Inchcock Today – Thursday 8th March 2018

Thursday 8th March 2018

Albania: E enjte 8 mars 2018

0105hrs: After a terrible night of nodding off, jumping awake and nodding back off again, this time I decided to give up trying and get up. By gum, it was warm in the flat this morning. The thoughts turned to things I needed to do today. A busy day indeed loomed. Morrison delivery twixt 0700 > 0800hrs. Take the nibbles to the Social shed and explain why I cannot attend again. Walk into Carrington, for the Warfarin blood test. Explain again to the receptionists about Thursdays not being suitable for my blood test as it clashed with the only social event of the week for me. An appointment at 1030hrs to see the Doctor about the funny and dizzy spells. Check with the Chemist when the next prescriptions are due… can’t recall the others at this moment, but I’ll check the calendar later. All this logicalisationing of the brain so early was a rare thing, I felt quite proud of myself. (And should have known better, Humph!)

As I focused on the material things around me, the fodder-tray and plate lay on the side chair with most of the food still on it, some half-masticated and looking rather revolting. Signs of nocturnal nibbling were discovered as I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with relative ease I might add. Off to the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks… and:

The instant I opened the door, the heat hit me – no wonder it was so warm in the flat. I’d left the damned oven on all night! A right recumbentibus to my spirits!

A sad mess to get sorted out here later. Humph! Made the potent brew of tea and got the hemadynamometer out to do the Health Checks. Took the meds, and felt so much hatred for my failings!

I must remember, if I do get to see the Doctor today, to advise her of the Sys going up so much.

Back in the front room and got the computer booted and got yesterdays post finished off and posted.

Made a start on this blog. Then onto the WordPress Reader. Made some comments.

I noticed that the Alert Box had a yellow light flashing on it.

Thought perhaps the voices I heard in the night, had emanated from this unit? No one has ever told me what these lights mean or what to do about them if they flash or sound.

I know the battery is alright, cause I did a check with them yesterday, or Tuesday.

Went on Facebook in hopes of being able to post and to comment correctly this time.

So slow and jumpy on Facebook for some reason. I did manage to get a Birthday Graphic done and sent off. Have a great time, Shirley! ♥ Heck, I’m a day late! I was twenty days too early on one last week. I am definitely getting weed off with myself for making so many errors lately.

Went on CorelDraw to do some headers. Change of plans then I went on YouTube.

Ablutions tended to, during which I squeezed the Germoloids (Haemorrhoid) cream tube a little too hard. At least now I know I should be free of any haemorrhoids around my belly button and right patella. Hehehe!

Got the Morrisons order done for next Thursday 0630 > 0720hrs delivery.

The Morrison man arrived and carried the good into the kitchen for me. Three items substituted today. Very unlike them.

  1. They had replaced a 1-pint bottle of milk with a 2-pint one – fair enough.
  2. They had replaced the lemon & Lime mineral water with raspberry & blackberry. I explained I could not eat raspberries cause they are on my list of foods to avoid from the hospital. He took them back, no problem.
  3. The Bold 2 Lavender & Chamomile washing capsules were substituted with a Bold 2 Lotus flower & Water Lilly. I accepted them.

Plenty of nosh in now. The Cumberland Pies at 3 for £6 looked nice, I hope they are when I try one later. The sourdough bread arrived for the Wardens, I put it in the bag. Along with a Freebie, a can of new energy drink, Carabao Green Apple, the usual price would have been £1.18, so a double bargain for Deana (Obergruppenfurheress Warden). I put that in the bag too. I’ll add some grated extra-strong cheese to it when I have it, methinks.

Got myself all ready, placing the mobile and camera in my pocket, I caught the wrist alert alarm – the lady doing the monitoring was very patient with me about it when I humbly apologised, telling her I didn’t realise I’d caught the button.

As I was going out of the door, I remembered I had not put the Deep Vein Thrombosis card in the bag, so nipped back and put it in. Unfortunately, I only thought I had – the Whoopsidngleplop will be revealed later. Tsk!

Out into the unwelcoming drizzly morning, and along to the road to the Obergruppenfurheresses Wardens Office, a shelter for bus catchers and temporary Social Hut.

As I poddled along, it appeared that the new block of flats in the centre of the two 1964 built ones seems to be having another floor/storey built on to it yet?

Arrived at the shed, and it was well frequented this morning. Jenny, Kath, Cindy, John, Roy Welsh William and one other tenant in there, with both Wardens in their office. I popped in and gave them their treats.

Out to the big room and chatted with Jenny, who was looking well this morning. Welsh Bill was looking so much better now. His insults, put-downs and jibes were quick, sharp, cutting and incisive; so I could tell he was feeling better too. Cindy was also in good form. A general little chinwag and we all went out to catch one of the buses.

I dropped off at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill along with Welsh William, a final insult thrown my way as we parted. The rain came on a bit more substantial as I made my way along the almost deserted Sherwood stretch of Mansfield Road.

Up the incline, passing the library and passing the closed down Police Station, and avoiding the deep puddles of rain that had started appearing in the area.

Hobbling over the brow of the hill down towards Carrington and the surgery, and the place still seemed deserted.

No Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, jay-walkers or ankle-snappers were spotted either even and besides!

Down and into the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

Where I logged in with Obersturmführeress receptionist. Took a seat and got the crossword book out.

Shortly after which, the new Surgery Nurse called my name, and I limped with her to the treatment room.

The first thing she commanded me, was to know if I had remembered the DVT card this week.

