Inchcock Today – Thursday 28th December 2017

Thursday 28th December 2017

2355hrs: Woke and wrote down what could remember from the dream I’d had. In a classroom, a modern day one, but I was sat at the old wooden desk with the ink-well and italic nibbed pen that I did back at school… I was writing a letter to Tony Blair, I’d used straight words in telling him of what I thought of him and his actions, but could not decide which term of endearment to sign off with? Totally finifugal. I could see that I was not of the same age as those around me, I didn’t fit in. But times and dates seemed confused and intermingled in my thoughts in the dream, I knew Blair was not yet born? All confusing. Soon drifted off again.

01204040hrs: Woke, pleased when I saw the notes of the dream to use. I couldn’t miss them really, they were laying with an empty Stilton cheese biscuit bag and the pencil, across my substantial bloated wobbly belly. Tsk!

I liberated my liberal body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner without as much difficulty as is usual. Hippy Hilda only a tad bothersome, Arthur Itis was a painful flaming nuisance and Reflux Roger giving me some gip. The retained fluid in the legs seems to have increased. But, overall I felt in good nick this morning. So much so, I decided to get the rest of the laundry done straight away, but a demand for the Porcelain Throne usage arrived as I stood up, pleasantly finding no Dizzy Dennis affects and avoided stubbing any toes.

The Throne session proved to be a dud – only wind, but I could tell an eruption of an evacuation was building up. All the usual signs were there, the pains to the left of the tummy, no strong aroma accompanied the wind escaping and no bleeding at all. I’m gerrin’ good at this forecasting lark! Read a page or two of the Leningrad book

0140hrs: Cleaned-up and got the laundry things collated, and off down the lift.

The carpet in the lift area had taken a bashing from someone.

I know that the Willmott-Dixon lads are not back working until 2nd January, so they can’t be blamed?

The lift down was a bit shuddery with scraping noises, but that has been how they have been for a few weeks recently. I’m getting used to them now.

The carpet on the ground floor was a little battered as well.

As I made my way to the laundry room, a bloke, a new tenant I  assumed, not having seen him before, arrived with his bag of washing to do. Bit of a whippersnapper, he only looked about 55 years old. He was wearing a monocle, his pyjamas, dressing gown and carpet slippers! He did not reply to my cheery Good Morning! And had a guilty look on his mush.

I got the washing machine going.

I nipped outside to take a picture from outside the foyer doors. Flipping cold out there!

We both got in the lift to go back up together. No words were spoken by the chap again. It might be that the poor young thing felt a pratt for getting caught in his night attire? I had the sense to keep mine on under the trousers and a big jacket. Hehehe!

Up to the flat just in time for the sudden surge I’d anticipated from the rear end! Got on the Porcelain Throne in time. Messy, much cleansing needed doing after this evacuation. I suspect that Trotsky Terence is trying to make another visitation and get settled in once more? Huh! Then I antisepticised the contact surfaces and doorknobs, in the hope of avoiding things getting any worse.

0218hrs: Down to move the stuff from the washer to drying machine. Up again and got the Health checks done.

Sys and Dia were both within range, the weight had actually gone down a bit too!

At first, the weight, although pleasing to see going down, confused me. Especially with all that retained water still in the legs. Then I realised I’d just evacuated a mass the size of double-decker bus into the Porcelain Throne, and that might be the reason? Haha!

But the pulse had gone up considerably from normal? Never been this high before?

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

0318hrs: Down to collect the clothing and towels.

The new bloke had shoved his empty laundry bag under the machine he was using. That’s going make a mess of his flat when getting back with it. Under these devices is a no-go area for anyone who cleans up in here! Bugs, soap powder, nub-ends, sweet wrappers, fag packets etc. seem to accumulate in this area. Put your carrier-bag under there, and these will be transferred to your dwelling.

I got the clothes out and folded, cleaned the filter and packed the bag and back up to the apartment.

The cars below seem to have a good frost if or even ice, on their windscreens.

A bit of good parking from the forth on the right vehicle driver. Noticing that they were all parked ‘nose-in’ reminded me of a funny told me from a workman:

Question: “Why do old people always park nose-in and not reverse to make it easier for getting out?”

Answer: “One of three reasons, all valid. 1) They do this so they can get home and on the WC quickly! 2) They are not sure if they have left a candle lit or something cooking and need to find out quickly! 3) They may not be alive in the morning, so it doesn’t matter! Hahaha!

