Inchcock Today Tuesday 22nd May 2018: Not one of my more intelligently managed days!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Irish: Dé Máirt 22 Bealtaine 2018

0300hrs: Woke and lay uhtcearing for a while; mostly about the coming visit today of someone to touch-up or finish off the holes and gaps left in the plastering around the balcony door and kitchen window. Why I suppose, is the mess left on the three previous visits in which the carpets were left in a right state, furniture splashed with plaster, etc..

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I even felt a tad annoyed, with the Doctors appointment being made for so late in the day for tomorrow. Bearing in mind, they know about my habit of fading fast at lunchtime each day. I don’t like feeling curmudgeonly like this, but, my confidence is low.

There were no signs anywhere of sleep-walking or nocturnal nibbling around. I took the decision (Most unlike me… Hehe!), to get the laundry done straight away.

Everything was already sorted and in the bag. I got dressed in a fashion, camera and key fob in my pockets and trotted down to the laundry room.

As I got out of the elevator, I thought I’d take a shot of the electronic noticeboard on the wall. I got the shakes as I did so, and snapped two photos, one after the other. Tsk!


0315hrs and partly cloudy outside, 10°c. The big picture on display kindly changed in the part-second between my taking the pictures. Amazing!

I got in the room, and the washer started, then back up in the lift to the 12th floor.

Set the timer to remind me of the washing downstairs.

A wee-wee was taken. Then the Health Checks were done.



The Blood-pressure machine worked second try.

This morning’s readings were very similar to yesterday’s first ones.

Another wee-wee, then a small mug of the Yorkshire breakfast tea brewed up.

Down again and moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer. The room was a lot cleaner than last time. Apart from someone had left the filter in the spinner filled with fluff.

Back up to the flat.

Then I conscientiously made a start and got to finish off the updating of the Monday bl2Tue02adog, just as the alarm went off to remind about collecting the washing.

Then, as I was getting up to go down to collect the dried washing, an internal alarm warned me to divert instead, and visit the Porcelain Throne.

WDP001B Oh, ‘ecky-thump. What a messy evacuation and long drawn out cleaning up session had to be done! Humph!

I did notice that Little inchies Lesion had seemingly just started to bleed a bit.

But I decided not to do any medicationalisationing yet, as I did not want to keep anyone waiting in case they needed to use the dryer machine.

So I got cleaned up and went down to retrieve the clothes.

I noticed two notices, notably on the noticeboard, (Hehehe!) from Jenny.

One about the Tenant’s & Residents Annual General Meeting, and the Sprinkler System demonstration.

The other about the favourite Breakfast Out that Jenny organisers for us residents.

2Tue03Got the washing out and folded, then into the bag.

Cleaned the filter, drum, and casing.

All seemed to be going smoothly this morning, but my EQ kept niggling at me with thoughts of bothers, inconveniences, aggravations, disputes, threap, annoyances, or perhaps, any combination of these were in the offing!

2Tue04I popped out of the foyer door, I was going to take a photograph of the complex’s buildings, but it was far colder than it looked out there. So I pictured the scaffolding instead. Oh, I am getting nesh nowadays! What I also noticed it is now getting lighter sooner in the mornings. Which happens every year at this time, but for some reason, I seem to be surprised by it? Klutz!

Collected the bag of laundry and back to the apartment.

Noisy Herbert above was at it early today (0710hrs). Tapping and banging occasionally. This was the trend for several hours. Not that I’m complaining, just mentioned it. I will not divert from or forget the commands from the Nottingham City Homes Management; and will ‘Have to put up with it, because he is doing no wrong, just following his hobby!’ I don’t want to get removed from the place.

Ah, 0825hrs, now the Willmott-Dixon lads have started on the outside wall with their drilling and a-banging. Bless em.

WDP001B 2Tue02fAs I was changing back from shoes to slippers again, I took this picture and observed there were droplets of blood between my feet.

