Inchcock Today – Wed 23 Oct 2019: Whoopsiedangleplops enjoyed today. Phwert!

2019 sOct 23

2019 sOct 23

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 23ain Hydref 2019

Oct 23

02:20hrs: I woke, almost thoughtless, it was great. No Worry-Storm in the brain-box, totally unfathomable as to why, but I liked it! Within seconds, I was rising from the Brother-In-Law knackered second-hand, £300, rickety recliner, on the way to the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket), for another HDT (Heavy-Duty-Torrential) wee-wee.

While releasing the wee-wee, I became aware of the lack of bother from RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis), Anne Gyna, and Back-Pain Brenda. Had I died, and no one told me? Hehehe!

3Wed001The idea of hobbling to the kitchen without using the stick came to mind – followed by a warning from my EQ. So, I took in the message, usually right, for the trip with the new four-prong stick. But no bother came, I’ll give it a bit of time. I made a brew of Glengettie and took the medications. I tipped the tablets out from the Chemist-filled Tablet-Pouch.

WD 250.0.250 I was under the impression when these arrived, that they had sent me a double-dos3Wed01Qe of prescriptions, but found on opening, they only half-filled them. The reason for tipping them into a bowl this time was I was getting fed-up with dropping one or more each time I tried to tip them into the tiny-pill tray I’d been using. And then having to locate them, clean them, and take them. Hehe!

3Wed001bI got the handwashing from last night onto the airer.

A summoning from the innards to the Porcelain Throne arrived, and off I went to the wet room. Yet another change in style this morning. Really messy, Urgh!

WD 250.0.250 Cleaning me and various parts of the wet room up, took me ages to get done, and while doing it, having to bend, kick-started Arthur Itis and Back-Pain-Brenda off! Humph! The pain relief didn’t last for long, did it? But I appreciated it while it lasted. The EQ was right, as usual.

WD 250.0.250 When I came out and went to make another brew before starting on the computer, being lighter now, I saw and was surprised by the thick fog out there! I took photographs to the left, straight ahead, and to the right.


WD 250.0.250 Made the tea, and got the computer on. Oh, dearie me!

Virg 255.0.255S

WD 250.0.250 This went on for hours. Making life difficult with the computing, and getting the diary updated took yonks! But by blind determination, assisted my some silent-bad-language,  I eventually got it done and posted.

WD 250.0.250 At about 08:30hrs, a screeching-metallic noise came from somewhere nearby. Gawd, it was loud and lasted for about 10 seconds. I abandoned the computer chair, and went on a seek & find mission!  I seeked but did not find what it was or where it came from. Taping and knocking noises were heard for several hours, but they were obviously from above, where the screeching seemed to be all around? Ah, just another of the mysteries of my beloved Woodthorpe Court, that lies somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of space & the spacetime continuum. With illusion, delusion, & hallucinations, all rife!

I had to get the ablutions seen to before the Iceland delivery arrived. I double-checked on the email message, to be sure what time to expect it.

WD 250.0.250 A new email had come in from the company. They were short delivering: the Sherbert saucers, and the Milk Roll bread! Tut-tut!

3Wed01sOn the way to the wetroom, I heard another screeching noise again, not as loud and of a shorter duration.

WD 250.0.250 The one thing I did not check last time, was the new intercom, so I had a look, but it had failed again! I hope the buzzer thing works when the chap or lady arrives with the groceries. Fingers crossed then. I got into the oh, so cold wet room, and started the ablutionisationing. I stripped off and checked the legs before doing the teggies and shaving. They didn’t look too good, to me. Humph! Yet the pain of RAI was not so bad at the moment. The Clopidogrel was raging, and the old ankle ulcer looked to be trying to burst out again?

3Wed01fWD 250.0.250 The teggies were a struggle, as the right hand and fingers were both a bit non-responsive to touch. I tried using the left dandy and what a laugh!

WD 250.0.250 The shaving was perhaps a little too close? Again, the hand and fingers caused problems. At this point, the dropsies consisted of Flannel 1, Razors 3, Shaving foam 1, and After-shave bottle 2. (Used to stop the bleeding)

3Wed01ga WD 250.0.250 As I got in the shower, I clouted my head on the control-box edge. Rinsed off the shaving foam, and had an excellent refreshing shower. Even if it did seem so cold in there this morning. I could hear knocking, drilling, and tapping while the shower was on, so it had to be nearby. The fire sprinkler fitters, maybe. Despite the injuries, I felt in fairly-good condition.

3Wed01iI dried off and got dressed, all bar the socks: with my accifauxpa record since getting up, I thought I’d leave off the socks and avoid any conflict with the sock-glide. Haha!

WD 250.0.250 The nick on the nut bled a bit more, so I dosed it with after-shave, that did the trick. It made me jump a bit, and mutter some mild naughty words mind. Hehe!

3Wed02Back on the computer, it was still dead slow! Started on this blog, until the intercom rang, and I heard it (another mystery), the release button worked, and the chap was soon at the door, he put the groceries inside the door for me. I signed his tablet and thanked him, and off I went for another HDT (Heavy-Duty-Torrential) wee-wee!

3Wed01TI got the stuff stored away, planning to have the frozen Smokey Sausage and beans ready-meal later. 

I’d wedged the door open with the trolley to get the bags in, so I went to close it and spotted some new pipework had been done in the hallway.

WD 250.0.250 Back to the computer and did a bit, but things were that slow, I gave up. This damned Fries internet service is causing me dysbulia!

Virg 255.0.255S

I decided to take the bags to the waste chute, then go to see the Wardens if they are in their holding-cell, interrogation office, then go up to the roof at Winwood Court, to take some pictures, as the fog was thinning quickly now, and the sunshine, although not warm, was coming out.

Then, the Amazon monthly delivery of the Mannon Lemon Wafers arrived from Amazon. A reet-treat! Bootiful! Tangy and tasty! Delightful! And expensive! Har-har!

3Wed03I got the five bags made up for the waste chute, and struggled to the chute-room with them and deposited them down the shaft. Then returned to the apartment and got the nibble bag and pressies in the trolley, and back out again,  down in the lift to the ground floor lobby. A mass of posters was on the notice board. One was from Jenny, she is still organising the Meal to Arnold. I really would like to go again with Jenny and Frank, but with how I am at the moment, it would be very embarrassing for me, the shakes, losing contact with the fingers and hands, would undoubtedly mean Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangplops with eating. Just like they do at the flat. But here, there is only me to cope with and self-mortify and shame. I think it is on a Tuesday anyway, so will clash with the After-Stroke Physio sessions. But, I do appreciate her efforts for us, so much. ♥

WD 250.0.250 I made my way along the link-passage. As soon as the swipe door opens to Winwood Court, you are greeted by a lovely warmth, a stark contrast to how Woodthorpe Court feels. I got to the Wardens Den. All three of them were in, with a selection of handsome, fit-looking young workmen. It makes yer sick! Well me, anyway. Ha-ha-ha! I dropped the pressie off, handed the nibble bag around, and had a chat. (Precious that!) When the wafers where delivered, I saved the air-bags they used, and took them as well, cause they are larger than normal ones, and the gals love popping-them! And did so as soon as they were handed over!

3Wed05I departed, and got in the lift to the top floor of Winwood Court, to take some pictures from the rooftop. The restroom was not being used by anyone. It is spacious, nice and warm and had facilities galore. I went out on to the roof. The doors have now been repaired, and both opened when I pressed the button. Lovely!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed12aShame about the leaks in the roof, it has always leaked since being installed.

I went back into the perfectly heated and looked after rest-area room. So much care has gone into planning the layout and available extras.

As you can see, the luxury-status room lacks for nothing, only Winwood Court residents, visiting. Oh, I am jealous again! Hehehe!

After a nosey-around, I got in the lift and returned through the link-passage back to the dark, grungy, cold Woodthorpe Court.

WD 250.0.250 I spotttttted… did you see that? I left the extra t’s on, to show you how often I have to amend and correct things when the fingers lose their sensitivity to touch, same when shaving, no wonder I can’t get jobs done, and they take so long to do! Moan-Over!

3Wed14WD 250.0.250 What was I saying? Oh, yes! I spotted either a contact or a security device. Or both, hanging from one of the doors in the passageway.

I was struggling with my balance and the trolley for a while. Which made me appreciate the help from the After-Stroke team and the Red Cross, in getting me this trolley-walker. 3Wed15Without any doubt, it had been an accident saver for me, on many occasions, like just now!

They even have motion-sensors for the lights in the warm-snug passageway. Did I mention it was so comfortable and warm in Winwood Court?

When I got through the swipe-door at the end of the corridor, I shuddered involuntarily! It was that cold in there! Just thought I’d mention it! Humph!

Being lunchtime, I called in to see Robert, the caretaker and offer him a nibble. (No answer to that, Hahaha!) We had a little natter, which I always appreciate. Like when Generalfeldmarschalless Housing Patch Manager/ Pole Dancer Angela called last night. She made a point of having a short chinwag with me, and caring actions like this, are so appreciated. ♥

I said my farewells, and withdrew, to the elevator and back up to the flat. I had another HDT (Heavy-Duty-Torrential) wee-wee.  And the photographs from camera SD card to CorelDraw. Titivated a couple up, and got them all on WordPress to use as I updated this post.

WD 250.0.250 I had a break, when, you guessed it…

Virg 255.0.255S

3Wed21I got the oven heating, ready for the cooking of the Smokey sausage & bean casserole, later on. I hope it will be tasty.

Went for another HDT wee-wee. At least the water-demands have all been of a similar nature today, even if a tad fierce perhaps?

3Wed22I made a brew of tea and got the medications taken. I then had a go at getting the Nokia camera, no… Nikon camera to take a landscape photograph. Changed the settings, then took a picture from the balcony. And success! It came out just grand! At least know now, how to change it back in the settings. If I remember.

WD 250.0.250 As I turned to come back in from the balcony, I saw so many dead insects on and under the floorboards. Bees, midges and flies! And the cold had gone through to the flat when I opened the window! Grumph & Carbolic!

Then I got the casserole in the oven after reading the cooking instructions. It needs 30 minutes with the cellphone punctured, then I have to take it out, remove the plastic and give it another 15 minutes. What are your odds of me having an Accifauxpa while doing it? I set the timer and took it with me to the computer to update this… It was slow going, but at least the Virgin media was working again.

I stripped the cellophane off of the container, stirred the concoction and put it back in the oven, also added a sourdough baguette, in the hopes that everything will be cooked at the same time.

Getting tired now. Had a quick go at Facebooking photos. But…

Vir 128.0.128

Gave up on computing. Gerumph!

I’ll have to catch-up in the morning. Globdangerations!

I got the ready-made meal into the oven. Later adding the gungo beans and BBQ sauce. And had a read of the contents written on the sleeve. Which were, (get ready…)

Cooked roasted red pepper sausages (29%) – (pork (76%), roasted red pepper (16%), citrus fibre, salt, spices, herb, garlic, dried red pepper, filled into a beef collagen casing), passata, water, sliced red pepper (9%), roasted onion (9%), roasted red pepper, cannellini beans (3.5%), red kidney beans (3.5%), sliced spring onion, onion purée, diced carrot, garlic purée, pork bouillon, yeast extract, ham powder, pork, salt, antioxidant (rosemary extract), onion powder), Worcester sauce (water, white vinegar, sugar, salt, tamarind extract, onion powder, barley malt extract, garlic powder, ground ginger, concentrated lemon juice, clove powder, chilli powder), maize starch, spices (contains mustard), salt, seaweed granules. Oh boy, what have I bought? This might not be a good idea! I got the timer on, and after 30 minutes, took it out, removed the film, stirred it, added the gungo beans & Texan BBQ sauce. Back in the oven with the Sourdough baguette for 15-minutes longer.