Got the computer on a finished the Wednesday post. Made a start on this up to here.

Made another brew for the one that went cold and got on WordPress Reader.

Then answered comments.

Blimey, it’s nearly time for the ablutions to be done. No time for Facebooking or CorelDraw left. Hopefully, I can get out early enough to get the milk and trousers from the Victoria Market I might still have the energy and concentration to do these later today – or not.

Ablutions tended to, and all clean and dressed warmly, I left the flat to go to the Social hut. Returned to the apartment to check that I’d left everything in order, no taps running, lights on, heater on etc. Off again.

Walking down Chestnut Walk and took care not to hobble over the standing rain and snow water near the work compound gate, as it had frozen solid.

I went on and got in the warmth of the hut. A few folk in there doing the same, keeping warm until the bus arrived. Soon we joined with many others coming in.

We departed the hut and joined several others (The smokers who didn’t come in the shed so they could satiate their addiction to tobacco, bless em). The Sherwood-Arnold bus was used by about 14 of the tenants, leaving me and kind lady from the 13th floor, oh, and the heavy-breathing man to get on the City bound one.

I sat next to the lady, and we had an enjoyable, pleasant chinwag en route into town.

I dropped off and made my over the road into the Victoria Centre (Mall), up the escalator and in the Market.

A sorrowful-sight indeed this market nowadays.

More closed stalls than those that are open. It’s the same in the Derby Market too. Still, the Afganistan man who runs a clothing stall was thankfully there and trading. He sorted out some trousers in my size, and I got a jumper while there as well. £50 was gone in a flash.

I walked through the sad place and out, down the moving stairs and to the Tesco store. Another situation! Old stuff on show, part-empty shelves and staff who looked most depressed and unhappy.

I went straight to the continental meal fridge shelves hoping to find some pork knuckles – the shelves were bare of pork knuckles. So I got a pack of Polish Boczek bacon.

Then some part-baked round cobs, potato chips, Full cream Jersey milk and Chinese coated seaweed sea nibbles.

A tenner plus, gone.

I called in the West Indian stall and got a bottle of Mushroom Soy Sauce for only £1.20, a large on as well.

As I departed the mall, I noticed some blue stuff on the floor near several giant flower pots and wondered what they were.

On closer scrutinisationalisticness, I think it was some ice-melting stuff that was coloured blue?

Thinking about it, this is a good idea to let the Nottinghamian shoplifters and muggers that ice is about, visually.

I walked along Milton Street on to Upper Parliament Street and down Queen Street into the City Centre.

All of the stalls and entertainments, apart from the Ice Rink, were open and willing to trade. But it looked a forlorn hope for the poor traders to me. It seemed that tons of cooked food with the emitting aromas were attracting many local folks to eat.

The staff’s faces wore signs of gloom and boredom. As did the people walking around, too. There was the odd bit of cheer, that came from a few kids on the scarcely patronised rides. This got me on a low then.

I made my way to the bus stop and waited for the L9. While I was waiting, I saw a face in this stone outside the Post Office and took a picture of it.

Blown if I can see it now. Tsk!

I was the only one to get on the bus. The cheery driver woman was on duty, and I perked up a bit. I brightened up even further when the beautiful lady from the 13th floor got on the bus at the next stop. She’d been shopping at M & S and had gotten herself some bargains today.

The driver was telling us all as she drove us, her daughter had suffered a slight Accifaupa in her car earlier, and the driver had rung work to say she would be late. Glad to hear there were no injuries. Just a prang on the ice.

Got off the bus and spoke to Welsh William, who did not answer my greetings again? I hobbled to the flats and was soon caught up by the kind lady as I got to the lift. A chinwag and laugh between four of in the elevator were enjoyed.

Into the flat, and put the foodstuff away.

I made a Yorkshire tea bag brew in the mug and took the midday medications and Health Checks.

The tea using this Jersy milk in it was almost perfect, delicious!

I was getting the computer on ready to update this claptrap, and both doorbells chimed up.

Got to the door, no one there, but a carrier bag with a wrapped up in Christmas paper present in it. A note said sorry I’m late, but I got lost. Hehe! Upon opening it, I found a lovely box of Cadbury Chocolate biscuits! How kind of someone. I wonder who was kind enough to gift me this?

