Inchock Today – Wednesday 27th December 2017

Wednesday 27th December 2017

Belarusian: Серада 27 снежня 2017

0210hrs: Woke up, sprawled half-out of the £300 second-hand recliner and did my best to get the brain started to recall some of the dreams I just knew I’d been having – but annoyingly nothing concrete came to me, only an impression that I was being chased again.

Getting the fluid-filled right leg off of the arm of the chair so I could escape and get to the Porcelain Throne, was unpleasant, painful and time-consuming.

No Dennis Dizzies, stubbing of toes or excessive complaints from Arthur Itis or Hippy Hilda, just harassment from the bloated right thigh as I made my way to the WC. The evacuation was of a hard vast volume nature once again, but today, a fair bit of blood with it.

I would not use the shower at this time of course, but did do my teeth and had a shave. The gums bled, but at least I did not cut myself with the razor. I had a few thoughts on the dream while doing this. I now think I was on a merchant ship with several levels below and being pursued. The corridors were caliginous, metal rails and I was scared. Why I felt the need to discover what happened in this nightmare, defeated me.

To the kitchen and got the Health Checks were done, and the medications were taken. The Sys was a bit high?

I could see the rain on the window.

I opened them and leant out to take this slightly worrying photographicalisation. That revealed the wet, windy and depressing weather out there.

Hopefully, the buses will be running today, and I can get out to talk to someone and get some milk.

Made a brew and moved to the computer and got it started. It dawned on me that I had not opened the Christmas Cards yet, so went to collect them from the top of the DVD collection where I knew I had stored them – but they were not there!?!? A search and seek mission was started. I even thought I might find the missing belly pork slices, the lost phone’s SDH card or the hearing aids during my looking for the greeting cards. Abject failure was the result. How? Where? I must have a word with my insouciant Doctor Vindla!

I got the Tuesday post finished and posted off.

Checked the Emails.

Then started this one going as far as here.

0515hrs: Went to the WordPress Reader session. Then answered the comments.

0550hrs: Made another mug of tea and had a wee-wee. Later on to Facebooking.

0620hrs: CorelDraw prep work.

0800hrs: Took the five rubbish bags to the chute.

Had a shower and got things ready.

0910hrs: Out into the rain, and walked to the Obergruppenfureress’s Hut with some nibbles. A natter with Warden Deana, and another with some other tenants as they arrived to wait in the dry for the bus to come. None of them seemed in an overly joyous mood, bless them. Neither was I if the truth were known.

The Bestwood bound L9 arrived, and it was the lovely bonny lassie driver. I gave her a chocolate nibble as we piled on, all the others piled off in Sherwood. I was the only passenger for a while. But it soon refilled at the other request stops. I managed to change the hearing-aid batteries en route. Dropped off outside the Asda (Walmart) store and went in. I wanted milk and Jacobs Stilton Mini-Cheesies if they had any in again.

I decided, being as Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood, I’d get the milk and other bits in a hurry and try to catch the same bus on its return journey. To my surprise and pleasure, they had some of the bags of the Stilton biscuits in, on offer 3 for £3, so I got six of them. Some Wholemeal Thins bread, small potatoes and a packet of 4 mini-pork pies with caramelised onion chutney on top. I forgot to get the milk, Tsk! I realised this when going through the checkout I noticed the lady in front had remembered her milk. Hehe! Had I gone back get some, I would have missed the bus to the flats, so I didn’t.

Limped rapidly out and up to the bus stop, with two minutes to spare. The bus got very busy en route. But most of the folks had a word and laugh with the driver.

We picked up some other Woodthorpe Tenants in Sherwood. When we dropped off, Welsh Bill was waiting to get on and I offered him a cheerio ‘Good Morning Bill’, but got no reply.

The rain was light, but the wind hard as I hobbled along Chestnut Walk to Woodthorpe Court. A little further along I had to sidestep a big puddle and stopped to take a photograph of the new build apartments inside the centre compound.

As I continued on, in an instant the rain turned into snow. Not heavy though, only light stuff fell, blown along in the strong prevailing winds.

I got up the lift and to the kitchen as fast as I could to get a photograph of the snow. Which, as I took the pictures below, turned back into sleet and then rain again.

The lady who walks her elderly greyhounds was braving the weather with the black one, both rescue dogs and with a sweet personality. She can’t manage the two of them, I can’t remember why now. No, that’s not right, I’m sure she could cope with them, I meant she prefers not to for some reason.

Glad to see she had prepared the dog well with a good coat for him.

I got the kettle on and did the Health Checks and took the medications while I thought of it. Because I intend to stay awake and get a few days templates and top graphics done in advance, and this will take time. Also, I tend to get carried away doing this task.

