was parked half-way around the corner of the Shakespeare Street traffic light. Several men in hi-vis jackets were directing the traffic, no idea what had occurred, but as usual in Nottingham, there were no Police Officers in sight. In fact, I didn’t see one anywhere today!

3Wed07I poddled to Tesco and consulted my shopping list. I got the milk and some oven-bottom-rolls and a TV paper for next week. But they didn’t have any fresh peas, spring water or ice-cream cones.

A bit of a shopping trip flop, indeed.

Out of the shopping centre (mall) and walked up through Trinity Square.

3Wed08The Newly opened Curious Manor eatery, in the brand new part of the food court, did not exactly seem to be making a roaring trade. Sad innit?

I limped down Kings Walk onto Upper Parliament Street.

The impression and looks on the Nottinghamian’s face offered a depressed and 3Wed10unbothered or uninterested feel to the place.

Maybe they were more concerned with whether the shops will have enough stock in for them to shoplift and where and who to fight with tonight after the match with Croatia?

I had a walk around the Slab Square.

Some entertainments were being erected there 3Wed09again.

The sky was so beautiful.

Not that the mobile using populous seemed interested.

Many looks of complete boredom and disinterest mingled amongst the odd drunk and loud sozzled students.

This young Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was doing wheelies on the corner of King Street and Queen street. A V bend that is very dangerous, with many buses and delivery lorries coming around at all times. He got away with it and was not hit and crushed under the wheels of any vehicle. Just as well, cause there were no policemen or even imitation ones anywhere to be seen to help.


3Wed11aAs I got to the L9 bus stop at the top of Queen Street, I took this photographicalisation of the Little John clock tower on top of the Nottingham Council House.

As is usual, this 5 minutes past the hour L9 was very late arriving.

By the time one lady and I got on the vehicle, I was feeling well drained. I kept nodding off on the bus en route. I was fortunate to wake up in time to get off at the right stop. Hehe!.

Walked along Chestnut Walk back to the apartments, taking these pictures.


3Wed12aWhoopsie O1AA I got to the flats, and Mo was there in the foyer. We had a natter and laugh. She spotted the state of my left hand, something which apart from it itching, I had not seen.

In the lift, I had a closer look at it. The whole arm had swollen and gone a sort of blue-red in colour. Hello, I thought, this doesn’t bode well for old codger? Hehe!

3Wed12aaGot in the apartment, and the heat again hit me as I entered through the door.

Got the bits I’d bought put away.

Got some mushrooms on the boil. 

I stripped off to keep cool and to check out the blotches/blemishes elsewhere on the body.


Apart from where I had apparently been scratching, they were no worse than they were earlier. And, the left wrist and hand had gone down and back to more normal colouration, pale and anaemic looking.

I did the applying of some of the Clobetasone Ointment and then had a read of the leaflet that came in the box.

3Wed16An interesting side-effects list:

  • An increased skin infection. Gorrit!
  • An allergic reaction. Gorrit!
  • A feeling of burning, irritation or itching when the ointment is applied, Gorrit!
  • Rash, itchy bumpy skin or redness of the skin. Gorrit!

I just love this next one…

  • Increase in hair growth, appetite and changes in colour. Got some! Hehe!
  • Thinning of your skin that might damage more easily. Gorrit!
  • Weight Gain and high blood pressure. Gorrit!
  • Bone can become thin weak and break easily. Oh, heck!
  • Non-translucent lenses in your eyes. ?

Made a start on updating this blog. It took me three hours to get up to here, Shaking Shaun’s visit didn’t help me progress as quickly as I would have liked.

I noticed on the web, these sub-title headlines on the Nottingham News page:

  • Girl, 13, stole two bottles of champagne from John Lewis.
  • Teenager appears in court in connection with stabbing in Intu Centre.
  • Student released on Curfew for stabbing 27-year old and possessing cannabis.
  • Man, 72, arrested for stabbing the 27-year-old in Lower Parliament Street.
  • Four arrests after a gang fight in Sneinton.
  • Police address mamba use and rough sleeping in the town centre.
  • Ten years for man who abused two girls ten years apart.
  • A man has been arrested and charged with criminal damage,
    after a window at Nottingham’s Tourist Information Centre was smashed. Dembo Sillah, 21, of Beauvale Road, Nottingham, is set to appear at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on 24 July 2018.
  • Football related disorder will not be tolerated in Nottingham. Hehe!
  • Man charged and remanded to court after two police officers were attacked.
  • Appeal after stabbing in St Ann’s.
  • Man arrested following an assault in Radford.
  • Grandad, 70, in court after growing cannabis to ease arthritis.
  • Inmate threw urine over prison wardens to pay off spice and mamba debt.
  • Masked teen locked up after stabbing boy, 16, on his way to sit an exam.
  • Man held hunting knife to woman’s throat in Long Eaton.
  • Nottingham is the most crime-ridden university city outside London.

Depressive innit? Humph!

The upcoming football situation with England, proves my irresolute, in two minds, undecided, unresolved, ever in a dilemma frame of mind. I’d love it if England could beat Croatia and then France to win the World Cup. But I fear so that France is having so much luck in this competition, and are so hard to beat. I find myself accepting  England will go farther, and am so proud of them for getting this far.

Got the Health checks done.

3Wed30First things first, I’ll get the nosh sorted in time for me to watch the match later.

Again, I didn’t manage to eat anywhere near all of it but did enjoy what I did have.

I got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner and settled to watch the match and listen to Herberts banging away upstairs.

I wasn’t surprised at the result. But, as I said earlier, I was impressed with England getting this far in the competition. I do not think that Croatia can beat France, but I pray that they do!

The blotches and blemishes were still itching, but the blue colouration and tingling were far less than yesterday. I think they might be receding at last. Which is good news, cause then I can go to the PPS Steaming day on Saturday with BJ. 

I was concerned about how and why the left lower arm and wrist went all blue and hurting earlier. But no bother since. Isn’t life confusing? Hehe!

I fell asleep later again. The old brain had gone off on one it’s self-regulated panic and fretting about anything and everything mode once more.