Inchcock Today – Saturday 19th May 2018

Saturday 19th May 2018

Estonian: Laupäev, 19. Mai 2018

0355hrs: In my expergefacient state, I was immediately aware of my inability to cope sometimes. I felt full of impuissance, powerlessness, unassertiveness, impotence, and ineptness in life generally. I was in a deep EQ self-questioning mode. This is not a nice place to be!

I accepted that I am a natural target in life. Of my pathetic toleration and sufferance being unacceptable. Recognising my sad condition, and wondered if there is a name for it within the world mind disorders?

I’d got myself feeling right low and full of self-loathing before I even attempted to get free of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off to the kitchen, in a moribund state of mind.

Whoopsie2 Had a bit of luck while making the mug of tea. I spilt some boiling water on my wrist. This made me jump and took me out of my depressive-mode tout de suite! Not only that, but I managed to avoid getting the wrist alarm wet as well. Life’s little victories are so rare for me, but most welcome and cherished!

In pain, but feeling so much cheerier now, I got the Health Checks done.


6Sat04I even caught the reflection of my face and camera in this snap of the sphygmomanometer. (Fair enough, I didn’t mean to, Hehe!)

The readings seemed alright.

As I was putting away the medications, a call to the Porcelain Throne had to answered post haste. In the past, there have been some very embarrassing times when I have failed to get there in time. This mornings race to the throne was the closest I’ve ever come to a Whoopsiedangleplop, without any accident. Talk about a close call, narrow escape, and close-shave! The evacuation was loose spurting and messy, though. But of very short duration. Needing cleaning, medicalisationing, and anticepticalisationing activities to be performed after the four-second event. Hehe!

6Sat02By the time I’d finished the cleansing and got back to the kitchen, the brew had gone cold. So I carefully and warily made another mug of tea.

The noctilucence of last nights clouds had gone, but the matutinal blue hue, like the previous few mornings, were bright and sharp.

As I took this snap from the window, it then dawned on me; How the ailments were again being so kind to me. It really still surprises me how I can wake up to find such vast changes in how I feel, physically. Mentally my deterioration remains on a downward spiral, mind. But, apart from plates-of-meat and Duodenal Donald, it seems that all the other ailments are in a good mood? Scary, but I like it!

I took a photo of down below outside. A blind spot, cause I could not see the screen when I took this photograph.

It came out all shaky and blurry. And, how did the dirty, scratched, bird poo’d on white window ledge come out showing as blue? One of the worst snaps I’ve ever taken!

I then got the vegetables prepared and in the 6Sat08crock-pot.

Tomatoes, parsnips, turnip, mushrooms, orange peppers, marrowfat peas and onions all went in with the Llyod Grossman tomato and basil sauce. (Got it on Special offer, Hehe!)

Made a start on this diary. By gum, it didn’t half take me some time.

6Sat07Had a wee-wee, then went to make another brew. And grand-tasting it was too!

Onto CorelDraw to create the diary header graphics.

Whoopsie2 It took me even more hours and frustrations with the computer and the internet connection playing up. But after persisting on, I got them done and filed away. The damned WordPress setting keeps changing to US English, and I have to go out of what I am doing into settings and resetting to UK English. Grrr!

I checked the vegetables in the slow-cooker, made a start on updating the Friday post.

Sister Jane called, and we had a nattering session. I realised I had not finished and posted the Friday diary, so I got on with it.

Back to updating this page, again.

6Sat05Another nip into the kitchen to inspect the progress of the cooking.

I spotted a largish insect on the outside of the glass in the window. Thinking I would take this chance to see if the new camera would do macro work, I fetched it and did my best to find out how it worked. A terribly sad effort this one turned out to be!

Whoopsie2 But failure was again doomed for me. I’ve not done any commenting or WordPress Reading yet, and it’s getting on, the body is in preparation for its fading-out stage. But I must remember to get on the web and investigate how to take close up photographs with the Nikon B700.

6Sat06Taking an ‘ordinary Auto photograph of my beloved Copse was easy enough, though. 

I tried changing the settings from Normal to Fine, and this is the resultant picture. Showing the steep gravel footpath up into the Woodthorpe Grange Park pathway.


