Inchcock Today – Sunday 7th January 2018

Sunday 7th January 2018

Greek: Κυριακή 7 Ιανουαρίου 2018

0355hrs: Having a marathon long day yesterday, I slept through for over seven hours. I still had the remote control in my hand from when I was trying to view what channels were on the goggle-box, but can’t recall watching anything, so I assume I drifted off into slumber very quickly.

The mind seemed to have some disponibility this morning, far less muddledness. The stomach began rumbling as I tried to dislodge my grotesque body from the £300 second-hand recliner. So, off to the Porcelain Throne with a certain amount of haste. Oddly, and I’m not an algophilist, but I missed the pains from Anne Gyna and Artur Itis. Although I was extremely pleased with the lack of attention from Dizzy Dennis. The session went well, only a few specs of blood that I think came from Haemorrhoid Harold and not as messy as yesterday.

I made up the medication dosage pots and made a tasty mug of Co-op 99 tea. That went cold when the rumbling and grumbling started again. So, back to the Porcelain Throne. A more protracted session this time, I got through a whole chapter of the Lenigrad book before anything moved, and when it did so, rock solid surrounded by coloured water? I hope this will not prove nocive to my health, I don’t want or need any other new ailments at the moment to cope with. Hehe! However, on the bright side, I saw no blood.

Back to take today’s health Checks and medications, and make another brew-up,

Got the computer on and an update arrived, so I downloaded it. It didn’t take long. Reading about what the update included left me baffled, just crossed my fingers all would be well and got on with finalising the Saturday diary and got it posted off.

When the rumbling innards started to kick off for the third time, worriment showed itself. The session was entirely different again; ‘Push, Plop, Gone!’ This time with a little blood from somewhere. Washed and cleaned up and the second mug of tea of the day had gone cold, went to make another one.

Took two photographs out of the kitchen window.

The first one, of the resident’s parked cars down below on Chestnut Walk.

The vehicles had a decent covering of frost and ice all over. I should imagine the pavements will be a bit slippery.

Then took a picture of the skyline and horizon. Which seemed to provoke to me into a studious mode. Out there, all those people asleep in their cottages, bungalows, apartments, terraced houses, semi-detached homes, mansions, caravans, cars, hostels, shop doorways, friends settees, workplaces, hospitals, loony-bins and being burgled, mugged, attacked, conned or whatever. Every Homo-Sapien with their own personal worries and hassles. I think I heard silent cries of, unhappiness, frustrations, pain, paroxysms and unwanted emotions in the still of the icy-cold morning. Blimey, did I write that?

I made a third cup of tea, Extra-strong Old English Breakfast this time, in the tiny mug.

As I was putting in the milk, the shakes came over me. When I went to pick it up, and Craig Cramps attacked the left-hand fingers, and I spilt a drop or two trying to grab it, cause I was using the other hand on the camera.

How can things change so much ailment-wise in just a couple of hours?

I was feeling so good when I stirred into life this morning too. Now in turmoil and uncomfortable! Confusionableitis reigned. Globdangerations!

Updated this post up to here. Went to the WordPress Reader section. While doing this at 0710hrs, Herbert above kicked off with his dropping stuff and knocking. I must remember to mention this to Deana when I see her.

Then, after the tea had gone cold once more, (Like how I cunningly made only a small mugful, Hehe?) I made another and read then answered the comments

Then went on Facebook.

0805hrs: Next on CorelDraw, doing a graphic of the new Sandra Lentz film on DVD, called Law & Order: “The ‘Senior Citizens Uprising’. 0940hrs got it finished and posted off.

Worried about how things will go tomorrow with the radiator installations.

Did the Health Checks and medications.

No desire for any real fodder, but had some nibbles.

The blues were returning, I got down to watch some TV, but gave up after about a dozen nod-offs.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 7th January 2018

  1. It’s amazing how many of our elected officials in the USA (and apparently the UK’s as well) who got into office as mere paupers in the 1990’s with salaries of around $100,000 per year, while living in the most expensive district in the country, are now multimillionaires. Over 7 hours of sleep is great. Nice photos, graphic and Ladybird book.

    • We share the nihilisticness of out politicians I’m afraid, Tim. Thanks Sir.

      Just off out now, while they demolish the flat…no! I mean remove the old heaters and fit new ones.

      Back to the bomb site later, much later. Hehe!

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