Inchcocks Escape to town No.5 – Wed 16th Dec 20: Oh, dearie me!

Out into the Drizzle

I arrived in town with aches and pains from the bus trip, I was already sorry I’d escaped! The bus ride was a battle between me keeping the trolley-guide from running away every time we took a corner, jammed the anchors on, went downhill, and my falling out of the seat! Harolds Haemorrhoids were stinging! I called in the Wilko store to get some of the Laundry freshener, which I did. I came out, with three of the granules, chocolate brazils, peanuts and a bottle of disinfectant.

I left and hobbled to the Poundland Shop, where I got carried away and frustrated. They had no pies, Dettol or filled BLT sarnies. After a physical battle with other shoppers breathing down my neck cause I was not moving fast enough, people running in front of me in the queue, I paid with the card at the checkout for the: Toffiffee box, Frazzles, White waste bags, Perle De Perle lemon desserts, Ginsters pasties, Microfibre cleaning cloths, can of stewed steak, Oxo cubes, Mint and lemon disinfectant, (Good for the overnight emergency grey wee-wee bucket, you know!) and a packet of Senna tablets.

Out in the drizzle, passing all the jolly, happy, sociable, kind, understanding, smiling, sweet-natured Nottinghamians, merrily going about their shoplifting and pickpocketing activities. Avoiding the pavement cyclists was risky!

Along Upper Parliament Street, and down King Street towards the Market Square. The wind was getting up, I was struggling controlling the three-wheeler guide, and getting the odd shower from the buses as they pulled up from the puddles. The toenails joined the piles in giving me some tender stinging as I limped down the hill.

I stopped at the bottom of Long Row opposite the tree, and took the time to just glance around, (in my Sherlock Holmesian Mode, here!), to access the mood of the Nottingham plebeians. The masks were being worn by, I’d estimate, 60% of the Nottingham great unwashed, Students, muggers etc., but I got the view that the masses, were not too content with life, but, who can blame them?

I limped across the Slab Square. I’d decided to go to the other Poundland Store on Wheeler Gate, in search of some Dettol disinfectant, and BLT sarnies. A sense of doom and gloom came over me as I crossed over, starving pigeons came down to me when I stopped a moment to try and wriggle the keet to free the toenails that had got tangled in the sock. They must have thought I was going have summat to eat, and hoped a few crumbs would fall to the floor?

Long Row looked terribly sad. Temporary and permanently closed stores everywhere, a desperate pigeon seeking fodder of some sort, and few Nottinghamians about! I got in the Poundland and had another struggle to get around, the feet and toes were harrowing painful now. I cheered a smidge when I found some Dettol lavender disinfectant on sale and got three bottles. As I meandered about I added, two part-baked baguettes, pork pie, a BLT sarnie, The wobbles came on when I got to the self-serve tills, I was embarrassed and in a pickle.

A young lady helped me out and picked up the dropped items and out them through for me. She was busy and kept nipping off to help others, and I started to all out of the shop with the trolley and bags hanging all over it, and the girl chased after me… I had not paid! Red-faced (it probably showed through the face-mask!) I returned and used the card…

Oh, heck! The machine would not take the card! I went into Panic-Mode. The young lady tried to calm me down, but all sorts of things were going through my mind, embarrassment being the biggest! I fumble around and found enough cash to pay, the lady was very calm about it. I thanked her and dug out a can from the trolley, of Vodka mix and gave it to her. When I got outside, I calmed down a bit, as I realised I’d used the card earlier at the other store, so the bak might have been being cautious, in case the card had been stolen and used?

I got to the slab square and noticed the large number of crows that were about. Someone had dropped some crumbs whatever, and the crows dived down attacking the pigeons? I had a good while before the bus was due, so I walked around the Council House and back along Long Row on the other side, to King Street. 

The Primark Store had bouncers and staff controlling the shoplifting customers as they queued up to do some pilfering. I don’t know how the stop stays in business. I rarely go in nowadays, its a large store with escalators and stairs, so I can’t go shopping there anymore anyway. But the times in the past I’ve seen kleptomaniacs and pickpockets at work when I did shop there, was phenomenal.

As I turned up King Street to go to the bus stop, the PAvement Cyclist git it blue, came withing inched of hitting me, and seemed totally unaware of it. I hoped my taking this photo might trigger him to ask me why I was photographing him, as he chatted to a fellow food deliverer. Then I could have told him! But, no!

The three Christian singers were out again further up the road, near the Brian Clough statue, its called speakers corner. They or one or more of them are regular attenders. The chap on the right with the guitar started this singing to the Lord off first. I’ve never seen him in long trousers, whatever the weather is like?

I got up to the bus stop and took this snap as I arrived there, it is sadly, indicative of the mood of the City Centre today. Drab! I caught a number 40 bus back home, glad I did, it is much quicker than the L9.

I was tired, in pain, mangled toenails, Duodenal Donald starting to kick-off, depressed, embarrassed, and oh, so keen and ready for fodder and sleep!

12 thoughts on “Inchcocks Escape to town No.5 – Wed 16th Dec 20: Oh, dearie me!

  1. It’s more like “Oh Dreary Me” with all that gray, wet and cold looking weather. But you certainly got a lot of excellent photos from your ¡estupendo escapado número cinco! Sorry pavement cyclist. You need a cane you can slip in his spokes as he’s buzzing you. “Oh deary me. You scared me and my cane slipped. Hehehehe!” Out suffering the elements to bring the word of the Lord and help save your wet heathen souls. Seems like they are trying to bank up some good works. “Oh how we suffer trying to save a few souls.” I tell you the truth. Jesus would be inside eating a hot meal and drinking fine wine with a bunch of tax collectors and other sinners.

    • Aye, it was glum indeed, Tim. ¡estupendo escapado número cinco! Had to look that one up, Sir. That little Canon camera is a treasure.
      Ideas like your cane ploy, seemed to be fermenting on the day!
      I don’t think I mention it about the Christian Clan, Tim, but they sound awful – you outclass and sing them in your videos, easily! Better songs too!
      Herberts giving it some some today. Tsk!

  2. A Tales of Two Poundlands, well expounded and generously graced with photos too. Even the pigeons are seeking the fastest route to an odd crumb or two. That one crow looks like it had been grabbed by a sock glide, hope it flew away without too much incident. I’ve often enough left the clerks without paying, but usually don’t get many steps away before a “Sir! Sir!” greets my near-deaf ears. I always respond with an “I knew I had forgotten something, just didn’t know what it was. Thanks for noting my miss.” My inordinately fair, near-transparent complexion makes every blush a bright magenta. 🙂
    Glad you found a fast 40 bus and not a long 9.
    And thanks for the words, kind Sir!

  3. I bought dettol imported for home use because we are not allowed to buy home disinfectants in the US anymore. (Just don’t even ask. It would pain me to answer.) I remembered Dettol from South Africa where I bought it in a store to disinfect. My whole house smells like Dettol now…..(Not really, just the washing). Sending wishes for all good things only, to you, this Christmas დ

    • Well, I never knew that. Cindy? Curious now…
      You can buy Dettol from Amazon, but will they deliver it now?
      A house that smells of Dettol, sound great to me.
      Thanks for the wishes, and taketh care. Nottingham had a big march by the anti-lockground mob, marching all over without masks last week – now Nottingham infections have gone up again, and we are stuck in Tier Three until January at least!
      Still, I can always try another escape later… no, better not”
      Hehehe” ♥

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