Plastering Done to the Balcony Windows – What an absolute Mess, shambles and heartbreaking pickle they left me in. Sob!


Tuesday 3rd April 2018

I would like to thank Nottingham City Homes, Willmott-Brown and their Sub-Contractors for arriving out of the blue this morning, just as I was leaving to catch the bus.

The chappy-man-plasterer asked if he could do the plastering on the Balcony Window now, as he had had cancellations.

So, I said yes. Left the door unlocked and toddled off.

Here is what I came back to find.

Duodenal Duncan is now giving me more hassle than it has ever done!

I spent hours trying to clean up the mess, but it would not have it. It remains being spread about from one room to another every time I walk anywhere.

No one is interested! Apart from me, that is. But I am feeling too poorly to even swear about it!




I am not happy and feeling so fed-up, I don’t think I could feel anymore Fed-upable!

Inconcinnity, depression and intolerance are growing within me!

It has to be said!

10 thoughts on “Plastering Done to the Balcony Windows – What an absolute Mess, shambles and heartbreaking pickle they left me in. Sob!

  1. I think it’s time to organize a protest March! That’s the only way to get the plutocrats a little less focused on stealing our money and a little more focused on doing their jobs. Throw these bums out! What’s good enough for the Royal Family is good enough for us!šŸ‘šŸ‘Š

    • Hear hear, Sir!
      Interesting point discovered while looking ofr HRM details.
      Her breakfast, costs more than the weekly pension I receive… over three-fold!
      Humph! Hehe!

      • Yikes! Whenever I think of British royalty… I always see Hyacinth Bucket lurking in the background! Lol! I also think about Princess Diana and how much she inspired us all. I remember her saying that she wanted people to know “she cared about them.” She will forever be a hero.
        Whatever you guys are feeding to the Royal Family should be the standard diet for everyone because the Queen Mother hit the century mark and it looks like all the rest of them are headed that way as well!šŸ‘šŸ‘ŠšŸµ

      • I fear Princess D did not fit-in with the norm expected from the Royals. Sad.
        Ah, Hyacinth Bucket-Bouquet! That Patricia Routledge is one of my favourite actresses, mate. She did a very English series called ‘Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates’ It is set in Lancashire. Hetty decides on retirement to become a Private Detective. Very English, she acts if superbly. If you get a chance to watch an episode, it shows the English as they were! Not a comedy as such, but a few humorous bits come through.
        I’m waffling again, sorry Sir.

      • Patricia Rutledge is one of my favorites as well. You are so lucky to have such great television over there! Another one of my all-time favorites is Mollie Sugden and don’t get me started on Ab Fab which has got to be one of the funniest comedies in the history of humanity! The spirit of William Shakespeare is alive and well in the UK! Keep up the great work, Gerry! šŸ‘šŸ‘

      • Our humour… sorry, humor, seem so alike Sir.
        We have Freeview over here, where they show the old stuff regularly, and that suits this old-timer down to the ground. Mind you, the best are on at night, which means I miss them, due to my falling asleep so early. Tsk!
        Your bus feature today, was brilliant and so well put together. I hereby award you the “Inchcock Appreciation of your Inspirationalisation and Instilling of Insurant Insurgency” With cutting humour… humor!
        Well done, Cheers.

      • Thank you Gerry! That definitely makes the effort worthwhile! I never thought I would be doing a post that incorporated stills from the film “The Gauntlet” LOL!
        I hope my reply reaches you because I’m having a big problem with WordPress not connecting through comments among many other issues. I’m using a workaround with my Chrome browser but this work around will not let me hear a play back via TTS of my comments. What a mass.

      • Sorry to hear you are having so much bother again.
        The Gauntlet came in handy. Hehe!
        I do not know what’s going on with WordPress, or if my problem is the computer or the Virgin internet, but with all the other hassle, I’m getting myself into a right worrying pickle.
        I have to work by doing some things on Google Chrome and others on Firefox. Sacr Bleu! Haha!
        Best wishes and hopes things can get sorted my friend. Cheers.

  2. That’s a heck of a sorry note. I know that so fed up with being fed up you get beyond fed up feeling.

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