6Sat09I noticed the caked on bird poo on the balcony door windows when I returned to the computer.

The Del Boy Double from Willmott Dixon certainly has a good idea about getting the windows done while the hoists are still available.

What was the name of the Trotters tower block where they lived in the series? Ah, got it. (I looked it up) ‘Nelson Mandela House,’ if that were used nowadays it would be banned, I imagine, by the PC Brigade?

Whoopsie2 I got carried away while looking up the name of the flats, by an email came in about Nottingham News.

1Mon001 A respected carer milked the bank accounts of two elderly pensioners – and even continued after one of them died, a court heard. “Callous and mean” businesswoman Dain Parsons was jailed for two years and ten months today (Wednesday, May 16) over her shocking spree of dishonesty.

1Mon001 Terrified residents had to be evacuated when an arsonist set fire to a Sports Direct bag outside their flats – causing £17,000 of damage. David Ogle started the blaze in Rose Close, St Ann’s, as residents were sleeping at around 5.20am on Thursday, August 24. He was jailed for four-and-a-half years over the blaze.

1Mon001 A burglar given a second chance by a judge has been back in trouble. Pole Kamil Kratus, of no fixed address, left the court in March with a suspended prison sentence. He bedded down in a Sneinton house because he ‘needed somewhere to live,’ the court had heard after the property was insecure. And he left cigarette butts in the bath and stubbed them out on a rug. But he also helped himself to televisions, jewellery, Pandora rings and bank cards. The bank cards were maxed out on contactless payments to the tune of £250. After he was dealt with, 30-year-old Kratus re-offended weeks later; stealing a £12 phone case from Tesco, in the Intu Victoria Centre, further shoplifting at eight other city centre stores, stealing from a pram on Goosegate, Riding on the trams without payment, and causing criminal damage while on bail. Today (Wednesday, May 16) he received a 12-month conditional discharge for theft and criminal damage. Twenty rehabilitation activity days were also handed out for breaching the suspended prison sentence? I bet that fritten him, Huh!

The noisy Herbert had started banging and clanging around. And, Arthur Itis is attacking my right wrist with a venom. I nearly cut myself earlier when he affected me while peeling and chopping the turnips. Methinks my current niggliness is here to stay for the rest of the day now, like the wrist problem and noisy Herbert’s tonal accompaniments

I caught up with this updating and went on to the WordPress Reader page. Lots of great stuff posted lately.

I checked the crock-pot vegetables again. Blimus! It’s had six hours on auto, but nowhere near ready yet. I wonder if it’s broken or summat?

6Sat15Did the Health Checks and some more prep work on CorelDraw for WordPress.

The meal was delightfully tasty tonight.

Regretfully, the lemon yoghourt had gone off. Eurgh!
Five days in use-by date too?

Got the pots washed and a tub of nibbles at 6Sat16hand on the Ottoman, and settled down on the £300 second-hand Recliner, to watch the Cup Final.

I stayed awake for the entire match that I thought was not one of the best finals ever by a long stretch.

Noisy Herbert above was doing a lot of clanking and banging again.

The match all finished, as was the nibbles, I went for a wee-wee and rinsed.

Getting to sleep proved more difficult than it has been for ages. Well gone midnight before I slipped off into the land of slumber, so very late for me.

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 19th May 2018

  1. Lots of naughtiness in the Nottingham news. The birds are definitely taking advantage of scaffolding and whatever else the worker have on your building for birds to roost on. Great looking dinner. Too bad the yogurt went south.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      I fear crime is escalating in Nottingham now.
      I read of non-response to crimes reported.
      Far fewer officers now, the Post says 380 less than a year ago!
      Not got a lot of hope for the future.
      Still, I am feeling a little low this morning. Hehe!
      TTFN Sir.

      • Crime is bad here. We’ve had something like 32 murders this year so far.

      • Not good is it, Tim.
        What’s the population area?
        Nottingham has had nowhere near that many, I think.
        According to the local, Gun Crime has risen by 28% and knif crime by 33%.
        They hide the murder figures between different areas so I can’t add them up.
        Cheers Sir.

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