Inchock’s 4th Escape from the lockdown – to town! Pictorially presented!

Inchock’s 4th Escape from the lockdown – to town!

This woz rote by Inchy’s alter ego – Hehehe!

The following, pictorials and odes, were created in support of the Depressed Nottinghamian At-Risk High-Rise Flat-Dwelling Prisoners Support Group. Donations gladly accepted.

Having made his escape bid plans again. He clandestinely crept to the lifts, falling over his three-wheeked walker-Guide, waited for the regulation Winwood Heights twenty minutes for a lift, and got down in time to miss the bus.

He waited patiently, for the next bus, but this proved something of a benefit for the old git. Not many folks about, but he still managed to corner one poor chap, and hastened to bore him to death verbally! The man wisely moved away.

And Inchcock, being instantly bored himself now, went into one his Sherlock Holmesian modes. Someone had been blowing their nose in the bus shelter, and stuffing the tissue under the seating?

He caught the bus and got out his crossword puzzles, but the driver, obviously a stock-car racing fan, nearly had Inchy out if his seat a few times en route to Nottingham City centre. Trying to hold onto his three wheeler, took some effort.

The old chap went itn the Pondland shop on Lower Parliament Street, and despite his painful and feet, enjoyed his hobble around the store, coming out with many items he didn’t need or want, Tsk!

He got to the checkout, and got himself in a right pickle and state of embarrassment at the self-serve checkout! The lady monitoring the tills, was greatly unimpressed with his continual dropping of things and farting about trying to retrieve them.

But did not offer to help, although she shared some sneerings, of hate, derision, scornfulness and causticness with him. He came out redfaced and £20 lighter. And took these three shots of the Milton Street junction.

Where he went into the Bargain Shop. A terrible experience! No one talking, empty shelves etc. But, he still spent over £21, mostly on Christmas treats for his family of friend in Woodthorpe Court.

He was struggling now, the three-wheeler trolley-bag full, and three carrier bags hanging on the handles, would make progress awkward for him. At least he remembered to but sone of the dar clothing cleaner. He set off on a limp towards the Slab Square.

On his hobble along Milton Street to Upper Parliament Street, he noticed the Nottionghamian pedestrians crossing the road against the lights again, but this is a usual, regular occurrence. He adjusted thos spectacles.

Which was a mistake, as he turned onto Upper Parliament Street, the old fart of a fool unthinkingly took the spectacles off to clean them.

They got caught in the facemask!

He crossed over the road, and down King Street. Near the bus stops, a chap dressed like the Beatles used to, with plaited hair hanging below his shoulders, stopped him and asked for ‘a couple of quid for a coffee’. As he eyed up the bags!

Inchy just said, ‘No!’ and carried in hobbling down the hill, turning to keep an aye on the youth as he did, to make sure he wasn’t following. Getting to the Slab Square, Inchy gor out his camera for a snapping away session.

He saw the little crowd and paparazzi outside the Council House steps, he went back into Sherlock Holmesian mode, and took a close up[ phot of whoever was on the steps. This person came by. Inchy got a decent shot of his/her head.

Inch repositioned himelf a bit closer, and waited for the right moment to get a view of what was going on. Nice zoomed-in photo for once. Asssumed to be the Sheriffess or Mayoress of Nottingham? Again, not single Policeman in sight today.

The tatterdemalion, dour, malagrugrous, weary, tellurian, dangerous populace of Nottingham, were showing a bit of itnerest, at least. Not many of them had face-masks on, but it isn’t law yet to wear them outsdoors yet, methinks.

The lad poddled his way wit hdifficulty up Queen Street to get to his bus stop, and caught a number 40 back home, to his never-restfull, beloved, always something to worry about, four years being upgraded and not finished yet, Winwood Heights.

He was the only passenger when the bus moved off from the terminus. Pondering on should he get out the crossword or not; one look at the mass of bags on the trolley, and the book being at the bottom, he decided against it!

The first passenger to get on the bus, was Face-Maskless.

The second one, had his mask under his chin.

A lady got on, and she had no mask on!

As the chin-mask wearing man got up tp get off, he gave Inchy a cautionary scowl, that was a bit threatening. As the bus progressed along St Anns Well Road, it passed the Health Centre where Inchy has to go for his bladder-scan.