3Wed22I felt a little dubious as I served it up on the tray. Put the things in to soak in the oven, and into the junk room and on the recliner to eat this, what I thought was an over ingredientated meal. It was great! I expected it to be too hot and spicy for me. But it tasted spot-on to me! A 2Tue25flavour-rating of 7.7/10! I devoured it with more relish than I have any meal for days now!

I think this list of health and danger listing, shows it to be a healthy meal? But I’m not sure. It was indeed a coenaculous meal, that was enjoyed with degust.

It was £3.50 and was 550g. I expect Iceland will have run out of stock by the time I get to go and buy some more! Huh!

With a warm, satisfied feeling in the stomach, I washed the pots and got the handwashing done.

WD 250.0.250 (0000000000000000000 [Ululations! Finger nerve dying on me again!)

3Wed23I just had to take this shot of the paradisaical, colourful evening sky. I used the Nikon camera, as it has a ‘Night Landscape’ option, which seems to come out more vivid than the Auto one. I’ll try an Auto and a Night one of the same scenes for the morning’s view, so I can show the difference between them.

I had a drink of something that I have not had for donkey’s years – A can of Pepsi, a sugar-free one. It got the wind-up for me! I got them on offer, delivered from Iceland. A shame the ycould not supply the Sherberts and bread as well. Grrr!

I was pretty sure that sleep would come quickly tonight. I couldn’t have wronger! Humph!

WD 250.0.250 I spent hours and hours, not even any short nod-offs! I watched the TV later into the night than I have done since in my teens! Gawd knows when I did get to kip, but I remember a Law & Oder programme starting at 23:00hrs. I reckon I must have nodded-off while that was on.

WDPleft02WD 250.0.250 Will, I ever catch up on the Nottingham City Homes-Repair team’s imposed sleeping ban of nine-days duration?

I’m not too hopeful. Haha!


Inchcockski – Monday 12th August 2019: Medical Globdangerations, today!

2019 Aug 12

2019 Aug 12

Monday 12th August 2019

Welsh: Dydd Llun 12fed Awst 2019

02:10hrs: I woke, and had to free my horrendously ever-growing ever more significantly-sized wobbly-body from the £300, second-hand, none-working-at-the-moment, painfully off-putting beige-coloured, c1968, rickety recliner, for a wee-wee. Gained my balance, grabbed the stick and to the good old (empty) EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket).

WD 0.0.128A The wee-wee style was of the IDKWIB (I-don’t-know-why-I-bothered) mode. Never has so little been evacuated, resulting in such effort, patience, and pain! Urgh! Argh! And ten minutes later, a two-second dribble! Huh!

1Mon01aI must crack on today, the Doctors appointment at 08:50hrs, and Health Centre at 11:00hrs and some bread and tomatoes to be bought while I’m out.

The view from the kitchen window was a good one this morning.

The BP machine and thermometer were not having it again! I took the medications and made a brew.

I got the handwashing done and hung to dry. Then the summoning from the innards to attend the Porcelain Throne arrived. A messy evacuation, but not so painful. Washed the hands, the none-quivering hands, I might add. (Oh, yes, Smugmess Mode Adopted!)

1Mon02WD 0.0.128A The whole body looked extremely anaemic and cadaverous, it fair shocked me. Especially as I was feeling a lot stabler healthwise, in myself this morning?

Still, the pot marks and papsules seemed to be clearing up? Even the spider-veins were not showing up as much as vividly as they usually do. But that might be due to the current anaemicalness. I must mention this and show this picture to the Doctor this morning.

As I was just about to start updating yesterday’s blog, I had to hasten to the wet room for a sudden wee-wee. What a difference with this one! An unexpected, catching me unawares, LPSS (Long-Powerfull-Stinging-Splashingback) version! Another mess to clean-up! Humph! It was a good job I didn’t use the bucket this time, else it may well have been blasted out of my hand! Hehehe!

Back to the computer and got the finalisationing done to Sunday’s diary. Posted it off. Then went on the WordPress Reader. Made a start on this blog.

An hour or so later: I got the ablutions done.

WDP 01b leftWD 0.0.128A But at a cost! Tsk! Not exactly a good session, injury-wise, today. Oy Yay!

  • A tiny cut, but on the facial mole, and it took me ages to encourage it to stop bleeding.
  • Loss my balance while operating the death-defyingly dangerous, green hard metal sock glide.
  • Recovered and then lost a diddy chunk off of a finger on the suicidal-sock-grabber clip!
  • A final toe-stubbing on the seat-raiser metal leg finished the run of Accifauxas.

1Mon04Readied things for the hobble to the surgery. It was too early to take the waste bags to the chute.

WD 0.0.128A I set off out, down the elevator and out on to Chestnut Way. A worrying sight outside Winchester Court had me fretting a bit. As I drew level, ambulancemen came out, with a meat-trolley, but thankfully, no one was on it. Fingers crossed.

1Mon05The dang white Mercedes van was still there in the same place, parked up on the Winchester Street Hill pavement. I had to go out onto the road again to get around it. Tsk!

The walk down the incline was most pleasant weather-wise. Not too windy, sunny or any rain affected the hobble into Carrington.

On Mansfield Road, it seemed like a Nottinghamian’s Pavement Cyclists Heaven today. I’ve put photographs together, to show the naughty people all in one place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon9I arrived with plenty of time to spare and logged in with the receptionist. I had a bash at the crossword book. Got some in on puzzled I keep going back to. Swank-Mode-Engaged!

Dr Vindla came into the waiting area and summoned me to her surgery. She asked me what the problem was. I told her that Nurse Ann had made the appointment about my NCH medical results from last week. “Ah, yes!” When did you last have a fall? ‘Over a week ago, I’m doing better now!’ Well, that’s hardly encouraging, is it? ‘Well, no!’ – she had a check of the lungs, and I mentioned the whiteness of the body this morning. Writing on the computer. You’ll need more blood tests, make an appointment when you leave! ‘Okay, thanks’. That’s it! ‘Thank you’. I departed and made the appointment with the receptionist. Who, knowing me, wrote the date and time down for me,  (Tuesday 20th August 07:30hrs) and told me not to lose it! I gave her1Mon10 some nibbles and made my way to the Lidl store, as I had plenty of time before the Sherwood Health Clinic appointment.

I left the store with some Scarlet Tomatoes, Mayonaise and some chicken drumsticks. I caught the bus back to Sherwood. Where the pavement cyclist almost hit me as I got off of the bus. Swine! 

1Mon14aI crossed over at the Pelican lights and made my way to the Sherwood Health Centre.

Where a different young lady this time, took the note from me, and gave me a sympathetic look, as she explained that the appointment is for September, not August! She kindly did not sneer or look at, nor deal with me in a demeaning way at all! Bless her!

WD 0.0.128A I asked if I could book an appointment with the paediatrician. Which made her laugh out loud, as she said; “I take it you mean the Podiatrist, my dear?” Even I had a sneaky smile when I realised what I had said, well, when she told me what I said! Hehehe! She phoned them for me, and she’d soon got me weighed up, as she wrote the much in the distance time and date on the doctor’s appointment card for me. Wednesday, 11th September! Blimey, my toes need cutting now! I thanked her and departed, to leave her to tell others of my faux pas, no doubt. Haha! I know I would have!

1Mon14I hobbled back into Sherwood and called in the Wilko shop. I got a bottle of liquid soap-flakes and a bottle of bleach.

Then made my way up the hill, over the crest and down into the Woodthorpe Grange Park. Where I had a long, slow walk through up the hill.

1Mon15While frequently stopping to view and admire the greenery, trees, and watch the many dogs taking their owners for a walk. Haha! I haven’t felt so contended in a long time. Just watching the pets and frondescence, plants, magnificent old trees, shrubbery, flowers, brambles, petiole, and shin-tangles, was a pleasure for me. Even the Pavement Cyclist didn’t get to me this time.

1Mon18I was in no rush, I was happy. When I got to the top and turned right onto the gravel hill path, and Winwood Heights came into view, I wondered and hoped that no resident had taken poor;y earlier, or worse.

I painstakingly made my way down the footpath. The three-wheel trolley-guide does not like going downhill at all. Controlling the thing can get a bit dodgy at time. But not today, I got to the bottom without any mishaps at all. Even the idiot who drove her little black car at such speed to the end garages area did not get to me either! I was getting a bit worried about all this contentment, it’s not natural for me!

I got in and up to the flat without seeing a soul. But that is not unusual. I got in and put the bits I’d bought while out away. Got on the computer and added the new appointments to the Google calendar.

WD 0.0.128A I started updating this blog and went to make a brew. Suddenly and serendipitously, just out of the blue, my general outlook on life returned. The doubts, fears, worries, and fretting about everything stormed into my mind! Nothing was sacred! I even wondered if I’d bought the mayonnaise in error and should have got something else to go on Josie’s fish? I couldn’t get it clear in my head. So much so, I called at Josie’s to ask her if it was Mayonaise that she said went well with her Tuna fish. It was, thankfully, the right stuff. We had a little natter, and I felt a fool for having to ask. I thanked her.

Back to doing the blogging. Time to get the fodder cooking. I got some chips in the oven; I’ll add the beef pie later.

1Mon20The EQ warned be that I must take care and concentrate? No other tips, though. The mind was still in a state of nervousness and worry.

While doing the cooking, I took and enjoyed perusing this nephelognosyer’s delight, photograph. I got the medications taken while waiting for the chips and beef pie to cook.

1Mon21I stripped down to the PPs. I made some buttered wholemeal flatbreads and served up the nosh. It looked good, it smelt grand, and I was really enjoying it and watching Rumpole of the Bailey, as…

WD 0.0.128A The door chimes rang out as I was eating! I put a seat cover around me, got the stick and answered the door. It was another Nottingham City Homes plumber! This chap had come to replace something on the cold water tank, that the chap came to replace yesterday, but a different part.

WD 0.0.128A He spent ten-minutes examining things, and he asked me if I had a pair of step ladders he could use. I went out to look on the balcony for them – passing the steps on the way! He spotted them, and once more, I felt a right fool today! Hehe!

WDP 01b leftWD 0.0.128A wd 0.0.128 A cracking, possibly the most painful ever toe-stubbing against the swivel chair legs. Oh, the pain! It forced me into using a little unsavoury language, I’m afraid!

I tried to eat the rest of the meal, but things were cold and soggy by now. Humph! Threw it in the bin!

The gentleman got the job done. I thanked him, and off he trudged.

wd 0.0.128 I found the stubbed-toe was the middle digit. Toes either side catching against the injury, meant I could not even wear my slippers. I was getting all fretfull again. And it soon started to turn black or blue on the second photograph.


Lucky; is perhaps not the best of words to describe me. Globdangerations!

