Inchcock Today – Thursday 8th June 2017: Chinwags, blood tests, Constipation Konrad retreats, election time, bought unwanted fodder and eating rather a lot today?


Thursday 8th June 2017

Kazakh: Бейсенбі 8 маусым 2017

0400hrs: Woke, no memories of any dreams, the stomach rumbled, and I got put off the £300 second-hand recliner with high hope of achieving a passing on the Porcelain Throne, so off I hobbled to it, taking care not to stub the toe en route, or on the way back.

Still a painful, but successful visit, if another rather long one in urging things to happen.  Haemorrhoid Harold bled a lot less than of late. Cleansed and medicated me up. Hehe!

Duodenal Donald was letting me know he’d be about hassling me today.

Took the medications and carried out the Health Checks. The weight had gone down a bit, not before time.

Made a brew of tea, and looked at the Google Calendar. Morrison delivery is coming twixt 0700>0800hrs, Vote in Elections and Extra INR blood test at the surgery 0950hrs.

I mused over the Voting and considered which of the unreliable lying nihilists to vote for this time… not that I really had to ponder over my choice. Just a hatred of having choices of which none met my criteria of being votable… Huh! Working family roots will prevail methinks.

Got the ablutions done.

Got the nibbles in the bag for the electoral staff and nurses.

Shelled the pod peas and into the Crock-Pot in water and a bit of demerara sugar.

Opened the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

4Thur02All ready for the Morrison delivery to arrive.

The rain seemed to be easing when I made another mug of tea.

Made sure that the things needed were in the bag: nibbles, brolly, hat, collapsable walking stick, DVT Card and Health Check Record for the nurse and the crossword book.

Got the last bag of the Purple Chips that I bought for Jenny and Frank to try, then rang Jenny to see if she would be in this morning. She said she would, so I went up to the fifteenth floor with the chips and a free small can of lager delivered by Morrison, but I did not recognise the outside of the flat?

Came down to my own pad to see if I could find the number of Jenny’s and Franks flat on some paperwork (Also put in the hearing aids I’d forgotten to earlier). Picked up the bag and Voting Card and nibbles. Then I set off to check each floor. On the ninth floor, a chap got into the lift and pressed for the ground floor. I asked him if he knew which was Jenny’s flat and he lived next door to them on the ninth floor.

Back up to the ninth and dropped off the things at the proper unit. I did feel such a fool! Tsk!

When I got down to the foyer, and outside, the rain had stopped altogether. Walked to the Voting Shed, and found different people there today and they had laid things out differently: Without thinking, I said to them as I entered: “Oy! You’ve changed things around this time! I’m not having this; we aged old farts can get confused, muddled and addled very quickly, you know! They burst out laughing and smiles appeared on their faces. Gave them my election card and one of them said: “There you are, five booths to pick from, all free, Make your choice Sir!” I rubbed my chin exaggeratedly and put on a frown saying: “Er, erm…” More laughter rang out. I voted and posted the sheet in the box and gave them a bag of nibbles!

4Thur03Said my cheery cheerio’s and out and off down Chestnut Walk onto and down Winchester Street Hill.

The high winds had caused more havoc nd damage again last night. Debris scattered all over the roadway.

Down to the bottom of the hill and noticed as I approached the traffic light corner to turn left, 4Thur04that I had not taken the bank papers with me.

So I didn’t call at the bank. Humph!

I still had plenty of time to hobble up Mansfield Road and down into Carrington with time to spare.

So I had a leisurely amble.


At the corner of Haydn Road, I espied some traffic and altercation that was taking place near the school gates.

Probably just busy.

I pressed on up the hill, and by the time I’d covered about 300 yards or so, six police vehicles with klaxons and the blues on passed on the journey toward the City Centre?

4Thur06Just over the brow of the hill, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over. Tsk!

A few hundred yards further down the hill and in Carrington; So many police cars belted by I could not count them!

I did manage to get the camera out and caught the blue lights of the last one on the convoy

4Thur07as they had to use the opposite side of the road to get through the traffic.

Got into the surgery with 20 minutes to spare. Logged in and got seated with the crossword book extracted from the bag and pen in hand.

After only five minutes the nurse came and called it to go in.

It was not the usual nurse this time, but the Obergrupenfurheress one. SFA Time! Shudder, Fear & Apprehension! Hehe!

She took the blood, I gave her the nibbles and returned to the receptionist. I explained that the Anticoagulation card I am supposed to carry with all the time is getting a little tatty and the lettering is coming off of it. Could you advise me where to get another one from, please? “The Queens Medical Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic on the fourth floor” she informed me. Thanked her, departed and limped to the Lidl Store to have a perusal of what they had on offer.

I got little carried away in there, I’m afraid. Got three raffle prize nibbles, Nougat sweeties, piccolo tomatoes, Lemon Curd Yoghourts, Frikadellens, Choc Hobnob Creams and a lamb hotpot. £11.47 spent. Boldy (And as it turned out foolishly) I tried to use the self-serve till again, being as I had no end of lose change. Got the stuff swiped in alright, but when it came to paying, it took the £10 note but kept spewing out the change I put in! Sometimes holding a coin and the total to pay kept changing! After trying about eight times, I had to ask an assistant or help. When I told her what was occurring, the look on her face shouted out at me: “Oh, Christ, not again!”

We tried again between us, several times and in the end, she got it to accept the coins after I had to change the ones I was putting in!

Out, in a foul mood and caught the bus back into Sherwood. Still, the rain kept off!

Dropped off in Sherwood and got a second-hand cup from the Charity shop.

Then and crossed over the pelican lights and to the bus stop. Three other tenants there waiting, and a good laugh and chinwag ensued. Two more joined us. The bus came, and we were soon back at the flats battling the wind to get inside them. Haha!

Squashed into the lift and we were still laughing and joking, I like it when this happens.

In number 72 and had a wee-wee first. Ten put the fodder away after selecting the lamb hotpot and some potato balls and putting them into an oven tray to cook later. The Crock-Pot was bubbling away with the Jersey potatoes, pod peas and4Thur08 mushrooms.

The computer on to update this diary up to here.

Used the new cup and made a gorgeous, strong cup/mug of tea, using the last of the 99 tea bags.

Must get some more tomorrow!

Checked the nosh, not ready yet.

4Thur09Looked later and it seemed to be ready, got the oven food into the dish, made and added some gravy, then the mushroom, peas and potatoes.

Superb tasting fodder this was. Rated at 9/10. Minced lamb hotpot with extra potatoes of two types. Sourdough bread and a lemon yoghourt.

Watched some TV and the phone rang before I could fall asleep (Hehe!) but I could not get to it in time before the damned thing went to answerphone. Struggled to find out how to listen to it. Eventually getting into it, and putting the hearing aids in and the message I heard was; “Nothing to be heard!”? Methinks it night have been the surgery, DVT clinic or the Anticoagulation Unit about the INR Warfarin blood test results?

Took the evening medications, unsure of what Warfarin tablets to take, not knowing the results like, I took half the dose, no idea if I’ve done right or wrong.

4Thur10Watched some telly in between nod-offs. Woke with a start and a raging hunger?

Which I found confusing bearing in mind the decent sized meal I’d had a while ago. Raided the fridge and made a brew, then nibbled away as I fell asleep again watching the TV.

After a long nod-off, I changed channels to the election results… and had a few kips in between watching them.

Into the morning now, I checked on the final results locally:


To the Porcelain Throne, with good results, I think that Constipation Konrad is leaving me now. Hopefully, the ‘Trotskies‘ will not replace Konrad! Even Haemorrhoid Harold was only bleeding the tiniest bit.

Nodded off…