Of course, me thinking I had, replied with a swagger of the head; “Oh yes indeed!”

Looked in the bag with the aim of retrieving it and presenting to the Obergefreiteress nurse… Globangerations!

I then realised, instead of the placing DVT form into the bag back at the flat when I returned to collect it, I’d but the Morrison Grocery receipt in the pocket in error, and had handed it to the most annoyed and irritated Nurse! It had to happen to the Nurse with the most excellently performed put-down sneer of them all! Oh-dearie-me!

The arm took a long while to stop bleeding again. This only seems to happen when this nurse does me. Anyway, she seemed to settle down, and I gave her an Easter Egg. I left and went to the reception and asked if I could have a word with one of them.

Brave or what! Eh? I explained all about the Thursday appointments causing me problems and my having to miss the one Social Hour a week at the flats. She listened without interrupting me, bless her. She replied, “When you get the email advising you about the results and dosages, send one back asking for a different day, and we will do our best to accommodate you!” I thanked her and departed, after handing her a bag of nibbles.

We’ll see. As of 0645hrs Friday 9th March – no email received!

Over the road and into the Lidl Store to get myself sneered at and insulted. But no, not today! I got the shopping done: Lemon and Lime mineral water, Bread thins, two cheesy cobs, tomatoes, a Melton Pork Pie and some mini-weiners, went through the self-serve checkout, without making any mistakes or needing help from their snotty-staff! The chest swelled, the head swaggered, as I departed off to the bus stop! A super mega supply of fodder now! Haha!

The seats were few and far between, and I ended up on one of the side-saddles pull down ones. Not that it mattered much, I was only going for a few a stops.

Had the camera in hand ready to try and take a photograph of any residents who might have been at the bus stop.

But getting up when I approached the Sherwood shelter, Hippy Hilda dislodged. I was not sure how I got off the bus, but I think a bloke helped me.

But Hilda slid back in with ease once I was out and stood upright correctly, bless her.

Can’t remember taking this photo either. Made in error? Humph!

As I walked up the hill to the pelican lights to cross over to the L9 bus stop, it was sad seeing so many shops closed down.

Got to the bus shelter and had about ten minutes to wait for the expected L9. A lady from Winchester Court got off another bus and joined us.

Roy arrived with his deadly four-wheeled shopper trolley. We tried to have a chinwag, but the lady resident was talking and moaning in such a loud voice. Roy and I gave each other a knowing look and gave up. On the bus, we managed a few words, and we both agreed; “Gawd, we were so glad we didn’t live in the next flat to this lady!” And we both wear hearing aids!

The drizzle got worse after I’d dropped off of the bus back at the flats.

This was terrible luck for the workers on the hoist-platforms doing the windows and cladding, I thought. As I got closer, I could see the lads were still working up there in the rain! Brave blokes!

All alone, I made my way up to the flat, and had a much-needed wee-wee!

Plans for the nosh later were formulated. I checked the use-by dates on the products and decided it would be Pork Pie, the last of the fresh pork knuckle, sugar-snap-peas, the two cheesy cobs and tomatoes for tonight’s feast. The ready meals had a few more days left to use them.

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

Sorted the nosh, while listening to the noise from above and trying to work out what Herbert was doing.

Did the Health Checks. Took the medications, then I had to suffer the pain of medicationalisationing the bleeding lesion and Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

The tray looked so appealing after I’d laid it out.

But what a disappointment it was. The Lidl cheesy cobs were only half cooked in the centre, the pork pie crust had gone all soft and floppy, the mini hash-browns refused to crisp up, the sugar-snap peas had bits of mould on some of them. Even the pork-knuckle tasted bland. Perhaps it was something wrong with me, I don’t know. But the tomatoes were flavoursome enough. I’ll try the Cumberland Pie ready-made meal tomorrow and see if that satisfies my apparently fussy taste buds. Hopefully, it will prove to be a better aliment for me.

Off for a wee-wee.

Chose some programmes from the listing, and settled down to watch some TV. Looking back, if a added up all the actual viewing I did compare to the time nodding off, I’d think it would be 70-30% in favour of the nodding-off! Hehehe!

I gave up viewing after failing to get through the first two minutes of the Hustle episodes.

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  1. Dang! The oven-on-all-night business is a familiar problem here, too. A variation: leaving the crockpot on all night. There was juice from what I prepared, but, by the time I realized what I did, it had dried out and the solids in it were nicely baked onto the crockpot. It took four days of soaking before I finally got the crusted solids softened enough to scrub them all off. On the other hand, I had to toss some food (meat) I’d put in the crockpot in the morning and found six and a half hours later, sitting in a crockpot I hadn’t turned on.

    • It’s like listening to myself, Doug! Hehe!
      I can so understand, appreciate and commiserate with you, Sir.
      I recall one day, back in the house long ago. Going to get the oven turned on to warm up ready to bake some potatoes, and thank heavens I opened it to check that i had not left anything in it – there fast asleep was Lady! She was all black, same as the inside of the oven… if I’d turned it on with her snoozing inside I’d have been a wreck!
      We ought to start a Whoopsiedangleplop page. Hehehe!
      Cheers Sir.

      • I fell asleep once and baked some chicken breasts overnight…! (Maybe we should “confess” we aren’t necessarily “all here” some days! LOL! The breasts were significantly cremated.

      • Hey, one has to or go mad. Well, maybe “mad” is the state already, but laughing (hysterically?!) helps ease the way back to sanity!

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