This is St. Anns Valley Centre, 2 Livingstone Road, Nottingham NG3 3GG.

Events over his last two visits there, do not proffer the least bit of encouragement or confidence in Inchy.

The record, as Inchy explains:

  • February: Went to get the feet done, and they said come back later, we’ll have to lool at your health record.
  • March: They refused to do my feet, cause the Warfarin level was too high..
  • July: They refused to tend to my feet, because I’d just had the stroke.
  • August: Refused again, cause of my having been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • September: The did cut my nails, but said they will not be able to so in future. I have to go private in future.

Poor old sod!

He arrived back at his Woodthorpe Court, along with the mysterious wonders of, the Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, Hallucinations and Kehuas. Materialisations, Poltergeist, Lemures, Wairuas, Manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan mission; ‘To annoy and scare the bejesus out of, and the pants off of the old energumenist, Inchcock’.

Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Inchock’s 4th Escape from the lockdown – to town! Pictorially presented!

  1. Quite a nicely colorful array of photos from your great escape. The Sik looking dude on the bus looked like he wanted to give you a good beating. Not many bus riders these days? And back to the scary old flat. Is that a recent toenails photo? Looks like you are in need of another toenail hack.

  2. Energumenist, another marvelous new word for me there — worra a great word ’tis. I don’t quite understand how people will crowd themselves together without regard for being six inches socially distanced. The wind can whip quite a few tiny viruses eager to attach themselves to two nostrils and an open mouth. Do you have to be an epidemiologist to fathom the likelihood of breathing in a herd of Coronas? Today, I waited in a queue for an opportunity to purchase a new license-plate sticker. My fellow queuers did observe the Xs placed on the floor and all but three were masked. Those three were each open-nostrilled: the clerk and two customers, all three passing aerosol droplets by the cloud full. Somehow, most people in our segment of geography actually are rather good at observing the mask suggestions — indoors at least. Am I in smug mode, or what?
    A 4th great great escape, Sir Inch! Very enjoyable read indeed.
    Kindest thanks, Billumski.

  3. Thank you for that link, Sir. The most-followed person in the world (Mr. T) leaves traces of his presence everywhere he goes — a contact-tracing laboratory now. Worra a protest gathering around “the lions” in Nottingham. Bladder Hell (I rather like that one. 🙂 🙂
    Cheers to the international voice of Nottingham and the editor-in-chief of Inchcock Today.

    • I too, as well, was rather tickled with your ‘Bladder Hell’, Billumski.

      Oh, latest report: Four red cars parked on Chestmut Drive this morning, Sir.

      My massive readership, deserve the best I can manage, both of them.

      Sister Jane is not very well today, says she’s got, ot thinks she has got, Cluster-Headaches, poor Jane. I’m going to look them up now.

      Ariv wor… arriva, Arevio… Cheers!

      • Wishing you the bestest results on that hell of a bladder, Sir. Wishing Jane the bestest as well, cluster headaches sound botherous, hope they have subsided.
        I’ve entered the 4 red-reported cars into the database for 4 October.
        Thanks also for the link you included regarding the mask protest in Nottingham. I wonder if they would report any news on red cars in Nottingham, as reported by a reporter located 3,875 miles away.

        Ariv wor… arriva, Arevio… Cheers to you as well, kind Sir!

      • Fanke Billumski.
        I’m worried about Jane, I couldn’t get through on the phone, and the emails got no reply. Got Pete eventually, but could not hear what he was saying properly, in hospital with Jane, I think. The not knowing is doing my head in.

      • Well, the Council say we are going back on Lockdown, Billumski – starting tomorrow. I must find out if I can go for the bladder and bowel scans?
        Int life ockered nowadays. Tsk!
        Continue the fight!
        Oh, eight red cars on site today.

      • Ah, a smidge beyond me, Paul. The Diabetes Team arranged for us to have training on Zoom. They gve me a password so I could join in – then it took me a solid hour to get accepted, and given a code to get in.
        It came to the first session, tried to log in, and the password and codewords were both rejected. Humph!
        Bowel and Bladder scans to go for on Thursday, shame they can’t do the mon the web! Hahaha!

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