Plastering Done to the Balcony Windows – What an absolute Mess, shambles and heartbreaking pickle they left me in. Sob!


Tuesday 3rd April 2018

I would like to thank Nottingham City Homes, Willmott-Brown and their Sub-Contractors for arriving out of the blue this morning, just as I was leaving to catch the bus.

The chappy-man-plasterer asked if he could do the plastering on the Balcony Window now, as he had had cancellations.

So, I said yes. Left the door unlocked and toddled off.

Here is what I came back to find.

Duodenal Duncan is now giving me more hassle than it has ever done!

I spent hours trying to clean up the mess, but it would not have it. It remains being spread about from one room to another every time I walk anywhere.

No one is interested! Apart from me, that is. But I am feeling too poorly to even swear about it!




I am not happy and feeling so fed-up, I don’t think I could feel anymore Fed-upable!

Inconcinnity, depression and intolerance are growing within me!

It has to be said!

Inchcock Today – Monday 2nd April 2018: Another death in the building, something else stolen from a flat, the Odd-Sock Syndrome returns, Rain, snow then rain again, Virgin Internet kept going down, and Crampy Craig attacks. Just a normal day at the Winwood Apartments. Hehehe!


Monday 2nd April 2018

Esperanto: Lundo 2an de aprilo 2018

00550hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner within minutes of waking. Some form of rare-determination and will-power had overtaken my usually tepid yet obedient to psychosis and wandering off of on its own accord vacillating route and path of my mind.

1Mon05I collected the ready to go laundry bag with togs and accoutrements and was off and down the lift by 0112hrs.

Into the laundry room and got the machine going in a couple of minutes. Then back up in the lift to the apartment and straight on the computer to start creating this post off.

The time flew, 1Mon01aand it was soon time to go back down and move the laundry into the dryer.

A belated note about another of our clan of residents passing away. We’re dropping like flies this year!

Back up to the flat again, had a wee-wee and made a brew.

Odd that no Porcelain Throne demands had been made yet from the innards?

I got the Health Checks tended to. Made up the graph for the nurse on Wednesday’s blood test.


1Mon07aAs I was taking the medications, I wondered whether I should still be swallowing so many of the pink Trental Pentoxifylline tablets. I was prescribed them before the heart operation years ago.

I looked them up. The first site said; “These medications work by improving blood flow in the arms and legs. Pentoxifylline is used to treat chronic circulation disorders of the arms and legs, such as intermittent claudication (peripheral arterial disease) or trophic ulcers due to a poor blood supply.” I dug further, did a search with the name and heart, and got: “For patients with chronic occlusive peripheral vascular disorders of the extremities.” The last page indicated; Side Effects


The information possibly goes a way to explaining things. I might ask Dr Vindla about this later. They had mentioned possibilities relating to current ailments: Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Anne Gyna and Dizzy Dennis?

1Mon01bDown to collect the laundry from the dryer.

Noticed another new sign on the notice board this time, a plea from the owner of a Glade Air Freshener spray, who lives in flat 21, for it to be returned by whoever nicked it!

Add this to the things stolen from the Obergruppenfurher Wardens Temporary Shed and Social Hut, and I think we may have to call in Columbo, Frost or Sherlock Holmes in to sort them out. Hehe!

1Mon08Extracted the clothing and got it folded and into the bag. Cleaned the filter and drum and found yet another odd sock!

Up to the apartment with the bag, and got it stored away.

It was 0320hrs when I had finished all the laundry room duties. Good going eh?

I did take a photograph of the electronic signboard near the lifts, but that too disappeared into the ether! I’m getting fed-up with this happening!

Just like yesterday morning, I heard that loud noise as if something was falling and landing on something hard? But there was no way could I identify where it was originating from. Most annoying.

1Mon01I then updated this blog to here. Then, finished off the Sunday diary.

Went to make a small mug of tea. Waiting for the kettle to boil, I went in the spare room to have a search for the odd brown sock. No luck!

But I did take this photo from the window. Bit of a ‘Moody’ one, do you think?

Back to my beloved computer to Check the Emails. Can you believe it!


Luckily it returned in a few minutes. But going so slow now. Took me ages to get the email postings done.

WDPBL The flat has turned cold suddenly. My legs felt so cold too. I went around to check the windows and door were all shut and closed-to. The door was closed and locked. Spare room window, the wind was coming in through the two areas awaiting filling-in. The Kitchen window frames not letting anything in, but where the vast regions are also pending filling-in were, not only wind but rain was coming in! The front room, where the deeper holes around the outer frame, where I can see the pebble-like stones that fill the outer wall, it was moving the curtains with the incoming wind!

Back to the kitchen and made a mug of tea – and had to leave it to get cold, due to the startlingly accelerated need to use the Porcelain Throne! Another multi-coloured evacuation today, but far less messy with it, and no blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. So glad I invested in the Germaloid cream, now! The fungal lesion was a different story though, fresh and dried blood everywhere. Still, it is a quotidian event recently, so no surprise to me.

The tea was still just about warm enough to drink, so back to the computer.

I made the WP comments, then went to the WordPress Reader section. Next, back onto CorelDraw to create the header graphics for seven days, and save them to drafts. It took me over three hours, but I was pleased I’d got them done.

During these three-and-a-bit hours, boy did the weather change!


Did the Health Checks. Then back to the WordPress Reader then Comments.

I wish I could send some of the rain to Alburquerque for my cyber-friend Tim to have. There’s a bit of a shortage of precipitation in New Mexico. Thinking of this reminded me that Tim made a comment on Saturdays post, which made me larf!

“From Tim Saturday: Ace Inspector Inchcock comes in on the scene of a murder. “What do you think Ace Inspector?” asks one of the officers on the scene. “I think I have to wee-wee.” Replies Ace Inspector Inchcock. While standing at the urinal waiting for his prostate and bladder to reach an agreement, he looks up at the ceiling and reads “What are you looking up here for? The joke’s in your hand!” After a few chuckles, Ace Inspector Inchcock says “That’s it!” “What’s it?” the officer asked as he walked into the wet room. “The Joker!” Replied Ace Inspector Inchcock. “The Joker did it.” And the brilliant Ace Inspector Inchcock solved another murder.

Hehehe! It tickled me.


Made a mug of tea again, and did the third Health Checks. Tidied the wet room up.

Noise from BBJ above. Got the oven warming up, ready for the meal.

Feeling drained as well, now.

2Tue02abGot the meal served up.

An Asda-Walmart Cumberland Pie with extra cheese on top, half a mini-minced-beef puff pastry pie, tomatoes, mashed potatoes with cheese and some seaweed.

Followed by a lemon mousse and a mug of fresh orange juice.

Ate it all up, then tried the internet.

Computer back on again.

2Tue02adWDPBL Not that I could do much on it, as Craig Cramps came on in the left hand and fingers. I couldn’t have picked my nose let alone type accurately.

Went for a wee-wee, that was interesting with the fingers all bent, painful and uncontrollable. Hehe!

I turned off the computer, too tired mentally to concentrate, anyway.

Another wee-wee and I settled down for an extended period of nods-off-waking-ups.