It’s no wonder no one wants to come and visit me, it’s obviously the fear of catching and being affected by my infections, infirmities, maladies, contaminations, miasmas, issues, madness, contagions, disorders, afflictions, tribulations, ill-luck, contaminations, miasmas, septicity, anxiety disorder, timorousness, apprehensions, fears, septicity, and insecureness! And, I can’t blame them, either! Hehehe!

A harangued, pissed-off and had-enough Inchcock, then sat there doing nothing but mentally battling against the incoming Surface-to-Inchcock’s-Brain missiles, bringing forth sanity attacking worries, fears and a cruel demoralising acceptance of failure and distemperature, as the norm!

If anyone is training for a Doctorate (PhD or PsyD), who would like a challenging case to study, no charges either way! Can they please Email me. Haha!

Inchcockski – Fri 9 Aug 2019: Great morning… shame about the afternoon!

2019 Aug 09a

2019 Aug 09

Friday 9th August 2019

Romanian: Vineri, 9 August 2019

WD 0.0.0. 22:40hrs: Woke up, and nodded-off again. 23:00hrs: Woke up, and nodded-off again. 23:20hrs: Woke up, and nodded-off again.

23:30hrs: I woke, to the ending of the clattering sounds! I had to get out of the £300 second-hand, c1968, pukingly-beige-coloured, rusty, rickety recliner, to have an urgent wee-wee, and investigate where or what the sounds might have been! Had I imagined them? Was I dreaming at the time?

The EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket) was empty, not used at all. The wee-wee was of the BOBSL (Blasting-Out-But-Short-Lived) style. A hobble around each room produced no clues as to the cause of the sounds. Maybe, I had been dreaming?

WD 0.0.0. In the kitchen, the overflow from the flat above was pouring 5Fri01out into the sink again. I must get to advise one of our pulchritudinous, most highly desirous Oberstleutnantess Wardens of this later. I might even try using the walk-through passageway for the first time today. (Is there no limits to my adventurousness? Hahaha!)

Taking this photo was easier for me. I rested it (the camera) on the edge of the sink to help hold it steady. Although, the hands, arm, shoulder, and leg, were all currently ‘Dance-Free’ at the moment. Which was good!

I got the handwashing onto the stand-up airer. Got the kettle on, and did the health checks. SYS 155, DIA 65, Pulse 92 and Temperature, the thermometer still not working, came up as just LOW. Not such excellent results this morning. I had to have another wee-wee, again of the BOBSL mode. Then, I took the medications, adding a well-mixed sachet of the Movicol-Macrogol, to hopefully loosen things in advance of the next Porcelain Throne visit later on. I do have the odd moments of semi-logicality and rare sapience. Haha!

I got the MS Windows updates and Liberty-Global Virgin Media, hindered computer on, and began to get the Friday Inchcockski caught up with. A good few photographs to get done ready, but with the hands, fingers, arm and leg all being in a calm and friendly mood, I got it done in a reasonable time for once. Before I posted and emailed the link, I went to check on the water leak status in the kitchen.

It was still flowing, and I was a little bothered in case it stained the sink again. So I made up a Heath Robinson affair with a plastic measure spoon and plastic storage pot lid, that diverted the water from the spout, and over the edge of the sink, and the water flowed into a plastic mixing basin in the tub. Which soon started to fill-up. I may not be smart or sacerdotal, but at rare moments like this (when something that to me, is a success!), I can feel like a polymath, a near-genius! Hehehe!


I got the fresh garden peas podded, and into a saucepan with some demerara sugar, to marinate while I was out shopping.

The call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. And what a difference this one was! Hardly any pain, all over in two minutes, and no struggling. The extra Movicol-Macrogol had worked. But the time spent in having to clean things up after the evacuation took ages! Ah, well. You can’t win-em-all! I had a wash of the dandies and antisepticated contact points in the wet room. Made a cuppa, and got the Thursday blog emailed and sent off to WordPress.

Back to check on the water overflow from the flat above. Emptied the bowl, wiped some water that had still flowed in the not-so stain-resistant sink, and made another brew for the one that had gone cold. I checked out the pins while waiting for the kettle to boil.


They looked less inflamed, not so pale, and the water retention seemed to be kept low. The itching from where the old leg ulcer was, on the right ankle, was beginning to tich crazily again. Like worms or maggots were wriggling about, just under the skin. Tsk!

5Fri007baI made a start on this post. Then needed to go on CorelDraw to make up some more header and thought graphics. Took me a few hours, but I got them done.

Went to make another brew, and the wind and rain had some mist with them. Cleared the sink of the incoming water and emptied the bowl.

I spent a long time getting myself into a pickle trying to amend the categories and tags on WordPress. I had to give up, to get the ablutions tended to. Humph!

The ablutions went well, bloodless and only one dropping off the toothpaste. However, the morning sock-glide battle produced a new bruise. I got the black bags sorted and taken to the chute.


All readied, I went down to the lobby, and a gal there (I keep on forgetting her name, so annoying to me when I do this!), she told me we could now use the walk-through passage, to get to the Oberstgruppenfhreress Wardens holding cells and office, in the Winwood Court building. We had a nibble, I thanked her, and set off. But, the fob would not work at the other end. Some wires were sticking through the wall on the right. I decided to go back and exit via the foyer doors.

WD 0.0.0. The kind lady took me to the caretaker’s room and asked if he could show me how to get through. Rob went with me and pointed out the fob-box. I tried again, and the door opened immediately. That’s another thing about getting old and going senile; one feels a fool more often! Hehe!

The passageway through the door, was a longish one, with flat doors on either side. Mor rooms ar I turned left, and into the Winwood foyer area, where the office for the Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens office was located. It was empty and locked up. Pretty penny came through, and we had a jolly good chinwag as we departed and went to the bus stop.

5Fri007bbMarie joined us, and she and Penny went off to catch the 40 bus on Winchester Street. Which left me all alone, and feeling oddly lonely. Sad innit?

I took this picture from the bus stop, showing the new Winwood Court and offices, in all their glory, and cleaner, fresher, than they will ever be shown again. Hehe!

Other tenants soon joined me, and a chinwag was enjoyed with some of them. Caroline’s sister arrived. Both buses arrived at the same time. The hoards surged forward to get on the Bestwood-bound bus Hehe! I struggle through them to get on the City-bound L9. Most of the latecomers had boarded already. A lady kindly let me on next. I got settled, as is usual, on one of the uncomfortable diddy side-saddle seats, with the three-wheeler (being empty) trolley folded to make room for others. The journey to town was spent on the crossword puzzling. I did exceptionally well this morning, on retrying the part finished puzzles and got a few answers. Some of which I should have known before. I surprised myself, at how good this made me feel.

5Fri017I got off last, on Queen Street, and slowly made my way down the hill and through the slab square to Wheeler Gate and the Poundland shop. Where a successful shopping session took place. With then having many items they had not had in lately, caused this old twit, to come out having bought far too much stuff, and struggling with the three-wheeler and overfull carrier bag full of fodder! I came out with: 2×6 mini-bags of Twiglets. Two Pork Farms pork pies, pedal bin bags, and two bottles of Bleach. A bag of birdseed. Orange club biscuits. A ready-made BLT pack of sarnies. A Kit-Kat Special Edition ‘Ruby’ (to treat the Wardens with). Two cans of BBQ chilli & wedges. Payne’s misshapes chocolate almonds. The self-serve checkout machine red light came on twice, the young lady put it right, but I don’t know what I did wrong.

5Fri007cI left and made my way to the Slab Square, and took many photographicalisation. I intend to do a post with all the pictures on in the morning, after updating this blog. There are a good few, with a (hopefully witty) comments or two on every shot!

After I’d finished the enjoyable for once wander around photographicalisationing, I 5Fri20bmade my way to the Queen Street bus stop.

I was the only passenger to get on when the L9 arrived. But at the next stop, the flood of pensioners stampeded aboard. Haha!

But, not any as far I could see, any from the Winwood Heights complex.

I dropped off at the flats and made my way to the Generalfeldmarschalless Wardens office in Winwood Court. The office was locked, but as I was going to turn to use the cut-through passage back to Woodthorpe Court, Dean returned to her holding cell. We spoke in the foyer area. I explained about the leak coming into the sink and explained. She said she would ring someone and get back to me, bless her. A delivery arrived, and she went off to show the driver where she needed the things going. Returning to me, and I handed over the Special Edition ‘Ruby’ Kit-Kats.

5Fri20dBack home to the apartment, and put away the sillily bought purchases. And got the easy-peasy to make meal prepared.

The ready-made sarnies, mini-pork & pickle pies, BBQ meat sticks, fresh garden peas and a few extra tomatoes added. A lemon mousse to follow.

WD 0.0.0. I was digging into it, and enjoying doing so when the landline light lit up! It was the chemist bloke. He wanted to deliver the prescriptions early, as he had to call anyway to someone else in the flats. ‘No problem’ I replied, then returned to the fodderisationing.

WD 0.0.0. Still trying to eat, I thought I heard the door chime. Tsk! It turned out to be the intercom, the chemist and an assistant wanting access! I let them in. Minutes later, the assistant girl arrived with the medications. I took them off of her, thanked her and got back to the now curling-at-the-edges sarnie meal.

WD 0.0.0. The landline rang again! I could hardly hear what he was saying, but I deciphered it as a plumber, telling me he was on his way, to tackle the leak problem. Thanked him, said I was in for the rest of the day and got back again to the nosh-eating. Hoping that it would not be late when he arrived, it was already my usual head-down time gone!

WD 0.0.0. One bite of a sarnie and the landline burst forth again! It was Deana, to tell me about the plumber would be coming today, to look at and do the repairs as needed. I thanked her and decided not to carry on eating. The urge had been demolished with all the interruptions. Oy Vay! 

WD 0.0.0. I got the meal and took it to the kitchen. As I was wrapping it in foil, to eat later… The arm and leg started dancing about, and I dropped the half-plate of food on the floor! And swore! Globangerations! I was getting somewhat peed off now! A ten-second dance routine from the peroneal nerve palsy affected limbs – that had to come just at the time I was wrapping the plate of food using both hands of course! Talk about bad timing! Double Tsk!

Tidied and clean up best I could, and the Nottingham City Homes plumber arrived. I waited for him to end his mobile phone call and showed him the leaf from the overflow pipe. He had a look in the top cold water cupboard, and went off, to fetch some things needed to replace the ball valve I think he said. He made a call on this mobile after checking the tank out.

5Fri20f He soon had things in hand, but got another call on his mobile, and had to nip into the wet room to find the water cut-off. The trolley and cleaners were in the way, but he soon had them moved.

WD 0.0.0.A2 Would you like to Guess who walked into the corner of one of those same doors?

5Sat01Yes, Inchcock doing what he does best again! It made me jump a bit! Haha! I nipped into the other room and cleaned up the wound and put some antiseptic cream on it.

The plumber gentleman soon got it all finished, and was off on his way. I thanked him and cleaned up the spilt soap powder and wet room floor.

WD 0.0.0. I got the Dyson to clean up the dry powder first. But a very odd noise was coming from the machine. On closer inspection, I found some long stringy bits of material had got stuck in the rollers of the vacuum head. I got out the scissors and carefully snipped at the twine-like looking shreds, and got them freed.