I got the fodder put away, and used just a tiny drop of milk in it, from my ever dwindling stocks. I think it is beginning to go off. Humph!

1200hrs: I opened Coreldraw 2017 and started the page headers graphics for the next few days Inchcock Todays.

1550hrs: Blimus! That took a lot of time. The old concentration proved a bit deleterious to my efforts to expatiate myself cleary.

Had a quick look at the WordPress Reader again.

A few minute on Facebook, but the weariness has dawned.

So I got the nosh sorted out.

Buttered wholemeal bread thins with sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette. Two mini pork pies with caramelised onion chutney, potato sticks, Marmite crisps and Pork Knuckle. A large mug of fresh orange juice and a lemon yoghourt to follow!

Rated this one at 9.68/10, a veritable feast of flavour! I think I have developed a sitomania for pork knuckle. I hope they will still have it in stock after the holidays, but bet they won’t. Tsk!

Took the pots to wash up, Hippy Hilda not as bothersome now as earlier, but still not in a perfect mood. At least she let me get the right leg up to about five inches with pain, of course, to get into the jammy-bottoms on later. But the agony in changing the socks on and off was almost beyond description. Hehe! What the heck am I laughing at?

The skyline looked like it had been painted on and had the sense of not belonging to the rest of the view. If that makes sense.

Did the last Health Checks and took the evening medications.

The loud Herbert upstairs has been noisy all day on and off, and I think I will have to mention this again to either Obergruppenfuhreress Warden Deana or Obergefreiteress Warden Julie soon. That or buy a stun-gun and go up and have a word with him. (Note: The stun-gun would be in case he is younger, bigger and braver [Which is very likely] than what I am! Hehehe!).

I got settled in the recliner, with a mug of clementine juice, packet of the Stilton cheese biscuits and some chocolate nibbles, ready to watch the two episodes of Law & Order which was on channel 21 (5USA). The first one started, and I got through ¾ of the way before nodding off. Woke up halfway through the second episode and watched it to the end.

The benefit is I think when the brain is running away on its own course and all efforts to regain control of it fail; thus, sleep is impossible; at least I can put the goggle-box on, and the brain usually surrenders and goes back to its regular lackadaisically detached, uninterested mode. Then sleep comes. Fair enough, it might only be five minutes here or ten or thirty minutes there, but the system works. I should write a book about this? Haha!

I continued to nod-off and wake for a couple of hours and eventually gave up trying to watching the box.

Woke with a right jump about 2300hrs. I think I thought I was still dreaming about whatever it was I was dreaming about but can’t remember because I had my left leg over on the arm of the recliner. Believe me, had I wanted to get the leg in that position while awake or conscious, it would have been an impossibility! Perhaps the pain woke me up? So irritating not to be able to recall what I was dreaming about, though.

Manipulating the limb back down so he could be with his fluid-filled, Arthur Itis amd Hippy Hlda ridden brother’s right leg with his boils and bent ankle, was almost enough to make me cry out in pain! I might not be able to get about much or do anything exciting physical or romantic nowadays, but these little incidents help me to forget that you know. Going bonkers? Me?

8 thoughts on “Inchock Today – Wednesday 27th December 2017

  1. You are getting very precise with your food rating. Out two decimal places is impressive. Good you got out in the cold and wet. Isn’t it amazing the acrobatics you can do in your sleep? It might actually be the aliens had been doing a little prodding and probing and didn’t get your leg back in place before you woke up.

  2. So I’m guessing you have to go out for milk today. I like to have an extra bottle of milk available as it’s one of those items I hate to run out of so I often get an extra one in and put it in the freezer. The plastic bottles of milk freeze with no problems. If you have a tiny freezer that could be a problem though. I currently don’t have any milk in the freezer 🙂 lol 😆

    • Well fancy that, gal. I’ve just got back in with the milk (And other bits). I tried a plastic bottle of Full Cream milk from Jersy and Guernsey cows Grazed in the UK. A mouthful, but printed on the label, from Tesco at £1. It made the best cup of tea I’ve had in ages! On the back of the label it said it could be frozen – I didn’t realise that, and here you are giving the same advice – super, thanks!
      Getting a bottle in the freezer will have to wait until I’ve made room. Hehe! I’ve put a photo of it on todays Inchcock.
      Does Bertie drink milk, or rather, is dinking milk good for woof-woofs? Just a tought. I remember looking after some greyhounds once, and they were not allowed milk. Later I found out the chap, when he wanted the dog to lose a race, would give them milk and an extra weetabix. I was amazed at the fiddling that went on. I’m waffling again. Sorry.
      Got to remember to collect the prescriptions tomorrow, I’ve just made a large reminded and put it over the TV screen so I can’t miss it. By gum, I’m gettng organised for once. Hehehe!
      PLease give Bertie a bit of fuss for me. ♥

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