Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th January 2018:

Sunday 28th January 2018

Italiano: Domenica 28 Gennaio 2018

0025hrs: Awake thanks to the earlier Strobe & Pillow Alarm Activations, and feeling excessively concerned about my state of health, physical and mental. From last nights early settling down, the memories are, to say the least vague. If it were not for the notes I’d scribbled on the pad, I would not recall anything at all?

The usual ailments, (Apart from later finding Little Inchies lesion bleeding profusely and painfully), had taken a back seat, very odd this. A headache, rumbling innards, ear-ache, tight chest and the occasional shivering/shaking had replaced the usual infirmities (I could have just said a cold, couldn’t I? Hehe!). I dread to think how I’d feel if Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry or Anne Gyna kicked off now, as well. I wonder if I can claim Man-Flu? Haha!

I blew my nose and nearly lacerated the skin on the hands. The stubble on the chin was so thick! I had not done any ablutions last night with the falling asleep – waking-up routine that was imposed on me. Tsk!

Unbelievable how easy I found it getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into an upright stance. I began to think that maybe I was dreaming it all?

Into the kitchen, and as I opened the door, Gawd, it was cold in there! Made me shiver for a second or two.

I got the kettle on, nipped to the wet room for a wee-wee. Oh, heck! Little Inchies lesion had been and was pouring thick blood. Cleaned things up best I could. I’ve never known such pain before from this injury. Took a while, but I think I’ve stopped the flow. The swelling was worse, and the colouration had changed to deep purple/amethyst. Swapped Protection Pants and began to feel sorry for me again. Tsk!

The flat is generally getting messy, untidy and needs a good clean up. It’s in this state cause I keep falling asleep (In between noise from Herbert above, the workers and the Strobe Fire Alarms) so effortlessly and irresistibly lately.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the computer going (Very slow, I fear the worst!). To start this post off.

I’m finding concentrating the mind on any one subject or topic is difficult. I did see in the notes I’d made in the night, a reminder to Email the surgery for a blood test. The shakes and slow computer are making typing a task. I requested the appointment and one with the Doctor to arrange to have the Lesion looked at again, properly. Sent Email to mate Mike.

I seemed to lose track of things, cause I wondered off to the kitchen to make up next weeks medical pots?

During which, I felt the warm damp sensation down below in the PPs (Protection Pants) Little Inchies lesion was bleeding again. Finished the tubs off, and trotted to the wet room to medicalise and cleanse things again.

Not as bad as the last session, but still not pleasant. I nearly had a bad Accifauxpa, though, but just stopped myself.

After cleaning Inchy up, I reached for the Daktarin cream and picked up the toothpaste in mistake. You’ll see in this photograph, on top of the WC, the cream and toothpaste next to each other to the right of the carbolic soap. Different sizes, colouring and thickness. How I nearly used the toothpaste on the lesion, I don’t know. Just glad I noticed in time. Tsk!

Made another cuppa and back on the computer. Updated this load of tosh, then did a Morrison order for Thursday next week.

0425hrs: Snapped this photo as I refilled the tea mug and went to the WordPress Reader. Then a few comments responded to.

Opened CorelDraw and did some Inchcock Today top photo’s in advance. Suddenly realised I had not finished the Sunday post yet – Fool! – so I tended to it.

Back on CorelDraw to do a few page tops again. Didn’t want to spend too much time doing this, cause I wanted to have a hobble (No buses on Sundays) up to Mapperley Top and get some chips and lemon curd yoghourts. I don’t want to show them yet, as it might spoil it for when they get used in the diary.

And I am aware that recently I have been flagging earlier each day.

Ablutions tended to, black bags to the chute on the way out.I noticed the state of the carpeting outside the lift doors in the foyer on our floor. Huh!

Down in the shuddering elevator, and out and along Chestnut Walk, at a steady come slow pace.

As I got to the end of the Walk, I thought this photographicalisation, might come out in a bit of a ‘Moody’ Style.

But it didn’t.

Shame. But this made me more determined to get at least one ‘Moody’ taken today.

I moved onto Winchester Street Hill at the top.

By Jimminee, Anne Gyna started as soon as I got on the steeper part. So I slowed right down and tool smaller steps, and I got to the top with only a couple of pauses and recovery stops. Hehe!

At last!

I got a decent ‘Moody’ picture taken as got to the crest of the hill.

I might try to make this with a trial Sepia conversion later?