WD 0.0.0. Cleaned up the wet room, and went to empty the dust-box. What a clot, the soap powder sprayed out all over the front room, most of it missed the waste bin I was aiming for! I cleaned out the plastic dust box, and dirtied it again when I hoovered up the offending soap powder! My irascibility levels had increased so much, I was ready to have a heart-attack or stroke again! How can one man (speaking least possible manner!), be so unlucky, Whoopsiedangleplop-ridden, ill-omened, burdened, pitiful, jinxed and hapless? Still, you don’t like to complain does yer!

5Fri20e I then spotted the letter from the Nottingham City Homes maintenance department.

WDPright02I am more confused than ever, now. However, the decay with my mind and body deteriorating so fast as it is, this should not be of a surprising nature. Hahaha!

I think that Deana has done a grand job in helping me out with this leaking problem. So, a thank you to her again!

I’m feeling hungry again now! Hehe!


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 23rd May 2018: It was a Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Full of exasperating, grousing, annoying, nit-picking, fault-finding, bothersome, incident-ridden botherations!

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Scots Gaelic: Diciadain 23 Cèitean 2018

0425hrs: Woke up and seeing no signs of any nocturnal nibbling,  I was pleased. I waited for the brain to merge with the body, then saw a lot of scribbling on the notepad, but no memories of any dream details. The handwriting was undecipherable, so no help at all.

I deracinated my body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and limped off for a wee-wee. Most relieved to see that Little Inchies Fungal Lesion had only bled a little.

3Wed02I took this photographicalisation of, I presumed a lady or chap was going off to work early morning.

I felt no guilt that it was not me. Hehe!

Porcelain Throne duties carried out. During which the brain quodlibetificated with itself, in an effort to sort out the needs of the day. To the Doctors for the blood test, hopefully, with Nurse Nichole. But the uncaring staff have given me another late appointment, 12:40hrs! Which means I have to go even later to the GUM Clinic for the testing to see which procedure they will recommend; Stapled or Strangulation Haemorrhoidectomy. During which, due to the lateness of the day for me, I fully anticipate I will be falling asleep during the examination. Globdangerations!

Got the Health Checks done. The hemadynamometer took the readings on only the second attempt.

The resulting figures all seemed acceptable to
3Wed01 me.

WDP02B I didn’t pull put the connecting tube correctly, and as I walked to fetch the milk from the refrigerator, I yanked the flipping sphygmomanometer off of the counter! What a nebech! Chipped a bit of the casing and scratched parts of it.

The worst part was the getting back up after bending down to retrieve the machine form the floor. And the pleurodynia started giving me some stick afterwards. Nebbish!

3Wed04Then, another WDP02B! I dropped the mug while getting the bottle from the fridge, and I had another fine-mess to sort out, with more painful bending. Grumph!

However, the cup did not break, and it was the tiny porcelain one as well? So I made another mug of Breakfast Tea. And carefully, very much so, I took it to the computer desk.

Where I did the commenting and WordPress Reading first. Then began to update the Tuesday Diary. Not a very successful day yesterday overall – but then, today has not precisely started off too merrily either.

An Email from the clinic arrived, the appointment for the assessment has been cancelled. Well, fancy that!

I collated the nibbles for the nurse and put the paperwork and letters for surgery and clinic in the jacket pocket safely.

Had a wee-wee and started on this blog.

0920hrs: The Willmott-Dixon lads are back at the drilling outside just above my balcony.

Got the ablutions and medicationalisationing sorted out.

Grubbled about trying to make sure I had everything needed in the bag, then a check to see if the lights, taps, and power, etc. were not left wrongly, and set off out.

I’d taken a lot longer than envisaged with the medicating, so decided I’d walk to the bottom of Winchester Street and catch a bus to the surgery. If I walked all the way to the blood test, I might be late arriving.

3Wed06WDP02B Out and limped to the end of Chestnut Walk and down the hill. I crossed over before the bend in the road, it is safer just here. Around the curve, the Gas company had dug up the pavement and blocked the footpath off. So, I had to cross back over the road, at considerable risk, the traffic was heavy. The cross back again further down the hill. Tsk!

I limped on down the Mansfield Road and left to the bus stop.

3Wed05WDP02B Where a young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by very close to hitting me! 

He then nearly hit a lady with a shopping trolley. And continued to weave between the other pedestrians at a high rate of knots.

An uncaring antisocial animal with no manners, empathy with others; who really does need to come off of the bike and break a limb, poke his eye out and crack his skull open. Better still, fallen off of his bicycle and ended up underneath a heavy vehicle. Then get imprisoned. Just a wishful, justice-seeking whimsical thought I had at the time.
Fair enough, if the traffic is dangerous for any cyclist, I agree they should be allowed to use the footpaths when the risk is high for them to go on the road. But negligent idiots like this young man, who scare oldies like me, the lady with the trolley, and upset blokes like the one in this photo above, who’s giving the scum-bag the eye, should not be allowed to drive so dangerously to others. If Nottingham had not got rid of over 280 policemen since the Tory Government got in power, and I could have found one, I might have complained about the young sadistic, inhuman, cruel, punishment deserving douche of a git bike-rider! But he didn’t bother me of course. Lie Mode Adopted!

I caught a but for the three stops to the surgery.

WDP02B What a farce of a short bus ride it was too! The bus was packed with passengers. At both, the of the two stops before the one I wanted; People got up to get off, and I had to move down the passageway to allow them room – then back to the other end of the bus to let those getting on in to get a seat, twice! Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda were not pleased. Haha!

3Wed12I alighted from the vehicle and limped to the surgery.

Logged in and sat doing the crosswords.

The amazingly kind and appealing Nurse Nichole came out to collect me.

She took the blood and gave me time for a little moaning and gossiping, bless her Cotton Socks. Handed her some nibbles and thanked her.

On the way out, I gave the receptionist their nibbles. And had a little plaint about the late appointment. They did not like this in the least bit, and I think I went down in their estimation.

But my dropping the sphygmomanometer on the floor. The mug of tea slipping out of my hand. The gas workers were blocking the pavement and making me take my life into my own hands. The beastly Nottingham Pavement Cyclist infuriated me so much. The horrendous short bus trips annoyances. And the receptionists giving me such a late appointment time had all together manoeuvered me into a niggly and braver than usual mood! I thanked them and left, out into the sunshine, and walked into Carrington and the chemist.

I enquired when the next prescriptions would be available. The lady patiently found out and informed me. Friday the 1st June. I then remembered last month when I was told the Ist of May, called in to collect them and they were not ready and had to go again two days later. So, I shall put this date as on Monday 4th June on the calendar when I get home.

3Wed08Called into the Lidl store. Bought two cobs, some iced cones, tomatoes mini-capsicums and Mini Weiners. Paid on the self-serve checkouts without any hassle.

To the bus stop and got a lift into Sherwood. Again the bus was filled to capacity with Nottinghamian phone users, students with their headphones on, kids crying and gossiping ladies. There was no bother, though.

3Wed07I got off and walked over the road using the pelican crossing and to the Wilko store.

Got some bleach, washing-up liquid, disposable razors and a body spray.

Up to the bus stop and caught the L9 up to the flats.

Welsh William and Gladys were on the bus. We had a laugh and chinwag.3Wed09

As I got off of the vehicle, I dropped my bus-pass, much to the amusement of those tenants waiting to get on the bus. Hehe!

WDP02B A bit of job getting back up again after retrieving it from the grass verge.

I caught up with Gladys and William, because poor Glad, was having to stop now and again, she was not feeling too well.

Got in had a wee-wee and washed. Then started the mushrooms and peas on the boil in a saucepan.

Got on the computer to update this waffle.

The Willmott Dixon lads were working right outside the balcony. It didn’t take long for a headache to join in with Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda in hassling me. Ah, well.

3Wed11A couple of hours later, I removed the dressing Nurse Nichole had kindly put on my arm. To reveal a right mess and mishmash of odd marks and bruises.

Got the potato cakes in the oven.

The phone rang out its chimes.

But, by the time I got to the phone, they rang off. Had a look, it was the Surgery with the results and weeks dosages. The level was 4.1, so I’m in the at risk stage in the bleeding stakes. They gave me an appointment and it was for 0852hrs next Wednesday. They had squeezed me in early! Yahoo!

I started to do the Morrison order… WDP02B The damned Virgin Internet went down! Played about resetting, then on and offing and it came back on, slowly, very slowly!

Finished the Morrison order.

3Wed29So tired now and feeling unwell for some reason again.

The meal was prepared and served-up. It looked fine. smelt good, but was not truly enjoyed as I kept nearly nodding off while eating it! Humph!

A mixture of feeling so tired and a brain that was so active it frightened me; prevented my actually nodding off.

3Wed30I’m not keen on these light nights of Spring and Autumn.

At last the building lads have finished for the day.

WDP02B But Herbert upstairs, did his best to replace their drilling symphony with his own knock-knock-tap-tap mini version for a while.

WDP02B Washed the pots and went for a wee-wee. Little Inchies fungal lesion needed more attention and Hippy Hilda suddenly stopped bothering me altogether?

It’s been a Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Full of exasperating, grousing, annoying, nit-picking, fault-finding, bothersome, incident-ridden botherations, this Wednesday.

With all the hassles, vexations and piques, I feel like a different person and have lost my humour to Mr Annoyed. This is the latest hour I’ve got my head down in months now.

I thought putting the TV on would soon send me off into the land of Nod. Thankfully, it did, despite the racing self-pitying melange of thoughts rampantly tossing and turning in the brain.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 8th March 2018

Thursday 8th March 2018

Albania: E enjte 8 mars 2018

0105hrs: After a terrible night of nodding off, jumping awake and nodding back off again, this time I decided to give up trying and get up. By gum, it was warm in the flat this morning. The thoughts turned to things I needed to do today. A busy day indeed loomed. Morrison delivery twixt 0700 > 0800hrs. Take the nibbles to the Social shed and explain why I cannot attend again. Walk into Carrington, for the Warfarin blood test. Explain again to the receptionists about Thursdays not being suitable for my blood test as it clashed with the only social event of the week for me. An appointment at 1030hrs to see the Doctor about the funny and dizzy spells. Check with the Chemist when the next prescriptions are due… can’t recall the others at this moment, but I’ll check the calendar later. All this logicalisationing of the brain so early was a rare thing, I felt quite proud of myself. (And should have known better, Humph!)

As I focused on the material things around me, the fodder-tray and plate lay on the side chair with most of the food still on it, some half-masticated and looking rather revolting. Signs of nocturnal nibbling were discovered as I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with relative ease I might add. Off to the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks… and:

The instant I opened the door, the heat hit me – no wonder it was so warm in the flat. I’d left the damned oven on all night! A right recumbentibus to my spirits!

A sad mess to get sorted out here later. Humph! Made the potent brew of tea and got the hemadynamometer out to do the Health Checks. Took the meds, and felt so much hatred for my failings!

I must remember, if I do get to see the Doctor today, to advise her of the Sys going up so much.

Back in the front room and got the computer booted and got yesterdays post finished off and posted.

Made a start on this blog. Then onto the WordPress Reader. Made some comments.

I noticed that the Alert Box had a yellow light flashing on it.

Thought perhaps the voices I heard in the night, had emanated from this unit? No one has ever told me what these lights mean or what to do about them if they flash or sound.