I went to put it in the spare room, and guess what? I found the other pressie I’d misplaced.

I brought them into the front room so I would not forget again.

But where the missing cards are is still a conundrum. Tsk! Same with the pork belly slices, I don’t think I’ll ever seem them, or the spare battery for the camera again. I wondered if someone has slipped me some nepenthe without me knowing?

Started to get this updated. ‘Herbert’ is banging about above once more.

Checked the WordPress Reader, and comments and emails.

I made some graphics of Trump, which I saved in CPT format. I wanted to keep them in PNG, to send them to him so he might use them in his work. After three hours trying, I still could not work out how to save time in PNG. I went to the Corel help page but got so confused, and I am weary now and tried. Feel such a fool. And I really thought they were goodish too.

Closed everything down feeling bad.

Got the medications took, and Health Checks done and then prepared the fodder.

I was so tired and heavy eye-lidded that the brain went to sleep before the body did. Hehehe!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 28th December 2017

  1. If I knew someone was wearing a monocle, I would become totally obsessed with it and demand an accounting of it and probably asked if I could give it a go! Outside of movies, plays and television I have never seen a monocle being worn by someone who needs to wear one!
    I enjoyed your shopping trip and the photos very much. My shopping trips are also filled with foreign intrigue as I always gravitate toward interesting people with accents. I always take a cab or walk because our public transport is horrible. My cab drivers are always from worldly places. one of my drivers yesterday was from Poland and had done a lot of traveling throughout Europe so I had a million questions and he seemed to relish Answering each and everyone. A great day for me, all in all.👍👍

    • This is only the second time I’ve seen anyone in real life wearing a monocle. I knew a tutor when I was at night college taking night classes in Retail Food Trade, who wore a monocle. I remember being impressed with the ease and exactity of his putting it in and removing it. He wore it when he had to look at or write on the blackboard as I recall. By gum, that must have been, er… let me work it out please… 1963, I think. Hehe!
      We have a polish tenant here in the flats, we call him Eric or Ernie, I don’t know why. Amazing bloke, he’s 93 and till walks about much better than I can manage. I tried to get him to talk of Poland but he does not respond. He’ll talk about anything else, a friendly man.
      Sorry to hear you are like me with the public transport Sir. Three days over Christmas without a bus, I think it might be the same over the new year.
      I enjoy shopping even when it goes wrong, someone to talk to.
      Glad you found someone willing to talk, that’s good.
      Taketh care. Cheers.

      • Here in the states we are currently experiencing an epidemic of xenophobia which is being led by Boring people who are frightened by their own Shadows. I’ve always thought that if I lived in Europe my chances of meeting a genuine gypsy would increase dramatically! I have a feeling that people will soon tire of being pushed around by all of these boring, cowardly and greedy billionaires.👍👍

      • The cunning swines seem to offer crumbs at just the right time, to appease the proletariat over here, Sir.
        I stopped going to football (Soccer) matches, when I realised how much the players were being paid and the entrance fee to watch them lose went up to £10 a match. My sister tells me it is now £25 a match!
        Not sure how i got onto football there, sorry.

  2. I have not been to the biggest shopping mall in Albuquerque in 30 years or so. I was in the second biggest mall for some reason in 2004 and it was pretty well vacant then. Laurie took Tristan out to get clothes for a graduation present and they ventured over to the big mall. Laurie said that, much to her surprise, with thousands of parking spaces surrounding the shopping mall, there were none available and she had to drive around until she could fight for a spot as someone was leaving. She said the mall was crowded with people and most of the stalls were occupied by various shops full of shoppers. She was quite surprised to see the brick and mortar stores overrun with shoppers when all you hear about is the woes of brick and mortar retail. There are only a handful of stores I will go to physically. I don’t like the shopping experience.

    Frost and ice in the streets. That’s getting cold. A new monocled, 55 year old whippersnapper in residence? Seem peculiar for his age, and more peculiar that he’s monocled. That is quite a variety of food you have nicely arranged on that plate.

    • Seems that Laurie took Tristan had a struggle, glad they came out okay.
      After the holiday rush and back to normal soon, like here.
      Certainly going from freezing to raining regularly lately here, Tim.
      I reckon, just an EQ feeling like, that when I get to know this geezer and get him speaking, we’ll hit it off and become pals?
      Wait until you read of Fridays food farce! Hehe!
      All the best, Cheers.

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