Then again, will I find the time and stay awake long enough? Tsk!

I was a little early arriving at the store, so I wandered on further along Woodborough Road and turned left down Porchester Road, a few hundred yards down and took this cracking ‘Moody’ effort. I was pleased with this one.

Started to walk back towards the Aldi store.

This young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as he sped by close to my struggling body mass.

Got in the store and had a wander around for a good while. Got five items of fodder and paid the chap on the check-out, who was a fantastic multi-tasker as it turned out. The lad could talk to someone stacking shelves at the same time as ignoring this pensioner and undercharging me by 35p.

I departed and made my way back to the flats.

Part-way down Winchester Street Hill, I took this photo showing the housing estates in the background, with the wet road and cars struggling up the last steep bit of the hill.

It wasn’t too cold or windy, and the heatless sun persisted for a while.

I came across this bit of Nottingham Street Art on the pavement, I’d missed on my way up the road earlier. “Smoking increases the risk of blindness” is a new warning on the cigarette packets I’ve not seen before?

As I turned into Chestnut Walk and the flats came into view, the sun had another visit.

The feet were aching a little as I made my way in and up the lift to the apartment.

Where on entering, I noticed a letter stuck under the radiator opposite the door.

I put the bits away and opened the mail. It was from the Nottingham City Council Mobility Centre and had been forwarded from the old address. Glad I paid for this service now. My bus-pass needed to be renewed, and the location of the office had moved into the Victoria Centre Car Park White Zone. I got the computer on to try and get the siting of it, so I could call tomorrow and update my beloved pensioner’s freebie pass. But could not find the exact location anywhere. So, in the AM, I’ll have a hunt around and inquire. I need various things it tells me; Recent utility bill, bank statement and the eight digit number from my Senior Smartcard. I’ll sort it in the morning. (Little did I know what a challenge and hassle this was going to be!)

Off for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding again. More medicationalisationing and antisepticising. Tsk!

Got the meal done, and again lost the photo in the ether from the camera – then realised later, I did not have the SD card in the thing when I took the picture. Huh!

The usual fatigue dawned, even earlier than usual.

Incapable and inadequate to do anything else, I washed the pots, took the medications early and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some episodes of Dr No before expecting to nod-off. Oh, that should have been Dr Who, sorry. To the accompaniment of Herbert’s banging about above. But it didn’t last for long.

No Alarm Strobe or Pillow Shaker activations tonight. But I think I kept waking up waiting for them? Hehe!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th January 2018:

  1. Blinded by the smoke does happen, especially when the smoke is thick enough. Nice set of moody photos from you outing. That’s sad that the alarm has you trained to wake in expectation of it.

    • Cheers, Tim. Well pleased with the moodies this time. I might use them as a background for any messages relating to gloom or mystery?
      Going to see if the shop has been haned in the bag of food I left there the other Friday later, and try to locate the Mobility Centre to renew my beloved bus pass, today.
      My EQ tells me, that things are not going to go smoothly with these tasks. I pray this is not so, the last thing I want or need now is more aggro, hassle or confusion. Tsk!
      Take care Sir.

  2. Hey my dear one…
    Been awhile due to my part not being on here…you know how health sucks hahah…
    I just want to check up on ya and say heeeeeyyy…love your art work and always enjoy reading about your day… good thing you caught the toothpaste and other cream heheh I did laugh at that too…
    Hugggggs n ♥♥♥

    • Thanks petal.
      I’m so glad you are able to return to the fold, gal. ♥
      The sucking health can be a right hassle. Love and best of luck to you, and thanks for being caring.
      Knowing you can have a laugh is rewarding to me.
      Have a hug and cuddle through the ether, please. X

  3. I’ve been thinking about your computer and I’m wondering if it is memory issues. LH says computers have two types of memory systems. As you store lots of photos and graphics I’m wondering if that part of the problem. My computer knowledge is very limited but I do know you can get a device to store info in. That doesn’t help with the working memory system though. I’m hoping that one of your graphicalisationing friends could suggest something?

    • Cheers my flower. It is all beyond me, this inner workings of the computer are a complete mystery.
      I took one to PC world when I got hacked. Waste of time and very costly and time consuming it was, and it still doesn’t work right. I think it is beyond even the trained people to sort things out. No wonder the owner of Windows is so rich! Hehe!
      TTFNski, and please have a good day. ♥

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