I know the battery is alright, cause I did a check with them yesterday, or Tuesday.

Went on Facebook in hopes of being able to post and to comment correctly this time.

So slow and jumpy on Facebook for some reason. I did manage to get a Birthday Graphic done and sent off. Have a great time, Shirley! ♥ Heck, I’m a day late! I was twenty days too early on one last week. I am definitely getting weed off with myself for making so many errors lately.

Went on CorelDraw to do some headers. Change of plans then I went on YouTube.

Ablutions tended to, during which I squeezed the Germoloids (Haemorrhoid) cream tube a little too hard. At least now I know I should be free of any haemorrhoids around my belly button and right patella. Hehehe!

Got the Morrisons order done for next Thursday 0630 > 0720hrs delivery.

The Morrison man arrived and carried the good into the kitchen for me. Three items substituted today. Very unlike them.

  1. They had replaced a 1-pint bottle of milk with a 2-pint one – fair enough.
  2. They had replaced the lemon & Lime mineral water with raspberry & blackberry. I explained I could not eat raspberries cause they are on my list of foods to avoid from the hospital. He took them back, no problem.
  3. The Bold 2 Lavender & Chamomile washing capsules were substituted with a Bold 2 Lotus flower & Water Lilly. I accepted them.

Plenty of nosh in now. The Cumberland Pies at 3 for £6 looked nice, I hope they are when I try one later. The sourdough bread arrived for the Wardens, I put it in the bag. Along with a Freebie, a can of new energy drink, Carabao Green Apple, the usual price would have been £1.18, so a double bargain for Deana (Obergruppenfurheress Warden). I put that in the bag too. I’ll add some grated extra-strong cheese to it when I have it, methinks.

Got myself all ready, placing the mobile and camera in my pocket, I caught the wrist alert alarm – the lady doing the monitoring was very patient with me about it when I humbly apologised, telling her I didn’t realise I’d caught the button.

As I was going out of the door, I remembered I had not put the Deep Vein Thrombosis card in the bag, so nipped back and put it in. Unfortunately, I only thought I had – the Whoopsidngleplop will be revealed later. Tsk!

Out into the unwelcoming drizzly morning, and along to the road to the Obergruppenfurheresses Wardens Office, a shelter for bus catchers and temporary Social Hut.

As I poddled along, it appeared that the new block of flats in the centre of the two 1964 built ones seems to be having another floor/storey built on to it yet?

Arrived at the shed, and it was well frequented this morning. Jenny, Kath, Cindy, John, Roy Welsh William and one other tenant in there, with both Wardens in their office. I popped in and gave them their treats.

Out to the big room and chatted with Jenny, who was looking well this morning. Welsh Bill was looking so much better now. His insults, put-downs and jibes were quick, sharp, cutting and incisive; so I could tell he was feeling better too. Cindy was also in good form. A general little chinwag and we all went out to catch one of the buses.

I dropped off at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill along with Welsh William, a final insult thrown my way as we parted. The rain came on a bit more substantial as I made my way along the almost deserted Sherwood stretch of Mansfield Road.

Up the incline, passing the library and passing the closed down Police Station, and avoiding the deep puddles of rain that had started appearing in the area.

Hobbling over the brow of the hill down towards Carrington and the surgery, and the place still seemed deserted.

No Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, jay-walkers or ankle-snappers were spotted either even and besides!

Down and into the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

Where I logged in with Obersturmführeress receptionist. Took a seat and got the crossword book out.

Shortly after which, the new Surgery Nurse called my name, and I limped with her to the treatment room.

The first thing she commanded me, was to know if I had remembered the DVT card this week.

Of course, me thinking I had, replied with a swagger of the head; “Oh yes indeed!”

Looked in the bag with the aim of retrieving it and presenting to the Obergefreiteress nurse… Globangerations!

I then realised, instead of the placing DVT form into the bag back at the flat when I returned to collect it, I’d but the Morrison Grocery receipt in the pocket in error, and had handed it to the most annoyed and irritated Nurse! It had to happen to the Nurse with the most excellently performed put-down sneer of them all! Oh-dearie-me!

The arm took a long while to stop bleeding again. This only seems to happen when this nurse does me. Anyway, she seemed to settle down, and I gave her an Easter Egg. I left and went to the reception and asked if I could have a word with one of them.

Brave or what! Eh? I explained all about the Thursday appointments causing me problems and my having to miss the one Social Hour a week at the flats. She listened without interrupting me, bless her. She replied, “When you get the email advising you about the results and dosages, send one back asking for a different day, and we will do our best to accommodate you!” I thanked her and departed, after handing her a bag of nibbles.

We’ll see. As of 0645hrs Friday 9th March – no email received!

Over the road and into the Lidl Store to get myself sneered at and insulted. But no, not today! I got the shopping done: Lemon and Lime mineral water, Bread thins, two cheesy cobs, tomatoes, a Melton Pork Pie and some mini-weiners, went through the self-serve checkout, without making any mistakes or needing help from their snotty-staff! The chest swelled, the head swaggered, as I departed off to the bus stop! A super mega supply of fodder now! Haha!

The seats were few and far between, and I ended up on one of the side-saddles pull down ones. Not that it mattered much, I was only going for a few a stops.

Had the camera in hand ready to try and take a photograph of any residents who might have been at the bus stop.

But getting up when I approached the Sherwood shelter, Hippy Hilda dislodged. I was not sure how I got off the bus, but I think a bloke helped me.

But Hilda slid back in with ease once I was out and stood upright correctly, bless her.

Can’t remember taking this photo either. Made in error? Humph!

As I walked up the hill to the pelican lights to cross over to the L9 bus stop, it was sad seeing so many shops closed down.

Got to the bus shelter and had about ten minutes to wait for the expected L9. A lady from Winchester Court got off another bus and joined us.

Roy arrived with his deadly four-wheeled shopper trolley. We tried to have a chinwag, but the lady resident was talking and moaning in such a loud voice. Roy and I gave each other a knowing look and gave up. On the bus, we managed a few words, and we both agreed; “Gawd, we were so glad we didn’t live in the next flat to this lady!” And we both wear hearing aids!

The drizzle got worse after I’d dropped off of the bus back at the flats.

This was terrible luck for the workers on the hoist-platforms doing the windows and cladding, I thought. As I got closer, I could see the lads were still working up there in the rain! Brave blokes!

All alone, I made my way up to the flat, and had a much-needed wee-wee!

Plans for the nosh later were formulated. I checked the use-by dates on the products and decided it would be Pork Pie, the last of the fresh pork knuckle, sugar-snap-peas, the two cheesy cobs and tomatoes for tonight’s feast. The ready meals had a few more days left to use them.

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

Sorted the nosh, while listening to the noise from above and trying to work out what Herbert was doing.

Did the Health Checks. Took the medications, then I had to suffer the pain of medicationalisationing the bleeding lesion and Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

The tray looked so appealing after I’d laid it out.

But what a disappointment it was. The Lidl cheesy cobs were only half cooked in the centre, the pork pie crust had gone all soft and floppy, the mini hash-browns refused to crisp up, the sugar-snap peas had bits of mould on some of them. Even the pork-knuckle tasted bland. Perhaps it was something wrong with me, I don’t know. But the tomatoes were flavoursome enough. I’ll try the Cumberland Pie ready-made meal tomorrow and see if that satisfies my apparently fussy taste buds. Hopefully, it will prove to be a better aliment for me.

Off for a wee-wee.

Chose some programmes from the listing, and settled down to watch some TV. Looking back, if a added up all the actual viewing I did compare to the time nodding off, I’d think it would be 70-30% in favour of the nodding-off! Hehehe!

I gave up viewing after failing to get through the first two minutes of the Hustle episodes.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 7th January 2018

Sunday 7th January 2018

Greek: Κυριακή 7 Ιανουαρίου 2018

0355hrs: Having a marathon long day yesterday, I slept through for over seven hours. I still had the remote control in my hand from when I was trying to view what channels were on the goggle-box, but can’t recall watching anything, so I assume I drifted off into slumber very quickly.

The mind seemed to have some disponibility this morning, far less muddledness. The stomach began rumbling as I tried to dislodge my grotesque body from the £300 second-hand recliner. So, off to the Porcelain Throne with a certain amount of haste. Oddly, and I’m not an algophilist, but I missed the pains from Anne Gyna and Artur Itis. Although I was extremely pleased with the lack of attention from Dizzy Dennis. The session went well, only a few specs of blood that I think came from Haemorrhoid Harold and not as messy as yesterday.

I made up the medication dosage pots and made a tasty mug of Co-op 99 tea. That went cold when the rumbling and grumbling started again. So, back to the Porcelain Throne. A more protracted session this time, I got through a whole chapter of the Lenigrad book before anything moved, and when it did so, rock solid surrounded by coloured water? I hope this will not prove nocive to my health, I don’t want or need any other new ailments at the moment to cope with. Hehe! However, on the bright side, I saw no blood.

Back to take today’s health Checks and medications, and make another brew-up,

Got the computer on and an update arrived, so I downloaded it. It didn’t take long. Reading about what the update included left me baffled, just crossed my fingers all would be well and got on with finalising the Saturday diary and got it posted off.

When the rumbling innards started to kick off for the third time, worriment showed itself. The session was entirely different again; ‘Push, Plop, Gone!’ This time with a little blood from somewhere. Washed and cleaned up and the second mug of tea of the day had gone cold, went to make another one.

Took two photographs out of the kitchen window.

The first one, of the resident’s parked cars down below on Chestnut Walk.

The vehicles had a decent covering of frost and ice all over. I should imagine the pavements will be a bit slippery.

Then took a picture of the skyline and horizon. Which seemed to provoke to me into a studious mode. Out there, all those people asleep in their cottages, bungalows, apartments, terraced houses, semi-detached homes, mansions, caravans, cars, hostels, shop doorways, friends settees, workplaces, hospitals, loony-bins and being burgled, mugged, attacked, conned or whatever. Every Homo-Sapien with their own personal worries and hassles. I think I heard silent cries of, unhappiness, frustrations, pain, paroxysms and unwanted emotions in the still of the icy-cold morning. Blimey, did I write that?

I made a third cup of tea, Extra-strong Old English Breakfast this time, in the tiny mug.

As I was putting in the milk, the shakes came over me. When I went to pick it up, and Craig Cramps attacked the left-hand fingers, and I spilt a drop or two trying to grab it, cause I was using the other hand on the camera.

How can things change so much ailment-wise in just a couple of hours?

I was feeling so good when I stirred into life this morning too. Now in turmoil and uncomfortable! Confusionableitis reigned. Globdangerations!

Updated this post up to here. Went to the WordPress Reader section. While doing this at 0710hrs, Herbert above kicked off with his dropping stuff and knocking. I must remember to mention this to Deana when I see her.

Then, after the tea had gone cold once more, (Like how I cunningly made only a small mugful, Hehe?) I made another and read then answered the comments

Then went on Facebook.

0805hrs: Next on CorelDraw, doing a graphic of the new Sandra Lentz film on DVD, called Law & Order: “The ‘Senior Citizens Uprising’. 0940hrs got it finished and posted off.

Worried about how things will go tomorrow with the radiator installations.

Did the Health Checks and medications.

No desire for any real fodder, but had some nibbles.

