Inchcock Today – Sunday 20th May 2018: Got lost in the thicket. Tsk!


Sunday 20th May 2018

Welsh: Dydd Sul 20 Mai 2018

0505hrs: I stirred and laid there, the mind playing for once; not on worries, fretting, concerns and fears. Just on the dream that I’d been having… and what a mixed up medley of, well, worries, fretting, concerns and fears the dream was, I suppose! (I’m losing it early today!)

For once, I had a severe and disorientating case of dysania this morning. Not like me at all.

I sleepily went through the motions of doing the Health Checks.


7Sun02Made a brew of Breakfast tea, and imbibed the medications.

A sense of catatonia and dolefulness hung over me heavily. I assumed this was due to it being the weekend and after Noisy Herbert’s audio accompaniments yesterday, the certainty that they will be worse today, and knowing that the Nottingham City Homes Oberscharführeress told me he is doing nothing wrong…

Whoopsie O1A  Oh, I nearly forgot about the ban on my mentioning anything communication-wise between NCH personnel and me on my blog! Sorry, Tsk!

I got the computer on and had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. Oh heck, not a good evacuation at all. More blood than ever before from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. This would be due to my having spent so long yesterday sat down at the computer desk. Klutz! A lot of effort, discomfort and time spent cleaning and medicating after the movement.

The first thing I did when back at the computer, was to create a graphic of the weird dream I had. Well, as best I could recall.


7Sun01I went to make another mug of tea, still feeling a bit pensive and anxious without knowing why.

Whoopsie O1A Even the new windows lowered my spirits as I bemoaned them blocking out the light, and now giving me six panes to clean instead of the old windows, four. And getting to them is more awkward too. Boy, am I on a downer this matins!

I got on with updating the Saturday blog and posted it off!

0725hrs: As I made a start on this one, Noisy Herbert from above did a bit of banging and clanging about. Just the two, then all went quiet. Nice!

I visited the WordPress comments, it didn’t take long. Only one there. Hehe!

Then onto the WP Reader section.

Had a go on Facebook again, hoping it will let me post, this time. It did too! Got no end done before it all went too slow.

Went to get the ablutions and medicationalisationing done. Long, but not unpleasant event.

7Sun4bSorted the refuse bags and took them out with me as I left.

Outside the three-flats lobby door, I was gobsmacked to see a right mess on the floor near the new window/air vents. No idea what it was though. Maybe from the.., oh I don’t know, the shredded bits from the insulation being fitted?

Dropped the bags down the chute and made my way down to the lobby of the apartment. Where I met with Julie, no, Josie and Mavis. We had a nattering session for ten minutes or so. Mavis used to live a few hundred yards from where Mam and Dad used to fight each other every day, on Brookfield Place. She lived on Mayfield Grove.

Then, I bade my cheerios, and went out and dropped the empty recyclable glass containers in the appropriated bin. Into which someone had placed bags of household rubbish in carrier bags.

I removed it and placed it on the floor in the corner.


7Sun05I crossed over Chestnut Walk and turned to take this photographicalisation of the flat blocks.

Not many Nottinghamians about this morning. A few dogs were taking their owners for a walk. But far fewer than usually would be on a Sunday.

Ah, bet they are tired put by watching the 7Sun06cwedding and Cup Final?

As I began to walk up the hill towards the tree copse, the beauty of these little flowers, Buttercups I think they are named, caught my eye.

Out now, I was beginning to feel better within myself. Found another footway through my beloved Copse, and took it. A bit tight for room and dodgy underfoot, but it was so beautiful in there.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After getting through and coming out near the gnarled tree at the top of the gravel footpath hill, I crossed over down through a clump of trees to the bottom of the park.

7Sun12In the thickets I got myself disorientated; All right, lost! Had to double back to get to find the train. It had been built and placed on the British Railway’s actual train line that used to run through the park years ago.

A man and woman were sunbathing with their toddler and had left the pram in where the line was. 

7Sun13I wanted to make some witty comment about it, but they both looked like they were smoking weed. So, I thought that they may not see the funny side, and said nothing to them.

I again strolled off, aimlessly into the thicket and got lost still! What a Shlemiel. In my defence, I was looking for the steps that I knew were around here somewhere, will that do? Hehe! I went back down to the bottom, and back up another 7Sun14way, and there they were.

I kept stopping and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Naturally, I thought of Noisy Herbert back at the flats, some nasty thoughts mingled in their, I’m afraid to say. Looking around for any signs of wildlife I may be able to photograph.

7Sun15I pondered over the memories of years gone by and recalled some of the things I had got up to in each area as I came to it.

In the bushes with Chrissie and Grizelda (1964 and 1970ish). The football games I attended and never got picked to play. (No blame attached of ill feelings, I was a crap player and knew it, Haha!) The pitch and putt games I played… then realised I’d strayed onto the course during 7Sun16my recollections.

I turned back and went up the big clump to the thicket area.

Still, musing and fantasising without any definitive intentions whatsoever. Ambling, limping and daydreaming of what will never be, shouldn’t have been and never will be.

As I got to the top and realised there was no way out there and would either have to walk back down to find an opening, or carry on up the hill and climb through the fencing to get out. Klutz! Then I spotted a squirrel and followed it with great patience to get some pictures of the little beauty.


Whoopsie O1A By the time I’d stalked him and took the photographs, I was at the top of the thicket. So decided I could get underneath the fence without any bother. Not to fret, it didn’t bleed much. Huh!

7Sun18A man and wife helped me get back up on my feet, and their dog gave me a good licking. Which I did find amusing, cherished and appreciated.

A park attendant came over to check if I was alright and pointed out to me that I should not have been coming out under the fence, but should have walked down to the proper exit at the bottom. Told off again! Fool!.

7Sun19Sheepishly, flustered and embarrassed, I thanked the man and made my way to the footpath at the top of the park and turned left down past the Tree Copse and back to Woodthorpe Court.

Got in did the Health Checks and on the computer to do the updating of this diary.

Two hours later, got the nosh on.

Noisy Herbert: Bang, clang.

7Sun34bThe beans I tried flavouring a little differently this time.

Curry, mustard, balsamic vinegar and tomato puree. This turned out to have a nice and enjoyable tang to it.

The lemon bliss dessert had some orange flavour essence and bitter lemon juice added, and I also enjoyed that one.

7Sun34aAs I was washing up the pots, I noticed the cumulonimbus like clouds had returned to the skies.

Got the Health Checks done, had a wee-wee, settled down into the £300 second-and recliner and got the TV on.

Fell asleep within minutes.

Woke up an hour or so later, (Noisy Herbert: Bang, clang). It was still light outside, at first I thought I might have slept right through until late morning.

I think I was just at my hypnagogic state, and a sudden sneeze just about shook me out of the recliner! This started Reflux Roger off, and I lay there watching the chest as it swelled. Bloated and frit me for a bit. But it was alright, Roger went down and started working again within a minute or so. Phew!

I soon nodded off again.

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  1. enjoyed the post: neat building tip – just knock the window out, the fresh air will do you the world of good and no frames in the way 🙂

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