Inchcock Today – Sunday 22nd April 2018


Sunday 22nd April 2018

Amharic: እሁድ, 22 ኤፕሪል 2018

0635hrs: Woke up, after around six hours sleep. Last night I could not get to kip for seven hours later than usual. The grey-cells had been doing their thing, off pondering, fretting, almost panicking about all and sundry. Thinking back to the things involved in my first meandering mind deviations, I reckoned bonkersness was looming.

When I did eventually nod-off, you would not believe the information, questions, anxieties and apprehensions I mused over. My having fallen asleep, there was no suspended consciousness; The almost instant dream, felt like things had continued from my earlier unsettling wanderlusting, into my subconscious nocturnal nightmare. Anything possible to worry over seemed to arrive and join the queue to be analysed, questioned and a new fear of failure developed. Talk about a lachrymose dream!

I felt all out-of-sorts, and for some reason terribly lonely, and lay there a while gathering together some form of willpower to tackle against the lingering worries. I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with as much ease as I have ever done before?

Whoopsie O1 As I arrived in the kitchen and the mind began to concentrate on what I was doing after I stubbed my toe against the cabinet corner. I think I ought in a way, to be glad of the pain; for it helped take my mind off of the last bits of mental-brooding.

I got the kettle on the boil and did the Health Checks.


The sphygmomanometer was reluctant to work again, and it took me several attempts to get the readings. The Sys and Temp had dipped a bit, but still within range methinks. Made the tea and took the medications.

As I opened the spare room window as far as I could, they still have security cables attached to prevent them opening fully. As a precaution against any residents dropping anything out through the window, and hitting workers on the hoists. Fair enough, that!
7Sun4bThe space available allows just enough room for me to thread camera and one hand out far enough to take a blind-shot photo.

I think the forecasted thundery showers for last night, may have arrived. For the petrichor emanating from the grass, trees and bushes, smelt so beautiful.

The innards spontaneously rumbled, so, off I limped to the Porcelain Throne. Back to being a messy affair again this morning. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding too. Hence, much cleaning up, and a bit of 7Sun06cmedicationalisationing needed doing afterwards. I took a Dia-Limit capsule and an extra Codeine Phosphate 30g to ease the pain from the poor old stubbed-toe. Atsuv!

Whoopsie O1 I decided after looking down at the aforementioned wounded stubbed-toe, it had been bleeding. Tsk! So, off to the wetroom I went to get some antiseptic cream to put on it, and cleaned it up, the poor thing. Haha! I’d pulled the nail back a bit; this caused the loss of blood. Alright now, though, it’s stopped leaking.

7Sun07Back again to the kitchen to make another brew. Decided to sort out next weeks medication pots while in there.

Whoopsie O1 I dropped a Bisoprolol Fumarate (Beta-blocker) tablet while filling the pots. I reckon I spent at least ten-minutes searching around for it. I checked in between the cupboard and cooker, behind the door, in both waste bins (Recycle and Waste), in the pots and saucepans, counter tops, the whole floor without any success. Had the aliens or ghosts taken it? Hehehe! Tsk-tsk!

I went on to completing yesterday’s diary! This task took me over two-hours, but I got it finished by 1100hrs.

Then went onto updating this one. Sister Jane rang while I was editing it. We had a natter which I enjoyed.

The noise from BBJ up above was far less than last Saturday. This pleases me beyond appreciation.

I then went on WordPress reading, then did some commenting.

Went to make another mug of Assam tea, and: I found the missing Beta-blocker tablet I dropped hours ago. Guess where? It was in my dressing gown pocket! Beats me too, how it got in there! Hahaha!

Moved onto CorelDraw and did another diary page header graphic. Took me too long, now I’m tired and weary again. Poor old thing. Hehe!

7Sun33aGot the nosh started.

Started dozing off and waking every few minutes repeatedly, for hours. With more than is usual wee-wees here and there.

Uncomfortable few hours, until I eventually drifted off for around five hours unbroken sleep.