Yes, Inchies Little Fungal Lesion was pouring haemoglobin. To make things worse, it meant the trousers and socks had to be abandoned, PPs changed, destickyfying and medicating of the fungal lesion and a shower was needed, so I did the whole ablutions at the same time.

WDP001B T’was a long, painful, messy session. Still, it couldn’t be helped.

Had a good shave, shower and did my teggies. Citrus body sprayed me, applied the Germoloid Cream. Aftershaved the razor cuts. Applied the Daktacort cream to the lesion, and rubbed some Phorpain Gel on Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis’s knees and wrist. Did the second Health Checks earlier than I would usually. Then set off to the Temporary Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast and break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Confessional box and Telling Inchcock-Off shed. Haha!

I met fellow residents Pete and Norah on the way there. Shared some nibbles and we chatted as we hobbled along Chestnut Walk.

2Tue05aI took this photographicalisation of the complex on the way to the shed. Deliberately trying to get all three units in the frame.

No signs of any of the Willmott-Brown lads on the hoists, now. The may be on a break?

I made my way into the White Temporary Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast and break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Confessional box and Telling Inchcock-Off Porta-Kabin.

WDP001B I could feel the flowing of something warm and wet within the PPs. Tsk!

Had a talk with OBergruppenfurheress Warden Julie and Deana.1Mon07b

2Tue07Then waited to have a natter with Cathy, who was busy on her mobile.

She listened and sorted out my problem caused by my losing the Willmott-Dixon note about the visit today to make good the work around the sliding doors in the front room.

She took no time in getting me confirmation that they will be coming on Tuesday 5th June, now. Bless her cotton socks.

I thanked the gal and made my confused way back to the flats.

WDP001B I wrote the date for the joiners visit in the diary. Then, I found the leaflet about the repairs that I had been searching and grubbling for so long, earlier in the day! What a Shmendrik! It was on Tuesday 5th June, and I had Whoopsiedangleplopped and put it in the diary for today! Humph!

Back into the wet-room to clean and medicate the fungal lesion, yet again!

Updating this blog, and things went suddenly bad for me. Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald forced me to close down and sit down.

2Tue09I got the nosh sorted early, while I still felt up to it.

Out-of-the-blue, I was feeling so drained and tired.

The bean and veg meal was not appreciated, due to Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald both having a go at me, with a few Dizzy Dennises thrown in for good measure.

I flavoured the lemon dessert with sweet orange and bitter lemon flavourings. Nice!

2Tue08Did the Health Checks, had a wee-wee and got the pots washed.

I noticed a total lack of dogs walking their owners outside. (Well, I don’t suppose they would be doing it inside? Hehe!)
The trees and bushes were getting blown about something awful.

Again, despite feeling drained and not too well, the sleep would not come. I stayed awake through endless claptrap on the TV. With no indications of any nod-offs!

I did drop-off eventually very late. Then woke, and lay analysing a dream I’d had. I found notes on this in the morning when I updated this blog. But yet again, the scribble was arcane and indecipherable. Any memories of the dream were non-existent. I think Sister Jane was in it, but don’t know why I believe this.

11 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Tuesday 22nd May 2018: Not one of my more intelligently managed days!

  1. Equalities and Customer Excellence eh? “Sounds Awful!” as Marvin the paranoid robot in “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” would say. Are you going to make your way to the £3 meal? Retrofitting sprinklers sounds even more awful, but on the upside, maybe they will go off on Herbert for too much banging around. On the down side, then you would get flooded since you are under him. Too bad the meal was not agreeable.

    • Ah, Marvin, forgotten all about him and the show.
      I shall not be attending the meal, Tim. Not until I get the lesion repaired. To embarrassing in case anything leaks while I’m there. I went to one, it felt a bit like a school meal. But the fodder was nice.
      I like the uplifting thought about the sprinklers going off on Herbert, Tim. Cheered me up that thought did, thanks.
      The innards are still a bit wobbly this morning.
      Got the late blood test appointment, thankfully with Nurse Nichole!
      Cheers Sir.

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