The blues were returning, I got down to watch some TV, but gave up after about a dozen nod-offs.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 4th January 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas – Virgin Media goes down…

Thursday 4th January 2018

Swahili: Alhamisi 4 Januari 2018

0120hrs: Up and lively too. Hippy Hilda was not over-bad at all. Confusing, but cheering at the same time. Went for a wee-wee. 3Wed00b1 The wet room light still flashing, nictating, almost sparkling on and off permanently – I could not stay in there.

Got the laundry ready, a big bag this time, and went down and got it in the washer, took a couple of photographs outside the foyer door, and back up to the apartment.


Started the computer and got some nibbles ready for the Social Hour later. I must remember three things: Tell Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana about the circular flashing light tube, ask about Friday and if I can be absent for the heaters being blocked off, and something else I can’t recall?

Down to move the things from one machine to the other, and started another small load of washing going. I stayed down there while the second amount was washed, reading the English Words book. When finished I moved the damp wash into the dryer with the others.

Back to the flat and into the wet room.

ToUseThe Virgin internet had gone down! Again I might add! I tried all I knew to fix it, but with resulting failure. I got out the Virgin folder and found the help number and rang it. It was a recorded voice requiring many option button to be pressed. Hearing this voice was not easy, but the message was “All seems right at their end” Told try a to pressing the reset on their box. If that didn’t work, turn off and leave for four minutes and replug. Ring-back if you are still having difficulties!

So I tried this advice. Still no connection. I gave up and went for a heavy-duty session.

3Wed00b1The herky-jerky wet room light decided to go off completely! It would now not work at all. Alas, it went while I was making use of the Porcelain Throne. Sat there in complete darkness, half-way through the session, too! I stumbled about to find the toilet roll, 3Wed00b2knocking over the deodorant, bleach and disinfectant, then tripped against the floor cabinet and tumbled to the floor, clouting the top of my head against the other box. I think I said something to the tune of “Well, fancy that!” Then cleaned the mess and me up. Well annoyed and frustrated now! Tsk!

All this faffing and arfing about, I turned everything off. Back down to collect the clothes from the laundry room.

04Thur02I’d not noticed it earlier, but the state of the washer I’d not used was disgusting.

Had a while to wait for the dryer to finish, and did my best to clean out the gunk and dried solid soap powder from the input drawers.

The outer casing had soap powder, and liquid cleaner dripped all down the front. As you can see in the photograph, it didn’t come up very good despite my efforts. As for the floor beneath, even I could do nothing with that. The annoyances so far, the light, the Accifauxpa and Virgin internet going down had got me in dark mood. Other days this would not have bothered me.

04Thur05I got the togs out of the dryer. Cleaned the filter.

A bit larger load than usual, that took a bit of extra folding.

I’d emptied all the clothes out, and during the folding session, I found I’d got an odd sock again! Checked inside the dryer, nothing in there. This didn’t bother so much as it typically might have. But the last article I folded was the dressing gown, and the miscreant sock fell out from within it as I shook it ready to be wrapped. Hehe!

Up in the lift and home. Put away the washed washing. Started the computer and tried to get Virgin Internet on, once more, went through the turning the router off routine, no success. I wanted to spit! Also, I could feel the gentle rumblings in the stomach indicating that I may need another visit to the Porcelain Throne soon. This concerned me somewhat, risking going in the darkened or flashing like lighting, filled shower room again!

Around 0730hrs, the door chime tune (Dusty Springfields ‘I only wanna be with you!’) rang out. It was the Morrison’s delivery bloke. Not seen this one before. He kindly carried the bags into the kitchen for me and collected last weeks bags.

04Thur15The cream cakes I’d ordered for Joy’s (I think that’s her name) birthday arrived in excellent condition. I got some for Jenny and Frank and the Warden Obergruppenfurheresses as well, with some sourdough bread. I got the stuff into storage and the hand-outs in the bag ready with the nibbles.

I got the NHS Cardiac Patient questionnaire filled in and into the envelope. Six big pages of it.

Had a think about how I was going to get the ablutions done. No showering in the dark would be risked. So I had a stand-up strip wash at the sink with the door open. Did the teggies.

Then took the shaving tackle into the kitchen along with the Daktacort cream and pain gel. Had an uncomfortable shave, and treated Little Inchy who was bleeding still, but not much and applied the gel on the dodgy areas in need. Hippy Hilda, the knees and wrists.

The lump on the head from the fall was a bit tender.

04Thur03Cleaned up the kitchen and returned the stuff back to the wet room.

Then, belatedly got the morning medications and Health Checks sorted and done. Took the medicines with a warm drink for a change. A beautiful mug of the Extra Strong English Breakfast tea-bag. Nice!


Still annoyed at the loss of the Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson Virgin Internet, I tried once more to get it on. No luck – Globdangerations!

I assembled everything in the bag and checked them. Cream cakes, nibble box, DVDs for Mary, jars for the recycling bin, notes, the NHS form etc. to post on the way out.

Feeling a little down with all the problems suffered. But told me to appear happy with everyone at the meeting, cause they will all have difficulties of their own to cope with.

04Thur17I called in flat 38 on the sixth, no, the fifth floor, on the way down, to give Mary some cakes and the Seagal DVDs. Bless her!

Out into the drizzle and wind. Dropped off the jars in the bin. Doing well here remembering stuff. Haha!).

Got to the Obergruppenfurheresse Wardens and Social Hut. Well early I was as intended, so I could see Deana and get some help with the list of things I’d taken with me. Some tenants were in there waiting on the warm for the bus to arrive. Jenny seemed in good spirits and health and greeted me.

I got to see Deans and explained about the internet failure and asked if she knew of any reliable computer wizards, but she did not. Informed her of Friday’s cock-up with my arranging to go see Sister Jane for her birthday and finding out I’d forgotten about the radiators being isolated on that day. Deana said she would let them in for me. Phew! I added the wet room light. Deana said she would call them as long as I would be in. They will be here in no longer than four hours, and to let her know when I leave the Social so she can call them. I thanked her.

The meeting went very well. Joy got two rounds of Happy Birthday, presents and a cake with candles for her to blow out. All great stuff. When I got the raffle tickets, I handed them both to the Birthday Girl with her cream cakes. She said they were her favourites too! That cheered me up!

I found out from Jenny, that her Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson Virgin Internet was also down this morning as well! This also gave me hopes of it coming back on later.

BJ arrived, and we managed a little natter. Mostly me complaining about things going wrong, I’m afraid. I handed out the nibbles.

I left early, offering my farewells to all, and remembering to call at the office and tell Deana I was on my way back to the flat.

Got in and tried the internet again. To my greatest of joy, it came on at the third attempt! Hurrah!

Updating this post on Google Chrome, WordPress won’t work on Firefox it doesn’t save at all. And to my dismay, WordPress stopped saving on Chrome! I tried opening it in Firefox, and it was now saving on that, but not on Chrome? Totally confused I pressed on with crossed fingers and an in an irritated mood.

I’d taken two-and-half hours to catch up on this diary. No signs of the Nottingham City Homes workmen to replace the light in the wet-room yet?

The test results arrived. The next one for Tuesday 16th January, they left it for two weeks this time, cause the outcome at 2.4 was very close.

I went on email and requested an appointment for as early as possible with the surgery. Done that.

Now I’ll have get yesterdays blog finished. What a day. Up 12 hours plus and only just getting around to this! Accifauxpas, Whoopsiedangleplops, Internet, Chrome, Firefox failures and problems, no light in the wet room and I can’t do the ablutions! Grrr! Humph and Curse!

Well over four hours since I was told the light in the wet room should have been replaced. It’s dangerous using the Porcelain Throne in pitch darkness, and so messy having to wash in the cold kitchen and moving stuff around to do so. I hope they do arrive, even if I have to wait up till late. That’ll do me a lot of good, waiting up and they do not come!

Ah, well, I’ll try to get caught up on Facebook first. Thank you, Mr Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson of the ownership of the pathetic Virgin Internet! Boo!

I got the camera and left Facebooking when the Fire Brigade arrived.


04Thur21They were here for a good while. No alarms activating in the flats, but that is not unusual.

I’m pleased to see that they searched for and found the offending driver of the Mini, and got him to remove his car parked in the Emergency Vehicles Only chevroned area.

They apparently had a few words with him.

Moments later after they drove off, boy did the rain come down!


04Thur23But did this discourage the workers out there on the hoists and scaffolding?

Not a bit if it.

They pressed on drilling and banging and knocking as if there was no rain or heavy winds at all! Brave lads, who wanted to finish the job! Heros each! Must be on piecework?

Opened Facebook again, and the intercom rang out. It was the chap from Nottingham City Homes come to replace the light in the wet room.

Ang05And look at it now!

I’ll be able to apply my creams, corticoids, Enoxaparin injections and lotions much more accurately now.

Mind you, seeing my face in the mirror more clearly when shaving, might be a bit of a shock for me. Haha!

I is different to the old one, I hope that it will not cost more to run.

Back to Facebook.

Getting so tired out now. It’s been a long and stressful day for this Nottingham Pensioner. I’ll have to try and catch up with WordPress reading, time, health, computer and internet permitting tomorrow.

04Thur12xCarried out the Health Checks and took the medications.

Just too drained to do any ablutions.

Getting the nosh prepared now.

In the recliner, tray on knee, TV on, headphones on and nodded off.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 3rd January 2018: Computer problems – Got dates mixed-up – Noise – Mobile Problems… Tsk!

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

0129hrs: I think yesterdays turmoil and computer hassle must have affected me more than I thought, cause I woke up in a right state. Surrounded with signs of nocturnal nibbling, an empty pop bottle in the middle of the room, the notepad wholly filled with unreadable scribble, the room light on, a waste bin on the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner that I laid askew on, and feeling terribly confused.

However, by the time I had detached myself from the recliner, I realised that many of the ailments were to keep me company this day. Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald, Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Dizzy Dennis, and Haemorrhoid Harold, all seemed to be having a go at the same time. Then, as I was absorbing this, Trotsky Terrence started, and a rush to the Porcelain Throne was required.

A messy session. Little Inchy was bleeding too. Cleaned things up and in the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks.

I wasn’t surprised at the change in readings. My whole person and body is struggling to cope and seems disoriented, with chaotic thoughts rumble in the head, while the stomach rumbled inside.

So disappointed that I will not be able to visit Sister Jane for her Birthday, but I dare not risk going anywhere today in this state. Still, it’s something to look forward to later, even if belated. I can make the photo collage and sent it to her with a message. Oh dear, back to the Porcelain Throne…

Tsk, bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold and Little inchy now. Noticed as I returned to the computer, the howling winds outside had now been joined by the rain. I opened the window to take a photo and closed it post haste as the wind blew in.

I feel as if it should be the end of the day, weary and a feeling of self-loathing grew. None of the ailments is particularly bad, they seem to be sharing the responsibility of depressing me between them now – good teamwork! Hehehe!

I got yesterdays post finished off. Made another brew, and got on with making Jane’s graphic. Got them done and emailed it off to her.

Not feeling up to much yet. Went on Facebook. Not much in the comments, hangover attacks to blame methinks? Haha!

Went on WordPress Reader. Whoops, back to the Porcelain Throne. Not so messy this time.

