Inchcock Today – Monday 25th December 2017

Monday 25th December 2017

Galician: Luns 25 de Decembro de 2017

0245hrs: For a change this morning the brain engaged almost immediately I regained consciousness. It was the body that lingered a while before allowing me full access and partial control of it. Hehe!

I noticed the large notebook on the arm of the chair had been utilised during the night. Closer inspection revealed my most lucid writing ever, and a lot of it too. As I perused this monologue, the memory of the parts of the dream actually returned to my mind, when seconds earlier there was nothing in there at all. (That came out wrong?) Tsk! An idea for a graphic of the dream formed, and I added thoughts to the notes to use later.Ā  I did wonder how I wrote these overnight reminders in the dark, mind?

Luckily, my having a degree of ambidexterity, getting the fluid-filled right leg to move without too much pain was achievable. On the plus side, Hippy Hilda was far less troublesome than last night, Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger were both giving an excellent Christmas present by not bothering me at all! Yeehaa!

It took a little coercivity and encouragement, but eventually, I escaped the Ā£300 second-hand recliner, without any stubbing of toes and Dennis Dizzies too!

Off to visit the Porcelain Throne. The session produced, shall I say, a large hard torpedo, very large. A harrowing evacuation indeed today, but this did allow me to read a chapter of the Leningrad book. Not much bleeding and what little there was I could tell came only via the Haemorrhoid Harold department. I cleaned and medicated things and me, and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Oh, dearie me and Globdangerations!

I’d left the hot water faucet running all night! It had run cold. (Of course, Huh!) I seem to recall saying something along the lines of; “Well, fancy that!”.

I also spotted the rubbish bags I sorted yesterday, still awaiting my attention to take them to the waste chute. Guilt mode adopted! I even picked each one up and felt them for any signs of the missing belly pork slices. None found, naturally.

I thought I’d take a photo while hanging out of the window. I found a ‘Miniature’ option on the camera and tried it out. The miniature option one is on the left, auto mode on the right. Same zoom from the same position on both.

The scene got me thinking of all the families down there, kids wanting to open their presents, the excitement. But down there would be street dwellers, single folk who will not see anyone over the holidays. Sight-impaired and blind folk. Hard of hearing and deaf souls. Desperately lonely. Confused… I had to stop myself thinking, and got on with the medicationalisationing and Health Checks.

Got the computer on and did the last weeks averages. The Sys is still a bit higher, but it is coming down again now.

Then, I got on with the Dream post graphic and ode, while things were still amazingly staying in my head, and of course, those notes that I had apparently written in the dark during the night? This and the disappearing belly-pork slices both nagged-on in my mind.

The graphic was beyond my capabilities to get how I wanted it to look, but the general feeling came out in it.

I was hobbling around the Nottingham Beach that arrives in Summer each year and was searching each person and their belongings. To ascertain whether they had a pen or biro with them. I had listed to add their names to if the had both pencil and pen. Only a pen. Just a pencil, or if they had neither of them. Those with pen and pencil were cautioned and put on an offenders list. Those with only a pen were fined and removed from the site – Those with just a pencil were allowed to stay, and I bought them an ice-cream – Those with neither, I handed over to the Victorian uniformed policemen to take to the gallows! I had a miniature stun-gun adapted to the end of my walking stick, but no notes of my using it anywhere. If only memories and records like this were found after every dream. Funny how I cannot recall anything about so many of them most of the time, and then this happens every few weeks? The incomprehensibility of it all confuses me.

There came a whining noise from outside. Like wind blowing through metal fixtures or frames. Then, of course, my astute, quick, calculating, intelligent brain remembered the building is covered with metal fixtures, structures, hoists and scaffolding. How I let myself forget these are there befuddles me this is what I can see sat here through the window now.

Blimey, it’s howling out there now.

Went to the WordPress reader. Replied to the comments, and then onto Facebooking. Spent a good few hours catching up.

Shame that the moron up above me has not gone away for Christmas, his banging has joined in with the howling winds to make my already depressing holiday worse than ever. But, yer doesn’t like to complain does yer. Grrr!

CorelDraw next, to try and get some more of the TFZers ‘Entertainment’ series done. Got two more done and filed for when I get them finished.

Had a go on Facebook.

The ‘Herbert’ above me is knocking and banging away again.

Had my usual Pork Pie with the dinner. I got a Morrison Melton Mowbray one this year… I shall not be investing in one of these again.Ā (Note the confidence of expecting to still be here in twelve months time. Hehe!). The top crust was soft and fatty. Bland tasting meat. The potato balls and tomatoes were passable. The cheese was okay. The part-baked cobs that I buttered and put balsamic sauce on were reet grand! Overall, a rating of 4/10 given.

I had what I hope was a final search for the missing belly pork slices, then another for the mobile phone, finding neither.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, and settled to watch the much-viewed over the years ‘Dunkirk’ film, on the TV. I nodded off at the first commercial break and woke with the end-credits rolling down the screen. Humph!

I think I dreamt of being chased again, now this is a regular theme to my dreams that I have not, or can’t remember having had for a long time.

Taketh care each!

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  1. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Ha! Ha! Ha! Even Santa has to watch his language these days. And then there’s Santa’s actions. I can see that lawyer “What’s this about you ‘coming down people’s chimneys?’ Are you a pervert or what?” What can we say. Everything is taken wrong these days. When I was a kid we didn’t have a fire place, so I was perplexed about how Santa would get into the house. Today, many people won’t let their kids believe in Santa. It’s a shame. They make their kids believe in all their PC sudo science crap and apocalyptic world views. At least Santa is a positive, happy kind of guy. I love the graphic of your dream. Well arranged Christmas dinner.

    • That puzzled you a bit, I bet? Haha! We had a chimney. Setting the fire each morning, cleaning it out at night – and as for cleaning the chimney every month or so – the whole room nneded cleaning afterwards, but would Dad pay out 3/6d for the sweep to call? No! Just thinking about that now. That would be 17.5 new pence in the decimal money. Who would have believed anyone then, if they told you in twenty years it will cost over a pound to get a loaf of bread that cost old 11 pence 4.5 (new pence) then. I’m waffling again. Sorry. Cheers.

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