Got a message telling me that my Norton supply needed paying and with new details. Got me in a right pickle trying to work through the downloading and setting up. Lost more hours of the day. I was on Google Chrome. Opened Firefox and the option to install Norton came up, but Firefox prevented this? Peed off again now! Computer playing up, nothing working right on the screen. Toolbars going up and down that should stay at the top. Must get some help from someone in the know, fear everything is going to go to pot!

Moved into Depression Mode! Restarted the computer again. Almost scared to touch anything now!

Got back to updating this post. Hoping the toolbars don’t start moving again.

WordPress not saving on Chrome now! Moved back to Firefox, then tried out CorelDraw to see whatever it is has affected it.

Had to open an auto-saved file and save it in the name of the old one and kept the earlier work?

Tried out some functions on it. Seems okay.

The hassle of yesterday and today, I blame for my feeling too tired and irritable. I’m going to sit down and hope to get some sleep.

Back in a bit.

0825hrs: Herbert is drilling and knocking away again upstairs. I heard him this time without the hearing aids in.

Had a look out through the window, then opened it and took a shot of below.


Off to do the ablutions, then it should be late enough for me to phone Sister Jane.

Got the ablution tended to. Noises very similar to the ones made by the workmen installing the heaters, drilling and banging etc. was coming from somewhere nearby? Then, the radio gave out Amber Warnings for winds 60 > 100 mph. Oh, dear! Far less bleeding this time from Little Inchy.

Tried ringing Sister Jane four times, each time I got ‘unavailable’. Tsk!

Got things ready and off, down in the lift and out into the wind.

I called at the Obergruppenfureress Warden’s Hut. Not many about, Deana who had to go out on her duties, Tenant John fast asleep and me. Tenant Glenda (I think) came in as I was going out to the bus stop. Where I found five residents and was soon joined by five others.

Little chinwags started, and Welsh Bill’s tales were about the problems he’s had with his installed heaters. First, they were too cold for the programmed heat. His electricity bill doubled. He complained to Nottingham City Homes, the Building company and the Manufacturers of the heaters. Eventually, they replaced his heaters last week with new ones. This was programmed at 21°. Yesterday he used it for the first time and woke up with it at 31°. Not bad, considering the instructions tell him the highest it can get up to is 29°s? He is off to complain again to the head office.

I told Mary I’d take the DVD sets for on tomorrow and checked she’d be in.

One the bus, I rang Jane’s hubby Pete, and he answered. Seems that Jane’s mobile is playing up. I can’t get to see them tomorrow for Jane’s birthday, so I asked if they would be in on Friday and if so, could I have permission to visit them in the gales and rain. They kindly granted me a verbal-visa to do so. Hehehe!

3Wed01Dropped off in the drizzly windy City and made my way into Victoria Centre and went into Boots and up to opticians. I planned to ask them if they had any spectacles with large lenses and to make an appointment to get some. I perused those on display, but could not find any substantial enough. So, I joined the queue at the service desk.

My mind mused over while I patiently stood there with no movement in the line of hopeful spectacle wearers. By the time I’d worked out how to solve Brexit, sang the National Anthem all the way through and finished a crossword puzzle, I realised I was not going to get seen at the Boots Opticians today. So I left and went to the Next shop, where my luck was a little better.

Apart from the look of amazement at seeing an old man in the store wanting to buy Gift Voucher, she did serve me with one, and off I poddled to the Tesco Store.

3Wed02I only got two pork knuckles and went to the young lady on the checkout, who didn’t speak much, as she undercharged me by 10p.

As I exited the mall, the rain had ceased, and I think the wind had dropped a bit too. But most of the populace looked rather glum as they went about their duties.

Even some Taximen were having an argument with each other.

3Wed04I crossed the road and up into Trinity Square, where I took a photographicalisation of some expensive Bibelots in a jewellery shop window.

I intend to use on the TFZer site at a much later date.

Down Kings Walk over the road and down King Street into the City Centre. Where the money grabbing holiday season stall were packing up.

3Wed11Some fascinating Nottingham Street Art was spotted near the Market Place.

I popped into the bookshop as there was some time before the L9 bus was due.

Nothing of interest was found.

So I had a hobble around the slab Square.

3Wed12No smiling face, laughter or enjoyment burst forth from any of the well-wrapped-up Nottinghamian’s I passed by.

I made my back up Queen Street, where a couple of regular Christian’s were singing forth with “The Lord, is in my soul”. The bloke had got a guitar today, and the woman a tambourine.

One lady and myself waiting for the bus, which arrived on time, with the driver who always looks depressed yet talks nicely to us.

3Wed14As the vehicle passed Sneinton, I took a picture of the Nottingham City Homes flats that had been modernised last year.

 I mentioned them some time ago, you might remember. These flats are the ones that were taken off of Night Storage heating and had some magical new ones that you just turn off and on when you want to! Not like ours being done now, which are still using night storage!

Their ones that turned out 30% cheaper to run as opposed my ones that are costing twice as much to run for many of our tenants who have already been converted! Humph! Hehe!

I got sidetracked there, sorry.

Got back to the flat, entered and was greeted with the noise of whoever it is flat having their radiators installed. I’ve no problem with this activity. Well, not the sound, it has to be done. Just the stories I’ve heard about some of the radiators costing twice as much to run, some not working, some working wrongly… Oh, shut up Gerry!

3Wed15I put the meat in the fridge, the card for Jane on the bookcase.

I’m giving one of the pork knuckles to Jane and Pete (If I can get to see them that is on Friday) and one for the Obergrupperfureresses.

Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Went for a wee-wee.

3Wed17Then added the reminders to the Google and written calendars. Bit of an embarrassment found. I’d just told Jane and Pete I’d be up to see them Friday, and now doing the calendar transfer I find that the Willmott-Brown people are calling to shut off the heaters on that day!

Globdangerations! I’ll try to find out tomorrow if I need to be here or can go out. Tsk!


Updated this twaddle then. Still having problems with the computer.

Did the night Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the curried beans in the pan to have with a pork knuckle.

The noise, as is to be expected, horrendous from the fitting of the radiators. When they get around to doing mine, I’ll hibernate in the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens hut I think.

Had a look if owt worth watching is on the box, and there is.

3Wed22Then got the fooder served up. A reet treat. A whole mini-pork-knuckle and curried baked beans, Scottish Plain Bread Not so good cause I took it out of the freezer, plain yoghourt with Golden Syrup and a large mug of Clementine Juice.

Very fair. 7.9/10 rating.

Settled in time to fall asleep watching Law & Order.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 2nd January 2018: Mayhem Day

Tuesday 2nd January 2018


0150hrs: The body stirred, and waited patiently for the reluctant brain to activate. As far as I could tell, only Hippy Hilda was giving me any pain worthy of mention at this stage. When the grey-cells joined me, I was having difficulty in the disponibility of my thoughts, plans, worries and fears.

There lingered a sense that I had been dreaming and wanted to recall it. But no memories and no scribbled notes on the now crumpled notepad I found between my fluid-filled thighs and the £300 second-hand recliner. As I moved to manually try to raise the right leg, affected by Hippy Hilda’s determination that I should not do so without excruciating pain. I became aware that the now broken pencil was also down the side of the arm of the chair, and doing its best to lodge its pointed end in my bum!

1Mon01Bent forward manipulating the leg by the knee, the pencil pressed against the right buttock, I got in a pickle as to1Mon03 how to and what was the best way, to avoid setting off Hilda, and avoiding the splinters of wood from the half-pencil penetrating the skin of my rear end at the same time? I failed entirely in this. The leg fell, and Hilda let me know, and the pencil drew blood as it punctured the fleshy skin.

“A good start this, I thought. By 0205hrs (15 minutes from waking-up) I’d managed to get myself perpendicular, in pain, yes, but I was up. Even I had to laugh at myself. Off to the wet room to check things out.

There was only the tiniest speck of blood from the rear-end pencil wound with no pain whatsoever. Hippy Hilda was doused with the Phorpain Gel, and the Porcelain Throne utilised. Messy! Unfortunately, Little Inchy had been bleeding again. I cleaned up the place and me and limped to the kitchen.

2Tue001aGot the kettle on.

Cleaned the pots from last night’s delicious plate of fodder.

Made a strong-brew of Yorkshire tea and then I did the Health Checks, all looking very fine to me this morning. Actually, despite the earl Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplop, I felt surprisingly good at this stage. Even the 1Mon04scepticism drifted from my brain. Mind you, a lot of stuff escapes my mind nowadays, Hehe!

2Tue01Stuck my head out of the window to see what the weather was like.

Drizzling a bit. But it did not seem as cold as of late, although I felt it was nippy in the flat despite the four heaters all blasting away in a fashion that will upset the Bank Manager.

The vehicles looked parked better, too. This brought to mind that I have an INR blood test to get to for 0930hrs today. No buses till 0930hrs, so hobbling is the only choice. Not that I mind the limping along, for I desperately need to get out and some exercise after being stuck indoors for three days without a bus service to use.

1Mon05Got the computer going and checked the weather forecast.

It looks like I might get another soaking like the last blood test I went to, it’s gonna rain! Hehe!

Not looking forward to that then. I got on with updating and finishing off the Monday diary, then started on this one up to here.

Then I sorted out the nibbles for the nurses at the Sherrington Park Medical Surgery and the GUM Clinic. Should have plenty of time to get there and beg then have a look at Little Inchy. Oh, I’ll check on the web for the drop-in days… Ah, holidays, no drop-ins this week.

Made sure I’d got the Health Checks lists, mobile phone and camera in the coat pockets, the Anticoagulation Card too.

0700hrs: Ablutions tended to. I pondered on how long it is taking me now, to get the socks on. This, the hobbling and the falling asleep early will possibly result in four-hour days for me soon. Haha!

Set off at around 0830hrs, brolly in the carrier, remembered to take the INR card, gloves, brolly, nibbles, camera and mobile phone with me. Also, I put two empty jars in the bag to drop off at the recycling bin on the way out.

As I exited the flat into the elevator area, there were four workmen with parts of some old heaters working there. I greeted them with a genuinely cheery “You’re doing a good job lads!” Three ignored me and one cast a glance in my direction that said: “Silly old fart!” with a practised degrading-casting look up and down my torso. I’d say almost up to the Lidl staffs standard, but not quite.

I got in the lift and down to the foyer. Tenant Roy was having a fag near the doors, and as usual, he did not have his hearing aids in. Since I’ve been in residence here, this had turned up some humorous exchanges – but I think this one takes is the most confusing. Me: “Morning, Roy, everything okay mate?” Roy: “No, she had a shower!” Hehe!

2Tue02aaAlthough I didn’t realise it at the time, I waddled off down the road wondering what it might have been that he thought I had said, and forgot to drop the glass off at the bin.

The Obergruppenfurheresses Portacabin was still locked up when I passed, and the site was jam-packed with new workmen putting out parking cones and moving heaters from the compound to various flats.

2Tue02abI did notice that the external work to the balconies and windows was still on hold.

All bare of bodies on the hoists and scaffolding on this dark, dank and miserable morning.

I expect the Wildlife Preservation people will call sometime today about the bats?

I pressed on along to the end of the road and 2Tue02acturned right down Winchester Street Hill.

Where I had a bit of a struggle, with the foot that sticks out and carrying the heavy bag, to get through between a lorry and the fencing. He had apparently parked up to await a timed delivery to Willmott-Brown?

Onward down the hill and I cut through a road.

2Tue02adThere was a small squirrel on a low wall, who didn’t seem bothered when I got out the camera and zoomed in on him or her.

The moment I went to press the button, he was off like lightning flash. Hehehe!

I thought squirrels hibernated? No doubt I’m getting all confused again with some other creature or other.

2Tue02aeUp the slow gradient on Mansfield Road and over the crest, down towards Carrington.

Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda both in a decent mood with me at the moment. Only Anne Gyna to worry about for now.

From a distance, I spotted a van parked on the pavement. I hoped it would be moved by the time I got down to it.

2Tue02fAs I approached the vehicle, a man came out of the garden, gave me a good stare, and got it and started the engine.

He pulled out onto the road crossing three lanes of traffic and getting some horns blown at him in response to his dangerous driving.

As he passed me, he shouted something to me, but I don’t know what it was he said. I did 2Tue02gunderstand the sign language he used, though. Naughty!

Aha, a clear pavement to plod along to the surgery on.

But, is that a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist I see in the distance heading my way? It is!

I took a risk in photographing this rather large 2Tue02hcyclist.

He was totally unimpressed with my actions, nearly hit me on my right side as he sped past. He even said “Morning” to me as I was doing my best to get out of his way. And with a cheeky grin on his face. At least I think he said “Morning” to me. You never know do you, it might have been something else he said? Hehe!

2Tue03I got to the surgery and went to register with the receptionist, who was busy on the phone.

So I got a prescription form filled in for Little Inchies Daktacort cream while I waited.

I think I might have had a funny turn then. Because I sat down and got the crossword book out, and the lady asked me what it was I wanted earlier? Blown if I could remember asking her anything?

Within minutes my beloved Nurse Nichole came out to collect me.

As she was taking the blood, Dr Vindla came in and asked me why I had put Codeines on the request form. I could not remember doing this. Further proof of the likelihood that I’d had a funny turn. Yet at the back of my mind, I thought there might have been something else I’d asked for? She departed, giving me looks of suspicion and distrust. Nurse Nichole had a chinwag and laugh after she had gone, and I gave her the bag of nibbles. The Doctor returned, and we spoke about Hippy Hilda and Little Inchy. She is to send appointments to me when she gets them, for the GUM Clinic about Inchy, and the City Hospital about Hippy Hilda. She handed me the prescription for the cream. I said my thanks and farewells and departed. With Nichole’s feature firmly in my head and foibles.

Its been a hectic and busy day so far. Irritations and memory losses, been attacked and insulted, nearly knocked over and glared at. Hehehe!

I took the prescription to the chemist and got it filled. Then hobbled to the Lidl store. I should have known better really. I bought three cheesy cobs, Lime & Mandarin yoghourts and some cheese slices. Foolishly I used the self-serve checkouts. Where I have never done without a problem and had to summon unwilling help every time I’ve used them! Today was no exception. Having got only five items to scan, I thought, At last, success! The bill was precisely three pound. I put in a £2 and £1 coin. And the pound coin kept getting ejected, five times!

There were two Lidl trained experts gossiping nearby. I asked for help. One of them ignored me totally, the other tossed-up his head as if to say, “What?” He deemed it fit to meander over to me, and using all the Lidl staff training expertise, said “Huh!”. I told him about the coin being rejected, and this man actually used real words to me. “I’ll Gerrit changed fer yer!” He won’t last long at Lidl like that. Haha! He returned and threw a £1 coin into the tray and said, “There ya!” and wandered off to resume his natter with his mate.

Out to the bus stop and waited for one to arrive. I was dropping off in Sherwood minutes later. Boy, could that driver drive!

As I alighted the bus, I had to walk around some Nottingham Street Art in and outside the shelter.


Kebab and chips, I think?

2Tue03aaA sad sight a few yards up the hill on my way to the Pelican lights.

So, we had a new cafe opened and two more units closed down in Sherwood this week!

Over the road, and into the Wilko Store. Where I invested 90p in a nail brush and sponge. ♫ Hey, Big Spender ♫.

2Tue05Out and up the road, and called in the Card Shop, no, Card Warehouse it’s called. To see if they had 2018 diaries on offer.

Ended up getting one laid out like the one I bought last month. But much more substantial, meaning that writing and reading will be a lot easier, and just 50p more than the little one.

Something else to sort out now. Must get all the details transferred from the old one into it.

Out and up to the bus stop. Had about ten minutes to wait for an L9 bus. The rain started to drizzle, but I got myself under the shelter in the corner.

2Tue03bAlthough it doesn’t show well in the photograph I took of it, but there came all at the same time, seven buses!

Never known that before.

As these cleared, the home-bound L9 arrived.

In minutes I was getting off at Chestnut Grove, home at last.

2Tue04A lot of workers but not many tenants about as I walked to the foyer.

I got in and had a wee-wee and put the Daktacort cream away ready for later in the wet room.

Had a wash and got the cheesy cobs out ready for having later with some smoked bacon. Mmm!

1Mon01Got the computer going to update this post.

What a confusing, annoying and angry-making farce! I’d done up to here on it, and for some reason, it would not save! I ended up losing it all from where I left the flat! Grrr! Humph and Globdangerations!

1Mon01I had to contact WordPress helpline. No idea what they were saying, or instead, telling me to. Kept losing contact with them. What a shambles!

Spent well over an hour with them and eventually after moving and trying Chrome instead of Firefox, it came back on. Still not Working on Firefox though.

Then I had to redo it all again! Gnash!

Just finished it up to here now.


Feeling worn-out and confused, I got the cobs and bacon served up.

Found pieces of stuff in the fridge that was at the end of their use-by-dates and piled them on the plate.

Ate at most, 30% of it.

Atrocious. 3/10 rating. Might have been all the hassle over the WordPress mess that had put me off?

Herbert at it again with the knocking tapping and scraping noises, but not for so long or frequent today.

Got the TV on, but for the duration of my so-called viewing, I spent far longer nodded off than awake.

Remembered I’d not took the medications or done the Health Checks, so I fought off the tiredness, battled to get out of the recliner and did them.

Don’t recall much else, so I must have got down and nodded off.

What a busy, mayhem Whoopsiedangleplop, poorly making and wearying day!

Inchcock Today – Monday 25th December 2017

Monday 25th December 2017

Galician: Luns 25 de Decembro de 2017

0245hrs: For a change this morning the brain engaged almost immediately I regained consciousness. It was the body that lingered a while before allowing me full access and partial control of it. Hehe!

I noticed the large notebook on the arm of the chair had been utilised during the night. Closer inspection revealed my most lucid writing ever, and a lot of it too. As I perused this monologue, the memory of the parts of the dream actually returned to my mind, when seconds earlier there was nothing in there at all. (That came out wrong?) Tsk! An idea for a graphic of the dream formed, and I added thoughts to the notes to use later.  I did wonder how I wrote these overnight reminders in the dark, mind?

Luckily, my having a degree of ambidexterity, getting the fluid-filled right leg to move without too much pain was achievable. On the plus side, Hippy Hilda was far less troublesome than last night, Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger were both giving an excellent Christmas present by not bothering me at all! Yeehaa!

It took a little coercivity and encouragement, but eventually, I escaped the £300 second-hand recliner, without any stubbing of toes and Dennis Dizzies too!

Off to visit the Porcelain Throne. The session produced, shall I say, a large hard torpedo, very large. A harrowing evacuation indeed today, but this did allow me to read a chapter of the Leningrad book. Not much bleeding and what little there was I could tell came only via the Haemorrhoid Harold department. I cleaned and medicated things and me, and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Oh, dearie me and Globdangerations!

I’d left the hot water faucet running all night! It had run cold. (Of course, Huh!) I seem to recall saying something along the lines of; “Well, fancy that!”.

I also spotted the rubbish bags I sorted yesterday, still awaiting my attention to take them to the waste chute. Guilt mode adopted! I even picked each one up and felt them for any signs of the missing belly pork slices. None found, naturally.

I thought I’d take a photo while hanging out of the window. I found a ‘Miniature’ option on the camera and tried it out. The miniature option one is on the left, auto mode on the right. Same zoom from the same position on both.

The scene got me thinking of all the families down there, kids wanting to open their presents, the excitement. But down there would be street dwellers, single folk who will not see anyone over the holidays. Sight-impaired and blind folk. Hard of hearing and deaf souls. Desperately lonely. Confused… I had to stop myself thinking, and got on with the medicationalisationing and Health Checks.

Got the computer on and did the last weeks averages. The Sys is still a bit higher, but it is coming down again now.

Then, I got on with the Dream post graphic and ode, while things were still amazingly staying in my head, and of course, those notes that I had apparently written in the dark during the night? This and the disappearing belly-pork slices both nagged-on in my mind.

The graphic was beyond my capabilities to get how I wanted it to look, but the general feeling came out in it.

I was hobbling around the Nottingham Beach that arrives in Summer each year and was searching each person and their belongings. To ascertain whether they had a pen or biro with them. I had listed to add their names to if the had both pencil and pen. Only a pen. Just a pencil, or if they had neither of them. Those with pen and pencil were cautioned and put on an offenders list. Those with only a pen were fined and removed from the site – Those with just a pencil were allowed to stay, and I bought them an ice-cream – Those with neither, I handed over to the Victorian uniformed policemen to take to the gallows! I had a miniature stun-gun adapted to the end of my walking stick, but no notes of my using it anywhere. If only memories and records like this were found after every dream. Funny how I cannot recall anything about so many of them most of the time, and then this happens every few weeks? The incomprehensibility of it all confuses me.

There came a whining noise from outside. Like wind blowing through metal fixtures or frames. Then, of course, my astute, quick, calculating, intelligent brain remembered the building is covered with metal fixtures, structures, hoists and scaffolding. How I let myself forget these are there befuddles me this is what I can see sat here through the window now.

Blimey, it’s howling out there now.

Went to the WordPress reader. Replied to the comments, and then onto Facebooking. Spent a good few hours catching up.

Shame that the moron up above me has not gone away for Christmas, his banging has joined in with the howling winds to make my already depressing holiday worse than ever. But, yer doesn’t like to complain does yer. Grrr!

CorelDraw next, to try and get some more of the TFZers ‘Entertainment’ series done. Got two more done and filed for when I get them finished.

Had a go on Facebook.

The ‘Herbert’ above me is knocking and banging away again.

Had my usual Pork Pie with the dinner. I got a Morrison Melton Mowbray one this year… I shall not be investing in one of these again. (Note the confidence of expecting to still be here in twelve months time. Hehe!). The top crust was soft and fatty. Bland tasting meat. The potato balls and tomatoes were passable. The cheese was okay. The part-baked cobs that I buttered and put balsamic sauce on were reet grand! Overall, a rating of 4/10 given.

I had what I hope was a final search for the missing belly pork slices, then another for the mobile phone, finding neither.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, and settled to watch the much-viewed over the years ‘Dunkirk’ film, on the TV. I nodded off at the first commercial break and woke with the end-credits rolling down the screen. Humph!

I think I dreamt of being chased again, now this is a regular theme to my dreams that I have not, or can’t remember having had for a long time.

Taketh care each!